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gran rey de los surround sound's page

240 posts. Alias of gran rey de los mono.


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I used to love Kaboom cereal.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Disliking Facebook is SO mainstream. True hipsters like Facebook, but only ironically.

The NSA wrote:
Don't mind me. I'm just reading your email.

Let me know if there's anything important, okay?

If you want the poop to go away, you need to flush.

Conmand the Bardbarian is banned for singing while angry.

rashly5 is banned because I've forgotten what I started fighting for.


hobbsdadolfin is banned for daring to return.

Mark Hoover is banned for remembering.

<insert interrobang here>

1 person marked this as a favorite.

MagusJanus is banned because my future self is a dick.

Of course, SnowJade's grandmother learned to cook at the Olive Garden.

BigDTBone is banned because this one is even longer.

I say you are tasty when battered and deep fried.

Belphegor is banned for looking to the right.

Painful Bugger is banned for feeling entitled.

Or we could use SnowJade's pelt.

lucky7 is banned for asking what the fox says.

Alan Alda. Joe Pesci!

Patrick Stewart Patrick Swayze Danica Patrick Patrick Ewing.

George Foreman.

Gruumash . is banned because I hate that song.

SnowJade is banned for making me sleepy. Seriously, dude, stop yawning!

lucky7 is banned for not flossing.

What did he say?

SnowJade is banned for putting the Super Soaker in the dog's food bowl.

lucky7 is banned for causing the extinction of the dinosaurs.

lucky7 is banned for locking his differential.

lucky7 is banned for forgetting to clean his contacts.

lucky7 is banned for leaving the door open.

Dr G House MD, DDS, DVM is banned for picking his nose.

lucky7 is banned to revive the thread.


lucky7 is banned because when I posted it, there was some kind of glitchy thing going on (maybe with just my computer, I don't know) where sometimes it would show my post ahead of yours, and then I would refresh and it would show your post ahead of mine. So, I blame Gary.

I am also surprised you like it.

I'm not sure why I'm surprised, but I am.

lucky7 is banned for rearing the feaper.

lucky7 is banned because here is a list.

I'm not sure anything you do could be bad for your image. It's pretty bad already.

lucky7 is banned for failing to whistle more than 1 note.

Lluna Godslave is banned for trying to look at her own ear.

lucky7 is banned because it still sounds like a disease.

lucky7 is banned because Gnomonia sounds like a respiratory infection.

lucky7 is banned for whistling out of tune.

lucky7 is banned for not banning with elan.

lucky7 is banned for failing to control himself.

IS THIS BETTER?!?!?!?!!?!?

Charles Scholz is banned because Deal With It!

Seems about as likely as you winning this thread.

Doesn't help if no save is allowed.

sdfi4e9asdkfnxclx//..,,,.,.. asdfo934///./ssss6888/-++ dfgkl-v.mb/,.mcp[re[t]]\$#_

Make a Linguistics check.

lucky7 is banned for not feeding those poor, starving pies some yummy, delicious hobbit meat.

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