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Grand Necromancer

gustavo iglesias's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 3,130 posts. No reviews. 1 list. No wishlists. 1 Pathfinder Society character.


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I don't think most people would classify Halo or Mass Effect as "post-apocalyptic" even if the civilizations are ciclyclally wiped by an armaggeddon there, but YMMV. I wouldn't say that Christ's era Rome, following the bible story, is post-apocalyptic because of Noah's flood. Nor I would classify Dragonlance as post-apocalyptic either, even with the cataclysm.

DarkSun, on the other hand, I would.

One of my players gave a good idea. Divine magic could be similar to Dark Sun setting in AD&D: given by Sorcerer-Kings, dragon-like creatures (aliens?) or other supernatural strong-willed creatures with followers and faithful (like the Templars in Dark Sun)

Kris Schnee wrote:
(...) they can't have it both ways: minimal rules plus specific mechanical benefits for all the gadgets(...)

Exactly this. Same goes with them having a harder time to find armor of gear because of unorthodox choices. You cant be a special snowflske and find everything fits your size as well. It is a fair assumption that if you play a moongoose you will need to use moongoose armor and thst's harder to find

Drahliana Moonrunner wrote:
gustavo iglesias wrote:

In the process to design a world to adapt Iron Gods, I have found a problem.

I want to make this a postapocalyptic world, closer to Mad Max or Fallout than Thundarr the Barbarian or John Carter of Mars.

Post-apocalypse by itself doesn't really say much. Remember that Golarion itself, as presented, is a post-apocalypse world. If you adventure in Numeria, you pretty much have a Thundarr-style setting as is. With the Technic League and various robot types as Thundarr-style antagonists.

That is true, there are several post-apocaliptyc worlds, and that is why I added that I want it to be Mad Max of Fallout style, not Thundarr/John Carter.

I dont think Golarion is postapocalyptic, unless we count Earth as postapocalyptic too. Both Golarion and Earth apocalypses are too old, the world has healed. Golarion was apocalyptic right after the Star Stone destroyed half the world, during Times of Darkness. Not now, 10000 years after that

Interesting ideas.
@mathmuse well, my idea was the crash of the Divinity is what produced the Apocslypse. Your idea is good, though. Might want to think about it. Maybe it was a human being (of other sentient cresture, maybe an alíen) the "prophet" that granted divine magic, pre-apocalypse. Similar in some ways to The Emperor in WH40k, thereis a cultura for him. Maybe the apocalypse killed him,but he saved people and they still remember his sacrifice. Maybe he is still being animated, like WH40k Emperor?

@Yakman my idea is that Arcane magic is robotic in nature: nanites, controlled by androids, robots and cyborgs (non androids spellcssters (humana, etc) get the cybertech that gives you glowing tattoos for free). It is dirty, because it comes from what caused extinction, and technological in nature. Justo a tech so advanced that seems magic.

Divine magic is diferent. It is pure, natural, human in nature. It comes from faith, not science. That's what I want to use as shock vslue. If faith is the only redeeming thing for us, humans, and the last standing bastion to defend our moral high ground vs machines, and Unity becomes a GOd and he gets robots and android clerics and Oracles... then humanity is hopeless. Machines are better and we are doomed, even if Unity dies, their rise is inexorable. Their evolution is measured in months, ours in millenia. They can be upgraded, they have magic, they are stronger, dont get sick or hunger of die. Our god(s) are dying, theirs are being born. We have no way to win in the long run. Unless, maybe, we get a machine god ourselves, that is built as benevolous with humanity. Like Cassandalee.

This is what I want to achieve. This feeling.

If you dont want to move up complexity and tour group feels more confortable with a system that do not pay sttention to detalle, the easiest waynis to ignore the +1 light hammer. Make it a light hammer, period.
Ir you want, tell them it is magic, and fancier than a regular hammer. It glows, never rust, looks better, etc. But has no mechanical bonus at all because you (and they) preffer to play without detailed mechanics.

SmiloDan wrote:

Can you move AND do full defense or fighting defensively? That, combined with Mobility might allow you to make the giant waste his AoO instead of not provoking it at all. Not many giants have Combat Reflexes, do they?

Rangers are great in this AP not just because of acrobatics.

There is a LOT of wilderness involved. They'll get a lot of use for survival, tracking, stealth, speak with animals and other nature spells like animal messenger, etc.

But the main reason is because the campaing is called GIANTslayer, and Rangers get a class feature called "Favored enemy". Pick Orc at first level, then Giant, then Dragon. You'll not be dissapointed. We have a full ranger, and a druid with ranger dip for the feat that allow full favored enemy, and it's murder.

Right now we get +8 to hit and damage to giants (including the spell that adds +2), wich are 3/4 of our enemies.

In the process to design a world to adapt Iron Gods, I have found a problem.

I want to make this a postapocalyptic world, closer to Mad Max or Fallout than Thundarr the Barbarian or John Carter of Mars.

I'm going to make magic just high tech. The androids, and some humans, will be sbloe to control nanites in their bodies or in the enviroment, to get all kind of magic effects. The technic League is good at mágico because of this.

Then, the problem comes with divina mágico, I think. Parte of the core appeal of Iron Gods is how a machine can achieve godhood. I think part of what makes Unity a cool villain is that.

Then the problem is how to contrast that with regular divine magic. I feel using normal Gods, like Golarion has, somehow breaks the inmersion I want to produce.

How could I dodge this problem?
Maybe something like The Force? It is scifi enough (or close to, is magic in disguise), but it feels more space opera than postapocalypse. Warhammer 40k "tech priests" would work but it is a bit redundante, isnt it? If we already have machine God, the ascension od Unity is much less climatic.

What else could be? How to make divine magic feel different than arcane, something that Unity can give to his faithful, and contrast it with already pre-existing God/Gods that is flavourful and makes sense in a non-fantasy (maybe even Earth) world?

We recently made this encounter in my game. I made her a gravewalker with, but also made an ogre zombie (his lover and sexual toy) who had a swarm of cockroachs inside. When pc killed the ogre they freed the swarm. Also I had a shelf full of pickled punks, with 2d6 of them breaking and joining the fight, plus two regular zombies. Have Mama Graul a scroll of dimensional Door and made her use animate dead with the fallen grauls. It was a fun fight, although the PC were never in dangerous, but they had to over come different challenges to beat it

Mathmuse wrote:
gustavo iglesias wrote:

I'm not a gun expert, but nobody is when we talk about laser pistols and plasma guns and gravity cannons. We are free to imagine them as devaststing as we want. For the campaign inmersion, it "should" feel that a laser pistol with a few remaining charges is a powerful magic treasure, and currently it doesnt.

My main problem is not with muskets and hackbuts, because i'm not going to put them. It is with "modern" fire weapon like a tommy gun. Those are Semiautomatic (and automatic) too, negating the rate of fire adventage that laser weapons have over muskets.

We don't have real life expectations about laser pistols, but we have expectations from movies. Some of those apply to modern guns in movies, too, such as bad guys usually miss and guns never run out of ammunition unless the good guy is deliberately waiting for the bad guy to reload.

Add mechanics that resemble movie special effects. Perhaps gravity guns have a knockback (bull rush) on a successful hit. Perhaps plasma arcs dazzle people they hit. Maybe laser pistols have a laser target-lock feature that on a successful hit can automatically hit with the next shot if done against the same target, and crit if the first shot was a crit. Perhaps all energy guns have the clustered shots feat to reduce the effect of DR.

gustavo iglesias wrote:
Ignore the charges for laser and other energy weapons, making them amunittion-less. But this goes against part of the AP feeling, which is about finding charges to use the nice timeworn stuff.
How about instead allow the energy weapons to store 100 charges drained from those 10-charge batteries. Thus, the party reloads energy weapons only between encounters. That always seemed the main advantage of energy guns and needler guns (held a clip of 100 high-velocity needles) in science fiction stories: avoiding dealing with ammunition in the middle of combat.

Bigger "clips" or longer batteries is an option I'm thinking. The issue with it is that we, as a group, have yet to decide the overall tone of the campaign. Unlimited (or close to) laser ammo will work great for a space-opera style. For a grittier "survival" game, such as Fallout (specifically, the first fallout), it is better if ammo is scarce and/or expensive, just because it feels like you "have to make every shot count" because you don't know when you can reload.

It's purely a matter of what flavor I want to give, and I'm undecided yet. I'm leaning toward MAd Max/The Wasteland, but unsure.

Energy weapons having crits with 18+, and an effect in crits (daze/staggered, slow, burning, bull rush, etc) could work well. Maybe 19+ crit for sonic, zero, gravity, plasma and arc, and 18+ for Laser (I can't think a proper Laser ability for crits), making laser more accurate than other blasts. Will think about it.

Right now I'm leaning toward using better crit threat range for energy, and not a better crit multiplier. The reasons are: spells that can crit, as scorching ray, have x2 multiplier, the higher chance of crit make them better overall wepons vs robots because of crit vulnerability, and it goes better with the idea of better accuracy

Duiker wrote:

Aaaaaaaaand, I just found the developer blog post clarifying that I'm completely wrong:


How does hardness work for creatures? Does energy damage such as cold deal half damage to creatures with hardness (Pathfinder RPG Core Rulebook 173-174) even before applying the flat numerical reduction?

When a creature with hardness sustains damage, subtract its hardness from the damage dealt. The rules for halving damage, doubling damage, dealing damage with ineffective tools, immunities, and the like only apply to damaging inanimate objects.
(This is apparently a question the Design Team has received a few times during the development of Iron Gods, so they were ready to go with an answer!)
So, ignore my previous comment. Although I wish I'd seen that when I was running Iron Gods. My players would have been happier.

Yep. If you use the "attacks vs objects" rule, then the players are totally hosed. Not only because energy weapons: spells like fireball also do half damage, and more importantly: a huge percentage of weapons would be considered "innefective tools" vs planks of glaucite, regardless of hardiness and damage, such as daggers. Just like you can't take down a stone wall with a dagger, no matter if you are specialized and have power attack and whatever, because it is an ineffective tool (the example in the book says hammers and picks are effective vs walls).

It would make a lot of character concepts unplayable. Robots are creatures. They have hardiness, and they substract their hardiness from damage, but that's all.

Another clear example is that objects are not subject to critical hits. Robots are not only subject to them, but they are even vulnerable.

Ascalaphus wrote:
Legio_MCMLXXXVII wrote:

As to energy weapons against robots, arc pistols are amazing against them, not suffering the 50% reduction in damage of other energy weapons, and actually getting a bonus.

What 50% reduction is that?


He is tslking about energy doing half damage vs objects, but that's not in effect with Robots as they are not objects, they are creatures. But if you use that house rule, energy weapons are even worse: laser, gravity, zero and plasma guns would do 50% damage to robots, while s musket do 100%.

Even arrows would do better, as bows can be mighty and add stength

Legio_MCMLXXXVII wrote:

Frankly, a lot of the complaints here seem to be from folks who don't grok guns. Muskets did massive amounts of gross tissue damage. Modern expanding bullets also do massive amounts of gross tissue damage (though should likely lose the ability to target touch AC). FMJ bullets still do a good bit of gross tissue damage, but not anywhere near that caused by soft lead or expanding bullets. The damage dice make a good bit of sense, and I don't see any reason to complain about how firearms are treated

Possibly, but I'd like to point a few things:

I have exactly 0% intention to model reality in an Adventure about a spaceship full of sentient robots that crashes in s world of magic wielding elves. I want verosimilitude with the imagined world, not real life, so real life tissue damage is not a factor, specially when the PC are going to shoot robots, oozes, fire elementals and ghosts.

I'm not a gun expert, but nobody is when we talk about laser pistols and plasma guns and gravity cannons. We are free to imagine them as devaststing as we want. For the campaign inmersion, it "should" feel that a laser pistol with a few remaining charges is a powerful magic treasure, and currently it doesnt.

My main problem is not with muskets and hackbuts, because i'm not going to put them. It is with "modern" fire weapon like a tommy gun. Those are Semiautomatic (and automatic) too, negating the rate of fire adventage that laser weapons have over muskets.

Energy resistance is easy to have, more than DR/-. That alone make most energy weapons bad. That they do much less potential damage adds salt to the injury

Lord Fyre:
As Cap' Yesterday says, the Nagant comes from Reign of Winter timetraveling adventure.

I think there is something flawed in the design.
A hackbut does 2d12. A more modern muskett does 1d12 x4. A WWI rifle does 1D10x4. Lasers do 1d8 x2.

Yeah, they no longer do things like they used in the good old past...

It is counterintuitive and breaks the inmersion in the AP in my opinion. Gunslingers should not use hackbuts over láser and plasma rifles.
I think I'm going to implement most of these chances, if not all.

Will also add pistols (with magacines), assault riffles, submachine guns, flamethrowing guitars and all the staple stuff :)


I'm already at half of my Rise of Runelords-Shattered Star campaign, and I'm starting to take a look to the next possibility.

We are thinking about a change of pace, with Iron Gods, playing in a distant planet instead of Golarion, with an apocalyptic future style, like Mad Max or Fallout, but adding technomancy (and techno priests, as faith and machines is the core of the AP).

As such, I'm planing to change the default technology to "modern firearms" so the PC get firearms as simple weapons and such. I plan to add vehicles too (motorbikes instead of horses, and so).

The problem I have found is.... modern firearms are better than futuristic energy weapons. By far. A M1895 Nagant revolver does 1d8 x4, while a laser weapon does 1d8 x2, and is fire damage (a lot of fire resist dudes in the game). Machine guns are even better.

So, how can I improve this, beyond the obvious "increase laser damage" option, which is not that great as it creates an inflation of damage?

Possibilities I have thought:

Swap generic crit multiplier of fire weapons to x3, and energy weapons (or most of them) to x4. This create the "feeling" of stronger damage potential, even if there is not a big difference. Lasers are timeworn too, while bullets work fine.

Alternatively, make Lasers to crit with 18+. That makes them useful vs robots, as robots have crit vulnerability

Bullets no longer shoot vs touch attack, but rays do. This is a generic nerf to firearms, but might be worth it, as they are going to be much more common. Piercing (expensive) bullets might ignore part or all of the armor bonus

Laser and other energy weapons ignore part of the hardness, like the laser torch does

Ignore the charges for laser and other energy weapons, making them amunittion-less. But this goes against part of the AP feeling, which is about finding charges to use the nice timeworn stuff.

Make force-fields much more frequent, and/or more powerful, to the point that ignoring them with energy weapons is important. Maybe even most people (or at least most bosses) have one, Halo style.

Please note that "don't make fireweapons more common" is not going to help, as the goal is to play a campaign with lots of gunfights, for a change of pace from the magic heavy Shattered Runelords mashup

So, what does the forum communal wisdom has to offer? Any brilliant (or obvious) idea I'm missing?

Quatar wrote:

Edit: However, Familiars have to use UMD to use wands, as they get no spell-lists, so does UMD still require them to speak the command word?

Except Faerie Dragons, who are lvl 3 sorcerors (and thus can use any Wizard scroll or wand)

Matthew Downie wrote:
Well, that would be an exception. But creatures without forelimbs can't take actions that require two hands either.

I think yours is a reasonable RAI interpretation of the rules, and one I could back up. But it's not RAW, and doesn't work in game every well.

One of the problems with the grappling rules (and some other rules, like climbing) are writen with real world mentality. They try to "work" for man vs man wrestling, with rules that mimic that sort of combat well. But we are talking about a world were a sentient ooze tries to grapple a winged horse. Technically the horse can attack the ooze with two hoofs, as hoofs aren't hands. But if the horse were a bear (far more dangerous animal in a grapple), then he could only use one claw? How so?

That said: I was totally wrong about the issue, as I wasn't giving free damage to creatures with grab. That makes it quite dangerous: 2xdamage in aa grapple, or damage+pin. And make cobstrict creatures totally monstruous. To the point that I wonder if that free grab damage is RAI. A python could do 2x damage in turn 1 (bite+cobstrict) and 3x damage in turn 2 (grab+cobstrict+damage grapple option). With the damage output a bite/cobstrict has, it's kind of really dangerous for his CR.

Anonymous Warrior wrote:

Sorry, but it seems silly that he would show up (probably with no shadow and no reliable way of avoiding an inevitable mirror/reflective surface) to a place with his name plastered on the wall when he knows he's being chased.

Disguise self and a huge bluff score makes him safe. And those 2 things are easy for a bard vampire

Urban barbarian with superstition, witch hunter and spell sunder. Then maybe Inquisitor.

Boomerang Nebula wrote:
BadBird wrote:

I wonder if this is really eating my posts...?

I assume you mean: reading not eating (or is this a weird vampire joke?)

I like the VTM feel, but find the mechanics of the game boring, Pathfinder conversions are always helpful. So thanks for posting.

He has 2 similar consecutie posts, and lately the site has been working awfuly. I bet he was able to post but unable to read if he posted

Ok, I need to play a wilderness AP now where I can fit a Rhino companion

WotW has the stat blocks of most things printed, I don't think you need a lot of things to run the NPCs. It comes with an antipaladin archetype which is LE, and works better for the campaign. Other than that, you'll need the books that your player are going to use. Do if a player wants to be an occultust you'll need "occult adventures" and so on.

N. Jolly wrote:

It's common because people like flexing their character's muscles. It's not great, I'm not defending this, but I've played with enough people who need an outlet to be a bully, and this is how they get it. Some GMs don't want to intervene due to being non confrontational themselves, considering it easier to let player drama work itself out. It's not great, but it's common.

That's true. A lot of people have a life that they feel it sucks. They can only exercise power in the game. Which would be fine, if they did against NPCs. But some people do it vs other players. Either as a GM or as a player, as they can't "exercise power" vs your boss in your job, or wherever, they do in game.

It's a sad but true part of human behsviour. That's why it is such a bad idea to duel him, etc. It's an out of game problem, should be solved out of game.

Rise of Runelords and Shattered Star.

Even better: a mashup campaign mixing RoRL and ShSt :)

Slamy Mcbiteo wrote:
hmmmm I will wait and see...evil campaign's have never interested me. It seems like there would need to be some rules otherwise the characters will be pillaging villages and burning down the orphanages. I have no interest in that. I guess maybe it could work....will wait and see

My experience with Way of the Wicked hell's me it doesn't work that way

Piccolo wrote:

I just run the AP's as written, so if there's lots of traps for example in a given area, it's just too bad if the party doesn't have someone who can detect and disarm them.

Therefore, it makes more sense to have a balanced party.

With a group of 3, you can't have the classic fighter-rogue-Wizard-ckeric combo, no matter of what.

Beyond that, sometimes players want to play something diferent. So maybe you end having a gunslinger-monk-hunter-witch combo, or whatever.

My druid has a huge perception, probably better than most rogues. The ranger has a huge perception as well. Spotted traps can be bypassed most the time, without needing to disarm them (just don't step on it) Other times a simple summon monster 1 can fire the trap, many of them don't recharge instantly. And plenty of traps just do damage. Wands of Cure Light Wound "disable" them perfectly cine.

Besides that, our archer ranger has good DEX, and disable device. He can't disable magicsl traps, but dispel Magic can, and you can bypass many others.

Piccolo wrote:
Sorry, but that doesn't cut the proverbial mustard. What happens when someone takes ability damage or ability drain?

I have used Lesser restoration when needed. It's the Cure X Wound what I don't cast. cLW Wands suffice.

Unless Nualia has leveled up quite a lot, I'm not sure they are able to do it even if they team up. But on the other hand, you don't have to run the combat, so anything that moved the plot forward will work. Maybe they got her sleeping thaks to M invisibility or whatever.

But yes, I feel that Rannick is not Lucrecia's fav place.

Cavalier's challenge, and a lance, is powerful enough. Everything else you add is cherry on top

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Heretek wrote:
Really, all Paizo APs are written with 2 central factors assumed: 4 player party, and 20 point buy. Your DMs insistence on rolling is simply draconian. Talk with the players, come unified and force him into a 20 point buy.

APs expect 15 point buy AFAIK. PFS is 20 pb, though,and many people uses it for APs. 15 pb make non-SAD classes even less attractive.

To the OP: given a 1-10 scale, how much would you say that your GM enjoyed those TPKs? Because it sounds as a case of TGMWEMPM ("tyrannical GM who enjoys making players misserable"). Some people only enjoy a possition of power once a week, while they GM, and like to stretch it as much as they can.

The stuff in the spolier section a couple post above me is pretty important.

There are some for certain classes. Fir example, aberrant bloodrager can get a tumor familiar. So maybe if you share which class are you going to be, we can help a bit more.

Personally I don't think it's that much of a problem not getting it at lvl 1. Assuming you don't uberdump str, you'll be going 1d8 damage. At lvl 1, you are facing goblins, rats and other s~!&ty stuff, that die easy. If you get str 13 and power attack (a good idea, as piranha strike doesn't work), that's up to 1d8+1. You can survive a few levels until you get slashing at 3.

I think there's too much eagerness to do 2d6+10 at level 1, when most the enemies you face at that level have 4-5 hp

Swashbuckler can't get slashing grace with falcata at lvl 1. Falcata is a EWP to use One handed. They get free finesse, plus weapon focus and EWP as lvl1 and human. Inspired gives free weapon focus, but with rapier only.
Kensai can do it, but you'll miss the buckler AC when you cast spells/spellcombat

1 person marked this as a favorite.

You forgot to mention initiative.

So yes, if we don't mention initiative, don't care for stealth or acrobatics (which is not just to tumble around huge CMD bonuses. A simple Grease Spell can take down a DEX 10 full plate user), we diminish the damage reducción effect of REF vs blasting, and we fail to recognice the existence of spells like grease, Web, Resiluent Sphere or Aquous Orb that are REF or Suck, and we don't consider touch attacks like Enervation a importante thing, then DEX is worse than STR because it does less damage.

However, for those who think initiative matters, REF sabe matters, touch AC matter, and acrobatics and stealth matter, DEX has plenty of usefulness.

Zaister wrote:
So, scoffing board, how do you tale a feat at level 1 that has three other feats as prerequisites?

Human Magus Kensai.

noble peasant wrote:
Eh, optimal isn't what I'm going for anyway. Like I said I'm skill monkey and face. As long as I'm not a burden to keep alive and can contribute something in combat I should be good. I don't think it'll matter much, even at the highest level of play the most it's gonna get is like a +3 difference in my static pluses, I think I'll be fine. Like I said I usually like magic Items that are basically gadgets, seriously the Thieve's ring from 3.5 was my favourite thing I ever got throughout my entire time playing that system, just beating out a cape that gave me a fly speed. Yea, I know I'm weird. :P

I think it'll matter more than any other thing you can get for that level of effort.

It only costs 4000gp and the neck slot, no feat, or multiclass, or trait needed. And it's not a +3. First, it's more than that, if you pump DEX with enhancement bonus and leveling.
Second, it means you can drop STR a bit more, use the points elsewhere (like INT or CON) and never look back.

Have you thought about the 1 lvl dip into archeologist bard for luck bonus to hit and damage?

M1k31 wrote:
JuanAdriel wrote:
Snowblind wrote:
Or they could have rolled Finesse Training into the Finesse Rogue talent and given the rogue an extra rogue talent at level 1. It wouldn't have a negative impact to current builds that rely on Finesse Training, but it would mean that a hypothetical muscly rogue wouldn't have dead class features.

I fear that they decided to give it at level 3 because of cheese multiclassing.

A lot of classes buiilds (magus, ranger, slayer, brawler, monk...) will "sacrifice" one level progression to take a single rogue level to import the dex to damage ability.
Just take a look at the vast quantity of dawnflower scimitar wielder builds that exist.

It seems they could have easily fixed that by making it part of the rogues FCB to start with it at level 1 and made any multiclass wait until their 3rd rogue level...

People would make first level rogué, and THEN, once they have used it for a while level, mukticlass into the other class. That doesn't solve anything

1 person marked this as a favorite.

My propossed solution would be making DEX to apply to hit and damage for all fines se weapon, for free, without any other feat required, regardless of class.

For those who are thinking now "but... That would mean STR becomes useless, and a dump stat". Well, use other options then to make str (and CHA, for that matter) more useful, and needed, or punish dumping somehow. There is a lot of space design for that.

Devs are against DEX to damage because STR, as is, gives nothing but hit and damage, while DEX gives AC, Initiative, Saves, and several importsnt skills like Stealth. I don't think that's a problem with DEX. It's a problem with STR.

Probably is a change too deep to affect Cord. But we are talking about Unchained there, which is the perfect spot to prsctice this mind of options.

Possible solutions could be to add STR and CON to fortitude saves, or add 1/2 STR to natural armor, or make more effects that can only be saved with a STR check (like entangle), or make some damage feats STR only, or simply make Heavy Armors way more useful (they suck now), so investing in STR, and a full plate, doesn't make you have LESS Armor than a light Armor build PLUS less movements and a huge, horrible penalty to being an adventurer (climbing, balancing, etc).

Same goes with CHA. People dump it because it's useless beyond 2-3 skills. Make a rule that says "you can only have 3+CHA bonus Magic items" and sudenly it becomes way more important. Or make it the default Stats for will saves, as it should. Or any other relevant effect that males having a -2 there hurt. Nobody dumps CON.

Those are ideas from the top oh my head, and I'm aware they aren't balanced yet and would need to rebalance some things in the rules.

TL:DR, the problem with DEX to damage for free is not that DEX is toó powerful. It's that STR sucks for every thing but damage

Trolls aren't really social, but they are contacted by the hags. Lucrecia's original plan didn't involve to mess with them, that's something that happens when the PC arrive to TF and she needs/chooses to flee.

+1 Caster Level is obviously too caster oriented, yes. That's why I'm doubting with Spell Storing (which helps Martials more than casters). Greater False Life as a free action works for anybody, though.

LazarX wrote:
with the wizard being dead last in power

How so? Didn't he have access to spells like Gate, that allow you to summon monstruosities? Didn't he have access to metamagic?

But I agree. If you ban Magic item creatiomñn, or things like undetectable (or mind blank + invisibility, for that matter, which works the same and is not mythyc), or if you ban, I fon't know... spells, the gap closes. Specially with mythic, that allow mundane fighters to be not so mundane. But then, that means the gap is close in that ruleset, without Magic item creation, Undetectability, and spells. Not in the normal Pathfinder ruleset (even without simulacrum and blood money)

Other than that, it's not close.

Monk. Grappling monk with a garrote.
Inquisitor with infiltrator archetype.
Gunslinger with sniper gun.
Illusionist Wizard with Veil PrC and a focus in Phastasmal Assassin.
Bloodrager or magus with some invisibility spells.
A master of disguise, maybe bard.
Swashbuckler flying blade with poisoned daggers.

Even if they are, make it your priority number 1. If you only have an ítem, make it that one

Fiend totem as a barbarian gives you gore attack (and helm of the mammith lord gives it too)

I'm pretty impressed with the +31 to hit at 11th. Could you share the details?
EDIT: ok, saw it. Pretty impressive

I think by RAW sense motive doesn't apply. But I'd go for it regardless. Rename Sense motive as "insight" and done

I think the Agile amulet of mighty first is the best advice so far

Eloquently said, Weirdo.

The Rings are +3/+3 to resist and AC, they are wirth 35k and the PC find them much later, lvl 14+ I think.
I'm leaning towards maybe +1 Caster Level and Greater False Life 1x day as free action (a better version of the amulet)
Either that, or Spell Storing

Forgot to out my order:

Arrive to TF
Tslk with Black Arrows, see Lucrecia
Go to skull crossing.
Kill lucrecia

This wraps up the 7 Brotherhood chapter. They get to rest, craft, go to do personal quests, whatever.

They get an animal messenger from Black Arrows (maybe Shaelelu...). It's writen in blood. Says "Help Rannick"
They go there.
Find Graul Farm.
Clean Fort Rannick.
Go to mirianna. Something foul happens in the forestal, they find a lot of becromancy and stuff.
Find the Dark Forest and kill the Dark Rider, who has the Gluttony Shard
Go to hook mountain and kill Barl, and Lamatar, and their army of wight ogres

My plan is that Lucretia has made a pacto with the witch coven. The coven is in Skull Crossing.
I'm going to out Lucy in the paradise. Iwant the PC being able to interact with her. I know there's a risk that they go straight ahead and attack her on sight, but my plan is that they notice, through sense motive, that ALL the town Love her. She has been doing a good job using charm monster and being a damn nice smiling face. So attacking her might mean 300 charmed innocent charge you, and they don't like that, I suppose.

My Lucretia has also hidden some nuggets of gold in the river. She wants a "gold rush" that attract greedy people to TF.

Depending how thus goes, I could make for a Sleepy Hollow scene, with a Dullahan taking the head of one of the few citizens not under control the night after he speaks vs her. This is because I'm going to mix book 3 of the Shattered Star campaign, and I'd like to introduce a foreshadowing of the Dark Rider. But this is optional, and will depend on how straightforward the PCs go. If they stay a day or two gathering info, I'll do. If they go straight vs Lucy, I won't.

Once the PC face her, she's going to tell them that it's too late, Karzaug return is already a work in progress, and nothing can stop him. The PC are hopeless ahaindt the Runelord, blah,blah,blah. Then she'll sink the paradise (which already have some attached charges in the Hill) with a command word

While the PC try to save the civilians in the Paradise (presumedly, at the very least the LG cleric will do) she'll cast Dimensional door a few times in a row to get distance (or a teleport scroll, maybe, I have to think about it), and go straight ahead to skull crossing. Then Black Magga arrives to the town, and when the PC get to skull crossing, they face Lucy, the hag coven, river trolls, and papa skragg, but no ogres.

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