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Darius Finch

henkslaaf's page

Goblin Squad Member. 56 posts. No reviews. 2 lists. 2 wishlists.


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If they are your slave, then sure, go ahead. But I think a proper cleric of Asmodeus would only do it if their is an advantage to be gained.

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You would gain:

1. Full BAB
2. Stack EK levels with fighter levels (of which you have none) to get weapon specialization and critical focus and such. You something like this at level 10 magus anyway.

You loose:

1. A level of casting
2. Good will save progression turns into bad will save progression
3. No increases to all the things that make a magus work, like:
1. Magus arcana
2. Improved spell combat
3. Medium/heavy armor without spell failure
4. Increases to spell pool/knowledge pool, etc.

So no, I wouldn't take EK :)

But if you think it is awesome, go for it!

I loved playing a ranger. So much fun. Please, please pick that which is most fun to you.

You should definitely speak to your GM. If it wasn't fun for you, then it's not worth the time playing. Losing is fine, not having fun isn't.

But remember as with all feedback, try to keep emotion out if it. Focus on your not having fun, not on feeling shafted. Not having had fun is an objective statement, feeling shafted is not because it judges the GM beforehand.

It does sound like a cool adventure though. The GM wants to win a bit too much ;-)

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4. Not knowing how to calculate your attack roll for ten sessions in a row.

Inner Sea Gods has the most recent and arguably best write-up on Asmo and player options. It has cool feats for your characters to start with that grant powers as they level up.

Pathfinder Chronicles: Book of the Damned—Volume 1: Princes of Darkness has the most write-up on Devil Lords. It also has more devils and the Diabolist class which is fun.

The books mentioned earlier are rather thin on Asmo in comparison to these two. Yes, even the Cheliax one, alltough it has the Hellknight.

Hydraulic torrent explexplicitly allows creatures of any size. Hydraulic push says nothing about size, just that you perform a bull-rush against the target, so it implicitly allows it. Just because hydraulic torrent explicitly says something does not mean it would not be allowed anywhere else.

Think about is, would a halfling have a smaller hydraulic push than a human? That's racist man ;-)

I do not think that imbalanced. The CMD mechanics handle this just fine. Large creatures are quite hard to bull-rush anyway. So they should be fine.

I couldn't find rules about bull-rush and flying and the spells don't say anything about tszthe size of the water spout/tsunami, so... Common sense would say push is smaller than torrent so yeah, torrent could count as a collision, push wouldn't.

But in PFS, expect table variations.

Raise them to be like Joffrey :-)

Raise them to feel superior to all others, entitled, cruel, suspicious. Then ridicule any other official religion. Then tempt them in a moment of weakness.

So, maybe, you can't?

It can use rings though. And wands. And carry them in a backpack and give them to you.

BigHatLogar wrote:
henkslaaf wrote:

Yes, it could indeed. And, if you think that's fun, that is what happens :-)

I don't think any GM or player will object. Oh, wait, PFS ;-)

Yes, there-in lies the rub. I've found that I much prefer Pathfinder to RPG video games because of the ability to solve solutions more creatively, but given my work schedule, having a recurring home game has been difficult, so I attend PFS when I can, even though it means being a bit railroaded and given a tad less room to improvise.

It's certainly not game-breaking to damage yourself. So I think even a PFS GM will allow the vial to break. Just confer before starting. Everyone loves flavor man.

Yes, it could indeed. And, if you think that's fun, that is what happens :-)

I don't think any GM or player will object. Oh, wait, PFS ;-)

You can hold it without any penalties. You just cannot attack with both during the same round without incurring massive penalties if you lack TWF.

AFAIK there are no rules as to your dropping the flask. You wouldn't drop your shield if bullrushed would you? But there are conditions that make you drop it. And there is sunder.

It would be cool though if it broke, these flasks are designed to break on falling.

I just bought the Dark Sun Setting box from Amazon because I saw this post again :)

Try the hat of disguise, or the spell disguise self in order to seem up to 1 foot taller (that is quite a bit taller for humans).

Alter self (lvl 2) is really polymorphing, so this is not what you want, but would work as long as you stay "Medium", which can be quite big.

You could always just use the disguise skill to be larger. You need only be passingly good at it and don't draw attention to yourself or your size. You could fake being a bit larger (a foot or so). Or you could really be Large by taking -10 and walk on stilts.

To minmax Disguise, you have the Keeper of the Veil regional trait to make it a class skill.

Or take the Cosmopolitan trait feat to do the same, but for two skills.

Casting disguise self grants a +10, but it lets you only be a foot taller, so maybe you'd really need a high skill rank as well.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Common sense?

You are looking for situations where the character loses dexterity bonus to AC. One of those is when she is flat-footed:

A character who has not yet acted during a combat is flat-footed, unable to react normally to the situation.

That is normally until her first round.

So scratch flat-footed. It is not related to your concealment. The concealment might cause your opponent to lose DEX to AC, but this does not cause flat-footedness (is that a word)?

However, the problem remains that you are also in the mist. You could use googles that grant you sight inside the mist.

You could also stand just inside the mist whilst your opponent is just outside the mist. This would give you concealment (not total), enabling you to use stealth.


If I use Obs Mist on a opponent's square, and I'm more than 5tf away, is the opponent considered flat footed against me?

No. These are totally unrelated concepts.

Please note that you cannot sneak attack in an Obscuring Mist, because it is... obscuring:

The rogue must be able to see the target well enough to pick out a vital spot and must be able to reach such a spot. A rogue cannot sneak attack while striking a creature with concealment.

A wizard can also add a spell to his book whenever he encounters one on a magic scroll or in another wizard's spellbook. No matter what the spell's source, the wizard must first decipher the magical writing (see Arcane Magical Writings). Next, he must spend 1 hour studying the spell. At the end of the hour, he must make a Spellcraft check (DC 15 + spell's level). A wizard who has specialized in a school of spells gains a +2 bonus on the Spellcraft check if the new spell is from his specialty.

Nothing in here about having to be able to cast the spell.

So you could scribe it into your spellbook, but you wouldn't be able to cast it until you reach level 5 wizard.

We ran it with 5 players. That was fine. I think at times it was too easy and the DM complained at the end that he had to scale almost every encounter. But I think he just added more of the same minions, which was fine by us :)

Maybe he shouldn't have done the side-quest where we leveled twice...

But we all had fun.

Grollub wrote:

Way of the Wicked and Rise of the Runelords are both good adventures.

Rise of the Runelords should be fairly straightforward, and easy to run.

Way of the Wicked is great, but.. players need to be pro-active, and you as GM need to go over everything like 110% to make sure you understand everything, and no gaps are left open. As you progress thru the books, depending on the group, you could find yourself with alot of paperwork extra.

Not to mention legal contracts :-)

Played both. Lots of fun.

Both APs have their shaky parts.

ROTRL was Paizo's first. Every module was written by someone else. That tells. Maybe the aniversary edition fixes some of that. But... not too hard on the GM.

WotW so far has had part 2 - defence of the dungeon - and part 3 - mega battle galore - both a bit out of the ordinary. Much fun but much harder on the GM. Being lawful (!) evil is so much fun with all the infighting and political positioning. And sacrificing of commoners.

So both are fun fun fun.

At $15 or so I would pick the PDF up immediately, but at $28 for a digital download, no way. I would buy the hardcover, but shipping to Holland is very expensive. So, skipping.

Too bad really, I love deity background.

There is a problem with the CSS of the PRD when browsing it on a mobile device.

When you scroll up only a single pixel, the site zaps you back to the top. This is very annoying when trying to look up something in a large list and scrolling too far.

This happens on Google Chrome on Samsung Galaxy S2, but I suspect many more devices.

Without spoiling things, WotW is very much not for Chaotic PCs :-)

Well, there are more ways than one :)

* The Mayor probably has a Contingency spell active.
* The Mayor could be wearing a ring of Sanctuary or be protected by said spell with a high DC.
* The Mayor could sleep in a room with no doors.
* The Mayor could sleep in a room with no doors and dimensional anchor active.

Be creative :)

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I would say that atonement is not only just casting the spell. That is not really RP valid :) If you feel remorse about the act, then that spell is a way of getting in touch with your god and showing you are willing to go through length and expense to express guilt and remorse. The atonement should be Real (tm).

Keeping the items and just paying an indulgence (medieval catholic fee), just isn't the same. That is just like willfully parking in the only spot for disabled people at a disability rally and just paying the fine laughing, wondering that you were able to park that close to the entrance.

Part of the atonement should be no longer using the items.

I would like to see this not only for Lawful Good, but for Lawful in general.

Too many classes are good only. It would fit the LG well, but wouldn't it fit LE even better? No moral dilemma :)

So why not stab the reach weapon up? It has a face, hasn't it? And it's ten feet high? :)

Not all is RAW, it's also fun, fun, fun.

Stabbing the face is fun?

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Changing Man wrote:

A family-friendly Pathfinder AP that would be suitable to be played with kids aged 10-15 (perhaps as an "after-school extracurricular" offering)

Something to introduce younger players to the game, yet not "freak out" anybody (especially uptight parents).

That'd be nice (and useful for my line of work...)

I would SOO buy this. Me and my group would just love to play PF with our kids.


Hey all!

My character is a lawful evil character. Therefore, he's really lawful and really evil. So he's cruel and will use any loophole left in any contract, but will keep to the letter of the contract, if not the spirit.

What skill would you use to reasonably expect the cleric to know things about contracts?

* Diplomacy is fitting
* Linguistics would fit (wording of the law if very important and leave many opportunities)
* Knowledge (local) mentions local laws
* Profession (barrister) is really fitting, but you wouldn't use it much

I maxed out diplomacy already and I've taken a bit of Knowledge (nobility).

So there are many overlapping skills and taking all of them is impossible if you want a playable character.

Any advice?

Hey Geraint!

I'm in exactly the same position :)

I expected the Bones in april, but now it's a race to see which arrive first. The Bones or my son, end of august :)

Hey all,

I'm currently playing a cleric of Asmodeus and I've aquired a hellhound as part of the adventure path (please do not spoiler the adventure path by naming it). This is madly thematic ofcourse, so I'd like the hellhound to stay with me during the adventures.

We're currently at level 7, the hellhound is CR3, so it is a gimmick power-wise, although its breath weapon, stealth and intelligence have their merits. Also, the dog is perfectly loyal to me (LE).

My GM is flexible, as long as things are balanced and most of all, cool. So as long as the hellhound trails behind for three CR levels, things should be fine. I'd like to explore possibilities to increase the power of the hellhound as I level up, using magic items, feats and possibly other options like existing or new class features.

Any ideas on doing this?

I've considered a couple of things:

  • permanent Enlarge Person or ring of such, but an outsider is not a humanoid;
  • rings or belts of Strength +x, but does not scale very fast;
  • I could take this creature as a companion or familiar if I had the class for it, but I don't;
  • an archetype that allows a companion would be great;

    Any creative ideas out there?

    PS: Dipping into sorcerer or taking arcane heritage feats + Improved Familiar are not very thematic for my character :)

  • Are there any source materials on Infernal?

    I'd like to learn :-)

    I like this item very much!

    The latter :-)

    Does anyone have a link to the retraction of that lore?

    In Asmodeus lore, forgot of it is in Princes of Darkness or in some other deity book, it is written that Asmo is mostly Lawful and that He is such a pinnacle of lawfulness, that He has been rumored to attract Lawful Good paladins. He then carefully stipulates the purpose of the agreement with the paladin so the paladin can remain good.

    The paladins should be much more lawful than good, mind you. And mostly in areas where chaos is most present.

    I can look it up if someone cares enough :-)

    Hey all,

    In an evil campaign, we have the opportunity to take over an existing structure and create our base of operations there. There will be several foul rites going on and flocks of good guys will be trying to stop the operation.

    We need to hold out for about a year in there and it will become increasingly known that bad things are afoot there.

    There is a town nearby that will probably be the staging area for any good party that will try to stop us and we have our spies there. We also have access to certain illicit items and we have casters on board. Three of our party have the Leadership feat (divine, arcane, fighter, level 6/7).

    The lair is basically a spire and on each of three levels it has an entrance. There is a backdoor through the base of the spire that we know of. So we have three entrances to take care of. There are trapdoors at each entrance, that catch very stupid adventurers, but anything else needs to be built in.

    My question is: how would you defend the lair?

    Favored Terrain gives +2 to +8 bonus on initiative when in chosen terrain.

    Too cute!

    Shut up and take my money! ;-)

    PCGen has been my go to program for 15 years now. New materials are slow to come out (UM and UC are in beta now), but it is community work, so it takes people's free time to finish it.

    Make sure you run the Beta or RC and run Java 7.

    What Steve says :)

    Nobody has the time to track gear. Just grosso modo and/or what feels right.

    An Orc carrying ten axes? Sure.
    A Wizard carrying ten axes? Hell no :)

    Hey there,

    * Fog Floud is not listed
    * Halt Undead is listed as Halt Undead Copy

    Hey all,

    The Diabolist gets an imp companion. About the class level that you use to lookup abilities in the animal companion table the rules say:

    Class Level

    This is the diabolist's class level plus her highest caster level.
    This does not stack with class levels that grant an animal companion.

    I think this is miswritten. Taking this literally, you would get +2 table class level per level of diabolist:

    1) Take a level 5 cleric
    2) Add a level of Diabolist, this increases the cleric caster level to 6.
    3) Highestcaster level is now 6 + Diabolist level of 1 => lookup 7 in the table.

    I think the intent must have been to write a rule for multiclass casters, so we take the highest caster level, namely 6.

    Am I correct?



    Hey all,

    Is it just me or is Angelskin mispriced? I not only mean powerwise, but also from a roleplaying perspective.

    It is made out of the skin of angels. It is prices at +1000 for light armor and +2000 for medium armor. It gives you an undetectable alignment at a 20% spell fail chance.

    If you play an evil guy (Way of the Wicked campaign anyone?), this is a no-brainer item. First sign of mispricing :) Maybe it is not very, very high-powered, but the fact that it is a no-brainer for 2k says it all.

    Furthermore: angelskin? The skins of angels? For the price of only three or six masterwork swords? For the price of a +1 weapon? I assume it is much, much more rare than diamonds? How many angels die and are skinned and preserved afterwards?

    My GM houseruled it as unavailable immediately. Unless we flayed an angel ofcourse ;)

    What do you think?



    Mauril wrote:

    Emphasis mine. This is the only limitation it places on Channel Energy. Since the DC of Channel Energy is 10 + 1/2 cleric level + CHA modifier (and has nothing to do with the damage dice of Channel Energy), an evangelist's Channel Energy DC would continue to go up as he levels.

    Yeah, I thought the same. But it never hurts to have a second opinion :)


    1 person marked this as FAQ candidate.

    Hey there,

    Reading the rules for the awesome Evangelist archetype, I noticed that the rules only mention the number of dice channeled to be capped at 7. It does not say anything about the DC.

    Does the DC grow with all levels or is it similarly capped to 14? ml



    I disagree with people telling you not to take combat oriented feats.

    Yes, the fighter dishes out more damage and hits more often. But you are or will be a fantastic fighter. If you enjoy it, take feats that increase your effectiveness.

    You will be a mobile fighter because of your medium armor, so try to specialize in that. And try to find out what exactly you like as a combat style. Do you rush, do you trip, do you like to bash away. Do you spring-attack? You should not forget to add to the fun :)

    What has worked for me very well is to go the "critical" route and take Improved Critical. This works great with later Ranger abilities like Quarry, because you will have more possible criticals.

    I agree that taking the "critical" path too far is more effective for a fighter. But you should take:

    - Weapon Focus gives you an edge with a favorite weapon if you have one. (bow anyone?)
    - Improved Critical on a favorite type of weapon. This works very well with your Favored Enemy options.
    - Power Attack works very well. If you have bonuses for favored enemies, you can spare the -4 to get +8. If you fight two-handed, you get +12 for a -4 penalty.

    Feats a fighter would probably not take are:

    - Dodge
    - Mobility

    Don't forget to add fun :)

    Good luck!

    Any chance of being able to take out a subscription to KQ here on I like your delivery system better.

    And I'd like to consolidate my downloads.

    Ahhh. Nice.

    A small feature request / idea:

    All spells share certain traits. For example: they are abjuration spells. Or they are 3rd level abjuration spells. Or they are all 2rd level cleric spells.

    I guess your spell lists come from a spell database of some sort. What would be awesome is if there would be navigatable dynamic lists that could be reached from the spell page itself. If the spells are indeed from a database, that would be a piece of cake to add.

    I tried to do it for myself on my private PRD page by parsing PCGen source files, but well... Paizo's PRD is much better, errata are in there, and well. It's ;)



    Aurore wrote:

    Can you PLEASE make this one available in the UK?

    I did not order the last one because while I am willing to pay the 99$, the 50$ shipping costs push this beyond reasonable price. I did ask gameslore in the UK if they could get it and they told me no copies were available in the UK.

    Hear, hear!

    I would order a copy right now if the shipping wasn't this high. I would order through Amazon if it was available through their store (no shipping).

    There are a lot (!) of gamers in Europe. Please have an online store available the sells with low shipping costs. is great, so is They might even cut you a better deal :)



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