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Darius Finch

henkslaaf's page

Goblin Squad Member. 56 posts. No reviews. 2 lists. 2 wishlists.

Hey all!

My character is a lawful evil character. Therefore, he's really lawful and really evil. So he's cruel and will use any loophole left in any contract, but will keep to the letter of the contract, if not the spirit.

What skill would you use to reasonably expect the cleric to know things about contracts?

* Diplomacy is fitting
* Linguistics would fit (wording of the law if very important and leave many opportunities)
* Knowledge (local) mentions local laws
* Profession (barrister) is really fitting, but you wouldn't use it much

I maxed out diplomacy already and I've taken a bit of Knowledge (nobility).

So there are many overlapping skills and taking all of them is impossible if you want a playable character.

Any advice?

Hey all,

I'm currently playing a cleric of Asmodeus and I've aquired a hellhound as part of the adventure path (please do not spoiler the adventure path by naming it). This is madly thematic ofcourse, so I'd like the hellhound to stay with me during the adventures.

We're currently at level 7, the hellhound is CR3, so it is a gimmick power-wise, although its breath weapon, stealth and intelligence have their merits. Also, the dog is perfectly loyal to me (LE).

My GM is flexible, as long as things are balanced and most of all, cool. So as long as the hellhound trails behind for three CR levels, things should be fine. I'd like to explore possibilities to increase the power of the hellhound as I level up, using magic items, feats and possibly other options like existing or new class features.

Any ideas on doing this?

I've considered a couple of things:

  • permanent Enlarge Person or ring of such, but an outsider is not a humanoid;
  • rings or belts of Strength +x, but does not scale very fast;
  • I could take this creature as a companion or familiar if I had the class for it, but I don't;
  • an archetype that allows a companion would be great;

    Any creative ideas out there?

    PS: Dipping into sorcerer or taking arcane heritage feats + Improved Familiar are not very thematic for my character :)

  • Hey all,

    In an evil campaign, we have the opportunity to take over an existing structure and create our base of operations there. There will be several foul rites going on and flocks of good guys will be trying to stop the operation.

    We need to hold out for about a year in there and it will become increasingly known that bad things are afoot there.

    There is a town nearby that will probably be the staging area for any good party that will try to stop us and we have our spies there. We also have access to certain illicit items and we have casters on board. Three of our party have the Leadership feat (divine, arcane, fighter, level 6/7).

    The lair is basically a spire and on each of three levels it has an entrance. There is a backdoor through the base of the spire that we know of. So we have three entrances to take care of. There are trapdoors at each entrance, that catch very stupid adventurers, but anything else needs to be built in.

    My question is: how would you defend the lair?

    Hey all,

    The Diabolist gets an imp companion. About the class level that you use to lookup abilities in the animal companion table the rules say:

    Class Level

    This is the diabolist's class level plus her highest caster level.
    This does not stack with class levels that grant an animal companion.

    I think this is miswritten. Taking this literally, you would get +2 table class level per level of diabolist:

    1) Take a level 5 cleric
    2) Add a level of Diabolist, this increases the cleric caster level to 6.
    3) Highestcaster level is now 6 + Diabolist level of 1 => lookup 7 in the table.

    I think the intent must have been to write a rule for multiclass casters, so we take the highest caster level, namely 6.

    Am I correct?



    Hey all,

    Is it just me or is Angelskin mispriced? I not only mean powerwise, but also from a roleplaying perspective.

    It is made out of the skin of angels. It is prices at +1000 for light armor and +2000 for medium armor. It gives you an undetectable alignment at a 20% spell fail chance.

    If you play an evil guy (Way of the Wicked campaign anyone?), this is a no-brainer item. First sign of mispricing :) Maybe it is not very, very high-powered, but the fact that it is a no-brainer for 2k says it all.

    Furthermore: angelskin? The skins of angels? For the price of only three or six masterwork swords? For the price of a +1 weapon? I assume it is much, much more rare than diamonds? How many angels die and are skinned and preserved afterwards?

    My GM houseruled it as unavailable immediately. Unless we flayed an angel ofcourse ;)

    What do you think?



    1 person marked this as FAQ candidate.

    Hey there,

    Reading the rules for the awesome Evangelist archetype, I noticed that the rules only mention the number of dice channeled to be capped at 7. It does not say anything about the DC.

    Does the DC grow with all levels or is it similarly capped to 14? ml



    Hello all,

    I am now playing an Oracle in the Carrion Crown campaign. My background is a girl, living in Ustalav (has Pharasma as a state religion), who had parents who were outlanders praying to Sarenrae. As the Ustalav people are not too open about things that are normal or are different from the norm, they hid their religion, practicing the religion of Pharasma in the open whilst adoring Sarenrae in private. This was not a problem, since the tenits of Pharasma do not collide.

    Then, after the whole village of Clover's Crossing died in an unexplained undead attack, she fled the village, using strange powers she did not know she had and does not know where came from.

    As a fact, Sarenrae took in interest in the orphin, blessing the child (or cursing?) with her powers. She manifests the powers of healing at the moment, working as a healer at the temple and being able to channel divine energy to heal and to hard undead.

    Now, I would like my character to manifest flame powers after a few levels, to demonstrate that Sarenrae is the driving force and not Pharasma, as my character has thought all along. I would like to be able to choose several of the Fire mystery revelations for flavour.

    Since the energy body revelation is already available, perhaps I could choose the Form of Flame revelation. That would be cool :) Or maybe Touch of Flame. So one or two revelations from the Fire mystery.

    My questions:

    * Would you allow it?
    * How would you implement it?
    * Which revelations would you allow and why?



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