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Belkar Bitterleaf

jasonm777's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 55 posts (100 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 4 Pathfinder Society characters.


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Thanks, everyone, that clears things up.

As of now I still haven't created the character, so there is no name to worry about.

On that note, however, what are some suggestions you'd have for playing a Vishkanya character? This is new, unknown territory for me.

I recently received a boon at a local con that allows me to create a Vishkanya character. It states that I have to make this boon chronicle sheet the first one applied to that character.

I also recently played in one of my local group's monthly sessions and used a 1st level pre-gen with the intention of applying it to an as-of-yet un-created character. (This happened before the con at which I received the race boon.)

My question is: can I apply both sheets to the same character, or do I have to make 2 separate characters because the pre-gen chronicle sheet was earned before the race boon?

I hope that makes sense.


Drahliana Moonrunner wrote:
jasonm777 wrote:

I have a 10th level paladin in PFS who wields a +1 flaming scimitar as his primary weapon and has both +2 full plate mail and a +2 quickdraw shield. I could use some help with my next purchase. I'm considering the following options:

1. A +1 enhancement to the scimitar.
2. A special magic ability for the scimitar (possibly holy, but not decided yet).
3. A +1 enhancement to the plate mail (effective against all enemies).
4. The champion ability for the plate mail (effective against only a smited enemy).
5. The light fortification ability for the plate mail (effective against any enemy who lands a crit on him).

Which of these options would be the best choice? Or, is there another option that i haven't listed here that would be better?



What is your divine bond option? if it's weapon, than boost the armor.

Divine bond is with the weapon, which is why I'm not sold on adding the holy ability to the sword, but considered it as an option in case I want to use the bond for a different ability.

Charon's Little Helper wrote:
avr wrote:
Adding a ring of protection +1 or an amulet of natural armor +1 is cheaper than boosting your armor enhancement and has about the same effect. Also there's a cloak of resistance to get if you haven't already.

This - plus the rose ioun stone (+1 AC for 5k) after the amulet & ring.

Also - do you have stat-up items yet? The +2 STR belt is sweet, and as a paladin a +2 CHA headband is nice.

You could get all of the above for 6k less than putting Holy on your scimitar.

The belt and ioun stone are items he doesn't have yet, so that will be helpful. Thanks!

Matt2VK wrote:

Keen is always a good choice for a high threat weapon.

Lots of misc odds and ends in the magic area that is helpful if you want to list what you have, we can then make suggestions.

I'll list all of what he has later tonight after work. He has "the big 6" as far as magic items go.


I have a 10th level paladin in PFS who wields a +1 flaming scimitar as his primary weapon and has both +2 full plate mail and a +2 quickdraw shield. I could use some help with my next purchase. I'm considering the following options:

1. A +1 enhancement to the scimitar.
2. A special magic ability for the scimitar (possibly holy, but not decided yet).
3. A +1 enhancement to the plate mail (effective against all enemies).
4. The champion ability for the plate mail (effective against only a smited enemy).
5. The light fortification ability for the plate mail (effective against any enemy who lands a crit on him).

Which of these options would be the best choice? Or, is there another option that i haven't listed here that would be better?



I just bought the Advanced Class Guide and would like to create an Elf Swashbuckler who uses an Elven Curve Blade as his main weapon. I haven't read through all of the details of the class yet, but I noticed the 2 methods of regaining panache both focus on using a light or 1-handed melee piercing weapon ... which the Elven Curve Blade is not.

Is there a feat or any other way to regain panache that doesn't involve using a light or 1-handed melee piercing weapon?

I hope so ... I don't want to use a rapier ... tired of characters whose main weapon only deals a base of 1d6 damage.

Rub-Eta wrote:

Do NOT use D20SRD as your primary source of rules. It is comprehensive and he's very quick with adding the new material + it's easy to navigate. But there are a number of errors and other miss information strewed about.

It mostly has to do with the automatic hot-linking, where flavour text gets linked to defined game terms, while the crunch actually doesn't have anything to do with that specific rule. The funniest one I've found yet is in the Occultist class, where the sentence "A spellcaster who bears the implement can add the implement..." links 'bears' to a list of bear stat-blocks.

EDIT: In my PDF it says "Third printing October 2013." - third printing is the latest one.

Good to know, thanks!

Thanks, everyone! Looks like I'm current on everything, except ...

... One oddity - I noticed that the date last updated for the GameMastery Guide is Jan. 2014 and my date last downloaded is Aug. 2015 ... yet my actual PDF says Oct. 2013 at the bottom of the Credits page. Thoughts?

... How do I know if my PDF files of the CRB, APG, etc. are up-to-date? I need to create a new PFS character and want to make sure I'm current on everything.

Just a final follow-up: I played my paladin today with 2-hand power attack going on the scimitar (I did re-train Channel Smite to Power Attack after all), along with improved critical. He regularly did damage in the 20-30's, and had numerous critical hits that scored even more.

So thanks to everyone who gave advice, whether or not I took it. I'm much more pleased with my PC's performance, and much more enlightened about character options.

Rerednaw wrote:

Just curious which changes did the OP try and how is it working so far? ...

I also agree that another valid point is what he is trying keep up with.

My PC has purchased a Belt of Giant Strength +2 (all he could currently afford). I just played him at a con over the weekend and it seemed to work out well; I know it's only a +1 for attack and damage, but sometimes that matters. :)

Having survived that scenario, I'll be leveling him up to 9th shortly. I plan to take the Improved Critical feat for his scimitar, and I'm excited to see how that works out. In addition to the multiplied damage, he also has the Flame of the Dawnflower trait, which adds 2 points of damage on crits.

I've been torn about the 2-handed attack strategy because my PC has invested in a +2 shield and I'm not keen on him selling it off ... Then I realized that he can just keep it slung over his shoulder and use it when he needs it. Duh. So I'll be trying out the 2-handed attack next time I play him, hopefully next month.

Still kicking around the feat retraining ideas. I might have him retrain Channel Smite for one of the feats others have suggested.

As for my points of comparison: In the past I've played with players whose PCs (like archers, or fighter-types with nasty, big, pointy melee weapons) seem to average in the 20's for their damage per attack, while my PC seems to average in the low teens, if that. I guess it's a bit embarrassing for me, sometimes, and not quite what I want my PC to be like (a fearsome warrior of good, a force to be reckoned with).

So that's where I'm at right now. Thanks for asking!

Dafydd wrote:
loses the 8 or 9 (depending on if you retrain before or after) HP he gained from Tougness.

OK, thanks Dafydd. That's what I figured would be the case, though I was really hoping it wasn't. Not real excited about the prospect of losing 8hp.

About the retraining option: If my PC retrains Toughness and takes another feat in its place, will he lose all of the hit points he's received from it to this point, or just not be able to gain any further hit points in the future?

Gamerskum wrote:
No Rich Parents is not allowed as the main Additional Resources says no to it.

Ah, the Additional Resources! Thanks, I just checked it out and saw what I was looking for. I figured it was an oversight on my part somewhere.


Any in that document which are allowed in the regular campaign are allowed in core.

Any outside that document are not allowed in core.

So Rich Parents is allowed? That's one that I've seen mentioned as banned, but can't find any official word on it.

1 person marked this as FAQ candidate.

I've seen numerous references that some Traits are not allowed in PFS / Core play, but I can't find any official post, blog, or document that contains a full list of them.

Am I missing something? How do I know which Traits are legal and which are not?

I'm currently creating a PC for Core and would like to know which Traits from the Web Enhancement I can choose from.


This is great stuff, folks. Thanks for your help!

I've tried posting an update a few times now, and each time my internet connection gave me fits. So sorry this is late!

A couple things my PC is doing for sure: purchasing a belt of giant strength and taking the Improved Critical feat at 9th level - which is 1xp away. Aside from that, I'll have to give more thought to the feats and retraining ideas.

The point about paladins taking damage so others won't is a great point. This is my first paladin; normally I play fighters or fighter-types, where I want my PC to be able to withstand a lot of attacks when he/she is in the thick of things. I guess I'm still getting used to the "it's not all about me" perspective of a paladin. Yeah, it's taken me 8 levels, but I'm not always a fast learner. :)

Zhapenoth wrote:
To do more damage, I suggest hitting your target more often. :)

Tell that to my dice! :)

This is all great advice - thanks everyone! Exactly what I was looking for. I'm going to take some time to digest it a little more tomorrow (had a really busy day today).

This PC is my first in PFS, so there was definitely a learning curve involved, which influenced some of my early decisions.

If anyone has more ideas, please share them!


Hi everyone,

I play a level 8 Half-Orc paladin of Sarenrae in PFS (Silver Crusade). For a little while now I've been concerned that my PC doesn't do as much damage as other PCs of the same level. I'd love to have some advice / help to change this.

Here is some specific information about my PC:

1.) Str 16, Dex 12, Con 14, Int 10, Wis 13, Cha 18.

2.) AC 27, 84 hp.

3.) Primary weapon = +1 flaming scimitar (2d6+4 damage). The choice of scimitar is probably the main cause of my low damage output (a d6 damage weapon vs. a longsword, greatsword, etc.). I've considered changing it many times, but my PC purposely uses it because it's Sarenrae's favored weapon and (as backstory / roleplaying info) he considers himself forever indebted to her for saving his life. So he's pretty committed to this weapon choice.

4.) Applicable powers and abilities: Smite Evil (definitely kicks up the damage output, but limited uses); Channel Positive Energy (see feats); Divine Bond (weapon; also kicks up damage, but is even more limited than Smite Evil).

5.) Feats: Toughness; Extra Lay on Hands; Channel Smite (definitely helps with damage output, but relies on a limited resource [Channel Pos. En.]); Ironhide.

I think what I'm looking for is a way to increase my PC's average damage output without relying on a limited resource like Smite Evil or Channel Positive Energy.


On p.439 of the CRB, it states that in a windstorm, "Creatures on the ground are knocked prone and rolled 1d4 * 10 feet, taking 1d4 points of nonlethal damage per 10 feet, unless they make a DC 15 Strength check."

My question is: Does the Strength check prevent BOTH being knocked prone and taking nonlethal damage, or ONLY taking nonlethal damage?


blackbloodtroll wrote:
Here you go.

Wow, that's perfect - thanks blackbloodtroll!

(I had to change the link to http instead of hhttp to get it to work - just fyi.)

Is there a spell, magic item, etc. that functions as a tracking device? One of my PCs has an important book; he can keep the book in his possession while in the city, but I'd like to find a magical, secret way to have its owner be alerted if the PC leaves the city with it.

Any ideas or suggestions?


On the topic of changes, I have a question about Pathfinder Tales novels and their chronicle sheets.

The season 5 and 6 guides to org. play refer to a Prolific Reader boon, and the chronicle sheet they refer to is set up differently than most of the sheets I have. (The vol 4 sheet is the only one I've seen that's set up this way.)

I understand how that sheet works, but what about sheets from novels that apparently precede the season 5 and 6 rules? For example, the Queen of Thorns sheet - it's not set up in the "Prolific Reader" format (a once-per-player format), so does that mean I can apply it to multiple characters like I've done in the past?


Thanks, Michael!

I didn't receive one when I downloaded the guide. Is there one elsewhere?

Preston Hudson wrote:
It is not a glitch. There is no chronicle available for The Redemption Engine as well as a few others currently. It will probably be some time after GenCon before we see any of the updated sheets for the Tales books released after King of Chaos.

Thanks, Preston! I was surprised there was no sheet available, but I guess the Paizo staff have been a bit busy lately, haven't they?

I just checked the Additional Resources page, and there's no chronicle sheet listed for The Redemption Engine.

Is this a glitch, or is there really no sheet for it? It seems like all the other novels have one listed.


Thanks, Sabre and Preston! That makes sense, and I figured that would be the case. I guess I just wasn't fully processing what I was reading!

For example, the Traveler's Anytool is listed on one of my chronicle sheets. I'd like to buy it, but I don't own a copy of "Ultimate Equipment". Can I legally buy this item?


Liz Courts wrote:
jasonm777 wrote:

Does anyone have any idea when there will be more of this product available? My FLGS distributors don't have any, and it's listed as on backorder here?


We're expecting a reprint, but I don't have an ETA as of yet.

OK, thanks for your response, Liz!

Does anyone have any idea when there will be more of this product available? My FLGS distributors don't have any, and it's listed as on backorder here?


2 people marked this as a favorite.

Thanks for all the responses, everyone - great advice and entertaining commentary!

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to buy a Feather Token: Tree .....

Also, same question for mundane adventuring gear. Thanks again!

Hi everyone,

I know I've read discussions on the messageboards in the past about the magic items every character should have: cloak of resistance, ring of protection, etc. ... but I just can't seem to find any of those threads right now, and I'd really like to find them before tomorrow night's PFS game.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?


This is a fantastic article, Netopalis - thanks for writing and posting it! I'm in the process of rebuilding one of my PFS characters and have been stuck for a while, so this gives me some new ideas and inspiration to work with.

On point #5, my paladin has Profession: Baker as a skill, which he uses for his day job checks. This doesn't usually enter actual game play, but once in a while I find myself with an opportunity to make jokes about it. My favorite line is something about my character trying to influence someone or show gratitude by presenting them with a plate of paladin cookies. It's good for table-wide laugh, so it's worth the skill points I've dedicated to it.

On point #2, I have my paladin write his own Pathfinder Chronicles, which begin with his backstory. That is, I myself actually keep a running document in which I write like he would write, covering the details of each scenario he completes. Like his baking, this doesn't usually come up in actual game play, but it gives me a better feel for who he is and what he values. Plus, it provides a good record of material that I can use to make references from (which I guess also relates to #3).

Once again, thanks for a great article!

-- jason

5 people marked this as a favorite.

Check out the link below to the Christian Gamers Guild. It should put you on the chaplain's corner page, which has some great articles. Pay special attention to the Faith and Gaming series of articles; they've been incredibly helpful to me.

Also, I'm a pastor who's played rpg's since about 7th grade, so let me know if I can be of further help.


Joana wrote:
I believe you can find them here under alchemical weapons. (I assume the Desnan candle is the same as the star candle firework.) The skyrocket is 1 lb.; the others are of negligible weight.

Thanks, Joana, that's exactly what I was looking for! I didn't even think to check the PRD - good call!

Can anyone with the Adventurer's Armory tell me what, if any, weight the following fireworks have?

Desnan candle
Paper candle

My PFS PC has access to these fireworks through the We Be Goblins chronicle sheet, but there's no weight listed on the sheet or in the module itself. Normally I wouldn't care too much (well, my OCD tendencies might ...) , but my PC (a Halfling) is at the upper limit of carrying a light load, and I don't want his speed dropping to 15 feet per round.


Thanks Blahpers and James!

In a 3.5 campaign I played in, our party had storage lockers in a local bank where we kept our excess coins, gems, gear, and other items. Thankfully we also had a merciful DM as a bank security guard who never allowed thieves to come anywhere close to our stuff. :)

However, the same DM also instituted conversion fees for changing coins from one type into a higher type (gold to platinum, for example). The reasoning was that banks, merchants, or others would be taking on more coinage (weight and volume) by accepting lower denomination coins and giving up higher denomination ones. I didn't personally care for that house rule, but it wasn't a big deal. I'd rather have the security as a player knowing my PC's stuff was safe.

Ilja wrote:
Nope, no convserion fee. Keeping the gold in various types of gems have the added benefit of having gems at hand when the casters need them for material components.

Thanks, Ilja!

Is there any kind of conversion fee for changing coins from one type to another (gold to platinum, for example)? Or even for changing coins to gems of the same value (50gp in coins to a 50gp gem, for example)? I haven't found such a rule in the CRB or the PFS Guide to Org. Play.

I ask because in PFSOP, PCs receive a certain amount of "gold" at the end of each scenario ... but I don't want my PC carrying around a couple thousand actual gold pieces, simply for encumbrance purposes. My group doesn't really make a big deal out of encumbrance, but I'd rather not get into a situation in which it becomes an issue (plus, I'm a bit on the OCD side and I NEED to comply with the rules ...).


Nebten wrote:
You should have only received 1 PP by playing Master of the Fallen Fortress. Your Chronicle is wrong and you should correct it and give yourself only 1 PP. The online profile is correct.

Yep, I just went digging through the PFS guide and found it. Thanks, everyone, for your help.

Dragnmoon wrote:

What did you play? The free RPG modules only give on prestige point, if that is the case, then your chronicle sheet is wrong.

But if it was a normal scenario your chronicle sheet is most likely correct and there was an error when reported.

I played Master of the Fallen Fortress.

I recently played a PFS session and received 2 prestige points on my chronicle sheet. However, my online profile says I only have 1 prestige point. How do I go about finding the reason for the difference?

Gorbacz wrote:

1. All are available in PDF, and all except a few Rise of the Runelords episodes are available in print. RotRL is getting a hardcover reprint soon, so it's no biggie.

2. See here. Up to Legacy of Fire the APs were written under the 3.5 ruleset, from Council of Thieves on they're all for Pathfinder ruleset. Conversions from 3.5 are generally easy and are available on forums.

3. There's a popular opinion that Curse of the Crimson Throne, Rise of the Runelords and Kingmaker are finest.

4. Depending on the AP you will need Bestiaries, APG, UM and UC. All the resources needed to run APs are available for free online as part of Pathfinder Reference Document (PRD).

Wow, that was fast! Thanks, Gorbacz!

Questions about Pathfinder Adventure Paths:

1.) Of the 11 Adv. Paths listed on the website, which ones are still available for purchase?

2.) In what order were they released?

3.) Which ones are the best ones? (I realize that's a very subjective question, but I'd like to see a general consensus.)

4.) Do I need any other Pathfinder resources to use the Adv. Paths (aside from the basic game books)?

OK, so here's an update.

My 2nd lead from the comic store contacted me and said he and a friend are interested in gaming. So that makes me, you, and the 2 of them.

I also contacted a couple friends of mine who live a bit outside the area, but may be able to travel here to game, depending on the day we meet (one can only join us if we meet on Saturdays).

So that brings the potential total to 6!

Could you please email me at jmach31(at)gmail(dot)com? That way I can have your email address and get a group discussion going.

Looking forward to starting up soon!


OK, great to know. Thanks for the clarification, Rdrp.

I had 2 leads from the comic store. 1 has replied and said he's not interested at this time - apparently his posting was over a year old. The other hasn't responded yet (I emailed both on Saturday). I may have another lead or 2 I could follow up with as well, though at least 1 of them would be a bit of a long shot.

1.) Do you know anyone here in the area who could join us, and who might even be willing / interested to continue gaming after you move?

2.) If worse came to worst, and it was just you and I, would you still be interested in a short campaign or series of one-shots?

I'll post back when I have more info to share.


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