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hewhorocks's page

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I seem to remember a great soundtrack generator being around with all kinds of customizable sounds for events and traveling overland etc....anyone remember where thats from or know what I'm remembering?

Homebrew campaign with 25 years xp in dming looking for some new players in the greater New Orleans area. Interested parties drop us a line....into mini's and good ole fashion rp!'

digital subscription *drools*
Digital subscription *drools*

Digital back issues *slobbers.....drools....slobbers*

Yeah a good idea......probably just dreaming...unless the library of congress had a subscription...they are archiving everything digitally soon...or so I've heard.

Has anyone out there tried to make pdf's of their dungeons or dragons with this method? If so do you have any pointers or tips?

Just like to add at least one voice to the where's Wormy crowd. If anyone knows where one might buy A wormy t-shirt I'd like to know..
As long as it's officially sanctioned by Dave.

In the sage advice article of dragon 328 (pg 82) there is a nifty little q/a on AOO and how the attacks taken act like any other attack and can prevoke AOO in themselves!

"..An attack of opportunity is adjudicated just like any other attack, and is subject to the same rules..."

That pretty much settles it I think. So great cleave with combat reflexes makes the dex-focused combantant very effective against a crowd of 1st level commoners rushing by.

Arcane4life wrote:
very off topic but i noticed above that someone said something about super hero rpgs....are these still in print and if they are can anyone suggest a good one...very very off topic sry

I've always been a fan of the Hero system. version 5 is in print and being supported. You role lots of dice in game but character creation is build it how you want dice. Pretty good game if you have a deadacated DM. But that can be said of any game I guess.

Help me out where would I find the changes to this trick. As far as I can tell with both phb and dmg open in front of me I can't find any restriction on when one can use cleave. I can understand the swarm changes but I dont see anything else. Cleave can only be used once per round (phb92) and great cleave is unlimited per round. (phb 94). Doesn't cleave represnt a continuation of the same swing. (ala 7 flies with one blow?) A cleave would be part of the single attack provided by the AOO then and as long as one had the appropriate feat and the aoo dropped the target everything looks ok.

To the arguement that my guard is still up and my mage friend casts a spell provoking an AOO so I cant be cleaved: My guard is not propbaly expecting a great axe comming through where magic-man was standing nor would it be as steadfast as normal considering said axe just dropped my comrade.

Cleave I think works because the blow was strong enough (str prereq) to tear through the target and continue on to attack the next one. (go conan go!) or by monk through such finesse that they are able to set up combinations.(dont need the str prereq) In either case the fact that a cleave attack is a free action means it is part of the action used to initate it and one should be awarded the cleave even on AOO. Best not put the mage in the front line... he'll probably do more harm than good.

Of course if there is specific rulling in print to the contrary Ill notify Hurok right away!

I would like to point out however that really what the dm says should go. If the Dm says that in his world, magic missles take the form of the zodiac sign of their caster.... then they do. If A Dm decides such things represent abuse in his game then he is within his rights to disallow them. There are no set rules for missing a target with your axe and getting it stuck in a tree (at least that I know of) but in my games it has happened. As long as things are consistant then it's fair. If after the game you can convince the DM otherwise, then keep an eye out for "quickened touch spell wizard-monks" who will surely inhabit the next forgotten temple you decide to explore.

As an aside, couldnt any touch spell attack be combined with say a grapple attack or a trip or anything else? It would seem to me that at the very least a concentration check might be in order.

I would think that at 14.95 or 19.95 or some such, to reprint articles that have already appeared in a compendium it would be worth it to them. And I know it would be worth it to me. But I guess it might be a pipe dream.


There is so much great material that has been published in Dungeon and Dragon but It's difficult to incorporate into my game because it means lugging around 20+ issues. Then flipping around searching for this article or that one. Is there any thought to issuing "best of" issues like in the old days? I know many of these ideas find their way in to official releases but an annual reference or compendium filled with the new feats, spells, flaws, clerical domains, you know what I'm talking about. Hey, make it availabe to subscribers only (if you were afraid it would hurt subscription sales) .... huh.... huh.... wow am I an idea man or what?

Alternativly, I would love to see updates to the Dragon archives cd-roms and dare I say on for Dungeon as well. I'll even print what I need up and put in a binder on my own if I have to!

Well squid thats true to some extend but many of the prereqs. take care of that. No matter how much you want great cleave you still cant get it at creation. Most of the useful combat feats have attack bonus restrictions. And most meta-magic feats are useless unless you have the caster levels. I do agree that in an empty field at 20 paces in the open the 2 extra feats can be devistating. However if your running a game full of Arena battles then maybe you shouldnt allow unobservent in your game. The issue is really designing creative and fun encounters that balance things out....
Run a murder mystery for the 1st lvl pc who loaded up on unobservant to get cleave, power attack and inproved init at first level. Don't throw her into an arena pit with three dire rats. (well not till the chase sceen.)

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