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Grand Necromancer

gustavo iglesias's page

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Quatar wrote:

Edit: However, Familiars have to use UMD to use wands, as they get no spell-lists, so does UMD still require them to speak the command word?

Except Faerie Dragons, who are lvl 3 sorcerors (and thus can use any Wizard scroll or wand)

Matthew Downie wrote:
Well, that would be an exception. But creatures without forelimbs can't take actions that require two hands either.

I think yours is a reasonable RAI interpretation of the rules, and one I could back up. But it's not RAW, and doesn't work in game every well.

One of the problems with the grappling rules (and some other rules, like climbing) are writen with real world mentality. They try to "work" for man vs man wrestling, with rules that mimic that sort of combat well. But we are talking about a world were a sentient ooze tries to grapple a winged horse. Technically the horse can attack the ooze with two hoofs, as hoofs aren't hands. But if the horse were a bear (far more dangerous animal in a grapple), then he could only use one claw? How so?

That said: I was totally wrong about the issue, as I wasn't giving free damage to creatures with grab. That makes it quite dangerous: 2xdamage in aa grapple, or damage+pin. And make cobstrict creatures totally monstruous. To the point that I wonder if that free grab damage is RAI. A python could do 2x damage in turn 1 (bite+cobstrict) and 3x damage in turn 2 (grab+cobstrict+damage grapple option). With the damage output a bite/cobstrict has, it's kind of really dangerous for his CR.

Anonymous Warrior wrote:

Sorry, but it seems silly that he would show up (probably with no shadow and no reliable way of avoiding an inevitable mirror/reflective surface) to a place with his name plastered on the wall when he knows he's being chased.

Disguise self and a huge bluff score makes him safe. And those 2 things are easy for a bard vampire

Urban barbarian with superstition, witch hunter and spell sunder. Then maybe Inquisitor.

Boomerang Nebula wrote:
BadBird wrote:

I wonder if this is really eating my posts...?

I assume you mean: reading not eating (or is this a weird vampire joke?)

I like the VTM feel, but find the mechanics of the game boring, Pathfinder conversions are always helpful. So thanks for posting.

He has 2 similar consecutie posts, and lately the site has been working awfuly. I bet he was able to post but unable to read if he posted

Ok, I need to play a wilderness AP now where I can fit a Rhino companion

WotW has the stat blocks of most things printed, I don't think you need a lot of things to run the NPCs. It comes with an antipaladin archetype which is LE, and works better for the campaign. Other than that, you'll need the books that your player are going to use. Do if a player wants to be an occultust you'll need "occult adventures" and so on.

N. Jolly wrote:

It's common because people like flexing their character's muscles. It's not great, I'm not defending this, but I've played with enough people who need an outlet to be a bully, and this is how they get it. Some GMs don't want to intervene due to being non confrontational themselves, considering it easier to let player drama work itself out. It's not great, but it's common.

That's true. A lot of people have a life that they feel it sucks. They can only exercise power in the game. Which would be fine, if they did against NPCs. But some people do it vs other players. Either as a GM or as a player, as they can't "exercise power" vs your boss in your job, or wherever, they do in game.

It's a sad but true part of human behsviour. That's why it is such a bad idea to duel him, etc. It's an out of game problem, should be solved out of game.

Rise of Runelords and Shattered Star.

Even better: a mashup campaign mixing RoRL and ShSt :)

Slamy Mcbiteo wrote:
hmmmm I will wait and see...evil campaign's have never interested me. It seems like there would need to be some rules otherwise the characters will be pillaging villages and burning down the orphanages. I have no interest in that. I guess maybe it could work....will wait and see

My experience with Way of the Wicked hell's me it doesn't work that way

Piccolo wrote:

I just run the AP's as written, so if there's lots of traps for example in a given area, it's just too bad if the party doesn't have someone who can detect and disarm them.

Therefore, it makes more sense to have a balanced party.

With a group of 3, you can't have the classic fighter-rogue-Wizard-ckeric combo, no matter of what.

Beyond that, sometimes players want to play something diferent. So maybe you end having a gunslinger-monk-hunter-witch combo, or whatever.

My druid has a huge perception, probably better than most rogues. The ranger has a huge perception as well. Spotted traps can be bypassed most the time, without needing to disarm them (just don't step on it) Other times a simple summon monster 1 can fire the trap, many of them don't recharge instantly. And plenty of traps just do damage. Wands of Cure Light Wound "disable" them perfectly cine.

Besides that, our archer ranger has good DEX, and disable device. He can't disable magicsl traps, but dispel Magic can, and you can bypass many others.

Piccolo wrote:
Sorry, but that doesn't cut the proverbial mustard. What happens when someone takes ability damage or ability drain?

I have used Lesser restoration when needed. It's the Cure X Wound what I don't cast. cLW Wands suffice.

Unless Nualia has leveled up quite a lot, I'm not sure they are able to do it even if they team up. But on the other hand, you don't have to run the combat, so anything that moved the plot forward will work. Maybe they got her sleeping thaks to M invisibility or whatever.

But yes, I feel that Rannick is not Lucrecia's fav place.

Cavalier's challenge, and a lance, is powerful enough. Everything else you add is cherry on top

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Heretek wrote:
Really, all Paizo APs are written with 2 central factors assumed: 4 player party, and 20 point buy. Your DMs insistence on rolling is simply draconian. Talk with the players, come unified and force him into a 20 point buy.

APs expect 15 point buy AFAIK. PFS is 20 pb, though,and many people uses it for APs. 15 pb make non-SAD classes even less attractive.

To the OP: given a 1-10 scale, how much would you say that your GM enjoyed those TPKs? Because it sounds as a case of TGMWEMPM ("tyrannical GM who enjoys making players misserable"). Some people only enjoy a possition of power once a week, while they GM, and like to stretch it as much as they can.

The stuff in the spolier section a couple post above me is pretty important.

There are some for certain classes. Fir example, aberrant bloodrager can get a tumor familiar. So maybe if you share which class are you going to be, we can help a bit more.

Personally I don't think it's that much of a problem not getting it at lvl 1. Assuming you don't uberdump str, you'll be going 1d8 damage. At lvl 1, you are facing goblins, rats and other s&!#ty stuff, that die easy. If you get str 13 and power attack (a good idea, as piranha strike doesn't work), that's up to 1d8+1. You can survive a few levels until you get slashing at 3.

I think there's too much eagerness to do 2d6+10 at level 1, when most the enemies you face at that level have 4-5 hp

Swashbuckler can't get slashing grace with falcata at lvl 1. Falcata is a EWP to use One handed. They get free finesse, plus weapon focus and EWP as lvl1 and human. Inspired gives free weapon focus, but with rapier only.
Kensai can do it, but you'll miss the buckler AC when you cast spells/spellcombat

1 person marked this as a favorite.

You forgot to mention initiative.

So yes, if we don't mention initiative, don't care for stealth or acrobatics (which is not just to tumble around huge CMD bonuses. A simple Grease Spell can take down a DEX 10 full plate user), we diminish the damage reducción effect of REF vs blasting, and we fail to recognice the existence of spells like grease, Web, Resiluent Sphere or Aquous Orb that are REF or Suck, and we don't consider touch attacks like Enervation a importante thing, then DEX is worse than STR because it does less damage.

However, for those who think initiative matters, REF sabe matters, touch AC matter, and acrobatics and stealth matter, DEX has plenty of usefulness.

Zaister wrote:
So, scoffing board, how do you tale a feat at level 1 that has three other feats as prerequisites?

Human Magus Kensai.

noble peasant wrote:
Eh, optimal isn't what I'm going for anyway. Like I said I'm skill monkey and face. As long as I'm not a burden to keep alive and can contribute something in combat I should be good. I don't think it'll matter much, even at the highest level of play the most it's gonna get is like a +3 difference in my static pluses, I think I'll be fine. Like I said I usually like magic Items that are basically gadgets, seriously the Thieve's ring from 3.5 was my favourite thing I ever got throughout my entire time playing that system, just beating out a cape that gave me a fly speed. Yea, I know I'm weird. :P

I think it'll matter more than any other thing you can get for that level of effort.

It only costs 4000gp and the neck slot, no feat, or multiclass, or trait needed. And it's not a +3. First, it's more than that, if you pump DEX with enhancement bonus and leveling.
Second, it means you can drop STR a bit more, use the points elsewhere (like INT or CON) and never look back.

Have you thought about the 1 lvl dip into archeologist bard for luck bonus to hit and damage?

M1k31 wrote:
JuanAdriel wrote:
Snowblind wrote:
Or they could have rolled Finesse Training into the Finesse Rogue talent and given the rogue an extra rogue talent at level 1. It wouldn't have a negative impact to current builds that rely on Finesse Training, but it would mean that a hypothetical muscly rogue wouldn't have dead class features.

I fear that they decided to give it at level 3 because of cheese multiclassing.

A lot of classes buiilds (magus, ranger, slayer, brawler, monk...) will "sacrifice" one level progression to take a single rogue level to import the dex to damage ability.
Just take a look at the vast quantity of dawnflower scimitar wielder builds that exist.

It seems they could have easily fixed that by making it part of the rogues FCB to start with it at level 1 and made any multiclass wait until their 3rd rogue level...

People would make first level rogué, and THEN, once they have used it for a while level, mukticlass into the other class. That doesn't solve anything

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My propossed solution would be making DEX to apply to hit and damage for all fines se weapon, for free, without any other feat required, regardless of class.

For those who are thinking now "but... That would mean STR becomes useless, and a dump stat". Well, use other options then to make str (and CHA, for that matter) more useful, and needed, or punish dumping somehow. There is a lot of space design for that.

Devs are against DEX to damage because STR, as is, gives nothing but hit and damage, while DEX gives AC, Initiative, Saves, and several importsnt skills like Stealth. I don't think that's a problem with DEX. It's a problem with STR.

Probably is a change too deep to affect Cord. But we are talking about Unchained there, which is the perfect spot to prsctice this mind of options.

Possible solutions could be to add STR and CON to fortitude saves, or add 1/2 STR to natural armor, or make more effects that can only be saved with a STR check (like entangle), or make some damage feats STR only, or simply make Heavy Armors way more useful (they suck now), so investing in STR, and a full plate, doesn't make you have LESS Armor than a light Armor build PLUS less movements and a huge, horrible penalty to being an adventurer (climbing, balancing, etc).

Same goes with CHA. People dump it because it's useless beyond 2-3 skills. Make a rule that says "you can only have 3+CHA bonus Magic items" and sudenly it becomes way more important. Or make it the default Stats for will saves, as it should. Or any other relevant effect that males having a -2 there hurt. Nobody dumps CON.

Those are ideas from the top oh my head, and I'm aware they aren't balanced yet and would need to rebalance some things in the rules.

TL:DR, the problem with DEX to damage for free is not that DEX is toó powerful. It's that STR sucks for every thing but damage

Trolls aren't really social, but they are contacted by the hags. Lucrecia's original plan didn't involve to mess with them, that's something that happens when the PC arrive to TF and she needs/chooses to flee.

+1 Caster Level is obviously too caster oriented, yes. That's why I'm doubting with Spell Storing (which helps Martials more than casters). Greater False Life as a free action works for anybody, though.

LazarX wrote:
with the wizard being dead last in power

How so? Didn't he have access to spells like Gate, that allow you to summon monstruosities? Didn't he have access to metamagic?

But I agree. If you ban Magic item creatiomñn, or things like undetectable (or mind blank + invisibility, for that matter, which works the same and is not mythyc), or if you ban, I fon't know... spells, the gap closes. Specially with mythic, that allow mundane fighters to be not so mundane. But then, that means the gap is close in that ruleset, without Magic item creation, Undetectability, and spells. Not in the normal Pathfinder ruleset (even without simulacrum and blood money)

Other than that, it's not close.

Monk. Grappling monk with a garrote.
Inquisitor with infiltrator archetype.
Gunslinger with sniper gun.
Illusionist Wizard with Veil PrC and a focus in Phastasmal Assassin.
Bloodrager or magus with some invisibility spells.
A master of disguise, maybe bard.
Swashbuckler flying blade with poisoned daggers.

Even if they are, make it your priority number 1. If you only have an ítem, make it that one

Fiend totem as a barbarian gives you gore attack (and helm of the mammith lord gives it too)

I'm pretty impressed with the +31 to hit at 11th. Could you share the details?
EDIT: ok, saw it. Pretty impressive

I think by RAW sense motive doesn't apply. But I'd go for it regardless. Rename Sense motive as "insight" and done

I think the Agile amulet of mighty first is the best advice so far

Eloquently said, Weirdo.

The Rings are +3/+3 to resist and AC, they are wirth 35k and the PC find them much later, lvl 14+ I think.
I'm leaning towards maybe +1 Caster Level and Greater False Life 1x day as free action (a better version of the amulet)
Either that, or Spell Storing

Forgot to out my order:

Arrive to TF
Tslk with Black Arrows, see Lucrecia
Go to skull crossing.
Kill lucrecia

This wraps up the 7 Brotherhood chapter. They get to rest, craft, go to do personal quests, whatever.

They get an animal messenger from Black Arrows (maybe Shaelelu...). It's writen in blood. Says "Help Rannick"
They go there.
Find Graul Farm.
Clean Fort Rannick.
Go to mirianna. Something foul happens in the forestal, they find a lot of becromancy and stuff.
Find the Dark Forest and kill the Dark Rider, who has the Gluttony Shard
Go to hook mountain and kill Barl, and Lamatar, and their army of wight ogres

My plan is that Lucretia has made a pacto with the witch coven. The coven is in Skull Crossing.
I'm going to out Lucy in the paradise. Iwant the PC being able to interact with her. I know there's a risk that they go straight ahead and attack her on sight, but my plan is that they notice, through sense motive, that ALL the town Love her. She has been doing a good job using charm monster and being a damn nice smiling face. So attacking her might mean 300 charmed innocent charge you, and they don't like that, I suppose.

My Lucretia has also hidden some nuggets of gold in the river. She wants a "gold rush" that attract greedy people to TF.

Depending how thus goes, I could make for a Sleepy Hollow scene, with a Dullahan taking the head of one of the few citizens not under control the night after he speaks vs her. This is because I'm going to mix book 3 of the Shattered Star campaign, and I'd like to introduce a foreshadowing of the Dark Rider. But this is optional, and will depend on how straightforward the PCs go. If they stay a day or two gathering info, I'll do. If they go straight vs Lucy, I won't.

Once the PC face her, she's going to tell them that it's too late, Karzaug return is already a work in progress, and nothing can stop him. The PC are hopeless ahaindt the Runelord, blah,blah,blah. Then she'll sink the paradise (which already have some attached charges in the Hill) with a command word

While the PC try to save the civilians in the Paradise (presumedly, at the very least the LG cleric will do) she'll cast Dimensional door a few times in a row to get distance (or a teleport scroll, maybe, I have to think about it), and go straight ahead to skull crossing. Then Black Magga arrives to the town, and when the PC get to skull crossing, they face Lucy, the hag coven, river trolls, and papa skragg, but no ogres.

I know the question is not for me, but I feel the answer will be the same: with wands of cure light Wounds, like every other sane group.
My druid has never cast a single healing spell, and will not do until 7th level spells, with Heal.

Get a quicken metamagic rod. That way the answer to your question is "any spell you need, lvl 1-6" :)

I'm surprised nobody mentioned Shadow Evocation and Shadow Conjuration. They are great.

The tricky part is maximized. It doesn't stack with empowered.

So a maximized would do 70. Max+intensified, 90. Max+empowered, 70+ 5d6+5. And max+int+emp, 90+7d6+7. Or, to be more precise, 90+ 0.5 x (15d6+15)

the Lorax wrote:

The plan is to:

Send the PCs to Turtleback Ferry - let them see the Paradise and meet some of the Black Aarows, give them a couple side missions.

Let them go back to "Sandpoint" deal with issues there, including:
-Finishing up the Misgivings (they bought a scroll of Dispel Evil) to purge the hauntings.
-Lyrie has gone to try to catch up with them there (they have her MONEY)
-Maybe a Sandpoint Devil encounter
-Local political challenges (Glassworks, Scarnettis)
-Maybe some Goblin mop up action

Then move on to Hook Mountain, as scripted - possibly with Shelalu being the instigator instead of the Lord Mayor.

This is mmy plan to, more or less, except with different sidetrecks. But I'm going to split Lucretia from the hook mountain issue. Lucretia and the hags are responsible for the Skull Crossing and the rain and Black Magga, but once defeaed, the PC have some time to do things by they own. Later, the Kreegs will take the Black Arrows by surprise. Making them to know the Black Arrows before they die will work as an emotional hook

Piccolo wrote:
What about divine and arcane magic, are those necessary? Are there traps in the AP?

We play without an arcane caster, and we haven't had problems with traps so far. I'd say they are non-existant, but maybe our GM is removing some of them, as traps are pretty useless in general, unless they are deadly, happen in the middle of a combat, or include some plot device (like being teleported)

My group consist in a half orc Goliath Druid 9/Ranger 1, an Aasimar Paladin 10 and a half orc Beastmaster Ranger 10 who focused in bows and huge tumbling to move away from enemy reach. We have also 3 pets, a T-Rex, the paladin mount, and a pouncing Warcat.

We had some problems at the first few levels (and the Paladin player lost his first char there, an Oracle), but now, we are destroying the AP.

Does it has to be a full slayer? Maybe you could try to add several classes, with several different bonuses.

For example, archeologist bard 1, with fate favored trait, gives you +2 luck bonus to damage, although you would need CHA. A 4th lvl Investigator add +2 insight bonus to attack and damage (1/2 his level, actually). Etc.

15d6 +15 intensified, 22d6+22 intensified and empowered (in fact, it would be (15d6+15) x1.5)

I will use Sense Motive.

TheDishwasher wrote:
Sounds good, do you think it would be viable to sneak in intimidating presence and Cornugon smash? Just curious.


1- Raging Vitality.
3- Power Attack
5- Hurtful
7- Cornugon Smash
9- Intimidating Prowess

could be a perfectly viable build. Notice that you need CON 15 for raging vitality, so you can't use exactly the same stats that I proposed above if you want them in this order. Yoy have to take Raging vitality at 5, after rising your Con by 1, or you can reduce your CHA by a bit, if you are not going to cast spells (in that case, take Intimidating prowess sooner, instead of Hurtful)

Nohwear wrote:
If your players are new to RPGs, then are you sure that they actually want to play? This may be a case where they lack maturity, patients, or general interest. Heck, they may simply feel pressured to "try this whole RPG thing," that is what you want to do. Now, this does not necessarily mean that you are doomed. If this is the case, then I would start by just running them through some encounters to ease them in. And always be open to the idea that you may need to simply find a different group to play with.

or maybe it's just that the dungeon with "plenty of traps and encounters" is too challenging and too hurtful for the PC.

I remember wanting to get out of a dungeon once, 20 years ago. I already had a couple of years of experience in RPG, so I was not a complete newbie. The GM liked to "play against the PCs", like if RPGs were some sort of huge HeroQuest and the GM were another player who tries to "win" or something. He was what I now, more experienced, call a "confrontational GM". That GM filled the dungeon with traps and ambushing encounters. A trap in every corridor, every corner, every door. We were hit once and again by traps, surprise encounters, and assaults. Everything was a remainder of "I could kill you all right now if I wanted, but I just want you to suffer pain and shame". We thought "why are we here? This place is hell. There's no way we can get profit this raid, and there's no real point to pass this huge gauntlet of problems. Let's go back". The GM answered saying that "the tide has risen, and you are now trapped in the dungeon, you have to go forward". It was one of the few times that I really wanted to leave the game, and stop playing.

TheDishwasher wrote:
gustavo iglesias wrote:

Bloodrager will be better for sure. I took Barbarian only because the OP said barbarian, and maybe he doesn't want to mess with spells and a spell list. But Bloodrager will be my choice for this concept if I were to do it.

Untouchable archetype gives the bloodrager Spell Resist, which also fits the OP concept I guesss

Hey! sorry for the late reply I was playing some payday talking to my DM about the limbs thing, I give up some things, I get it - I still think it's worth, anyways...

What uh..What stat spread should I go with for bloodrager?

Bloodragers need Charisma to cast spells, so probably something like Str 18, Dex 14 Con 14 Int 6 Wis 10 Cha 14, after modifiers, is a good place to start. Abyssal Bloodline and Steelblood archetype so you get heavy armor proficiency (and casting spells while in Heavy Armor). Get as well Primal Rager archetype, and rage powers.

With untouchable archetype you'll lose the spells (but keep the enlargment), in exchange of spell resistance. While normally I wouldn't suggest it, as spells are too sexy, maybe if you don't want to mess with a spell list and having spells and such, you can take a look at it.

Heretek wrote:
Dungeon crawls are my favorite part.

Clearly, they aren't the favorite part of your players. Maybe they like more wilderness exploration, or social interaction with NPCs, or urban settings, or whatever. So there's not a lot of things you can do here, except maybe finding another group, or talking to your players and find a compromise, where they focus in the dungeon while they are there, and you try to give them plenty of other non-dungeon things to do.

Don't want to sound confrontational, but several of the things you have explained to me, probably will not make me happy as a player either. Not being able to leave the dungeon sounds pretty rail-roady to me. And "have an interesting Dungeon keeper" has some vibe on it that makes it sound like if you are playing the Dungeon Keeper role.

So, for the sake of fairness, If I were you I would try to breath deeply, remove myself from the picture a bit, and try to fairly address if it's possible that it's me the one who is being a pain in the ass, and I'm angry with my players because they don't bend to my will.

Bloodrager will be better for sure. I took Barbarian only because the OP said barbarian, and maybe he doesn't want to mess with spells and a spell list. But Bloodrager will be my choice for this concept if I were to do it.

Untouchable archetype gives the bloodrager Spell Resist, which also fits the OP concept I guesss

Guru-Meditation wrote:
Nice fluff. Absolutly not problematic from a gamebalance viewpoint.

In fact, it's so cool, that I'm going to give it for free in the next AP that I GM, which is probably going to be Mummy's Mask. If someone makes an Ifriti char, I'd let a trait that gives him minor wishcrafting at will, no need to be a half-tiefling half-human adopted by genies or whatever.

Very cool, flavourful ability, which could have moderate usefullness, and won't break anything. Exactly the kind of stuff I like to encourage.

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