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hallowsinder's page

66 posts (939 including aliases). 1 review. 1 list. No wishlists. 9 aliases.


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And now.. Developing why these characters won't interact much in the future. That's fun. :P

These are all the Kalashtar racial abilies yeah? I had to look pretty hard to find a source of info, and it wasn't official rulebook, so I wanted to check.

+2 on saves vs. mind-affecting spells and possession

+2 on bluff, diplomacy, and intimidate

+2 on disguise to impersonate a human

Sleep, but do not dream

1 extra psionic power point

Mindlink once per day

Roleplaying with oneself.. Awkward, but quick.

Alright, I'll post, but won't we want It to have a second character too?

And if he's making a changeling I totally wanna go Kalashtar. :P

btw, It, I'll try and pick up Psionic Repair Damage if you want me to. It'll be level 6 or 12 depending on how soon you want it. :/


Init +3 Spot/Listen +6

AC: 19 Touch: 13 FF: 16(Armor +4, Dex +3, Shield +2)
HP 9
+3/3/4 saves

Speed 30 ft

Stats: STR 13 DEX 16 CON 16 INT 15 WIS 14 CHA 18
BAB: 0 CMB 1

PP: 4

Feats: Enervation Endurance (only lose half of Wilder level in PP when suffering enervation), Power Penetration (spend psionic focus to gain +4 vs PR)

Features: Wild Surge +1 (+1 manifester level and free power point proved for spell, 5% chance of being dazed for one round and losing wilder level in PP)

Energy Ray: 1pp
25 ft, ranged touch attack, ray checks for PR, 1d6 damage, cold +1 per d6, fire +1 per d6, elec +3 on attack roll vs target in metal armor +2 vs PR, sonic -1 per d6 full damage vs objects.
Wild Surge
30 ft, 2d6

Maxed Con (7)
Maxed Spot/Listen (6)
Maxed Psicraft (6)
Maxed Bluff (8)
Maxed Knowledge (Psionics) (6)
Maxed Knowledge (Planes) (6)

What I got so far. Was Considering Kalashtar to keep the Eberon flavor rolling (we could have one of each Eberon race if It's second character was a changeling. :P), but I couldn't access the scribd' thing as it was asking for money to see pages 8 through 72 or something like that. As I really don't need Power Penetration that badly (Yay for Wild Surge and Crystal Spells!) and could drop one of Spot/Listen.


As for personality, I'm thinking some sort of imperious female with a "dispatch them for me, peons" sort of grating obnoxiousness, but still plenty willing to show off with great balls o fire. :P

Would you allow me to do the Pathfinder Sorcerer thing and swap one of my powers known as a wilder out at a later level for a power of the same level?

In short, I'd like to have an attack spell at level 1 via Energy Ray, but I want to swap it out for Inertial Armor at level 4 or 6.

Alright, working on a human Wilder with Bind Vestige and Improved Bind Vestige at level one to cover how absolutely sucky Wilder's are level 1 (rawr! watch me daze myself every other round!).

I can cover some of the party needs, (I intend to get dispel and dimension door as soon as I am able) but other than that, I can't really function as any of the support duties of an arcane caster.


Bleh, searching for material in books I don't own is no fun. I guess I'll go straight wilder.

Been correcting errors, (wow, forget the shifting feature of the shifter. :P, and I made the age too old, for starters), and working on the background. Figure he might as well come from Wolf's Paw in the Eldeen Reaches.

Ugh.. And finding a profile picture. Found one I kinda liked, but it had horns. :/


Vajra, the Shadow Fang:

Male Shifter Swordsage 1
N Medium Shifter
Init +5; Senses low light vision; Spot +7
AC 17, touch 15, flat-footed 12. . (+2 armor, +5 Dex)
hp ?? (1d8+3)
Fort +3, Ref +7, Will +5
Spd 30 ft.
Melee masterwork rapier +3 (1d6+2/18-20/x2) shadow hand stance +3 (1d6+5/18-20/x2)

Maneuvers Readied

1st- Shadow Blade Technique, Sapphire Nightmare Blade, Burning Blade, Moment of Perfect Mind

Stances Known

1st-Island of Blades
Str 14, Dex 20, Con 16, Int 13, Wis 16, Cha 11
Base Atk +0; CMB +2; CMD 15
Feats Shadow Blade
Skills Balance +9 (+11), Concentration +7, Hide +9, Jump +6 (+8), Sense Motive +7, Spot +7,Tumble +9 (+11)
Languages Common, Sylvan
Combat Gear masterwork rapier, studded leather
Other Gear bedroll,blanket, backpack, tindertwigs(5), 5/day rations), 500 gp
Swordsage Stuff:

Discipline Focus (Ex):

Weapon Focus(Shadow Hand): You gain the benefit of the weapon focus feat for the weapons associated with the shadow hand discipline, dagger, shortsword, rapier, kukri, unarmed strike, spiked chain,

Shadow Blade: While wielding a shadow hand weapon (dagger, shortsword, rapier, kukri, unarmed strike, spiked chain) and in a shadow hand stance, use your dex modifier in place of strength for bonus damage on attacks.


Desert Wind:
Burning Blade (Swift, Boost, SU): Blade deals extra 1d6+1(initiator) fire damage till the end of your turn.

Diamond Mind:
Sapphire Nightmare Blade (Standard, Strike): Melee attack, roll concentration check with target's AC as the DC of the check, thenn attack. If the concentration check succeeds, the target is flat-footed, and you deal 1d6 extra damage. If it fails, the attack has a -2 penalty and deals normal damage.
Moment of Perfect Mind (Immediate, Counter): Make a Con check instead of a will save, must be attempted before the will save, natural 1 does not mean automatic failure.

Setting Sun:
Counter Charge (Immediate, Counter): Before a creature makes a charge attack, make a your choice of opposed strength or dexterity check against it, the creature uses same modifier as you choose. If you are of a larger size category +4 on strength check, if you are of smaller size category +4 on dex check. If you succeed, the target may not attack you, and you may move it up to 2 squares of your choice away from you. If you fail, the creature gains an additional +2 bonus on its attack against you.

Shadow Hand:
Clinging Shadow Strike (Standard, Strike, SU): Melee attack, +1d6 damage, opponent must make successful fort DC 14 save or suffer 20% miss chance on all melee and ranged attacks for 1 round.
Shadow Blade Technique (Standard, Strike, SU): Melee attack, roll 2d20 and choose which to use. If you use the higher, resolve as normal using that roll. If you use the lower or both die results are the same, your attack deals +1d6 cold damage if it hits.

Island of Blades(Swift, Shadow Hand): Whenever you and an ally are both adjacent to an enemy, you both gain flanking against that enemy. This can be gained against multiple enemies if you are both adjacent to them, and with multiple allies.

A not quite finished statblock (I still need to spend some of that 500 gold, yea or nay, and hitpoints for first level is maxed, right?

It's of a class I don't fully understand (I used this document to make it), in a system I don't fully understand (I was brought into the fold of Pathfinder before I really got a good handle on 3.5 ed). So please inform me if I've got things wrong!

But I've always wanted to try a swordsage and to try the world of Eberron. There's something about the rich layered history and worlds of DnD 3.5 that attracts me, even though I don't really understand it. So, here goes!

Vajra's Diary, first Entry:

The first entry in my diary, and I am uncertain of what to say. A grown man keeping a diary is not a common thing, especially coming into it of my current age. As possibly easy to guess, it is because of a revelation or change in my life. Specifically, revelation.

There comes a time when a man looks back at his life. It is what separates oneself from a beast. Perhaps my closeness to a bestial nature is what has taken me so long to examine myself. But, here I am making excuses for myself, to myself. Do I imagine someone else will read this? Perhaps I secretly wish it so, but my heart trembles at the thought.

Here I sit, 39 years after the Sypheros I was born in, examining my life for the first. My life has been chaotic and ordered, of light and shadow. No, I over dramatize, it has been a sad, sorry tale, pathetic. I have spent my life seeking to prove some sort of innate better-ness, some uniqueness over my peers and others, while being too afraid to test myself, to put it to the test.

Ever since I was young, a paradox of pride hung over my life. I thought myself better than my fellow shifter playmates because I dreamed myself insightful, elegant, and wise, of the humans. I thought myself better than the humans because I thought myself strong, fast, and in tune with nature, of the shifters. This pride drove me away from friendship and towards secrecy. I was polite or playful with others, imagining myself a better, but never could I show weakness or tell my secrets. I feared embarrassment or betrayal of trust more than a naked blade.

Yet, one cannot be content with a life like this. As I grew older, I sought esoteric arts of swordplay and shadow, magic and might. One more thing that I might show my supremacy at. I had to be different, better. I could not learn the same arts as the common folk. No, it had to be mine alone. At the same time, I was afraid to test myself, to do more than dream up new techniques, but to actually put them to the test.

I am alone, in an ever thinning tower of my own design. Today is the day to leave it. The first step was putting my secrets to paper, to admitting at least to myself who I am. Now, I set forth from this home where nothing changes, to put myself to the test, steel and will, to see if I can become a better man.

Bit generic and short on actual detail there, but I think that services his personality and reason for adventure pretty well. Will try and get some more region/world specific flavor in there.

<3 grippli.

And a finely tuned blaster sorcerer can churn out 600 odd AoE damage in one round before even reaching level 20. Granted, he won't be doing it very often. I've worked out a way to penetrate it's defenses roughly 50% of the time, so that's about 300 odd damage, aoe. Granted, if you're fighting multiple balors, one of them probably beat you in initiative and ruins your day before you get a chance to cast.

Quite liked this discussion, as I was just working On a Paladin/Sorcerer/Aldori character. Thanks for the ideas! :)

Hows about.. Gaining claw secondary attacks in all of your Fox Shapes? You've got the ability to get multiattack as a free feat, but only one natural attack (albeit a good one) to use it with. Not to mention rending claws is a kinda useless bonus feat without it.

Yeah, the strength -2 thing is a problem, but I'm a bit of a person for playing races against type.

"Rawr, fear my Gnomish* crossbowman**!"

Yes, I see now that if you had an ability that adds dex to damage, this class could be viable for a dex fighter. If not, it really isn't. Unless you have something else adding to damage (such as a rogue's sneak attack, a fighter's wep specialization or a monks unarmed bonus***) going Dex as a melee fighter really isn't viable long term. The problem with going into this class is that you lose your damage progression in all of those things. This leaves you with only a class that gives you dex to damage by level 5 as an appropriate choice. No Monk, Ninja, Rogue, or fighter could be really effective with this class as a frontline fighter. The only really helpful things for melee, Pounce and Reach, can be gotten by other means that don't require you to take a bunch of levels in an otherwise use-impaired class.

At that point of specificness, you might as well make the class a Racial Substitution for Dervish whatever****, rather than PrC.

A dragon Disciple's strength and AC bonuses (not to mention great HD) are useful for any non-rogue melee fighter. A pure Dex fighting style without being able to add Dex to damage (dervish whatever) or have an alternate means of damage (rogue) simply doesn't work well enough to be much better than "I'm a wizard out of spells, let me plink away for 1d8 longbow damage a turn, if I hit".

Pure Dex melee without an alternate damage boost, it might work for bards, it might work for that dervish thing you're thinking of, and it might work for Sorcerers. I don't see it working for much else. Unless... You change Star Ball's "enhancement bonus weapon" ability to "you may add up to your Eternal Trickster class level in Dex Modifier to damage as precision damage" or something like that. I dunno.

*Who get no racial attribute bonuses to anything useful for being a crossbowman...

**Ironically, he was the strongest fighter in the party till he started dipping into spellcasting classes.

***Can you weapon finesse unarmed attacks?

****I don't know what classes/archetypes give you dex to damage, but I've looked at a lot and haven't seen one yet. Have heard about them though.


I can definitely imagine a LG Kitsune. Some of them in mythology serve as shrine guardians, guides for travelers, faithful wives, ext. Sure, the majority and the stereotype is tricksters, but LG type Kitsune characters have a precedent in myth.

Granted, kitsunes that are Gunslinger (Mysterious Stranger)/Paladin (Holy Gun) multiclass, toting a double barrel shotgun (or blunderbuss at low levels), in 1600's New England Pilgrim preacher style clothes, like the one I've most recently built, really don't have a precedent in myth.

Alright, here's my analysis.

Firstly, since this is a PrC, we cannot evaluate it in a vacuum. We must evaluate it as a continuation of other classes.

That said, what kind of Kitsune would wish to dip into/take this class and for what reasons?

Warrior Type Kitsunes appear to be designed to cater to melee classes with spellcasting on the side or that don't mind taking a 1 level dip in a casting class to get spellcasting. Melee classes that use Charisma and focus on getting a single weapon with really high Enhancement bonuses.

Thus, we can assume that the Power Type Kitsune is designed to cater to.. Paladins and the various weapon archetype Bards. We'll talk about the pally's first.

Paladins who take this class want some sneaky skills, trickster magic, shapechanging, and natural attack feats.

However, to complement this, Power Type Kitsunes should use the normal Beast Shape rules for attributes, or have the option to do either, as they will want that Str bonus so they can shred up their targets in melee. Who wants to shift into a Huge form, tower above their foes, unleash a fearsome howl, and then have a -4 to hit and -2 to damage to go along with your nice new form. That sucks. If you've made yourself big, you want to FEEL big and powerful. Not have a bonus to DEX.

The Bard, you really don't have to make any changes to this other than what you've already done for Paladins.

Now, let's consider the Trickster type, which is designed to appeal to Cha based casters. Like Bards and Sorcerers. You sacrifice three spell caster levels, to gain.. Three halfway decent spell like abilities from Fox Magic. Natural spell. One free spell feat (but during those 10 levels, a sorcerer would get more). A nice Major Image, and a caster level buff that doesn't compensate for the three spell levels, blindsight, and some fast shapechanges. That almost seems balanced, but still seems to be a little on the weak side. I can't imagine why, as a Sorcerer, I wouldn't rather just take a "Kitsune" bloodline, if one existed, that would probably give me half of those above abilities, and I'd stay at an effective caster level.

In short, it needs a buff. An easy way to do this would be to give Tricksters an extra Spellcasting level, making it so they only miss a spellcasting level at first and sixth levels for some symmetry.

Now, let's talk about two classes (kinda one) that are left out by both styles that really matches the feel of this class.

Rouge and Ninja. Both of them would have to forfeit their sneak attack, wouldn't get any use from those spellcasting levels, and would get a bunch of abilities that would nowhere near compensate.. Ninja in particular fits a Kitsune, as they use Dex for attack and Cha for their Ki Pool. Both of them can get the ability to cast first level spells from Minor+Major Magic.

As such, I would suggest making three types of Kitsune.

Warrior: As above, but with str bonuses in large forms.
Trickster: New type, that swaps out spellcasting levels for 4d6 of sneak attack over 10 levels.
Bewitcher/Enchanter(something trickstery and spellcastery): What you currently have called Trickster, but with an extra spellcasting level.

Those are my suggestions. And a Kitsune Bloodline for Sorcerer would be sweet.

Thank you, James, for letting us clear this up now rather than later on.

But there isn't any organization you have to train with to become an Eldritch Knight.

There's no requirement that says "You must train with such and such or be bestowed a title by such and such." It's as easy as taking a level in the same class you already are, when you are currently a Barbarian/Wizard who only needs more experience to hone himself into a veteran warrior.

What I'm getting hung up on is the suggestion that either
A. My character will be too busy to be an adventurer anymore (aka, king of cheliax apparently can't take levels in any classes anymore because he's too busy to take a level in a class that takes no more experience than any other class)
B. You're going to explicitly prevent me from taking Eldritch Knight (aka, by making up some requirement that you will never let me fulfill because you don't want me to be an Eldritch Knight)

But it's not the fact that the situation might be one of those so much as that you won't tell me what the situation is!

Because Eldritch Knight is such a natural progression for a Barbarian/Wizard, it's like telling a Fighter he has to start taking levels in something other than Fighter because he's been.. Uh, fighting too much and hasn't received super special awesome training for something.

By the core rules "they may be found wherever studies of the arcane are as prevalent as martial training." That's the closest it ever comes to having a requirement of where you can become one. Either you're going to send us somewhere where I can't study one of martial or arcane training (which would naturally pigeonhole me into whatever you wanted to make me, which means you're playing my character, not me). Or he's going to die horribly or be made prisoner or something like that.

Or you make up some special requirement just to stop me from becoming an Eldritch Knight.

That's ok. If you don't want me to be an Eldritch Knight, that's ok, just tell me up front. If you want to chose my level ups for me, that's ok, just tell me up front. If you want to say "wait until later because I have a plot idea", that's ok, just tell me up front.

What I don't want is for you to give me wishy-washy crap that is effectively "maybe I'll let you and maybe I won't". Make a decision and stand by it (even if that decision is "**** you for arguing with me while I'm overworked trying to make a campaign for you ungrateful whelps, you're not playing in the campaign, leave now"), don't leave me hanging out to dry at the mercy of your whims.

Of course, this rant only has meaning if this whole time you've haven't been going "yes, you can take levels in Eldritch Knight, but you don't know if your character have a change of heart, aid a resistance movement/summon a demon lord/kill all life and decide to commit combat effectiveness suicide by becoming a rogue/Summoner/Cleric."

I'm totally in support of character development and evolving characters. However, there's ways to do that that don't involve committing combat effectiveness suicide by suddenly changing your build.

A little spell choice difference and we can have the difference between a Resistance Freedom Fighter, a Driven Mad Demon Summoner, a Necromancer bent on the destruction of all life, ext.. ext.. He can keep taking levels in Eldritch Knight, but merely by his spell choice, he can show a thousand different character changes. Class is used for mechanics, but the flavor of that class is mutable. And flavor, not mechanics, are what show character development.

Well, unless we're never going to level up again for the whole campaign, you're explicitly banning Eldritch Knight, or you will be dictating to us what class we get for each level up, I would like to use the part barbarian character sheet.

Also, I will be assuming we get standard WPL for the purposes of my spellbook, and will assume I have to copy from scrolls rather than from other spellbooks.

I sent you one character sheet full wizard, one Wizard 5/Barbarian 1.

If you're going to allow me to go Eldritch knight, which I will for my first level up, I'd like to use the part barbarian one.

Also, as I've said multiple times, I'd really like clarification on whether I can scribe spells into me spellbook as described in the core rules.

Also, why did you need us to send you our characters when they are all written up in our aliases?

Well, you could haste me. My character's got some decent melee with 18 strength. And if I aim for Eldritch Knight..

Yeah.. You know what, I'm going to dip into barbarian. :P

Gonna change my bio now.


Who cares whether he's King of Cheliax? He can still be an Eldritch Knight. He's already trained in everything he needs to become one. :P

Hey, I'm not saying anything bad about first rate sorcerers. Just second rate ones.

Lyall, on the other hand, probably would say plenty of bad things about sorcerers.

Anyone else find it funny that currently my character has the highest damage in both melee and ranged attacks? Maybe you guys should spend your rounds buffing my wizard. :P

Well, the only reason I can see for a sniper build is the reduced penalties for long range attacks (which is like a one level dip), or early game, as there's like a 25,000 gold magic item that lets you sneak attack from the other side of the planet as long as you can still hit your target.

Yup. That's why it's worth those points to take those low values. First time roleplaying a low charisma character.. So I look forward to making Lyall as unlikeable as possible. :P

I found another spell that buffs poisons that I can take. :)

Because Charisma is independent of appearance (kinda? Sorta?)

Charisma means they have a forceful personality. Intelligent undead usually have high charisma (for those juicy HP, or being a sorcerer-lich). They are usually not sexually attractive to people. Usually.

Alright, I heard we were going to have a Trip Monkey, so what would you say to this spell, Staggering Fall.

"This spell must be cast on a creature as it falls, either from a height or after being knocked prone or tripped. The magic of this spell causes the creature to hit the ground particularly hard, knocking the wind from it. The creature takes an additional 1d6 points of damage from the fall. In addition, the creature becomes staggered for the duration of the spell unless it makes a Will save. Each round the spell’s effects persist, the creature may attempt a new Will save as a free action to end the staggered effect early. A creature under the effects of this spell must take a standard action to stand up."

It's from the Rival Guide, though, so it's up to the GM to allow it or not. I can link to the d20pfsrd page for it.

But if allowed, it'd go great with a trip monkey, AND it's transmutation! Awesome!.

My Japanese Tutoring Session got cancelled, so I have a lot of extra hours today to spend preparing for this. :)


Hey everybody, if you want some oddball buff/support spells, let me know. I'm focusing on buff support, and if there's a spell other than the staples (Bull's Strength, Haste, ext) that would really help you out, let me know.

For example, I believe the Assassin uses poison? If he makes it in, I might take Accelerate Poison.

JamesF wrote:

Any class/Archetype accepted* (edited...only one archetype for a character even if multiclassed)

This. DM fiat trumps rules.

I do believe only one archetype is allowed per character, Sean. :P

The reference to Numeria is just to make it only slightly more setting appropriate.

A Knight of Cydonia is a reference to the Muse video of the same name. One can find it youtube easily, and it's a pretty good video and song.

Give** me a Knight of Cydonia, a martial artist who hails from Numeria, having learned his trade from vision quests, hallucinations, and holographic displays!

Basically, a non-lawful Alternate Base Class of Monk who swaps all that ki and enlightenment stuff for Numerian artifacts and other crazy martial arts stuff.

I want to roll into the BBEG's lair on a motorbike, smash his minions with my martial arts, while my cohort helps by shooting them with my Numerian artifact laser-revolvers, and then reflect his uber-spell back at him with a pocket mirror for the kill. All the while my backup band plays and flagbearers give me dramatic backdrop.

*Note, I'd like*** to have by about 36 hours from now (my next session IRL), so if it won't be up by then, tell me so I can make it myself.

**This was just to make my statement bold and dramatic. It is by no means a demand.

***Again, this is just a suggestion, but I'd like to know whether or not you'll use it. All due politeness and all that.

I've been doing a little work, and I've decided on the transmuter wizard. Go ahead and take that tank.

It's disappointing, that all the really good magic items are so close to his budget but not quite. :P Annihilation Goggles rock.

Well, those are my concepts. If you want a fully fleshed out character, you're going to need to specify the points/traits/anything else you're going to be using.

I have two concepts.

First is an infiltrator shield Ranger (race and flavor undecided, but that takes me like 30 seconds top), who wields two shields rather than a weapon and shield. Trust me, he won't drag the party down. Even though the shield bonus doesn't stack, my rule-fu is strong. Would focus on being very difficult to kill, aiding allies defense, and surprisingly powerful full attacks and bull rushes.

Second is a Transmuter wizard who will usually buff allies but will, if necessary, take to the field himself and lay down some melee. Banned Schools would be Enchantment and Divination (unless no other caster can do the parties divination).

If you were aiming for more of "personality, background" concept, I can throw those out too.


I also had some other concepts I wanted to try, but seeing you banned gunslinger, I figured you didn't want firearms period, and those concepts involved archetypes that gave you firearms.


TriOmegaZero, if I understand you correctly, that is among the most awesome things I've ever heard.

Ok, so, has recruitment closed or is it still open?

If it is still open, would you mind me using a Cavalier Archetype for a Samurai? The only ability the Archetype replaces that the Samurai class doesn't have is a bonus to handle animal checks for training at level four (Expert Trainer), and I'd be fine with giving up the Samurai's mounted archery ability that they get at level four.

The theme for the character is a overconfident, unintelligent, but charismatic and physically powerful Ronin who likes to show off by switching between his katana, wakazashi, pistol, and dual wielding any combination of the two. One level dip into Mysterious Stranger Gunslinger.

If my player base for the games I GM has anything to say about the power discrepancy, they all favor marital classes.

First game with them:

Me:So, what characters did you all build?

Two-Handed Weapon Ranger
Weapon Adept Monk
Two-Handed Weapon Paladin
Two-Handed Weapon Fighter
Two-Handed Weapon Alchemist

Me: 0_o Ok. Maybe we should go with a little more diversity next time?

Most recent game with them:

Me:So, what characters did you all build?

Crossbow Ranger
Zen Archer Monk
Archer Bard
Archer Rogue
Throwing Knives Magus

Me: 0_o. Is this because of those flying opponents last time?

Yar, oh, well, at least I got a spiffy character out of the deal. :P

I GMed a game that ended up being this on accident. The adventure was set mostly against level 1 warrior/fighter types (there were some undead, but those skele's got trashed so fast it hardly counts). All the players were playing fighter-type classes and nobody had magic.

It worked well, for about 2 sessions, culminating in an epic (for us) battle where we defended a improvised fortified position against four times our number in level 1 Human Warriors (we were still level one with no casters, everybody was primarily melee save for a few javelins). There was never any interest in picking it up again, as we didn't think we were going to top that.

Wow.. Milani's trait doth sucketh mucheth... Especially for an inquisitor. And even the fluff isn't quite right for Samuru..

I think I'll grab Canter instead, it does fit his backstory perfectly.

voodoo chili wrote:
I find that when writing out posts (especially long GM ones) it's better to write it in Word first and then cut and paste it directly onto the boards. It saves a lot of heartache when you've got a copy on your computer available to send again.

Indeed. It's even better when you have dual monitors and can write out your response on one monitor while reading what they've written on the other monitor. I <3 dual monitors.

Alright! I shall make the changes soon. I aim to have my character finished before the night is out.

I only have one more rules based question, one last time regarding Alignment.

Would you mind if I took the Good Domain with the Archon subdomain? I know my character really doesn't have much to do with Archons, but the only ability it gives him is "Aura of Menace" which fits perfectly for Inquisitors, really. I also haven't found any rules which state that he has to be lawful to take the Archon subdomain, though, I imagine it was intended. Still, fluff is all we're talking and it fits.

"With the GM’s approval, an inquisitor can be devoted to an ideal instead of a deity, selecting one domain to represent her personal inclination and abilities."

In all honesty, Samuru has had little to no training in anything other than hunting thieves. The only reason I envisioned him having for being able to use divine magic at all was his sheer force of philosophy (aka, high wis). He doesn't know more than a gazetteer about Milani (no knowledge: religion), but likes the ideal and the symbol of her.

It gives him a way to fall or a way to advance, which is how I like to build my characters. He could either truly become a disciple of Milani as he learns more about her and eventually become a more powerful inquisitor from his faith (of course, that's just fluff, it's because he's earning experience, same as everyone) or he could alternatively turn away from his faith and become as jaded and cynical as he oft pretends to be, possibly with alignment change (nothing to the evil end of the scale, of course, but it'd still be significant character change if he lost hope). The way he's currently built, I could see him ending the AP on anywhere from LG to CN (of course, I expect him to end up CG if all goes well, but I like having open options). But if he's already got strong faith in Milani.. Well, he's almost assuredly going to be CG with the same personality till the breaking of the world, unless helm o' alignment change stops by. And that's not character growth that's just, "sigh, let's grab another break curse thingie".

In short, I don't like building static characters. If he's already got a strong personal faith in Milani.. There's really not a whole lot of growth potential for his personality and character as opposed to his stats. The environment and situations would have to really beat on his personality with a hammer to get any change (more likely to break him than bend him), rather than having an open window to really reach him.


Also, any particular reason you don't want me taking two campaign traits? From what I read, there wasn't any "take only one" thing in the players guide. I've never played an AP before, so, if there's something I don't know about, just tell me.

Though, if I had to chose, I'd have to pick Shadow Child, if only for the fact that he is less likely to seek out the help of others as implied in Westcrown Firebrand. But he really would like to cause a revolution, ala, Milani.


Anyway, these are my last points on the discussion, and whatever your ruling is after hearing them, I will abide by.

Also, do you hold people to alignment restrictions for class admission? I was considering a 1 level dip in monk for level 2, had it all planned out with the reasoning for how he learned it and why, then realized.. "Doh, Lawful only."

If it helps my case any, his whole "stoic justice thing" he has going on a lot of the time makes him feel Lawfulish. :P


@below. I've never really understood most "chaos vs lawful" alignment restrictions. I mean, so a concert pianist bard can't be lawful? A DRUNKEN MASTER monk can't be chaotic? That.. Arg.. It..

Would a Swordbreaker Dagger count as a "sword-like" weapon for the Tengu "Swordtrained" ability? Daggers and punching daggers count, so I'm hoping yes. :)

I've been looking to try a PbP on this forum, and this looks great.

However, I'm new, so it's going to take me a bit to figure the modus operandi around here out.

Currently working on figuring out how to make the Alias thing and all that for a Tengu Inquisitor, whose backstory is that he was raised in his conspiracy to hunt down any who betrayed the conspiracy. Still reading the Players Guide, so I'm not sure where I'm going to take it from there, but that's where I'm starting from so far. He'll be a melee character specializing in high Perception, Sense Motive, and Stealth, as far as his skill-monkeying goes.

As I said, I didn't really want "combat encounter combat encounter environment encounter, ok you're done".

Anyway, I've bought and am going to use the Test of the Smoking Eye, so thanks for you help guys, but we can go ahead and close this thread.

Level 6 each. They're a bit behind on the WPL curve, as they've been keeping giant piles of coin in their back pockets and haven't found a way to spend them since the last adventure.

Currently reading Dungeon #107 for the Test of the Smoking Eye.

I found Petitioners highly lame and non-conducive to the "badass clawing their way back from hell or up to the rank of a demon lord" theme I've got planned for some of my Campaign bad guys, nor "fighting their way back through hell" for the good guys.

Petitioners in my setting are the lot of level 1 NPC classes.

It helps add to my campaign that sense of "ok, it's easier to rez the party as we get stronger" while, if every time you die you have to fight through a encounter in hell or two, it's not the revolving door afterlife.

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