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Grand Necromancer

gustavo iglesias's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 2,838 posts. No reviews. 1 list. No wishlists. 1 Pathfinder Society character.


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DominusMegadeus wrote:

After a certain point it becomes impossible to challenge the strong guy without wiping the weaklings. Tell him that and give him the ultimatum:

Make a weaker character or help the rest of the party make stronger ones.

That's a good solution, assuming the rest of the party want to have stronger characters, which is not always the case.

Instead of roleplaying a character with CHA 1, you could hire Christopher Lambert and ask him to roleplay your PC for you.

Druids are awesome, so you'll be fine :)

A "realistic" full plate should be near invulnerable to fangs, fists, whips, slashing light weapons like kukris, a lot of wooden monk weapons like the tonfa, and los of exotic weapons like bladed scarf, and drastically shift the power balance between "lots of small hits" vs "few big hits", thus reducing the number of viable melee builds.

Now ask yourself if reducing the number of viable options (animal companions, wildshaping options, monks, two weapon fighters, dagger rogues, etc) makes the game more fun.

If the answer is not, then you have to choose between fun, and simulation realism if weapons vs armors

That's the problem.
Dragon scales don't stop katanas. Unless you remove them from the dragon and build a full plate with them. All of it in the name of realism.

In my game, Lonjiku

is the father of Nualia's stillbirn.
Nualia and Tsuto were in love back then. Lonjiku blackmailed Nualia threatening to tell it to Father Tobyas. It was him who brought Nualia to the smuggler corridor in glassworks, bringing her too close to demon influence and the catacomb if wrath

Front line and CON 10 1d6 HD is a recipe for disaster

Bandw2 wrote:
Aelryinth wrote:

Full plate isn't weak against bludgeon, it's weakEST against it. It's still better then leather or mail. Proper plate mail would have a bonus against slash/pierce and be normal against bludgeon.



that is how DR/X works generally. :P

actually if this was on top of normal AC full plate might get a bit better over mithral-breastplate

But then, again: why full plate gets this bonus, but an Iron Golem doesnt? Or a dragon? What about a chimaera? A Balor? A Stegosaur? A Dire Bear with Barkskin? A dire bear with Ironskin? A will o the wisp? A ghost? A ghost with full plate? What if the katana is vorpal? Or keen? Or adamantine? What if it's a +4 katana that hits DR as adamantine? What if it's greater magic weapon?

If katanas have low piercing power vs plate... What about claws? Or fangs? Shouldn't it be even líder? Should we punish druids and natural weapon rangers/barbarians/bloodragers/animal companions? Should we lower the CR if tigers and other animals/monsters with claws?

People keep trying to add realism to a Fantasy game. It doesn't work. Things are too diferent. Too much things to change, for a weak "benefit": slightly more realist sword to sword fight, in a game where mis level fighters drink cyanide and grapple rhinos with a hand tied to their back. Not worth it at all

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Weapon vs armor modifiers are a bad idea.

Should the katana have a -1 vs dragon plate? What about a dragon? An iron golem? A wyvern? A dinosaur? Are we going to rate every monster?

If katanas (and scimitars and other slashing curved blades) get -1 to hit plate... Should they get extra damage vs unarmored targets? Where do you stop the realism madness?

1d8 18+ crit us right now what they are. It's fine, a "bastard scimitar". That's ok.

Nodachi con the other hand, really needs a nerf

Animal growth doesn't stack with wildshape. Atavism would work, though

Muy point was that somebody suggested you don't need to take it if your team wizard has it. Not true: you could have 2, even times that feat and still woukdn't be too much.

Wild speech can be solved with the ring that allow you to speak a language

I imagine the OP laughing hard at home reading the answers he got with his bait posts

In a group of 7 players, you can't have too much crafting, unless you play a kingmaker style campaign with several months between games

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I think this thread will need acid or fire to die

1 person marked this as a favorite.

So you are worried about the 20th lvl boss gight in a campaign you havent started yet?

I suggest you to focus in lvls 1-4 first. No need to freak out with a fight that might never happen, doing fake battles against fake groups with fake gear. You justo don't have a clue about how that parte will be.

lex_dm wrote:

Good one!

Also, if it helps.. We use acrobatics (Tumble) a lot..

Tiny Tumbling Titans.


Tumbling Natural Titans (TNT)

I don't think the crafting rules are bad. Just the part that allow to build constant magic effects.

I think it's ok when you use the value given for enhancement bonus, etc. Do you want +4 to AC? It cost what the formula gives you. Ok and balanced. However, if you use the "guideline" that allow you to get a constant effect paying for caster lvl x spell level, a constant Shield spell would give you MUCH more than it should. Constant Shield costs CL x Spell Level x 2000 x 2 (because duration measured in minutes), so you can pay 4.000g for a magic item that gives you +4 shield bonus and inmunity to magic missiles. Compare to, say, a ring of force shield.

4.000g for boots that gives you permanent Enlarge would be cool too. Or +2 deflection bonus to AC, +2 resistance to saves, and inmunity to mind control (prot from evil) for 4.000, insead of paying 8.000 for a ring of protection +2 which gives you only +2 deflection bonus to AC.

And so on.

So yes, magic crafting rules can be used as a guideline. My opinion, though, is that the guideline that suggest you should be able to get constant magic effects paying a very cheap CL x SL x 2000 x modifier and get the full effect of the spell, should be deleted from the book, erased from memory, and dumped into a pit of radiactive hellfire protected by swarms of vampiric stirges. You have to pay for the effect, not the spell level. So if you get +1 to hit, +3 to perception, and improved critical, you should pay +1 to hit, +3 to a skill, and improved critical, not Aspect of the Falcon constant effect.

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I always wonder at the length of katana-based threads.

Bastard sword is the game equivalent of a longsword with a 2h grip, and increases the average damage die by one step.

Katana is the equivalent of a scimitar with a 2h grip, and it increases the average damage die by one step.

Both can be used 2h with military weapon proficiency, and 1h with exotic weapon proficiency.

I don't really see the fuss about it. It's a weapon, it's a slightly better version of another weapon that cost a feat. You take it if you like, you don't take it if you don't like it. Just like with warhammers, picks, morningstars, battleaxes or glaive-guisarmes.

My group finished book 2 last sunday.

I liked book 1 a lot. There's a lot of NPC interaction, a mystery to solve, and once things start to happen, it has a great pace

a combat I liked:
I liked a lot the big battle when orcs siege Trunau, specially when you defend the barricade. It's awesome, and gives a good feeling. It plays like one of those scenes from 300 or Lord of the ring when Aragorn face a lot of orcs

In book 2 you have a good bunch of NPC interaction, in the ship, and with the dwarf.

optional NPC interaction which is also good:
Once you go into the Redlake fortress, it's possible to have a diplomatic solution if you speak with Droja and manage to convince Orcs to join or at least let you pass without combat

The only problem I found was that book 2 was too easy in the last part

we managed to get help from both dwarfs and Droja. We had an army of PC and NPC and there aren't enough giants in the castle. We crushed every fight inside Redlake Castle.
I guess if you don't manage to gain the support of the NPC, it'll be harder and more threatening, but in our game, it became a cakewalk

My only suggestion is not going too much akl-in with it. You still need spells to affect mindless creatures

I liked the heavy use of illusions. Gives a lot of flavor to the aboleth.

Good enounter, kudos

You have two options if you don't want to take too much actions:
Build a really helpful companion ("help" and "flank" tricks, trip and Menace, maybe Outflank once your pet has Int 3)

Take a dominion and be happy with it

That said: in a group of 7, a companion shines less. You have 2 actions, the resto of the party has 6. It's not the same in a group of 3, where you have as much actions as the whole party combined

Sounds as a great encounter

Sadly for the poor goliath druid, in pathfinder not only the roc is not a dibosaur: not even the archeopteryx is. Which means they lack the ability to shapesift into flying, scouting forms

Rylar wrote:

I think they are intentionally worded different and thus work differently. -RAI

Shouldn't that argument also work for draconic claws compared to Power of the Wyrms, which is worded different to explicitly mention it's permanent?

I agree with the side that says you only get claws while bloodraging. I don't think that's an issue, though, your can bloodrage every combat once you are lvl 4-6, the levels when druids wildshape too. You just use some alternative in the meanwhile, as druids do (and you still hace some nat att at los level, unlike druid)

Half orc gets bite. Tieflings can get bite too. Fiend totem (with the archtype that gives your rage powers) gives you gore, so does Helm of mammoth lord. Being kobold let you have a tail slap with a feat, I believe. Someone suggested skinshifters and hooves, which I was unaware but seems cool. Aasimar can get 2 wing slaps at highish lvl. There are also other items, like the cloak with tentacles

At the bare mininum you should aim for 4 nat attacks: half orc with tusks, (bite), fiend totem or mammoth lord's helm (gore) and claws (draconic/abyssal).

Lune wrote:
gustavo iglesias: Is your argument with me or with the rules? I am having trouble telling.

I'm just leaving my opinion that those rules shouldn't be ustd, ever, and much less suggested as a fair course of action. Each and every single time somebody suggest a constant or use activated mqgic effect (specially low level ones), the ítem in question is absolutelly underpriced. It happens every time. Even profesional developers commit that sin. See Bracers of Falcon Aim as an example, which were banned from PFS almost instantly, and compare those bracers you and lesser bracer of archery.

It's not exactly about arguing you. It's about leaving here a warning, so whoever read your suggestion get also the warning: rules for constant magic effects in custom magic items SUCK, and should never ever be used by anyone, no exceptions. That incluye paizo's dev team, or whoever was the person who built Bracer of Falcon Aim.

Lune wrote:

That is not correct. By the rules you are not able to make a Truestrike item as it does not have a duration that is measured in "rounds". Plural.


So we are limited to bracers of Constant Shield, Shirts of Constant Mage Armor, boots of constant Enlarge Person, tabards of constant Protection from Evil and gloves of constant Divine Favor. All if them cost around 2000 or so, like a hat of disguise.
Still not good, Bob.

Those suggested guidelines should die in a pit of radiactive hellfire, so nobody ever has the temptation to came close of using them again. Because they suck, plainly.

Your don't have stealth as clases unless you dip (monk has stealth and give wis to armor, ranger gives full favored enemy with Shapesifting Hunter)

But you can transform yourself in a Tiny Animal (+8 stealth), including flying ones. Plus most people will ignore a rat or raven even if they see one

For team playa, wolf is good. Trip help other melee. Put him a menacing AoMF and send him to flank

Druids are an awesome clases if your like versatility. Really awesome

For tactical role I'd try with some build with grab or trip. There are a lot of good spells in that regard. Frigid touch does 4d6 no save and stagger, and you can pre-cast it and deliver it with a strong natural attack instead of soft touch attack. Lockjaw is great too, and resinous skin is surprising. Frostbite gives fatigue and rimed frostbite gives entangle too. Also if your can precast and deliver with los of attacks it adds a LOT of damage. 6d6+36 at 6th lvl with 6 attacks

Grab+reach is great. If you grab , your can move the enemy and put him adjacent to your, wherever you want. That alloes to reposition freely and help with flanking.

A Menacing Amulet of mighty fist in your pet help a lot too.

About scouting, you have decent wis, max Percepción, and often los light visión/ darkvision and scent (which gives +8 perception in situations were smell is relevant). You have better senses than most rangers/rogues

Yep, I was thinking in my Trex companion, but those are smaller. Hippo is ok though. There are some nice charger builds too using animales with powerful charge. charge+powerful charge+ Lockjaw grab+ raging grappler+ constrict is strong too

For example, a build with T-rex form could do 4d6 with bite. That's 8d6 with strongjaw, and 16d6 with vital strike (plus twice the Str bonus) while moving. As it has grab, your can attempt a grapple check inmediatly, doing again 4d6 + 2x str bonus because of raging grappler, and 1d6 + str bonus with constrict. Thats 21d6+5x str bonus, not counting greater magic fang or +xd6 from elemental damage with the amulet of mighty fist and deliquescent gloves. If you hold the grapple you trip him for free (with raging grappler).

As barbarian your could add furious finish if your want

Helm of mammoth lord gives you an extra natural attack (gore 1d6). Depending on your build, armbands of brawler gives +1 to grapple and dusty rose ioun stone inside a wayfinder gives +1 to AC and +2 to CMB/CMD, with a wildshape with grab and size bonus that's a good start for grapple (lockjaw spell gives grab if your form doesnt have). Consider a barbarian 2 dip for raging grappler and rage and a belt of anaconda for constrict if you want the grapple route

Rhino armor gives a good damage boost to puncing druids, but males you a bit if a glass canon. If you favor ofende it's good.

Besides that you could get vestment of druid and the usual suspects (cloak of resistance, ioun stones, headbands and belts,glove of deliquescent etc)

Lune wrote:

Yeah. Forget rays entirely. -8 is too much to contend with. Precise Shot isn't worth it likely for the amount you will likely be using it.

If you aren't going the Familiar route that has been suggested earlier (and this is a good suggestion) then I would talk to your DM about getting a use activated/continuous item that does Spectral Hand. Cost should be calculated like this:

(spell level x caster level x2000) x2 for duration of 1min/level.
(2 x 3 x2000) x2 = 24,000gp
So worth about as much as your armor. Probably well worth it for all your spells below 4th level.

If you are going to follow those horrible guidelines for constant spells, a use activated lvl 1 True Strike glove gives you +20 to hit for really low price (somethink like 2000 or so)

I would *strongly* suggest dumping those horrible guidelines, though. They suck.

If your group allow magic crafting feats and/or buy magic items, it's not that hard to do both.

Craft woundreous item is an awesome feat for Druids, by the way. It allows you to craft almost anything you need, as your "weapon" needs can be covered with an amulet of mighty fists

Skalds being spirit magic is a good solution.

For a psychic bard, I guess it's easy if you apply a healthy dosis of handwavium. Just say the bards are psychic mages and done.

Well, if the PC monks could flurry with level draining unarmed attacks, that would probably increase their perception in the boards

Reach weapon + enlarge + lunge gives you 25' "range".dunno if that's enough

You can simply say that there are no bards in your world

Short answer: no.

Long answer: nope.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I'd go with something that can fill several roles, as you can't be sure what the 3 awful chars will be able to do.

Something like a caster druid with a combat pet, or a battle oracle/cleric, or a summoner, will make you able to help your falchion-user team mate, while being able to cast spells that help the whole party. An evangelist cleric would be good too, specially an evangelist cleric with a pet (feather domain for roc, for example).

The "god" role is what is known, lately in this forum, as an "arm" or "anvil" character, following the paradigm of "anvil, arm, hammer" that someone brilliatly put in a guide. You have a couple of hammers in your team (melee and blaster/ranged, but both hammers). You could focus yourself into the anvil & arm roles.
Anvils focus in making the enemy useless, not able to damage your party. That can be done by tying them in combat while having uncanny AC and soaking their damage, or by rendering them useless through the use of spells or abilities. For example, if you cast Fog spells that cloud the goblin archers while your party kills the goblin melee, you are doing an "anvil" role. Spells like Entangle, Summon Monster, Wall of Iron, or Rime Frostbite fill this role.

Arm role specialize in helping your hammers to deliver damage. For example, if you cast "fly" on your melee so they can cut the flying harpy into pieces, you are being an arm. Often people fail to understand that the single thing that killed the harpy wasn't that huge falchion crit, but the Fly spell that allowed him to attack to begin with. Spells like Haste, Fly, Heroism or Magic Weapon fill this role.

In a certain way, healing spells (those that heal conditions, not HP) are also part of the "arm" role. A fighter with 4 levels drained can't help the party much, so Restoration will help the "hammer" to do damage again

calicokat wrote:

This feels like a big decision point. Should I make a character who's combat maneuver based and tie up foes with techniques like grapple or should I focus on dishing out DPR along with the rest of the party to end combats more quickly?

I'd definitely still like to focus on not sweating taking some damage in a fight but the melee field looks like it's evened out a little.

(We're also seriously lacking in spellcasting if we lost that Arcanist. That should be interesting. Maybe not quite interesting enough to convert me to dedicated casting.)

Probably no other class is close to Druid in the ability to change from damage dealing to "melee control", as you can get that with wildshape. Transform into a tiger, and you are a pouncing monster, transform into a creature with grab, or trip, and you can play the maneuver game. You still need a bit of help to make it really shine, though, in the form of magic items, feats or spells to help you.

Some feats like Powerful Shape, or spells like Lockjaw, will greatly improve your ability to grapple or trip. Forms with constrict, grab or swallow will help too. A pet with grab or trip or stun (ankylosaurus) will be a good partner. You need reach to really be useful in that regard, though. Things like Rime Frostbite will help aswell, as you can entangle/fatigue several enemies.

In the other hand, "dead" is a great condition to hamper enemy monsters ability to damage the group too :P

If your group lack spellcasting, I'd seriously think about lowering CHA to 10, and raise Wisdom to 16 again. I don't think there's nothing you can roleplay with a CHA 12 that you can't with a CHA 10. An extra 3rd lvl spell and extra +1 DC for spells might help you to fit the caster role much better, imho.

If your group doesn't like haunts, change a few of them for wraiths, shadows, allips ir other undeads. A fire infused zombie manticore for example

666bender wrote:
BigNorseWolf wrote:
Stegosaurus in masterwork studded leather armor won't even know the kobolds are trying to hit it.
Con 9-20 med hp dice? He wont live the magic missile

With 2 hd at lvl 1 and toughness he has 13 hp. If he's facing enough direct damage spells to die at lvl 1, I feel sorry for your team's wizards, rogues and bards.

Or your druid, for that matter

666bender wrote:

I disagree druids cant tank per say.

The best tank is saurian >
Lion> goliath ( that win at high levels).
But unlike a barbarian, druid need to use tactics.

druids can tank as well as any clases. Which means they can't at all, ad there are no tank ability in PF except antagonize feat and a few spells.

They can form a frontline and surive heavy punishment, which is what many people thibk when they say "tank"

The easiest answer is "don't use touch attack spells"

I started a druid who was going to be the so called "main tank", or front liner.

A few things about my experience at los levels: the proper pets can "tank" greatly. Barding is cheap and it has a great effect in your pet AC, specially some dinosaurs. Wolf can be ok as well.

Heavy shield+weapon is unwieldly for spells. I went shield+club then changed to light shield and finally went with great axe (i'm half orc), but I had enlarge person (goliath druid) so 3d6+6 help a lot to make the switch. In any case: remember your don't have any "taunt" ability, so "main tanking" is a myth in PF. Your hace people who dissable enemies in melee (anvils, like a grappler por reach trip bild) por people who kill them (mostró chars). You hace the option to be tough instead of a glass canon, but you can't "tank" in the mmo sense, there are not mechanics for it.

If you don't want to dump a stat, I'd consider to swap cha and int. You could spend extra skill points in diplomacy or bluff and have a better effect.

At lvl 3 I took Heavy Armor, but I wikdshape into a troll and can use Full plate, so you have to think about how muchos time you'll spend in humanoid form.

Your stats are more than enough to survive, unless your GM activelly try to ignore squishies and focus fire on you with all attacks.

Edit: also interested in the group compisition

Wand of cure light wounds bypass most traps.

Traps aren't really well designed, they don't improve teamwork or interaction. The few traps that aren't binary in nature and boring as hell are those that aren't just "roll a die, takr damage, heal damage". Things like a rolling boulder, Indiana Jones style, that make you take decisions to flee, hide, etc, or the classic star Wars "walls are squashing us in two minutes", that become an encounter, work better. "Roll perception, if you miss take X damage and removecY CLW charges" are pointles inmho

I don't se the point to make the daemon land. I think your should focus in making your chars fly, as that will help when tge target is higher than 20', or incorporeal, por too big to be dragged

Beyond lvl 6 or so, Pathfinder is a superheroes' game. You are expected to fly, just like superheroes do.

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