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jerdog's page

FullStarFullStarFullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 37 posts (38 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 9 Pathfinder Society characters.


Dark Archive

ElementalXX wrote:
boring7 wrote:

Question for the masses, since I don't play many archers and was never entirely clear on it: if a character has a range increment of 20 and he wants to stay just out of reach of the ogre's longspear (20 foot reach), is he firing within his first range increment or his second?

Also, touch AC 9 kinda weird. Need a wider variety of enemies.

You are firing within the first range increment, if you fire from more than 20ft then you are firing beyond the first range increment and take a -2 to hit or more(depending on how further you are firing), also an ogre is a large creature so his range would be 15ft, i guess you meant to say giant?

FYI, a large creature with a reach weapon has a 20' reach. From the PRD:

Large or larger creatures using reach weapons can strike up to double their natural reach but can't strike at their natural reach or less.

Dark Archive

Bast L. wrote:
wraithstrike wrote:
You need to be more specific. AP's are made for normal players with 15 point buy so you should expect to make adjustments. Why can't the NPC's do anything to the players? Is it attack rolls, AC, saves, etc etc?

The enemies can damage them, but it's very hard to hit the gunslinger (buffed AC is something like 30), the paladin swift heals himself each turn if he's damaged, the wizard keeps mirror image up. The oracle can be hit fairly easily (he's in melee with about 25 AC). Actually, the enemies damage them too much sometimes, such as the Kreeg ogre crit-killing the oracle last game (2 hero points saved him). Which is why I'm reluctant to buff the enemies too much; they're still very lethal, but they also die easily.

As for saves, the paladin is immune to fear and charm, and has an aura that protects his allies. He's also a paladin, so he has high saves. The others typically have protection from evil up, so a 2 bonus to saves from that. They also use cloaks. Enemy save DCs seem pretty low in RotRL, with 19 being the highest save DC I'm seeing in chapter 3 (10th level). Edit: also, while I will rarely get a save or suck spell through on a player, it seems that many of the enemies have blindness/deafness and bestow curse, and the paladin has remove curse as one of his mercies, so it doesn't even last typically.

A couple of things you may or not be aware of. The save bonus from protection from evil does not stack with a cloak of resistance. Also, mirror image does not help against many types of spells, such as AOE spells. Also, an image is shattered each time an attack misses by five or less. Keeping these in mind as well as the other advice given should help.


Dark Archive ***

I know they do. I rely on it quite often. The point is that you should not NEED to rely on the GM Shared Prep site. Again, if you have to run cold, a not uncommon occurrence, you will not be able to access that site.

pauljathome wrote:
jerdog wrote:
One way to make things easier for the GM is to either have the stat blocks at the end of the scenario or have them as a separate file.

The GM shared prep very often gives full stat blocks to be printed.

In all honesty, if it wasn't for the GM shared prep I think that I'd have gotten burnt out and stopped GMing awhile back. Full prep is just too much work to do on a constant basis

Dark Archive ***

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I would like to thank the Paizo team for looking at ways to make PFS better. One way to make things easier for the GM is to either have the stat blocks at the end of the scenario or have them as a separate file. This way, it will not be necessary to constantly flip back and forth when running a game. There have been several scenarios that I have run (cannot remember the names) where, in a later combat, you were told to use a stat block from the first encounter. If you have time to prep you can just print out the pages but if you have to run cold it makes things very difficult. Also, if complete stat blocks can be included rather than a reference to a Bestiary or NPC Codex entry, that would be great. Thanks for the great work.

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Bioboygamer wrote:

Even worse, his absurdly high Charisma means he gets loads of bonus spell slots, which he makes liberal use of with the Quicken metamagic feat to cast two spells per turn.

First off, how is he applying quicken at all? At 3rd level he can still only cast 1st level spells. Quicken applies a 4 level spell adjustment and he would need to be 10th level in order to cast a quickened 1st level spell.

Dark Archive

Shiftybob wrote:

Uhh, this couldn't have happened in the first place.

Chyrone wrote:
So during my set up encounter one of the baddies makes a 5ft step back, switches to a weapon and readies an (nat 20) attack.

To draw a weapon requires a move action, to ready an action is a standard action. So that's a 5 foot step, a move action, and a standard action.

You can't 5 foot step and take a move action in the same round (unless you've got Quick Draw or something equivalent).

That is not correct. You can take a 5 foot step and move action in the same round as long as the move action is not used for actual movement. "You can move 5 feet in any round when you don't perform any other kind of movement". Drawing a weapon is not movement.

In addition, under the description of move actions, only moving your speed is listing as preventing a 5 foot step. This means you can draw a weapon, stand-up from prone, direct a spell, etc., and still take a 5 foot step.

Dark Archive

Akzeal wrote:

I've had a bit of confusion on who can use what wands and I just need a straight answer on one thing: What are the requirements to use a wand without a use magic device check.

Here is what I thing the answer is but I have been told I was wrong. A caster may use a wand of any spell that his/her class may learn regardless whether the caster knows the spell him/herself, or even if the caster is even high enough caster lvl to learn the spell.

You would be correct. The example in the Core Rulebook involves a 3rd level paladin who can use a wand even though not of a high enough level to cast spells.

Dark Archive

NerdyNatsu wrote:
I was playing a fighter level 4 made for melee and tanking and there was an opponent flying at a distance, with nothing else I could do I wanted to shoot it with my bow. In my group they say that unless you have the feat "Rapid Shot" then you can't take a full round action to shoot your bow twice. The way the feat describes it's benefits though makes it seem more like the "Two Weapon Fighting" equivalent to ranged attacks. So my question is whether or not you can use a full round action to shoot a bow twice in a round without using "Rapid Shot"?

Yes, as long as your BAB is +6 or more which would allow you to attack more than once as part of a full attack. At 4th level you are limited to one attack.


Dark Archive

LordCoSaX wrote:

Alright that makes sense. But Shot on the Run is not only for making a ranged attack in the middle of a move, you cant shoot a bow and move in the same turn without that feat. But as far as thrown weapons go with that feat I see what you mean.

It answers my question and it makes sense that it would work that way, I just wanted to check. One of my players is an alchemist so he's going to want to know he can move and throw a bomb in the same round.


This is not correct. You can absolutely move then fire your bow or fire your bow then move. What you cannot do without the feat is move, fire your bow, and move again. Think of it as spring attack for ranged weapons.

Dark Archive

thorin001 wrote:
Gwen Smith wrote:
thorin001 wrote:
Uncanny Dodge does not prevent you from becoming Flat Footed or allow you to act in the surprise round. All Uncanny Dodge does is allow you to keep your Dex bonus to AC while Flat Footed. Other restrictions like being unable to make AOOs still apply (barring other abilities).

Uncanny Dodge states "Starting at 4th level, a rogue can react to danger before her senses would normally allow her to do so. She cannot be caught flat-footed, nor does she lose her Dex bonus to AC if the attacker is invisible."

So while you are correct about the surprised, you are not correct about the flat-footed part. The definition of flat-footed includes the AoO restriction: "A flat-footed character loses his Dexterity bonus to AC (if any) and cannot make attacks of opportunity."

A character with Uncanny Dodge can't be caught flat-footed, so I think that character should be able to make AoOs before their first turn in combat. (A character with Combat Reflexes "may also make attacks of opportunity while flat-footed", but a character with Uncanny Dodge is never flat-footed.)

Good catch.

Still getting some things mixed up with 3.5. :(

Specifically, in the Combat section when describing being flat-footed:

Characters with uncanny dodge retain their Dexterity bonus to their AC and can make attacks of opportunity before they have acted in the first round of combat.

Dark Archive

Thelemic_Noun wrote:
blackbloodtroll wrote:

Call it Diabeetus.

Why? It is totally a fantasy condition.

If you do that, He will stick his fingers through your cheek and then turn into a dog monster.

EDIT: Has He been in ANY other big movies? I can't think of a single one.

He is the mayor in American Hustle.

Dark Archive

Craft Cheese wrote:
I've been playing with it for a while: It's mostly fine, honestly. It means spontaneous casters can make use of Quicken Spell (one of the most important metamagics for prepared casters) and it gives them an extra edge of in-encounter flexibility over prepared casters. Things only break down when you combine this with certain things that assume full-round action casting times for spontaneous metamagic, like Arcane Fusion (and the entire Arcanist metamagic mechanic). But those problems are patched easily enough.

Spontaneous casters already can use Quicken Spell. See Metamagic Feats. Quicken Spell is called out as a specific exception to metamagic feats taking a full round action when used by spontaneous casters.

Dark Archive ***

I have 11th and 12th level fighters and would be interested in joining.

Dark Archive ***

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Will Johnson wrote:
Painlord wrote:
Andrea Brandt wrote:
I hope you're happy, Pain. But you still have to have someone else get you coffee. I'm busy, keeping time and prepping a lovely mug to gather all the BoneKeep Tears.

Sheesh. I like the avatar that wasn't making claims upon my unborn tears.

Can we go back to that one?

She's become a monster!

She's critting seven-year olds, making their nine-year old brother cry, and then brutally murdering characters. If I hadn't killed Jerry's character with an errant bomb, I'm sure Andi would have! She certainly didn't hesitate to kill Scott's character.

I'm not sure the bomb was errant.

Dark Archive

There is no handedness in Pathfinder. The two-weapon fighting penalties only apply if you take an extra attack with the second weapon. In this example, the character can take an AOO with the dagger if someone came close enough to provoke and would not take the two-weapon fighting penalties. See this FAQ entry.

Dark Archive

Heroes' Feast, particularly the 3.5 version.

Dark Archive

Mage Armor and False Life. If you are going back to 3.5, the Heart spells from Complete Mage were good (Air, Earth, Fire, and Water).

Dark Archive

It is called "Faction Guide"

Dark Archive ***

Will Johnson wrote:

There are certain scenarios where you pray that a specific faction is is represented in the group. A Chelaxian Paladin is delicious for this. I'd frankly not force an atonement. He may be squeamish ahead of time, but in the moment it accomplishes good (freeing bound souls) and works toward establishing law. He just doesn't want it to get too out of hand.

When we played, we discussed whether or not my Andoran Oracle of Cayden Cailean or our Chelaxian Sorceress should address the crowd. We went with the sorceress. Her speech opened with, "Peasants of Galt, Cheliax has deigned to bless you..." Then the scroll was read. My oracle kept saying, "That's not at all what I would have said!"

It sounded better than "Rabble of Galt..."

Dark Archive ***

Guide to Pathfinder Society Organized Play Version 4.3 wrote:
Select your character’s class and race from the choices offered in the Core Rulebook. You may also select aasimar, tengu, or tiefling as your character’s race with access to the proper Additional Resources book. Additional class and race options from resources like the Pathfinder RPG Advanced Player’s Guide, Pathfinder RPG Ultimate Magic, Pathfinder RPG Ultimate Combat, Pathfinder RPG Advanced Race Guide, and Pathfinder Campaign Setting: The Inner Sea World Guide are generally available with few or no alterations, as well.

The only legal race choices are from the Core Rulebook and aasimar, tengu, and tiefling, unless you have a convention boon allowing you to play another race. The section you quoted regarding class and race options refers to things such as archetypes, alternate racial traits, etc. Goblins are NOT legal for play.

Dark Archive

The Undead Lord archetype is banned. See Additional Resources.


Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: Ultimate Magic

Anyone playing the magus playtest version must have updated his or her character as of 5/19/11. The following are NOT legal for play:
Alternate class abilities: alchemical simulacrum discovery, alchemical zombie discovery, doppelganger simulacrum discovery, and greater alchemical simulacrum discovery are not legal for play.
Archetypes: broodmaster summoner, clone master alchemist, gravewalker witch, pack lord druid, master summoner, reincarnated druid, synthesist summoner, undead lord cleric, vivisectionist alchemist archetypes are not legal for play.

Dark Archive ***

There has not been an OFFICAL change so there should not be any table variation.

Dark Archive ***

cobalt123 wrote:

Being a frequenter of a store that utilizes a table fee, I feel the need to chime in here. I should note that the store I play at charges a table fee for all games, not just for when we run PFS.

An establishment charging a fee for table time, as many have already addressed, is not a new thing. In fact, in my (possibly limited) experience, it has become quite common, as many gamers are choosing to purchase their products online for cheaper than retail prices - which they certainly have the right to do - but this does hurt the neighborhood game stores. It hurts some more, some less.

To compensate for this, many local game stores request a table fee. It is (basically) compensation for you taking up space in their store for a certain amount of time. I know in my personal experience, my FLGS is very busy, and when we are charged for PFS play, it is essentially ensuring us a table on one of their busy nights.

The table fee is not intended to be the ploy of some jerk store owner trying to make a few extra bucks off of gamers. It is simply a means to ensure they are making money on the night that 5+ players are taking up space in their establishment.

What the store DOES with the table fee varies. My store, in the case of PFS, pools the money together and the GM/table decides how it will be spent. If we have new players, we buy them dice. If we have a player who has been playing for awhile but still lacks a core book, we will buy him the book. (These decisions are left up to GM and table discretion).

The only issue I see with the implications of the OP's first post is that the store owner in his case is claiming the fee is for Paizo. If the owner said something like "To play PFS here, you have to pay $5" it is open to interpretation, but I personally do not interpret that as "I am a PFS representative from Paizo and we charge universally for gameplay."

TLDR; The store has a right to charge you for table space in their establishment. If you do not want to pay $5 to play there, start up a PFS...

The store charging is not the issue. It is the store saying charging a table fee is required by PFS organized play as well as saying that the store owner is a Venture Officer when he or she is not. Those are the issues, not charging for a table.

Dark Archive ***

From the conclusion of First Steps, Part I:

First Steps, Part I wrote:

Success Conditions

In order for the PCs to earn their Prestige Point for
completing the adventure, they must have completed at
least three of the four tasks on Ambrus Valsin’s list.
Faction Missions

There are no faction-specific missions in this scenario,
as PCs playing through the First Steps series have not
yet chosen factions, so any PC who meets the scenario’s
success conditions earns a second Prestige Point for
completing the scenario. When a PC earns her third
Chronicle (after completing A Vision of Betrayal), all
previously earned prestige will be reported to her
chosen faction.

It is clearly intended that the PCs will earn two prestige points as long as they completed three of the four tasks.

Dark Archive ***

I will make the trip as well. As far as locations, you may want to see if a local community center has rooms available or if the library has rooms that could be used for this. Another possibility is a restaurant with a larger "banquet" room, such as Coco's or IHOP. I know from going to networking groups that meet at such places that often you just need to agree to buy dinner and they will give you the room.

Dark Archive ***

Pirate Rob wrote:
Alex Draconis wrote:
little monsters


I guess there are a few monsters below huge, you're welcome to show them all the pain you want.

Despite Will Johnson's comments about Eric Brittain nearly TPKing them, I saw through, and defeated, the sneaky plot to get softy Eric Brittain to GM the first part to help you guys out.


On a more serious note I expect the adventure to be, tough, challenging, rewarding and a lot of fun. I think you guys can do it, although you will need to be on top of your game. I am honored to be running Eyes of the Ten for some of BAPS finest.

I am very much looking forward to it.

Dark Archive ***

I have five active characters and all have purchased a CLW wand within the first three scenarios. Typically, it is after the first one assuming that 2 PA has been earned. Even if the character cannot use it, someone else can.

Dark Archive ***

If you work in the South Bay Area, Legends in Cupertino and GameKastle in Santa Clara run games on a regular basis.

Dark Archive ***

1 person marked this as FAQ candidate.

We have setup a Yahoo group for PFS members that play at a particular store. I would like to post a copy of the current organized play guide (Version 4.0) in the "Files" section of that group so people can readily access it. Two questions: First, is there a way to get a non-watermarked version of the guide and, second, if not, can I use my personalized version and post it for others to download? I know I cannot do this with scenarios, but am not sure if there would be any restrictions with regard to the play guide.

Dark Archive ***

I am going to be up in Ashland July 6th through 9th and was wondering if there were any games going on.

Dark Archive

Spacelard wrote:
Nullpunkt wrote:
Spacelard wrote:

I've had a look and I can't find a satisfactory answer or I can't make out what is being said.

If you are FF can you make an AoO if you haven't got Combat Reflexes?
You already said it, only when you have Combat Reflexes. See here under Normal.
Ah not so dumb :D

You can also make an AoO prior to acting in the round if you have the Uncanny Dodge class feature, since you are not flat-footed. See under Flat-Footed.

Dark Archive

I know this has been discussed previously, but I was wondering if the developers had changed their minds about not allowing vital strike to be used on a charge. The reason for this comes from the Inner Sea World Guide. Specifically, on page 315, under the Treerazer entry, it states:

Treerazer begins most combats by casting time stop and raising an antiplant shell to prevent plant creatures (including creatures under the effect of his aura of corruption) from approaching. If he has time, he also creates walls of thorns and summons demons (usually four nalfeshnees and 12 hezrous). In melee, Treerazer gleefully takes up Blackaxe and makes full attacks against the closest foe, or Greater Vital Strikes if he’s forced to move or charge.

Either they have changed their minds about Vital Strike and charging (and not told anyone) or this was a mistake and needs to be corrected in a future update. I would just like it cleared up.


Dark Archive

Since this is a PFS character, I would spend two PA to get a Wand of Cure Light Wounds that you will have others use on you for healing. I feel that it is one of the first, if not the first, purchase you should make with PA.

Dark Archive ***

Joshua J. Frost wrote:
It's best to always try to stick to the scenario as written, especially when it comes to tactics.

Thanks for the quick response.

Dark Archive ***

I am getting ready to run this on Monday and have one question. It is a DC 17 Perception check to notice the ghast to the left of the entrance to the room he is in. Why wouldn't the ghast, assuming he was aware of the party, move to his spot and then attempt a stealth check while they were trying to open the door? At tier 6-7, his Stealth bonus is +16, I believe. Is it the stench that somehow lowers the DC of the check? Would it be wrong to have the ghast make a stealth check instead of relying on the static DC 17 Perception check?

Dark Archive ***

For those that are interested, there will be a PFS presence at KublaCon over Memorial Day weekend. You can sign up to attend KublaCon here: . Once you have done this, you can sign up for PFS games at the Warhorn site:

Dark Archive ***

Any plans for a Pathfinder presence at KublaCon over Memorial Day Weekend?

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