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grodog's page

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It appears 3.5e/d20 format in the Maure Castle issue #23 of the Oerth Journal @

Rob had the 1e version on the Pied Piper site and you can access that @ .com/joomla/index.php?option=com_content&view=category&layout=blog& amp;id=44&Itemid=47


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FYI for the curious!: ith.html


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The PPP site is now down (and likely permanently), but you can still access the Maure Materials via com/index.php/RobsWork/maure_casle

leads to .com/joomla/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=53&Ite mid=40

and .com/joomla/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=54&Ite mid=38

IIRC both of these were also published in OJ23.


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From my POV they are in fact different, but closely-related, dungeons: ERK was Rob's original campaign dungeon for the Kalibruhn campaign setting (like Castles Blackmoore and Greyhawk were the campaign dungeons for those settings). Maure Castle was the "equivalent" to ERK in Greyhawk, but as outlined in Dungeon 112, the original levels of MC don't align (to my understanding) of the original levels in ERK. So, I think there is definitely cross-pollination going on, I'm just not sure how much the two are "the same": if it's only 30% that's potentially a big difference vs. say 70-80% similarity.

I'll see if Rob can stop by and chime in here with some more-authoritative input....


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I thought folks might not have noticed some recent posts on Rob's blog about his plans to release levels from Castle El Raja Key in 2010: see in general, and -key.html in particular.


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Happy to help, baron! :D Unfortunately, I haven't had any time to update my other Wyre-related bookmarks for non-Rogues Gallery rules discussions that Sep started, and I don't think they work after EnW changed their URLs schema.

Just in case, though, here they are:

The first two are conversions for daemons and such that Sep liked. The last two are for his old non-Wyre SH.

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Has anyone attempted to create a Maure family tree, by chance? I haven't yet, but was toying with the idea earlier today, and figured if someone else had already done so, it would save me a little research effort :D

Jason Zavoda's last index update predates the Maure Castle issue of Dungeon, so there's not a lot out there on the Maures otherwise:

Zavoda wrote:

Altenmaure [PRV]
LGJ#5 - 31

Maure (House of)[CLN]
LGG - 125,126

Maure Castle {Mauve}[CTL]
DRG#191 - 66
FTAA - 73
FTAC - 30
LGG - 125,126
LGJ#0 - 5,9
SOOC - 7,289,290,292
TAB - 3,8,101,IBC
TAB:AM - 1
WG5 - 3,4,13,16,26
WG11 - IC
WGA4 - 49

Maure Lands [PLC]
LGG - 125,126
LGJ#5 - 31

Mauritian Declenn (General)[F9][NPC]
WGR4 - 26,36,41

I included a few like the last entry in case they were potentially related or named after the Maures.


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Valmoth Galvador wrote:
Just a quick question, but does everybody remember the 8 pointed star at the Unopenable Doors? I was reading through my collection of Dungeon magazines recently and I remember reading about some treasure that included a triangular metal plate that was keyed to a plane. These two seem to be connected and I was wondering whether anybody had any hard facts on these mysterious plates?

There's not a lot of info on them, Valmoth Galvador. Your best sources for lore are:

WG5's 'Entering the Level' on pages 4-5 wrote:

Characters who examine the floor here will note that there is an eight-pointed star chiseled into the stone. The points of the star are entirely cleaned out, as if something is supposed to be set into them. The “something” which is meant to be inset is a set of eight metal triangles, each about the size of a halfling’s hand and each of a Merent hue. In the Greyhawk Campaign, each plate was enchanted to a different plane typically a special demi-plane or similar place. Thus, a double adventure was set up for each of the eight triangles. First came the search for the metal plaque, and then came the adventure of traveling to the destination encoded on the plaque, exploring, and finding a way back. When the whole WORLD OF GREYHAWK Campaign series is eventually completed, the eight triangles will be placed therein, as will the destinations encoded upon them. Until such time, you may either leave the eight-pointed star as an enigma, or else decide for yourself the locations of the plates and their mysterious destinations. Then, either in this dungeon complete (or in another), your adventurers may find a special treasure--an explanation of the power of the eight-pointed start and its metal pieces, and a clue as to where one of them might be found. Thereafter, you have a whole new set of adventures for your campaign!--EGG

In addition to what is revealed in Dungeons 112, 124, and 139, you'll find a few other tidbits out there:

  • The Age of Worms AP includes one of the pieces of the eight-pointed star as part of Dragotha's treasure hoard in Dungeon 134's "Into the Wormcrawl Fissure"
  • Erik Mona wrote two RPGA adventures for Living Greyhawk back in Year 1. They were part of an intended series of seven modules titled "Absolute Power" that has not yet been completed (I'm eternally hopeful); the two adventures are entitled "River of Blood" (an allusion to S2 White Plume Mountain), and "As I Lay Dying" and contain some clues and hints about the eight-pointed stars.
  • The Living Greyhawk logo itself features the eight stars in it; you can see it in the LGJ #4 issue on @ /cover_500.jpg

I can't think of any other sources about the eight-pointed star, offhand.


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