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jinat's page

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Gorbacz wrote:
jinat wrote:

What he shouldn't have gotten are people telling him to what matters and to stop reading etc.

Guy asks Paizo to take their time off and write historically correct description of armor types instead of writing awesome adventures or mythic rules or ultimate campaign.

No go here.

Guy asks no such thing he simply states

"I just wanna know why they changed the description from 3e" that's it.

He also said "Heck, I don't even ask that they do some basic research on real-world armour."

And i also belief that some posters have now genuinely answered his question.

So all is good again.

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I'm sorry, but if someone seriously wants the rules to give different prices for all kinds of rare materials and their combinations together with a good description for each, then you need an entire book just to describe the Breastplate.

What's basically been said here is: The rules cover the "important" game mechanics for the breastplate. How you fluff it and describe it actually looking on you, is totally up to you and your GM. You like the 3.5 description better? Go for it.
And well, if you want some rare gauntlets to go with it, you'll have to wing it in regards to the price, the rules simply can't cover everything.

I don't disagree with you, i just disagree with responses like "If this bugs you, I suggest to stop reading the book right now" and "Why does this even matter?" Well it obviously matters to the original poster. If there are like minded individuals to ArmoredSaint then hell get the discussion he wanted and if there arn't then he wont get any posts.

What he shouldn't have gotten are people telling him to what matters and to stop reading etc.

3 people marked this as a favorite.

Look guys - people have different preferences in what they want out of their games. Maybe ArmoredSaint likes a certain level of detail in his games. Maybe more then just the "mechanical effects" matter to him, maybe in his games he wants to buy gloves made from the finest basilisk hide, with bloodstones studded on each knuckle, and its important to him that that is accurately reflected on the price even though there wont be a single mechanical benefit what so ever. Or maybe simply put he noticed something and got curios.

So your priorities in what you want from a game session are different then his. So their different fine; but their not right while his are wrong.

So dude relax their are all kinds of hobbyists out there, and if that bugs you, you might as well leave the hobby since there are all kinds of playing styles and preferences which might give you a hemorrhage

Actualy I have found the GNS very useful in running a gaming group. Different players might not be completely one or the other, but in my experience they do have preferences, and will enjoy a certain style of play more then the other. As such if let's say this weekend were playing a indie game such as houses of the blooded I will warn player a and experience has shown that the game will be better because of it. Similarly if were pathfinding next week I will warn player b, and the game will be better because of it.

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