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increddibelly's page

Goblin Squad Member. Pathfinder Society Member. 1,908 posts (2,283 including aliases). 4 reviews. 1 list. No wishlists. 26 aliases.

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a true nugget.


one of my players showed me this today. I said I'd have a look, and I write this an hour later. This document is pretty, the content sparks the imagination, and it provides a lot of very interesting, scary ideas that would fit the theme of Way of the Wicked and Carrion Crown perfectly.

Yeah, it's scary - but with style, not at all gross. The high level of creepy is not suitable for everyone, but that's why paizo didn't dare include stuff like this in the original carrion crown adventure path. You wouldn't want to play Carrion Crown without this!

In my Way of the Wicked Game (Fire Mountain Games) the alchemist is making this his life's work. His legacy. every level, another 'discovery' is made, and another page added to his Mad Doctor's Formulary.

This is $5 well spent.

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Beautiful art, useless in-game

*( )( )( )( )

54 beautiful pictures depicting random items, not at all related to the CoT adventure path. You do not need this for your Council of Thieves campaign; as none of the notable loot has its own card, these cards don't help you in any way.
I'm going to try to use this as a random treasure chest - if they draw the card with full plate armor, I'll make up an armor that does fit the campaign. but as is, this deck of cards does not deserve your money.

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Original, Exciting, Fun


I have not seen anything this clever or original since the Wheel.

The players get to roleplay as much or as little as they want, they get the surprise of their lives when things get slightly out of control, and all of that happens before they actually hit the main storyline.

Also, great support for the GM; it's a complex module, but so many helpful tips and methods are provided that it remains easy to maintain the broader context while micro-managing the player's popularity.
Awesome. Awesome. Awesome.

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Great Storytelling

****( )

In 10 years of weekly D20 gaming I've never seen an adventure start as good as this one.

Characters get an opportunity to present themselves, then are clearly presented with their exiting goal, and then get drawn right into action while being forced to cooperate. It all fits together like clockwork.
There's so much win in this book it hurts!

Tell your players to come prepared with a 2nd level character on the first session though - they'll need it. Which is good: they love gaining levels.

The XP awards for completing story elements in the prescribed way are a bit awkward - but their result is great. Quick level-ups gives a huge sense of accomplishment, and you know the players love to tweak their characters. Now they get to do it twice :) Nobody likes to be left at level 1 at the end of a session. But in Bastards of Erebus that's all taken care of, even though the mechanism may at first seem a little awkward to a GM.

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