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hallowsinder's page

148 posts (3,508 including aliases). 1 review. 1 list. No wishlists. 16 aliases.

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Warlord 6 HP 167/167 | AC 40 | T 24 | FF 33 | F +22 | R +25 | W +22 | Init +6 | Per +26 | SR 25

Say, have you done the random background thing yet for me and Dris? (throw like a nat 20 chance that Illia-'s an originally created angel if you haven't. :P)

If so, I... derailed myself and forgot why I was asking... Erm.. I'll get back to you on that.

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Warlord 6 HP 167/167 | AC 40 | T 24 | FF 33 | F +22 | R +25 | W +22 | Init +6 | Per +26 | SR 25

That is a pretty funsause idea. And I have been thinking about leadership!

Though, currently I'm thinking another Erinyes. A companion isn't much use if it can't keep up with me. Unless I do a "thinking of you" mile away support build.


Dris, you aren't allowed to retrain something that you're using as a prerequisite, if I remember correctly.

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Warlord 6 HP 167/167 | AC 40 | T 24 | FF 33 | F +22 | R +25 | W +22 | Init +6 | Per +26 | SR 25

Shimsil's still the best accessory to murder. :)

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DM_aka_Dudemeister wrote:
A Megadungeon with no monsters/enemies, just traps, traversal puzzles, discovering history and beautiful/bizarre scenery.

So, Journey?

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Warlord 6 HP 167/167 | AC 40 | T 24 | FF 33 | F +22 | R +25 | W +22 | Init +6 | Per +26 | SR 25

Considering that, post SR check, Illia- has not been harmed yet... Changing her taunting..

"Hey, you know, maybe you should try god-infused space rocks. Maybe it'll work better than last time!"

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Male Human Samurai(Sword Saint) 7
HP 68/68 | AC 16 | T 12 | FF 14 | F +8 | R +5 | W +5 | Init +2 | Per +0 | Challenge 3/3

Wizards are interchangeable. :P

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Warlord 6 HP 167/167 | AC 40 | T 24 | FF 33 | F +22 | R +25 | W +22 | Init +6 | Per +26 | SR 25

And this.

Also, anyone with reduced DR (as I stated at the beginning) can now raise it to whatever DR their natural creature/template should provide, since CR 11 was apparently when I said that temporary nerf would go away (to scale with fiendish templates).

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Female I have nothing witty to write. :/ Half Elf The other half's AWESOME! Barbarian (Urban Barbarian) 2/Monk (Kata Master) 4
HP 36/45 | AC 14 | T 14 | F 13 | CMD 24 | F +9 | R +5 | W +7 | Init +0 | Per +13 | Panache 0/2 | Rage 7/7 | Ki 4/4

"So, if I read that correctly, you want to pay us extra to bump any tips you give us a few levels up on the priority list? Sounds pretty standard." Diene mulls it over for a few seconds before shrugging, and putting her feet up on the table.

I keep wanting to use Disarming Threat, but I haven't thought of a good disarming threat.

Annnd here we go.

"Juuust wanna say though, be aware that giving us money doesn't give ya power to order us around like your bodyguards. Allow me to demonstrate." Taking one foot off the table, she puts it under the table, giving her a point to squeeze and then pull herself close the table at an angle. Turning her torso to face the table, she sunk down so her mouth was just out of view.

She put her hands on the table, all the fingers down like the legs of a puppet, other than the middle finger that was the head.

"Ahehem." She cleared her throat before moving her head over to the left hand puppet and facing the other.

"Ya done messed up, Brinholdt." She gave a terrible "cowboy" twang to her voice, moving her middle finger to "talk" with the puppet.

"I funded this whole operation, John! Don't blame me that someone in your op tipped off the police." She shifted her head now to the right, facing left, eyes level with her puppet.

"There's no one on my crew'd turn me for money," 'John' spoke again, 'looking' towards Diene herself. Diene gave an "Nooosir!" in her normal voice, before giving a stage whisper to the audience, "Still haven't, technically." Getting back in character, "But ya value money a lot, Brinholdt, and the reward for my crew be a fair bit higher than the operation's cost. KKKKTCCH!" She half raised her pointer finger, keeping it curled after the second knuckle and giving it one squeeze at the sound effect.

"Wha... What? How dare you accuse me!" 'Brinholdt' took a half step backwards.

"Not accusin'. I can tell a rat from a dog."

"I... I.. Can pay you! The vault! I'll tell you the code to the vault."

"Hmm... Fair. Might think twice if that's the prize."

"It's 795234!"

"D, check it." Again, 'John' faced Diene.

"It's good, John." And she responded.

"Hmm, fair's fair." 'John' waited a few moments. "Nope, still a rat. PEW PEW PEW PEW PEW!" Diene stretched and clenched her pointer finger a few times to mimic crudely the fire of a gun.

"Blllaaarg!" Diene had 'Brinholdt' fall over.

"Sparkles, cleanup." 'John' once again is talking to his crew, and this time Diene, moves 'John' to make the new crew.

"Wizzy magic kadabra.... Blood begone!" Diene spoke in a higher, exaggeratedly "girly" voice. 'Sparkles' waved her head around in a wooshy circle, and Diene pulled 'Brinholdt' off the table.

"Gosh, why'd you have to shoot him so many times, boss?" Diene turned to a puppet she put back in 'John's' last spot.

"Well, we can be affordin a few more rounds with this prize, and money can't cover no sins."

"So, we clear?" Diene faced up at Viktor to get his reaction to her... performance.

Intimidate: 1d20 + 21 ⇒ (2) + 21 = 23

Knowledge Local DC 20:
There was a missing person's case for one Brinholdt about ten months ago... Formal conclusion was that he chose to abscond with the family money. Surely, coincidence, right?


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Hello, just wanted to drop by and say that I've really enjoyed reading through this roleplay. Eberron's a great setting and the roleplay so far has really lived up to it. Good show. :)

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Male Human Samurai(Sword Saint) 7
HP 68/68 | AC 16 | T 12 | FF 14 | F +8 | R +5 | W +5 | Init +2 | Per +0 | Challenge 3/3

Wow, other than Aeron, no one in the party has a Charisma lower than 14. We are pretty well set up for a harem anime. :P

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Male Human Samurai(Sword Saint) 7
HP 68/68 | AC 16 | T 12 | FF 14 | F +8 | R +5 | W +5 | Init +2 | Per +0 | Challenge 3/3

Muga, being right next to her heard. A smile overtook his lips. Not a nice smile.

"Ooh, I'm pretty sure Valtyra's in the game for Yvell as well. Valtyra's the one who has Yvell's attention and thoughts about the mating ritual, but the plant has managed a high level of familiarity without Yvell getting his guard up. Ibuki's the farthest from victory, but love is quite unpredictable, and a fierce rival may become a spirited lover surprisingly quickly, if the stars align."

It was all Muga could manage to keep a straight face, and so he couldn't keep his voice quite as low as Aeron's.

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Male Human Samurai(Sword Saint) 7
HP 68/68 | AC 16 | T 12 | FF 14 | F +8 | R +5 | W +5 | Init +2 | Per +0 | Challenge 3/3

Hey Aeron, I didn't notice that we'll be ninja-mask buddies! :P

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Male Human Samurai(Sword Saint) 7
HP 68/68 | AC 16 | T 12 | FF 14 | F +8 | R +5 | W +5 | Init +2 | Per +0 | Challenge 3/3

Well, well, well, what do we have here?

A party about to have a Magus and Samurai join it, that's what.

Edit: Er.. Muga has fire.

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They'd have to ask him not to kill people if they wanted to take people prisoner/thought the enemy misguided, but due to his current motivation of protecting Torch, he would do as the party asked, refraining from intentionally executing killing blows.

Team Blue-

Astra- "Well, congratulations on breaking away from your overly oppressive family." *Golf Clap* "We're all very proud of you." Unless Astra has grown significantly since her biography in her character backstory, Muga would view her as a petulant child, despite actually being younger or nearly the same age.

Chakos- "You have gifts, and the will to use them. Don't let anyone stop you." Drow being very rare in Minkai, Muga has no bias against them, and thus would be supportive of Chakos' plight. If indeed, anyone still cares after Chakos has already proven himself a hero.

Elizabeth- "... I suppose you've at least got spirit." Feeling less supportive of Elizabeth's plight than he would for Alexis', Muga would still assist Elizabeth with breaking away from her family, but wouldn't be particularly enthusiastic about it. Her tale is significantly less dramatic in the telling, and Muga still has parts of an air of the romantic about him.

Sneek- "Betrayed by your brother? Rounds on me. No betrayal bites as close as that of family." Muga would feel compassionate about Sneek's plight, and how he has escaped from his homeland to evade battle with his brother and feel safe again would trigger Muga's feelings of protection. For his part, Muga would become a fast friend of Sneek if Sneek would have him.

Team Orange-

Auehda- "To burn for some cause or reason you cannot remember, my condolences. But, you carry yourself well. Walk the path with pride." Muga would see little connection to Auehda, but would also have no grudge against him, and his default reaction would be slightly positive. This is different than his reaction to Valt's backstory, because the loss of memories is central to Valt, while he views that Auehda has conquered that past.

Bran- "Hah.... You enjoy a good fight, and you have a reason to fight. That's all I respect about you." Bran is an interesting case in that Muga would find a lot to like about him, and a lot to dislike about him. Net weight is initially slightly negative, but Muga might come to respect Bran's martial prowess and start to overlook what Muga views as flaws. (Excessive drinking, lack of "discipline", falling into a depression)

Ibuki- "You have much to learn. But you've displayed your strength of purpose. I hope your story ends well." Muga would feel little personal connection, but would respect Ibuki and his efforts in progressing and finding his mentor.

Could not find Backstory for Yvell or Valtyra.

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Got the alias for Muga up and running, I think. I can pretend this avatar is a tanned Asian man with a ponytail and a mask.

Been looking over the various parties, and they look pretty nifty.

Who'd like a remorseless but principled killer samurai with only one thing left to protect?

Characters I've noticed things I think could be interesting to develop further

Team Red-
Linpul, or more specifically Tetsuda-"You know your master, don't you? It is a beautiful things to be able to trust and serve your master loyally, isn't it?" Muga appreciates a loyal animal, and would take special notice of the beetle from his homeland. It would serve as an excellent source of discussion for him. Linpul, on the other hand, would be interesting in that she has an optimistic outlook despite having lost her parents, while Muga has a pessimistic outlook from having to betray his parents.

Thera- "The sacrifices of tradition to gain power... *pats gunpowder powered scabbard with magic sword inside* "I think I understand." Muga would appreciative of how she studies something she hates in order to defeat it, drawing a parallel to how magical and technological advantages are things he too has resorted too in order gain a combat advantage, despite how they rub against his traditionalist principles. He is also somewhat empathetic to the loss of home.

Rakdon- "Uh.. What? The cause of Rakdon has little meaning to Muga. :/

And then I realized Team Red had a full 6, as I read three more bios with little possible connections to my character(Solaria, The Good Doctor, and Windscour for whom I could find no backstory), and went, "Bummer".

Team Green-

Alexis- "Hunted by your own family for defying their will? Heh, where have I heard that one before? I'll buy the drinks." Muga would find Alexis and her plight with her family almost endearingly cute, seeing it as a tamer version of his own past. Regardless, he'd likely get along, at least for his own part. His perception of himself as a senior who could help her along might be taken patronizingly, but he'd help her nonetheless against her family and the Technic League.

Valt- "To not know who you are? If your past is so dire that you have forgotten it... Take care that you are solid enough in purpose to not be shaken by any revelation. Find who you are now before seeking your past." Muga would be alarmed by Valt's past. Muga's natural pessimism would assume that any such backstory means a great evil in Valt's past that he has suppressed. Thus, he would advise Valt not to seek his past until he is sure in his present. Regardless, he would enjoy musing about possible pasts with Valt.

Nyssa- "Vengeance for family? Understandable. Walk the warrior's path with pride." Muga would feel little connection to Nyssa, but would respect her as a fellow warrior who has both principles and a desire for freedom.

Kraig- "... I have no quarrel with you." Muga feels little connection, but might come to respect his martial prowess in time.

Those were all the active Greens I could find.

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Muga, Statblock:

Male Human Samurai (Sword Saint) 4
TN Medium Humanoid (Human) Perception +0
XP: ???
AC 16, touch 12, flat-footed 14. . (+4 armor, +2 Dex)
hp 39 (4d10+12)
Fort +7, Ref +4, Will +2
Resist Fire 2
Spd 30 ft.
Melee +1 Fire-Forged Steel Nodachi +10 (1d10+7/18-20/x2/S or P/Brace) and
. . Dagger +8 (1d4+4/19-20/x2/P or S) and
. . Unarmed Strike +8 (1d3+4/20/x2/B/Provokes)
Ranged Mwk Composite (+4) Longbow +7 (1d8+4/20/x3/P/110 ft)
. . Dagger +6 (1d4+4/19-20/x2/P or S/10 ft)
Special Attacks Challenge 2/day
Str 18, Dex 14, Con 14, Int 8, Wis 10, Cha 14
Base Atk +4; CMB +8; CMD 20
Feats Intimidating Prowess, Equipment Trick, Weapon Focus (Nodachi)
Traits Bestial Fury, Killer, Signature Move
Skills Bluff +9(10 with weapon), Climb +11(10 with armor), Diplomacy +9, Intimidate +13(14 with weapon), Sense Motive +6, Survival +4
Languages Common, Tien
Combat Gear +1 Fire-Forged Steel Nodachi, Mwk Composite (+4) Longbow, dagger, Fire-Forged Chain Shirt, 80 arrows.
Other Gear Cloak of Resistance +1, combat scabbard, 20 Black Powder Doses,
Encumbrance 51 lbs of stuff vs light load of 100 lbs.

Coin: 6000 - 2000 (sword enhancement, base sword gotten from trait) - 1000 (cloak) - 1 (scabbard) - 800 (longbow) - 200 (Powder) - 4 (Arrows) -1100 (Armor) = 895
Challenge- 2/day, swift action, challenge target within sight, deal 4 extra damage per melee attack, -2 AC vs other targets, lasts till target is unconscious or combat ends. If target challenges, smites, quarries, ext in return, +2 morale attack and AC towards that target.
Weapon Expertise- Draw Nodachi as a free action, as though has quick draw, +2 to confirmation on critical hits, treats Samurai level as Fighter levels for feat prerequisites for Nodachi.
Resolve-2/day, regain 1 per successful defeat of challenged opponent. As a standard action, remove fatigued, shaken, or sickened for one hour. Or, as an immediate action, roll twice and take the better result on a Fortitude or Will save. or, as an immediate action, stabilize and remain conscious when at 0 or less HP but not dead, without losing HP if taking a standard action, still staggered.
Iaijutsu Strike- As a full round action vs a target of his challenge before he has attacked them, when his sword is in his sheath, deal +2d6 damage, and take -4 to AC until his next turn.
Brutal Slash- +2 to confirm critical hits with iaijutsu strike.
Self Reliant- Get second will save vs ongoing effects on the end of the second round of the effect. On turn after being dropped below 0 hp, roll twice to stabilize.
Intimidating Prowess- Add Str modifier to Intimdiate checks
Reserved feat slot for equipment trick-
Weapon Focus (Nodachi)- +1 to hit with Nodachi.


Ronin Edicts:
"Those willing to draw blood will have their own drawn in return"- Muga believes that anyone who plots the death of another will some day have it return on them. Muga has no moral compunctions against killing anyone who would fight. Likewise, he doesn't hold other's slaughters on the battlefield against them either. Those who would kill, in his opinion, have thrown away all rights to mercy or justice, instead choosing to depend on their own strength. However, the counterpoint to this is one of the few shreds of decency Muga still has. Those with no will to fight or kill, whether by their hand or their machinations, do have the right to expect mercy and should not be killed, perhaps even protected.
"The first tool of mankind truly designed just for warfare and slaughter, the sword has acquired our taste for blood"- Muga has a reverence for the sword and other similar cultural weapons that explicitly originated for combat, unlike bows or spears originally for hunting. He will respect the blade of an opponent as part of that opponent, not something to be stolen or weakened by treachery, but to be met head on in colliding battle. He will never attempt to disarm or steal a "true" weapon from an opponent, whether in battle or out of it. If he chooses to spare someone for being a worthy opponent, for example, he will allow that opponent to leave with his "true" weapon regardless of how stark raving stupid it is to do so.
"We walk our path to death alone."- Muga does not believe in fighting as a unit. He fights alone. He's not so prideful as to reject healing when wounded or magical assistance when he fights an opponent similarly assisted. Still, he's not a team player. If you change your plan to coordinate with his actions, he can't do anything about that, but he won't likely go along with plans to double team any warrior he believes is worthy of respect. (Has Loner Drawback)


Bestial Wrath- Something inside me feels like it slows down as the critical moment approaches, giving me all the time in the world to savor the surge of wrath and joy that flows over me, awaiting the blood tide. (+2 bonus on critical confirmation rolls, Religious)
Killer- Death is the only thing with meaning left to me, the beauty of flawless stroke. (+1 damage on criticals, multiplied by modifier, Combat)
Signature Moves- My master wanted me to become an element of fear and terror to cow his enemies, spreading word of the bloodthirsty samurai with a demon possessed Nodachi that springs forth from its sheath wrapped in flames with a hellish roar. I'd hate to disappoint, it's a good rumor. (Has Mwk Fire-forged Steel Nodachi, and gains +1 to Bluff and intimidate while wielding it, Social)


Theme-The only thing I know for Real - Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

Muga's birth name was Takahashi Tsuyoshi, born second son to a Tian-Min Daimyo. As the first son was intended to inherit the father's position, Tsuyoshi was groomed to become a terrifying and ruthless general to secure his brother's power. Unlike normal samurai training, Tsuyoshi was encouraged to focus entirely on his sword skills, neglecting the balanced mix involving arts. Between his trainings, he often played sticks-as-swords with boys from the nearby village, teaching them what he learned via the teaching method of hitting them until with the technique until they mimicked it. They becamge great friends.

Later in life, Tsuyoshi's father decided to test whether his second son's skills could hold up in real battle, and to immunize him to empathy, sending him alongside an elite force to mop up bandits in the local countryside. Two bloodstained years of hectic slaughter later, Tsuyoshi was everything his Father wished for, with only one mission left to cement him as a terrifying legend to keep the peasants in line. His father sent their force against the same village that Tsuyoshi had played in as a boy, which had since become a hotbed of anti-Daimyo sentiment, and Tsuyoshi, so caught up with the campaign, didn't even realize what village they come up against. As the Takahashi clan's elite forces were wealthy group that utilized gunpowder to disorient the targets, soldiers used firebombs, smokebombs, and primitive grenades, Tsuyoshi was not sent into the fray until the battle was choked with smoke. Tsuyoshi marched into battle with the same swagger he always did, eager to slay opponents in a tide of blood with his oversized blade.

It was quite unknowingly when Tsuyoshi slew his best friend. But as his other friends from the village fell upon him, screaming his name and declaring their vengeance, Tsuyoshi knew quite well who they were as he cut them down mercilessly. It was a religious experience for Tsuyoshi. Looking back, this is the point when he began calling himself Muga. He came to view himself as was a product of man's desire to kill, just as he viewed his sword as the avatar of his own desire to kill. He would not disappoint. He left the battle, cutting his way out through the rebels and his father's forces with equal joy and vigor. His father's forces were far harder prey than the rebels, and Muga still carries a bullet torn through his armor into his upper chest on the right side, the long-cooled metal a strange splat pattern from the heat and speed it originally hit and deformed against his armor with.

It would likely be that Muga would be some sort of bogeyman in the night, a tale of a warrior showing up at battlefields and fighting both sides if it were not for a small child that had followed the path Muga cut out of that battle. With no desire to fight, simply wishing to escape and survive, Muga had compassion, taking care of the child. Leaving Minkai and then Tian Xia enterily, Muga took Mitsu to Numeria, a land where the harsh struggle for survival resonated with him. He now acts as a mercenary to provide for the two of them, willing to take on any mission for any side as long the victims of his actions are "warriors".

If you'd like us to have ties to Torch, it could be Muga's home, and where Mitsu currently is, so if anything threatens that place, it would motivate the normally loner Muga to work with any group to safeguard Mitsu's home. Of course, he was recently on a trip to earn money, which is why he wasn't around for previous group's adventures. :P

Custom Things:

Demon Blade's Roar*- (Equipment Trick- I'd like an equipment trick that allows Muga to load his sheath with gunpowder, blasting his sword out of his sheath and into his hand instead of drawing it normally, fully heated so that his Fire-Forged Steel Nodachi is aflame, this being his Signature Move. It would cost a dose of Black Powder per use, and it would take a full-round action to refill the sheath and sheath his weapon. Only combat effect being heating his blade so the Fire-forged ability takes effect when he draws his blade by this trick.)

If I may, I'd like to Mwk the scabbard (price at your digression), for +2 to intimidate checks against those that hear the Demon Blade Roar.

May my character use a Nodachi as his samurai weapon, representing a really heavily weighted and long Katana?

And, I'll get the Player's Guide shortly to see if there are any special modifications I should make to the character.

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Warlord 6 HP 167/167 | AC 40 | T 24 | FF 33 | F +22 | R +25 | W +22 | Init +6 | Per +26 | SR 25

First world really has a different meaning in Golarion. :P

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Tenro... Wow.. That.. That was beautiful.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Hehe, I can just imagine this happening.

GM:"So, four beautiful women and a Mind Flayer, all walk into the tavern you're in..."

Player: "Whut?"

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Suddenly, the female pulls back and blinks, before a torrent of words gushes forth in a.. you can probably skip ahead a bit.."Oh dear... My greatest condolences, Captain, I am uncertain to what came over me with a sudden compulsion to involuntarily act like that, while I admire with utmost respect your magnanimous speeches of dark resolve I normally contain my enthusiasm and show my love by following my Captain's commands rather than such direct means."

"What?" The captain blinks twice, clearly a bit unnerved by the whole affair. He then rises.

Yes, that provokes if you did not move.

"If you are not going to pursue my men immediately, and those left behind will be treated fairly, you have my surrender, sir." He readies his weapon, gripping it by the blade to present it forward if the answer is yes.


The Count's Narration: " And so our last hero awakens in a dank and dark room.. Possibly a better actor than I, let's see how she fares in this scene... Oh, and here's a tip, don't move, or open your eyes, at least for a moment."

Xane regains consciousness, she would notice that she seemed to be bound, face up, on some sort of table. Approaching footsteps could be heard, the distinctive clack of hard shoes.

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Female Kalashtar Wilder 2
HP 13/18 | AC 19 | T 17 | FF 16 | F +3 | R +3 | W +5 | Init +3 | Spot +7 | PP 9/12

Laine: My deity is FIRE! MWHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Laine: Err... Totally not evil.

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Here's my alias.

Background: Diajoubu the Ok was raised in Xa Hoi, where he was a huntsman of fair skill. Little did he know, that his GM awarded experience for encounters lower than below his CR-3 and automatically gave WPL stuff to you whenever you leveled up, and one fateful day, his experience was tallied(I expect a decimal place got moved somewhere, or that's a LOT of deer), and the commoner jumped to a fully equipped warrior of incredible powers in the form of some esoteric deities' blessing. Daijoubu is pretty much at a loss of how to deal with his sudden near-demigod level status.

Tactics: Included in his statblock.

Personality: Diajoubu the Ok is still very stunned by his ascent to power. What does a normal, humble halfling who values community and family do when he is empowered with magical artifacts and the skill of a warrior who could conquer nations? Since then, Balors, Nightwaves, and other level appropriate nonsense have dropped out of the sky to plague his community. Thus, Diajoubu has entered this tournament in hopes of finding a way to return his bizarre gift of power so that he can go home without being followed by super-powerful monsters. The most he wants to have to do with this whole affair is maybe have a book ghost-written for himself after he's done.

This is my comedic style background-personality. If you'd like one of more epic/seriousness, just say the word and I'll change it up.

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Of, course, as everyone knows, ninjas can't catch you if you're on fire.

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Male Human Paladin 1; hp 11/11; AC 16, t12, ff14; Init +2; Perc -1; F+3, R+2, W+1(+2 vs fear)

"As you wish." Salvator nodded, a slight smile on his lips.

But what Rufus didn't know, was that every time... :P

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