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hallowsinder's page

148 posts (3,210 including aliases). 1 review. 1 list. No wishlists. 16 aliases.

Current Campaigns

hallowsinder's Untitled Campaign

GameMaster Emperor ChreosJulie Dei Vult

Agents of the Darklands, Part 2: In Company of Forgotten Evils


Darkest Corners volume 2


Demonmoose's Iron Gods AP Orange


Set in Numeria using the Iron Gods Adventure Path.
Forest 1

Jevik's Farm

Tower Part 1

Under Well

Mystery of the Keepers


Razmir the man known as the living god is making his move expanding into neighboring nations. It seems nobody can stop him as his power truly seems to be that of a god. A select few know the secret of his power and are taking steps to end his rule with the help of another who wields the same power as Razmir. Sazed Khaim a member of the old order of the keepers.



Casting: When casting a spell defensivly if you fail you do not automaticly lose the spell, rather you provoke an attack as you normally would for not casting defensive. If you are hit you must make a concentration check dc 10+damage taken if you fail this check you lose the spell.

Many rolls will be handled by the GM in secret.(don't worry, I don't fudge.)
Any result that can influence the character behavior will not be rolled open.
Rolls that will be handled by the GM:
Sense Motive.

if you make the check I will send you a pm or make a post and put it in a spoiler depending on the situation.

Sometimes I will roll Initiative others I will ask you to roll depending on the situation. In some situation (rarely) I will bypass init entirely and have you all go first and enemies second or have enemies go first and you all go after.

Combat rules:
I'm a fair GM, I dont roll combat in secret, I don't change results, I don't ignore bad calls from the characters.
Sometimes, character dies, but I'm not a player killer, if I think that an encounter will be easy handled, when it should be more challenging, I will make it a more challenging, if the party it's not prepared to face something, I will drop hints, if they insist... well killing one or two players never made me lack sleep...

I'm a GM that do not punish the character for trying something new or cool, or even strange. Visual appealing actions are encouraged, the dc will of course depend on what are you trying, but you can try! If what you want to do is wicked cool, I can even bend the game mechanics to allow it! The most importat part is: You are villains. Villains are smart, resourceful and have style! Have you ever seen a memorable villain that could just swing his sword and do nothing more?

Posting Rate
If it could be done, I expect 1/day posting, if you can post more, it will really good.
During weekend, this rule does not apply. If you are able to post, great! But dont stress over this, everyone need some time to rest (In my case, I need time to play and DM :D on my tabletop games).

Level up
Aside from character creation, when you level up, if you want something not from core rulebook, you'll need to search it inside the game. basicly what you need to do is just show in game your character is searching for that knowledge. This rule is not meant to prohibit anything, I just don't like something like this: "Character always as a full caster, never picked up a sword in his entire life, and then he gain a new level and says: Master, I'll level up as a fighter now..."

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Previous Campaigns

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