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grodog's page

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It appears 3.5e/d20 format in the Maure Castle issue #23 of the Oerth Journal @

Rob had the 1e version on the Pied Piper site and you can access that @ .com/joomla/index.php?option=com_content&view=category&layout=blog& amp;id=44&Itemid=47


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Happy to help, baron! :D Unfortunately, I haven't had any time to update my other Wyre-related bookmarks for non-Rogues Gallery rules discussions that Sep started, and I don't think they work after EnW changed their URLs schema.

Just in case, though, here they are:

The first two are conversions for daemons and such that Sep liked. The last two are for his old non-Wyre SH.

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Has anyone attempted to create a Maure family tree, by chance? I haven't yet, but was toying with the idea earlier today, and figured if someone else had already done so, it would save me a little research effort :D

Jason Zavoda's last index update predates the Maure Castle issue of Dungeon, so there's not a lot out there on the Maures otherwise:

Zavoda wrote:

Altenmaure [PRV]
LGJ#5 - 31

Maure (House of)[CLN]
LGG - 125,126

Maure Castle {Mauve}[CTL]
DRG#191 - 66
FTAA - 73
FTAC - 30
LGG - 125,126
LGJ#0 - 5,9
SOOC - 7,289,290,292
TAB - 3,8,101,IBC
TAB:AM - 1
WG5 - 3,4,13,16,26
WG11 - IC
WGA4 - 49

Maure Lands [PLC]
LGG - 125,126
LGJ#5 - 31

Mauritian Declenn (General)[F9][NPC]
WGR4 - 26,36,41

I included a few like the last entry in case they were potentially related or named after the Maures.


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