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Belkar Bitterleaf

jasonm777's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 55 posts (100 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 4 Pathfinder Society characters.

I recently received a boon at a local con that allows me to create a Vishkanya character. It states that I have to make this boon chronicle sheet the first one applied to that character.

I also recently played in one of my local group's monthly sessions and used a 1st level pre-gen with the intention of applying it to an as-of-yet un-created character. (This happened before the con at which I received the race boon.)

My question is: can I apply both sheets to the same character, or do I have to make 2 separate characters because the pre-gen chronicle sheet was earned before the race boon?

I hope that makes sense.


I have a 10th level paladin in PFS who wields a +1 flaming scimitar as his primary weapon and has both +2 full plate mail and a +2 quickdraw shield. I could use some help with my next purchase. I'm considering the following options:

1. A +1 enhancement to the scimitar.
2. A special magic ability for the scimitar (possibly holy, but not decided yet).
3. A +1 enhancement to the plate mail (effective against all enemies).
4. The champion ability for the plate mail (effective against only a smited enemy).
5. The light fortification ability for the plate mail (effective against any enemy who lands a crit on him).

Which of these options would be the best choice? Or, is there another option that i haven't listed here that would be better?



I just bought the Advanced Class Guide and would like to create an Elf Swashbuckler who uses an Elven Curve Blade as his main weapon. I haven't read through all of the details of the class yet, but I noticed the 2 methods of regaining panache both focus on using a light or 1-handed melee piercing weapon ... which the Elven Curve Blade is not.

Is there a feat or any other way to regain panache that doesn't involve using a light or 1-handed melee piercing weapon?

I hope so ... I don't want to use a rapier ... tired of characters whose main weapon only deals a base of 1d6 damage.

... How do I know if my PDF files of the CRB, APG, etc. are up-to-date? I need to create a new PFS character and want to make sure I'm current on everything.

Liberty's Edge

Hi everyone,

1.) I'd like to increase the damage my Halfling ranger does with his bow. He currently has a +1 composite longbow (strength rating 1). A standard hit does 1d6+2 damage, or 1d6+3 using Point-blank Shot. I'd like to do something that increases damage for as many creatures as possible (that is, not a weapon ability like flaming that some creatures might have resistance against).

2.) His favored terrain is underground, which I'm happy with. However, as a Halfling, he has no way to see underground without using a light source. Is there a way to get him the Darkvision ability without dropping thousands of gold pieces on a magic item?


(By the way, he's a PFS character, if that makes any difference.)

1 person marked this as FAQ candidate.

I've seen numerous references that some Traits are not allowed in PFS / Core play, but I can't find any official post, blog, or document that contains a full list of them.

Am I missing something? How do I know which Traits are legal and which are not?

I'm currently creating a PC for Core and would like to know which Traits from the Web Enhancement I can choose from.


Hi everyone,

I play a level 8 Half-Orc paladin of Sarenrae in PFS (Silver Crusade). For a little while now I've been concerned that my PC doesn't do as much damage as other PCs of the same level. I'd love to have some advice / help to change this.

Here is some specific information about my PC:

1.) Str 16, Dex 12, Con 14, Int 10, Wis 13, Cha 18.

2.) AC 27, 84 hp.

3.) Primary weapon = +1 flaming scimitar (2d6+4 damage). The choice of scimitar is probably the main cause of my low damage output (a d6 damage weapon vs. a longsword, greatsword, etc.). I've considered changing it many times, but my PC purposely uses it because it's Sarenrae's favored weapon and (as backstory / roleplaying info) he considers himself forever indebted to her for saving his life. So he's pretty committed to this weapon choice.

4.) Applicable powers and abilities: Smite Evil (definitely kicks up the damage output, but limited uses); Channel Positive Energy (see feats); Divine Bond (weapon; also kicks up damage, but is even more limited than Smite Evil).

5.) Feats: Toughness; Extra Lay on Hands; Channel Smite (definitely helps with damage output, but relies on a limited resource [Channel Pos. En.]); Ironhide.

I think what I'm looking for is a way to increase my PC's average damage output without relying on a limited resource like Smite Evil or Channel Positive Energy.


On p.439 of the CRB, it states that in a windstorm, "Creatures on the ground are knocked prone and rolled 1d4 * 10 feet, taking 1d4 points of nonlethal damage per 10 feet, unless they make a DC 15 Strength check."

My question is: Does the Strength check prevent BOTH being knocked prone and taking nonlethal damage, or ONLY taking nonlethal damage?


Is there a spell, magic item, etc. that functions as a tracking device? One of my PCs has an important book; he can keep the book in his possession while in the city, but I'd like to find a magical, secret way to have its owner be alerted if the PC leaves the city with it.

Any ideas or suggestions?


I didn't receive one when I downloaded the guide. Is there one elsewhere?

I just checked the Additional Resources page, and there's no chronicle sheet listed for The Redemption Engine.

Is this a glitch, or is there really no sheet for it? It seems like all the other novels have one listed.


For example, the Traveler's Anytool is listed on one of my chronicle sheets. I'd like to buy it, but I don't own a copy of "Ultimate Equipment". Can I legally buy this item?


Hi everyone,

I know I've read discussions on the messageboards in the past about the magic items every character should have: cloak of resistance, ring of protection, etc. ... but I just can't seem to find any of those threads right now, and I'd really like to find them before tomorrow night's PFS game.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?


Liberty's Edge

I'm currently retraining my rogue to be a ranger. He has 3 XP, making him 2nd level, though I haven't played him as such yet.

My question is: Do I need to modify all of his previous chronicle sheets to reflect this retraining (specifically, the buying and selling of items), or can I just leave them as-is and proceed as normal with new sheets and the new character concept?

I understand which items he can "sell back" and which ones he can't; I just don't know if this needs to be shown on each previous chronicle sheet. (I'm keeping a copy of his rogue ITS and character sheet, and will have a brand new ones for the ranger.)

Thanks in advance!

Liberty's Edge

I'm retraining my 1st level Halfling rogue to be a Halfling ranger. Given the variety of monsters and other adversaries withing PFS scenarios, I'm not sure what to choose for his favored enemy.

Does anyone have some suggestions? What are the most common types of enemies encountered in PFS scenarios?

(I considered the Guide archetype in the APG, which forgoes the CRB favored enemy ability for a more general, once/day version of it, but I feel like I'd be giving up more than I'm gaining.)

Thanks in advance!

Liberty's Edge

I have a Halfling rogue that I'm not all that excited about. He just hit 3XP, but I haven't played him at 2nd level yet, so I'm going to retrain him.

Potential solution #1: Retrain him by giving him the Scout archetype from the APG. I know a lot of people don't like rogues no matter what they look like, but I'd like to stick with the class if I can. The Scout archetype was the best fit for his background / personality.

Problem: Unless I'm missing something, my retrained Scout wouldn't have Knowledge (nature) or Survival as class skills, since he'd still be a rogue. If he's going to be an outdoorsy-type character, these skills would probably be helpful, and it would be a lot more fun to have the class skill +3 bonus along with them.

Potential solution #2: Retrain him by switching him to the ranger class.

Problem: I like the ranger class a lot, but I don't really want to make this particular character a ranger. I don't mind changing all of his stats and mechanics, but I've grown attached to his personality and background, and I don't know that they'd jive here.

How you can help me: Which of these solutions seems like the better choice? Or is there another solution I'm overlooking?

* I thought about mutli-classing him, but if he's going to pursue ranger from here on out, I'd really like to have the favored class bonus of +1hp or +1 skill point, which he wouldn't have, since he'd still have some rogue in him. (Or can I retrain him by simply changing his favored class to ranger, keep the 1 level of rogue, and go with ranger from now on?)

Thanks for your time and thoughts!

Can anyone with the Adventurer's Armory tell me what, if any, weight the following fireworks have?

Desnan candle
Paper candle

My PFS PC has access to these fireworks through the We Be Goblins chronicle sheet, but there's no weight listed on the sheet or in the module itself. Normally I wouldn't care too much (well, my OCD tendencies might ...) , but my PC (a Halfling) is at the upper limit of carrying a light load, and I don't want his speed dropping to 15 feet per round.


Is there any kind of conversion fee for changing coins from one type to another (gold to platinum, for example)? Or even for changing coins to gems of the same value (50gp in coins to a 50gp gem, for example)? I haven't found such a rule in the CRB or the PFS Guide to Org. Play.

I ask because in PFSOP, PCs receive a certain amount of "gold" at the end of each scenario ... but I don't want my PC carrying around a couple thousand actual gold pieces, simply for encumbrance purposes. My group doesn't really make a big deal out of encumbrance, but I'd rather not get into a situation in which it becomes an issue (plus, I'm a bit on the OCD side and I NEED to comply with the rules ...).


Silver Crusade

While filling out my PC's inventory tracking sheet for the first time, I noticed that I made a boneheaded mistake a number of scenarios ago. I sold a masterwork scimitar for 50% of its cost and purchased a brand new scimitar +1 ... instead of just paying for the +1 bonus on my existing masterwork scimitar.

Is there a way I can correct this mistake (that is, recover the money I had to pay for the new scimitar, except for the +1 bonus), or am I stuck with my mistake?

Silver Crusade

My next PFS game day is this Sunday, and my character needs to spend some loot from the previous scenario ... but I don't know how he should spend it!

Character = 4th level paladin of Sarenrae. Already has a magic sword.

Should he buy magic armor next? And if so, should he keep agile breastplate or switch to something else? (A note about this: After struggling with some climb and jump checks that left him floundering in the ocean, he switched to agile breastplate armor. He'll never be the guy who volunteers to scale the walls or perform death-defying feats of agility, but I like that he's at least in a little better situation to succeed with his current armor.)

I don't have my character sheet in front of me, so I don't know exactly how much gold he has to spend. But in general, is magic armor the next step for his equipment?


Silver Crusade

This thread is a continuation of my previous post, "Pretend you're my GM - what would you do?".

I've recently converted two of my 3.5 PCs to the Pathfinder rules. In doing so, I discovered that their wealth-by-level isn't up to par with the target for their level.

After some really good discussion (and some math corrections on my part!), I've decided to post my PCs' relevant stats so you can help me determine what items would be good to buy with the extra cash that I'm hoping my GM will grant me.

NG Dwarf Fighter 13
Abilities: Str 21, Dex 16, Con 16, Int 14, Wis 14, Cha 10
Saves: Fort 12, Ref 8, Will 7
Misc.: AC 26, CMB +18, CMD 31, 166hp
Skills: Acrob. 9, Appr. 3, Climb 13, Knowl. (dungeoneering) 10, Know. (engineering) 10, Perc. 9, Ride 11, Stealth 11, Surv. 10, Swim 13
Feats: Weapon Focus (Dw. Waraxe), Power Attack, Cleave, Combat Reflexes, Weapon Spec. (Dw. Waraxe), Toughness, Blind-Fight, Endurance, Imp. Crit. (Dw. Waraxe), Diehard, Dodge, Mobility, Crit. Focus, Bleeding Crit.
Gear: Dw. Waraxe +2 (shock, thunder), Comp. Longbow (Str 4), Handaxe, Breastplate +1, Hvy. St. Shield +2, Ring of Prot. +1, Potions (Aid, CMW, CSW), Ring of Minor Fire Resist., Cloak of Resist. +1, misc. mundane gear
Wealth by level: 67,440gp out of 140,000gp (-72,560gp)

CG Half-Elf Ranger 13
Abilities: Str 15, Dex 20, Con 14, Int 12, Wis 14, Cha 12
Saves: Fort 10, Ref 13, Will 6
Misc.: AC 27, CMB +15, CMD 30, 142hp
Skills: Acrob. 12, Climb 12, Heal 10, Knowl. (geography) 12, Know. (nature) 17, Perc. 20, Ride 13, Stealth 26, Surv. 24, Swim 12
Feats: Skill Focus (Surv.), Precise Shot, Point Blank Shot, Combat Reflexes, Rapid Shot, Toughness, Pinpoint Targeting, Endurance, Imp. Crit. (Longsword), Imp. Crit. (Longbow), Imp. Precise Shot, Weapon Focus (Longsword)
Combat Style: Archery
Favored Enemies: Humanoids (Giants), Undead, TBD
Favored Terrains: Forest, Underground, TBD
Gear: Longsword +2 (undead bane), Longsword +1 (giant bane, shock),Comp. Longbow +2 (Str 2), Lt. Mace +2, Buckler +2, Ring of Prot. +2, Ioun Stone (+1 AC), Chain Shirt +2 (shadow, lt. fort.), Scroll (Command Plants, Water Walk), Headband of Alluring Charisma +2, Potions (Heroism, CMW, CSW), Belt of Inc. Dex. +2, Ring of Sustenance, 2 arrows of sleep, misc. mundane gear
Wealth by level: 105,093gp out of 140,000gp (-34,907gp)

Silver Crusade

Recently I've converted two of my PCs from the 3.5 system to Pathfinder. I have no current plans for these PCs to be involved in a campaign anytime in the near future, so the conversion was really just for my own kicks and giggles.

However, at the end of the conversion process, I came to a dilemma whose solution is GM-dependent: both PCs are woefully short of the wealth by level target given on Table 12-4, p.399 of the Core Rulebook.

The PCs had just achieved 13th level when I stopped playing them in the 3.5 system. According to the CRB, their wealth target is 140,000gp. I know this number is intended as a general target / rule, but one of my PCs is 45,000gp short of it, and the other is 62,000gp short. These are significant gaps, and if I played either of my PCs with a group of PCs that was on target with their wealth, they'd be seriously underpowered. (You can buy some fun toys for 45,000-62,000gp!)

So all you GMs out there - please let me know what you would do to address this dilemma if I wanted to use one of these PCs in your campaign.

Silver Crusade

I have a level 13 ranger and need to choose a new favored enemy and terrain. Current favored enemies are giant and undead. Current favored terrains are forest and underground.

This PC is not currently involved in an active campaign; I'm converting him from 3.5 to PF.

So, I'd like some advice on what would be a useful favored enemy and terrain to choose.

Silver Crusade

In converting 2 of my PCs from 3.5 to PF, I've come to the following questions I'd like your input on:

1.) My ranger 7/fighter 6 PC has attack bonuses of +13/+3. In 3.5 he had +13/+8/+3. Question: what happened to his 3rd attack when he was converted?

2.) This same PC also had magic armor with the Silent Moves special ability in 3.5 (granted a bonus to the Move Silently skill). Question: Since this ability and skill don't exist in PF, do I pick a new ability for the armor?

3.) My fighter 12 PC initially took a level of barbarian when he leveled to 13 in 3.5, but I never actually played him after he leveled. Question: Should I carry this over to PF, or should I go with a 13th level of fighter?

Silver Crusade

I'm looking through my stack of PC sheets and would like to determine if they're meeting (or at least in the ballpark of) the wealth by level amounts on Table 12-4 of the Core Rulebook.

To do this, do I calculate the total GP it cost my PCs to purchase all of their items (100% of cost), or do I calculate what they would receive if they sold all of their items (50% of cost)?

Silver Crusade

... the most complete information about the history and cosmology of Golarion?

There's a lot more behind this question, but this is probably a good starting place.


I recently played a PFS session and received 2 prestige points on my chronicle sheet. However, my online profile says I only have 1 prestige point. How do I go about finding the reason for the difference?

Questions about Pathfinder Adventure Paths:

1.) Of the 11 Adv. Paths listed on the website, which ones are still available for purchase?

2.) In what order were they released?

3.) Which ones are the best ones? (I realize that's a very subjective question, but I'd like to see a general consensus.)

4.) Do I need any other Pathfinder resources to use the Adv. Paths (aside from the basic game books)?

I moved to the Rockford, IL area recently and would like to find a group to play Pathfinder with. Anyone interested? Let me know!


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