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imimrtl's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 905 posts (6,873 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 1 Pathfinder Society character. 37 aliases.


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Ooooo. I love the new one! Also everything you wrote is excellent and exactly what I had in mind.

Sounds good. Sorry for the delay. Work is absolutely killing me this week.

Love the pictures Oriana!

Liz Courts wrote:
Removed links to PDFs. This is 100% not okay folks, even for free PDFs.

Sincere apologies. Won't happen again.

What do you guys think of the variant channeling options? Worth it to take one?

Aasimar's are all about free love ;-)

Ok cleric it to figure out what kind of cleric lol.

Tossing back and forth between a druid and a cleric now. I swear I am all over the place lol.

Ok so I am all over the place lol. I'm not sure if I'm going to do a summoner after all. I can't decide what to do honestly. I feel like I've done a bunch of summoners in games lately. Hmm. Is there anything else we could use? Maybe a straight cleric? I haven't played a cleric in a while. I could still do summoning with that. Someone help me! lol I still might do a summoner BTW. Just not sure.

I was actually thinking of rolling a few times on the random physical trait table under aasimars. That said, I like the idea of Black hair and Gold eyes.

lol Ridge.

There are a few good ones. Coordinated defense and maneuvers is good for frontline fighters. Duck and cover is good if near a shield wielder. Precise strike is really good for melee characters. Shake it off is amazing if everyone has it. +1 to all saves per adjacent ally with the feat. If we all have the feat and stick together that is minimum of +3 per person. Target of opportunity is good too. Lookout is good to stop from being surprised.

We don't need to do this now but it's something to think about for the future.

What do you all think about potentially making ourselves like a unit and taking some teamwork feats?

I have trapfinding in the form of disposable summons ;-) If Waiph decides to go bard then I will definitely go the paladin route if everyone is ok with that, especially if ridge goes full arcane caster.

Heading to bed night all! Dont forget to ask any questions on Reign of Winter also on my board if you have them.

Variel, since we have so many aasimar, would you be willing to let me roll on the table for alternate aasimar abilities? I know normally to do that with tieflings you have to take Fiendish heritage. I would be willing to do the same here even though a feat called celestial heritage doesn't exist. Let me know. I am rolling below three times like fiendish heritage allows in case you allow it.

1d100 ⇒ 69
1d100 ⇒ 70
1d100 ⇒ 19

I can be oldest or middle, it doesn't matter to me. This character will be going very supportive and tactically oriented. Calling out maneuvers and such on the battlefield and basically going for not necessarily party leader but a person who can lead if that makes sense.

Well if you went Rift Warden, you could have been brought up in the church as well, being fostered by our parents or by another family in the church. Either way we would have close contact. If you went stolen fury, you could have come to the church seeking answers on the ritual and we all struck up a friendship.

That works for me.

Ninja'd by Rain lol. I like the idea of you being adopted also.

I'm good with either also. Rain?

Waiph, Flynn, when you guys start your backgrounds we can start working you all in as well.

Works perfectly with our parents being crusaders Rain. Also Maelchar, Rain and I were discussing having our parents be a cleric and a paladin. You could have been raised with us in the church or even been adopted. What do you think?

Also, happy to help Maelchar.

Lol I'm doing aasimar also I think, maybe angelkin. Master Summoner with the child of the crusades trait. Rain and I are going to be siblings.

Sounds good. Will do.

BTW, I think if I go summoner I'm going Master Summoner with the Marshal mythic path. Holy bacrapnuts is that looking fun with all my little minions running around lol.

Toying between wizard, witch, or summoner. Any suggestions?

Zeru sounds like a great name. I can work with that.

That sucks Rain. I was really looking forward to gaming with you as a player again.

No idea yet for characters need to do a little more thinking.

Found it already!

Ah gotcha. Well in that case I am pretty much done except for equipment which I am doing now.

Back! Didn't end up getting the root canal today. Almost done with the Alchemist. Deciding whether or not to take fiendish heritage or not.

Ok so I decided to go with a Grimspawn Tiefling Alchemist specializing in bombs for some ranged damage. He also will be a decent skill monkey as well. I am going for a root canal now and will finish up my character tonight in my drug induced haze lol. Thank you all for the input and can't wait to get started.

I'm here! Working on a character concept now. It looks like you all need a skilled character but I will make whatever you all think you need. Super excited to game with each of you! Let me know what you think as far as group dynamic goes. Thank you Tarlane for the opportunity.

I hope you don't mind me dotting to read along.

I hope you don't mind me dotting to read along.

Yeah I'm super bummed I went to my moms this weekend to help her out cause she's sick should have stayed so I could get in this game lol. I will definitely be following along both groups. If you need help also I am a decent map maker and DM in my own right. That said I will be silently hoping for someone to drop lol.

OH MAN!!! So mad I missed this one! I have wanted to play this campaign for literally 10 years!

Please let me know if you lose anyone as I would be desperate to get into this. I have actually corresponded with the guy that wrote the campaign a while back. He's in England and seems to occasionally check the net for people running his campaign so you may get an email or message from him wishing you well.

I'm registered already but I didn't remember how to register the character itself. Thanks. Also which faction do you think?

Ok so I figured out what I'm doing.

I made a Half-orc mindchemist Alchemist but I need help with which faction would fit. I took child of the temple so I figured he was raised in a temple to a god of knowledge in Absalom. Also, how do I get a PFS number for the character?

Will have something together by tomorrow night. Suffering really bad character block. Too many things I can do. Kind of why I was trying to see if a niche needed filling.

checking in but I don't have a character created yet. Still trying to figure out what i want to do.

I just realized that if we want to be able to disable magical traps I can't take ninja. Is that really a big enough deal or can we suffice with magic if that happens? I will go a different route if I have to if we REALLY need magical trapfinding.

Akinra is right, that is what I meant by optional abilities. You can use the Heritages themselves but not the table abilities that grant things like You never need to drink to survive or you can gain sustenance from eating ash.

Not sure if I am going to do a tiefling too as though the variant heritages seem to be pathfinder society legal, the optional abilities are not it seems. Also still not sure if I should go archer (not really wanting to go zen archer even though they are cool) ninja, or something else like a gunslinger or divine archer paladin or something.

So I'm not sure if I should do a Ninja or an Archer for some ranged damage capability. The Ninja will be a bit more versatile but the archer will probably be better as far as combat goes though the ninja will be no slouch. What do you all think?

Well if we have front line people I will go with my ninja I guess. Will work on a concept soon.

I've been playing lots of magic users so I think I will go tank/front line

and a cleric. lol

So we have a bard, a druid, a monk, anything else?

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