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hallowsinder's page

129 posts (1,336 including aliases). 1 review. 1 list. No wishlists. 11 aliases.

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Female Erinyes Warlord 4
HP 124/144 | AC 36 | T 19 | FF 29 | F +19 | R +15 | W +16 | Init +6 | Per +24 | SR 19

First world really has a different meaning in Golarion. :P

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Tenro... Wow.. That.. That was beautiful.

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Hehe, I can just imagine this happening.

GM:"So, four beautiful women and a Mind Flayer, all walk into the tavern you're in..."

Player: "Whut?"

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Suddenly, the female pulls back and blinks, before a torrent of words gushes forth in a.. you can probably skip ahead a bit.."Oh dear... My greatest condolences, Captain, I am uncertain to what came over me with a sudden compulsion to involuntarily act like that, while I admire with utmost respect your magnanimous speeches of dark resolve I normally contain my enthusiasm and show my love by following my Captain's commands rather than such direct means."

"What?" The captain blinks twice, clearly a bit unnerved by the whole affair. He then rises.

Yes, that provokes if you did not move.

"If you are not going to pursue my men immediately, and those left behind will be treated fairly, you have my surrender, sir." He readies his weapon, gripping it by the blade to present it forward if the answer is yes.


The Count's Narration: " And so our last hero awakens in a dank and dark room.. Possibly a better actor than I, let's see how she fares in this scene... Oh, and here's a tip, don't move, or open your eyes, at least for a moment."

Xane regains consciousness, she would notice that she seemed to be bound, face up, on some sort of table. Approaching footsteps could be heard, the distinctive clack of hard shoes.

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Female Kalashtar Wilder 2
HP 13/18 | AC 19 | T 17 | FF 16 | F +3 | R +3 | W +5 | Init +3 | Spot +7 | PP 9/12

Laine: My deity is FIRE! MWHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Laine: Err... Totally not evil.

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Here's my alias.

Background: Diajoubu the Ok was raised in Xa Hoi, where he was a huntsman of fair skill. Little did he know, that his GM awarded experience for encounters lower than below his CR-3 and automatically gave WPL stuff to you whenever you leveled up, and one fateful day, his experience was tallied(I expect a decimal place got moved somewhere, or that's a LOT of deer), and the commoner jumped to a fully equipped warrior of incredible powers in the form of some esoteric deities' blessing. Daijoubu is pretty much at a loss of how to deal with his sudden near-demigod level status.

Tactics: Included in his statblock.

Personality: Diajoubu the Ok is still very stunned by his ascent to power. What does a normal, humble halfling who values community and family do when he is empowered with magical artifacts and the skill of a warrior who could conquer nations? Since then, Balors, Nightwaves, and other level appropriate nonsense have dropped out of the sky to plague his community. Thus, Diajoubu has entered this tournament in hopes of finding a way to return his bizarre gift of power so that he can go home without being followed by super-powerful monsters. The most he wants to have to do with this whole affair is maybe have a book ghost-written for himself after he's done.

This is my comedic style background-personality. If you'd like one of more epic/seriousness, just say the word and I'll change it up.

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Of, course, as everyone knows, ninjas can't catch you if you're on fire.

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Male Human Paladin 1; hp 11/11; AC 16, t12, ff14; Init +2; Perc -1; F+3, R+2, W+1(+2 vs fear)

"As you wish." Salvator nodded, a slight smile on his lips.

But what Rufus didn't know, was that every time... :P

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