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Moving around on the table makes Assurance more powerful than I thought. After all, though you just get a flat result... if you can adjust what the difficulty itself is, then it feels like you can combine the two to get a similar result as in 1e.

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I am glad that commonality/rarity is going to be better-addressed in this edition.

Though why would golem creation be rare? Or are other constructs far more common per most measures?

A second Occultist could work.
Conjuration for healing and a summon
Transmutation (and Abjuration at level 2) for fighting. Slap on a polearm and they have a handful of good combat options.
And occultist gets plenty of skills

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Does this mean Sorcerers can also be Oracles and Psychics and Shamans?

Detect Storm, Divination, Druid 0, Ranger 1, Shaman 0: You stick your hand out the window to determine if it's raining or windy. Determines with 100% accuracy if it's raining and general wind level.

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I like the more complicated options for traps (hello, spinning blade pillar... I wonder what I can use you for... evilgrin).

Oh, I've never touched Gestalt except in theory without seeing more than ... stuff more basic than that, sorry.

Since a few deities have the death of another in their backstory, why aren't they statted with combat abilities?

Asking this since IIRC Lamashtu's ascension was from causing the death of Desna's teacher, that means Demigods can harm gods... and (probably Mythic) PCs can slay demigods - and, with the right Mythic Path abilities PCs can basically become said demigods.

The index at the beginning doesn't list Adaptive Shifter yet.

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Going just from this, I think Staves might see more widespread use, finally. This is good new for me.

Have you considered Arcane Trickster?
First five levels of gestalt: Unchained Rogue 5, Illusionist [Possibly Shadow subschool] Wizard 5. Then 9 levels of Arcane Trickster with levels in other stuff as the gestalt (Fighter + Arcane Archer/Eldritch Knight? Or maybe Ranger for a buff to the assassin flavor, and Slayer is a Ranger/Rogue hybrid already)

Then take Shadow Grasp and Solid Shadows metamagic feats, and take the Image spells and Shadow [Conjuration/Enchantment/Evocation/Transmutation] line

EDIT: stats would be something like Str 14 / Dex 16+2 / Con 14-2 / Int 16+2 / Wis 10 / Cha 10, with racial having 2x +1, buff either dex or int by +2, and go to town.
You get 7 feats plus Weapon Finesse, more with fighter or ranger. You can get a basic level of switch hitting up as well as the metamagic feats. Plenty of Illusionist + assassin-y flavor to be had there.

EDIT 2: Actually, with Gestalt, you can qualify for Arcane Trickster at level 5, meaning Wizard 4 / Unchained Rogue 4 and 10 levels of Arcane Trickster with 10 more levels on the other side of the Gestalt.

with human, taking Dual Talent on a Silksworn Occultist with Transmutation for +Dex could allow for a passable finesse build. Spear Dancer or Spear Dancing Style (they don't work together sadly) would come online at level 5. Until then, if he had Conjuration or Necromancy, he could summon a meatshield to fight. Sort of pure caster, but also not. It's complicated.

EDIT: Though something else for level 5, I'm sure Slashing Grace has something in the simple weapons category it applies to.

Though you said after racial bonuses... If their chosen race is something else, that might affect the viability poorly.

I'm hopeful for Archetypes to be easier to work with than in PF1, and it's looking like they'll be more versatile (certain selection of Pirate usable for any other Sailor, much?) which is another plus in my book.

While I'm not impressed with cure blindness, etc. 10 levels behind pf1 clerics... It could be useful to a group that doesn't have access to one. Granted, that particular feat strikes me more as suited to NPCs than PCs.

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While I'm glad to have downtime rules in the first book, the limiting of item crafting to your level seems a bit off.

I'd like, at least, level + proficiency instead of just level, so specialized training counts, too.

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Mudfoot wrote:
I just need to know what happens if I give an ogre a battleaxe and chain mail instead of the club and hide it gets in the Bestiary. In 1e you had to guess.

I don't recall any guessing in PF1E to that effect. Swap damage dice, remove one armor value and apply the other instead.


Anyway, I sincerely hope there's a way to compare monsters reasonably to PCs.

Just going to chime in with my dislike for "spell" points, if they only apply to specific types of spells. Also for the "points" since that's a meta-term.

Most of the not-joking ideas (and even some of those) are all things I think would be better.

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Way I see it, the question of poison is just a matter of heirarchy.

the paladin blog wrote:

You must never willingly commit an evil act, such as murder, torture, or casting an evil spell.

You must not take actions that you know will harm an innocent, or through inaction cause an innocent to come to immediate harm when you knew your action could reasonably prevent it. This tenet doesn't force you to take action against possible harm to innocents or to sacrifice your life and future potential in an attempt to protect an innocent.
You must act with honor, never cheating, lying, or taking advantage of others.
You must respect the lawful authority of the legitimate ruler or leadership in whichever land you may be, following their laws unless they violate a higher tenet.

no evil: does not speak of poisons

no harming an innocent: Based on my reading of this, if poison would reasonably improve your chances of saving the innocent - knock out a serial killer, or more quickly stop some brigands who are raiding a caravan, just to name the first two options to come to mind, then it would be virtually REQUIRED not just allowed. If it wouldn't, then the code is silent in this tenet.

act with honor: well, as poison was specifically called out as being REMOVED from the list, it's not inherently a violation. Which means, it's no different from other weapon enhancements, and not dishonorable - unless it violates the rules of a contest, in which case it's cheating and thus forbidden. I'd like to note that open battle does not generally count as a contest, or the like.

Finally, the law: if it's illegal and not required by the second, then forbidden. If either it's legal or it's necessary to greatly improve the chances to save an innocent, then the exception to this tenet makes this part silent.

So is Holy Smite the spell gone in favor of this apparent replacement for Smite Evil (or just another power to go with it - just figuring this looked like a clear case for replacement)?

Though, really interested in seeing how powerful the Holy Smite ability will be.

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I'm glad that it looks like Save or Die has been rebalanced to be overall more useful to players and less devastating against them. Though I wish this had included actual text for a couple of those feats.

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Asgetrion wrote:
QuidEst wrote:
Asgetrion wrote:
Hmmm... so channeling does not qualify as "brandishing your holy symbol"?
Channeling works as the Heal spell. If you do the three-action area heal, that has a material component, which Clerics substitute out for presenting their holy symbol. That triggers the second condition of the redcap’s weakness, and it needs to make a save. If any domain spells have a material component, they’d work too.
Hmmm, yeah, I forgot that it works that way now. I have to say I'm not happy with the new cleric, especially how channeling has been cut and how you need to memorize all healing spells now. I really liked how variant (domain-based) channeling worked in PF1, not to mention how channeling uses enabled a lot of other cool things, too.

They get a new mechanic that lets them replicate not only a channeling (with Selective for free), but also an improved version of channeling (both living and dead).

I'd want some of Witch, Shifter, and Hunter for more nature/wilds support. Not Kineticist or Occultist, though, because I don't think there's a chance they'd fit as an addition.

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I've had some time to think, and while I'll try the playtest, I'm virtually certain that if monsters go the way I think they're going, I'm out - back to PF1e for me.

(I wanted 2e to be good. I want to give it a chance. But what I've seen of monsters leaves just too sour and bitter of a taste. As a long-time homebrew GM, I cannot abide monsters so unfriendly to customization. Nor can my sense of fairness abide monsters that use such completely different design rules than players - I've long held that a GM has to abide by (mostly - see racial HD and a few related things) the same restrictions as players.)

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Another question: Where are the monster feats? Tweaking those was one of the best things of monster customizing.

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This feels unpleasantly like (the thankfully optional) simple monster creation from PF1, or PF2 monsters entirely. Which is not fun to use or look at.

And how are TAC, AC, saves, and hp computed on monsters? Is there a formula? PLEASE don't let it be arbitrary! (I hate the arbitrariness of quick/simple monster creation; it's use as the main method)

Please, let it be possible to reverse-engineer monsters to better understand them (and modify them more precisely). What I see doesn't allow that.

Also, what's skills +1 or skills +5?

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Most of this sounds reasonable, but why does Weakness add a fixed amount? Scratch damage shouldn't get magnified so much.

(I'm not complaining about simpler math, but maybe a cap on bonus damage proportional to initial in some cases?)

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This is giving me flashbacks to my brief attempt to play 5e.

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Upon seeing the paladin code - both wording and ordering - my first thought was "3 laws compliant"

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So, weapons are more than Finesse or Light/not/2-handed, damage and crit range now? (and reach and a few +2 for/against certain maneubers)


Mark Seifter wrote:
james014Aura wrote:
Heal spell question: If we heighten it and use the the 3-action version, did we just waste a high-level effect? Or does heighten override the reduction to just casting modifier?
Heighten modifications are applied to whatever the spell did before.

I'm sorry; I don't think I understand that entirely. Does that mean a 2nd level area heal would be 1d8+casting modifier?

Heal spell question: If we heighten it and use the the 3-action version, did we just waste a high-level effect? Or does heighten override the reduction to just casting modifier?

If they don't utilize even part of the soul, why do they stop true rez, which doesn't care about the body's condition?

Can an Occultist with the "Trappings of the Warrior" Panoply simply wear the shield on their back and use a 2-handed weapon and still get the benefits of the panoply?

panoplies below regular implements; has some stuff re: this
the panoply itself

There's a spell, something about soul trapping, that says it can be done, just not in those terms in-character. For figuring out how big the onyx gem has to be. IIRC, it says it involves lots of research, though, so ... GM decides on some research checks?

I, too, feel that Magus should be in sooner rather than later.

Renaming Law to Order would be fine with me, and maybe a partial lift of some class restrictions, but that's the end of what I'd like.

The Outer Planes and Outsiders *Of Pathfinder*

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Jojiro wrote:

The fact that alignment will cause debates is a constant in D&D and D&D-esque games.

At the end of the day, I've never seen a person who plays a non-D&D game sorely ache for alignment, so I'm skeptical it's core in any way or for any reason except tradition.

I suppose they'll have to use surveys to tell.

It's interwoven into the Outer Planes, lots of aligned Outsiders, and the alignment detect/smite spells. Also, the Paladin (though making that any good would be fine with me), and Deities+Divine Casters.

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This: Keep alignment as an important mechanic. It feels like a core of the setting, and an important one at that.

That: Make alignment like in Starfinder.

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So, can someone still invest in lots of different skills as a Jack of All Trades option, or invest in many but not as many as a Jack, or specialize, same as in P1 / PF1 just with different mechanics to it?

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I agree completely; but I also feel NPCs should be different from monsters, not indistinguishable.

Rereading some stuff: I sincerely hope skill proficiencies are not at all like they are in 5e, where all it does is prevent skill customization.

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I'm simultaneously nervous and excited about this.

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Where's the place to pre-order?

Hi, James

Where does Pharasma send someone who follows multiple gods? Such as, the Witch trinities (Calistria/Gozreh/Pharasma being the main one named)

Spells list "Shield of Dawn" but that's what d20pfsrd renamed "Shield of the Dawnflower" to due to copyright issues. (And followers of Sarenrae only)

I meant, very expensive for a first-level character, sorry.

EDIT: Though I missed Stone Lamellar, which is still way beyond 1st level and is pricey for 2nd - 3rd level minimum feels far more likely.

So, I noticed that a lot of the builds have 16 wis, and suggest Mutated Shape with a headband of +2 wis, but don't ever increase wis anywhere else. However, the feat requires 19 wis, which means the shifter is still too low.

Also, the weretouched build recommends heavy armor proficiency at 1, but heavy armor is very expensive even before needing non-metal speial material versions - it should be moved to a little later to reflect that.

Ah, here's the text. Roughly, it says 3 Changeling witches can form a coven without a hag. The question I have is, RAW only witches or just shorthand for Coven Hex (without noting that others could take it), RAI same question, and would it be a reasonable houserule to allow it if neither RAI nor RAW support it?

Blood of the Coven wrote:


The hag blood coursing through changelings’ veins makes
them especially adept at coven magic. Changeling witches
with the coven hex (Pathfinder RPG Advanced Player’s Guide
66) can form covens of three changelings without the usual
need for a hag member. But as a changeling draws upon
the power of her heritage, the call to wander into her hag
mother’s clutches becomes more persistent; changelings
who form a coven only with other changelings take a
–1 penalty on Will saving throws due to this increased stress.
Changeling witches with the coven hex who wish to form
a coven must perform a 1-hour ritual. When the ritual is
complete, the changeling coven gains access to the following
spell-like abilities based on the witch level of their lowestlevel

So, does anyone have RAW or RAI interpretation, would it be a reasonable houserule if neither?

EDIT: because it feels this went off-question.

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