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Attic Whisperer

ithuriel's page

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Maps Subscriber. FullStarFullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 2,725 posts (6,141 including aliases). 1 review. 1 list. No wishlists. 5 Pathfinder Society characters. 21 aliases.

Pathfinder Society Characters

Scarab Sages Anoulaton
(0 posts)
Mendev Crusader
Sovereign Court Adriel Arnaux
(0 posts)
Darius Finch
Dark Archive Wylen Leroung
(0 posts)
Brienna Soldado
Liberty's Edge Anashka Arnaux

HP 23/23, AC16, T 11, FF 15, CMD 16, F +5, R +3, W +9, Channel 5/5 (112 posts)
Grand Lodge Magda Marinova
(83 posts)


Adrian Birch
(14 posts)
Eldran Tesh
Aldous Helmsley
(79 posts)
Gau leeoch
Bor of Xen'drik
(5 posts)
(140 posts)
Da'gret - Razorback
(6 posts)

de at
(0 posts)
Deirdre Harlowe
(13 posts)
Despina M
(2 posts)

Devin Atchley
(0 posts)

Devin Atchley
(0 posts)

Devin Atchley
(0 posts)
DM Ithuriel
(348 posts)
Consortium Agent
Ezreal Farlowe

HPs: 89/53, APs: 11/9 Effects: Mage Armor, Overland Flight, Protection Fire 60 pts, Karnnathi Wizard (Universalist) 12 (1,319 posts)
(88 posts)
Sanarin Qwelb
Harrigan Drange
(232 posts)
Captain Josper Creesy
Illes Elandru

HP 68/68, AC 21(22), T 12(13), FF 19, CMD 19(20) Performance 35/34 (874 posts)
(8 posts)
(8 posts)

(1 post)
Sajan Gadadvara
Spyridon Spyridonos
(39 posts)
Valeros of Bellis
(45 posts)

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