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Drahliana Moonrunner wrote:
magical effects can not persist from scenario to scenario.

Some can, but those are specifically noted.

Baleful Polymorph isn't one that can, though.

Grand Lodge *****

For some time now Ive wanted to play a Wizard in a homegame who baleful polymorphs monsters into bunnies and such, and then keeps those around, and uses them later on in the game by reverting them to their original form once Ive 'gifted' it to a bad guy.

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Justin McNeely wrote:
Sent to you again, Bob, but since this is response number three at this point, can this message act as my response?

I wouldn't count on it, though I just sent him a FB message telling him you posted here about this, in case he misses the email again (which I assume you did send, based on your post).

Good luck!

Grand Lodge *****

Tonya is at Origins right now, so it'll probably be a little while longer before she can respond.

Grand Lodge *****

Thanks, John! Just wanted to make sure I wasn't overlooking anything. :)

Grand Lodge *****

You are correct. All of the Thornkeep levels give 3xp and 4pp/fame.

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Risen Demon wrote:

I just checked the map of Locations that nosig posted and there's only one store nearby, and they don't run games often :/

godsDMit, the person who covers the area closest on that list to me is an hour from where I live, so I dunno if I should contact them about the situation. Would they still be able to help me out?

Askdal Alehart, although I'm looking to play in almost any game, I would absolutely prefer to play my own character. Are there many online games available that would allow me to play with my own?

I would suggest still contacting them, yes. I used to be on that list and lived an hour or so from the main shop I coordinated at. Even if they don't coordinate anything near you, they might know who to point you towards. :)

Grand Lodge *****

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Alternatively, check out this page for your area and find the closest person, then contact them.

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1 person marked this as a favorite.

PFS 00-01: The Silent Tide
I still consider this scenario one of the best scenarios (even over some of the evergreens) for introducing the game to new players. The combats are interesting and unique (especially the piano), and the scenario gives chances for skill challenges and roleplaying.

PFS 01-46 Eyes of the Ten, Part 1: Requiem for the Red Raven
Do yourself a favor and don't play this series unless you've played a good bit of Seasons 0 and 1. There are callbacks to previous scenarios and you wont want to go into this scenario or the series without knowing why some of the stuff is important.
This scenario has the best 'Welcome to high tier play' Ive seen. The combats are rough, the roleplay is awesome, and the story is still among the best PFS has to offer. THIS ONE SCENARIO is why you should want to get a group to 12.

PFS 02-21 The Dalsine Affair
This scenario will likely not be as important or interesting to newer players as it was to the older crowd due to lack of faction missions now, so the major event in this scenario could just be a 'meh' moment for some, but it was awesome for me as a player, and I love GMing it.
The opening of the scenario is great, too.

PFS 03-02 Sewer Dragons of Absalom
I really enjoy this scenario. The roleplay and story are interesting, and the combats are far from ordinary. None of them are challenging on their own, but if you dont step lightly, you might end up in over your head.
Plus, dragons. I mean, c'mon. Who doesn't love dragons.

PFS 04-11 The Disappeared
This scenario was unlike any other at the time of it's release, and it's been one of my favorites since then. The story is interesting (and part of my favorite PFS meta-plot), the roleplay is excellent. The combats are meh, but those aren't the focus of the story.

PFS 05-01 The Glass River Rescue/ 05-14 Day of the Demon
I cant pick between these two.
Glass River's second half is amazing for roleplay and this scenario is the only one Ive seen to so easily split the party, and the party split so willingly.
Day of the Demon (another entry, though a minor one, in my favorite meta-plot) is more or less a dungeon crawl, but the encounters are awesome and the story is very cool.

PFS 06-07 Valley of the Veiled Flame
I really enjoyed the roleplay in this scenario. It puts the players in a difficult situation and you need to find the correct way to get out of it. And the bestter you do over the course of the scenario, the more the ending is changed. It's unique, interesting, and a lot of fun.

PFS 07-17 Thralls of the Shattered God
Holy crap, go play this scenario. No wait...first go play Traitor's Lodge, then go play this one. It's amazing and a lot of fun. The encounters are challenging and you better be able to think of creative solutions to creative problems, or else you might need a hand with the ending.
If you haven't gotten to play this one and have some time at Gencon, you might want to try to snag a table of it there. Andrew Hoskins, the 5-star GM, VC, author of the scenario is going to be running it a bunch, I hear.

Grand Lodge *****

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Eric Clingenpeel wrote:
Thankfully my wife is volunteering again this year so I know I have someone I don't have to worry about snuggling with. ;D


...I mean with my wife, not yours... ;)

Grand Lodge *****

So I want to make sure Im understanding a few things correctly that are included in the rules, cause they are a bit different than previous years, iirc.

These aren't spoilers for the scenario itself, but in the interest of not spoiling anything for anyone, Im spoiling the questions. Please spoil your answers.

1. Using these pregens only for the mod? So if someone does have a goblin PC that's still 1-2 they cant play it in this? I believe in all previous instances it was allowed. Either that or the scenario itself allows it (which this one does, too, but that's not the point) and I just mistakenly allowed it anyway. If that is the case I assume its cause the pregens are all npc classes and a PC class would outshine them, which is understandable.
2. The chronicle doesn't seem to grant a conditional second PP for playing the thing ON Free RPG Day 2016 like the past couple have. I assume this was intentional, considering the boon (which I LOVE, btw. It's hilarious and awesome).
3. Assuming 2 is correct, then while I applaud the efforts for the reduced amount to Raise the character is the pregen should die, it falls short of actually mattering for those most likely to die, the brand new player, as they wont have the ability to have earned 2 PP to use for the Raise...

Am I missing anything here?


Grand Lodge *****

Eric Clingenpeel wrote:
BigNorseWolf wrote:
I thought we were in the Weston?
We are, which is probably why he didn't see fridges listed. ;)

For the last 3 years in the Marriott my room had a fridge in it each time. An empty one to store stuff.

Also, for those wondering about food, if nothing else there is a vendor for the convention center literally right outside the Sagamore. If you walk out of the straight straight forward from the stage (or where it has been and I assume will continue to be) it'll be on your left in the hallway.

Grand Lodge *****

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Fromper wrote:
Occasionally visited by celebrities (I saw Wil Wheaton there once).

If you mean you saw Wil Wheaton there and it was during Gencon, its cause he goes to Gencon. But apparently he considers it a pretty crass if you come up and gush at him while he's there. He is just attending the con like any other gamer and doesn't want to be treated special just cause he's him.

I walked by him in the dealer hall a couple years ago and almost made the mistake of being like 'Hey dude, Tabletop is awesome.', but remembered at the last second. :P

Grand Lodge *****

TOZ wrote:
Jolene Danner wrote:
jon dehning wrote:

HQ Slot 3: Try to remember why hitting the Steak 'n Shake at 4am was "A good idea"

Steak 'n Shake is ALWAYS a good idea! mmmmmm
Wait, there is a Steak 'n Shake, why was I not informed?

Cause you skipped out last year? ;)

Grand Lodge *****

Chris Lambertz wrote:
Sin of Asmodeus wrote:
Chris Lambertz wrote:
The Paizo Community Team does not have the bandwidth available to moderate additional groups on other websites, given the amount of effort is already diverted to our own forums. However, I am interested in hearing feedback on what one would expect from an official Facebook (page, not group) for PFS in terms of content. Our review of social media accounts is pretty frequent, and we welcome ideas :)


Insider looks at upcoming product. Sketches of artwork in varied stages of design, a blast or blog from upper echelons every now and again.
Highlight some various conventions featuring paizo staff or the hot names in the company.
Chapter splashes from new (fantasy) books / novels to generate excitement over them with tie ins for society.
I could go on and on.
I suppose I should clarify with: content that wouldn't normally be featured on the Paizo page.

Things I would like to see:

~Links to PFS-related blog posts
~Paizo Employee AMAs?
~PfS question of the week? (Favorite NPC, class, race, scenario?)
~PFS Author of the month? With a little description and update about what they've been working on outside of just PFS?
~Gentle yet firm enforcement of 'This is a group for PFS, not PFRPG in general'.
~Occasional contests?

Grand Lodge *****

If this somehow got broken down into 5-Stars (or just GM stars) by population density, I'd put money down that this region (southern Illinois, Carbondale-Marion area) would be near the top.

Grand Lodge *****

Steven Schopmeyer wrote:
All of the admins are volunteers, not Paizo employees.

And that's the problem, as "not the best" is the most polite way I can describe those volunteers.

(Or at least the one who were there when I was still in it. Like I said, I left the group awhile back.)

Grand Lodge *****

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William Ronald wrote:
Companies do try out rules sets.

1. I fully believe that the alternate rules presented in Pathfinder Unchained is a test of possible new rules for an eventual Pathfinder 2.0. They wanted to see player reaction to those before deciding if they are something theyd want to incorporate into a new edition.

2. I do NOT think Starfinder is Pathfinder 2.0, as its backwards compatible with existing Pathfinder rules.

Grand Lodge

2 people marked this as a favorite.

I wont force you to roleplay, but if youre gonna make rolls, its likely that I will ask you what you are saying. Im not the most eloquently worded person myself, so if youre more comfortable giving me something like "I ask him about the missing dagger." instead of "Sir, I was wondering what information you might have about the missing dagger?" then you'll get no flack from me for it. I just want something more than "Diplomacy! 20! Yes!" :P

Grand Lodge *****

Terminalmancer wrote:

I mostly agree with everyone here, some sort of credit would be nice but free unlimited replay is bad. Spitballing some ideas:

- Let GM replay stars apply to getting GM credit for a scenario?
- Let GMs re-reunning scenarios mark "replay" on a chronicle and apply that chronicle as a 1 XP, 2 PP, 500 gp, no items/no boons chronicle to a first-level character? (how many people like level 1 anyway?)
- Let GMs clearly mark "replay" on a chronicle which counts as a no-XP, no-PP, no-Gold/items/boons chronicle to a character for faction credit? (those things are a pain to fill up anyway)
- Add one-line GM boons to each chronicle that add something small but fun that increases with GM credit? Ex: "GM reward: check one box every time you GM this scenario. For every box checked, this character receives a +1 bonus on Knowledge: Engineering checks related to bridges."

Unless something has changed, you can already use your GM star replays to get a second GM credit for a scenario.

Grand Lodge *****

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Back before I got left the group there were a LOT of people posting questions that would have been better suited to the Pathfinder RPG page than the PFS page.

Grand Lodge *****

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andreww wrote:
I see quite a lot of Kitsune and almost none of the rest.

I'm the only person I know with a Wayang character, and it's a Witch that is a birthday party clown as his day job.

That one kid at every party who's afraid of clowns? That's the kid who beat the save to see through the Hat of Disguise. ;)

Grand Lodge *****

1 person marked this as a favorite.


Grand Lodge *****

Tineke Bolleman wrote:
Oh, now I need a full set so I can wear them like pokemon gymleader badges.

Yea, but that just shows everybody that you weren't a strong enough trainer to get the 8th badge and take on the Elite 4. :P

Dear Paizo, please make an 8th pin for...reasons... >.>

Grand Lodge *****

I hope not.

Though Im still likely going to want to buy a set. :P

Grand Lodge *****

Congrats, Ray!

Grand Lodge *****

Da Wander wrote:
Perhaps he cast it on a glove? or a piece of jewelry? or ... something? I have mine cast on a tongue ring... so when I smile flames sparkle between...

This was going to be my suggestion, too. If he cast it on the glove, you could wear the glove all the time and take it off when you need to make use of darkness, instead of the spell being cast on your hand and putting the glove on for darkness.

Alternatively, a ring? Burnt out ioun stone and then implant it?

Grand Lodge *****

If the party got the BBEG and ran away without even attempting a fight, I would:

1. Make sure to mark any and all items they hadn't earned off of the sheet.
2. Make any Paladins atone (Warpriest, too?)
3. Make a note on each player's chronicle about how, despite earning full rewards, they were too cowardly to face the BBEG.
4. Play up the cowardly thing with Society NPCs every time I ran for them ever again.

Grand Lodge *****

These threads are my favorite part about this con that Ive never been able to get to. I'll have to try to fix that sometime.

Pain, you going to Gencon again this year?

Grand Lodge *****

They still get full exp/PP/Fame.

Until there are actual goals released for modules and APs, they technically exist outside of of the Society, so the Society itself doesn't have way of gauging whether or not you did the best thing. You still get experience cause you did some adventuring, and you still get Fame/PP cause the Society does recognize that you did something noteworthy, but they cant penalize you for something you did in your downtime.

I like to think of them as 'extended Day Jobs'. Sort of. :p

Grand Lodge *****

Mekkis wrote:
meepothegreat wrote:
Mekkis wrote:

As a player, I don't want to be compelled to purchase a new book, just because it contains an updated version of a legal option that my character has been using for years. It's bad PR and breeds resentment.

It also affects my back and my luggage allowance.

I know it doesn't work for everyone, but the pdf's really helped me with this. Now I just carry a core rule book. (I actually gave it away recently to a little girl who was playing and didn't have one.)
Regardless, compelling people to purchase a new book, even a PDF, is horrible policy.

You aren't compelled to buy an updated item.

Splat books don't get updates, so your version is a perfectly fine source, even if the item gets updated in another book. If you still want a Jingasa or another updated item and your source is the originally-worded splatbook, you may want to go online and print the newer wording from there, just so you have the current wording with you, but there will be no need to rebuy the book as it isn't updated.

As for the hardbound books, the ones that do get updates, just print out the changelog and stick the papers inside the front cover of the book. No repurchase required.

Also, if you have the PDF of the hardbound books, those DO get updated, and the new version is then put into your downloads for free. You don't have to rebuy it just cause it gets updated.

Hope that helps! :)

Grand Lodge *****

Todd Morgan wrote:
godsDMit wrote:

Why don't you just come out and say 'Im kind of a big deal.', Todd?

Sheesh! The ego on this guy!


I have you to say it for me ;-)

Gah! I fell for it again!



Grand Lodge *****

2 people marked this as a favorite.

I don't mind the nerf itself, I just think it was nerfed into the 'I probably wont ever buy one of these' range. Changing from Luck to Deflection is huge, IMO.

Im actually more annoyed that I need to go back and figure out how many, if any, of my characters have any of these things so I know what I want/need to sell back. :P

Grand Lodge *****

BigNorseWolf wrote:
nosig wrote:
BigNorseWolf wrote:
Every archer should spend 200 gp and just get 1000 cold iron arrows, and never have to track regular ammo purchases again.
still gotta track them. Otherwise you'll hit the guy who says "exactly how many do you have left? don't know? I guess that was your last one that you just shot right there Hawkeye..."
746. You always have 746 left

Im that guy.

I ran Eyes of the Ten last year and was going to have 2 gunslingers. Apparently neither of them had been tracking ammo for awhile. I did some math and told them to spend 3000 and 5000 respectively based on my math (which they agreed was a reasonable number of shots per scenario over the career of the character) and that would catch them up to date. Anything else theyd need for Eyes and beyond, theyd still need to purchase.

Arrows may be cheaper, but its a necessary expense.

Grand Lodge *****

1. Havent looked at it in awhile, but Im pretty certain you have to buy the parcel of land of your choice at the time you receive the chronicle. You cant hold off until later and then by 5 parcels on 5 different chronicles all at once.

2. This is false. Day Jobs and Land Rush are fine together. Some of the Land Rush even give bonsues to Day Jobs.

Grand Lodge *****

Why don't you just come out and say 'Im kind of a big deal.', Todd?

Sheesh! The ego on this guy!


Grand Lodge *****

Keep checking back. Periodically people will sell tickets back if their plans change. And I saw a post on here a couple days ago by someone who said he has been able to buy a ticket on the day of the special at Gencon for the past 3 years.

All hope isn't lost. Good luck!

Grand Lodge *****

Sometimes I'll use my reroll as a GM, though most of those times I give the roll to a player.


2 character deaths, neither permanent. Both things that killed me were CR 15.

Grand Lodge *****

Andrew Christian wrote:
Mitch Mutrux wrote:
Andrew Christian wrote:
I'm done arguing the point. A revision to this loophole has been suggested to Tonya.

I disagree with calling it a loophole, it seems like it is there intentionally to protect players. Paticularly newer and more inexperienced players who might have to play pregens and bank higher level multiple times for reasons beyond their control, like only having one or two characters.

But at this point, I think both sides have laid out heir positions about as well as we can, and it's time for us all to give this topic a break for now.

The implications of how this might affect a newer player is not lost on me. This can be accommodated by local venture officers using thier discretion to reassign that credit if necessary.

I think youre right, Andy. That said, assuming the ruling falls the way we both think it should, might I suggest clarifying language being added differentiating between 'Assigning' a chronicle and 'Applying' a chronicle? That seems like it would be beneficial in clearing up the language and the intended meaning.

Grand Lodge *****

plaidwandering wrote:

Wasn't there some exception somewhere that you could play a pregen of = level if you had forgotten or lost the character? I could swear I had seen that.

I moved 5,000 miles with literally only what I could carry a few months back, and my character paperwork apparently didn't all make it.

I need to get a number changed if not.

The credit for playing the pregen HAS to go a 1st level character or a character of lower level than the pregen.

However, you CAN play (for example) a 7th level pregen even if you have a 7th level character. Just cause you have a character available in tier of the adventure doesn't mean you have to play it in that adventure.

As far as the character paperwork:
If you lost chronicles, try to get ahold of the GMs or your local VO (either where you moved from or to) and see if they can get you some replacements.
If you lost the character sheets themselves, your best bet is to recreate the character to the best of your ability, though you may want to talk to your local VOs, just to let them know that's what has happened.

Grand Lodge *****

TOZ wrote:
I was talking more about the Character Journal.

Oh, yea, I totally knew that.



Grand Lodge *****

TOZ wrote:


Or do like I do and track when chronicles will apply.

Before Kristen and I stepped down, she kept a log similar to this, though she used Excel and colored the cells instead of using letters.

Purple= Played
Green= GMed
Black= Both

Once Core was added, she just duplicated the lists of scenarios and started another section for that.

We don't do upkeep on it now that we've retired from VO service, but I think a couple other people here still use it. We've mostly moved over to the PFS Sessiontracker site that Auke advertised awhile back.

Grand Lodge *****

Moral of the thread: Don't play a level 7 pregen through a 3-7 scenario.

Grand Lodge *****

Michael Meunier wrote:
One other quick note that I haven't seen addressed, if you're flying and don't want to spend big $$ on bag fees, only bring the GM gear you need. Pre-plan your minis so you're not bringing a ton for example. Books-on-device are essential to making this work. Also, flip-mats are your friend (especially when, after you printed one out, someone spills Dew on it first slot...).

Two notes to help enhance Michael's points:

1. The pogs from the Bestiary boxes tend to be lighter and take up less space than actual minis, so you might want to go for those instead if you have them available. And YES, only pack the ones you need.

2. Ive seen several people plan to just use their Paizo credit in the booth real quick to get the flipmat they need real quick for a slot. Just a general heads up, if this year is like previous years, you will NOT be given line cutting priveleges just because you are a GM and need to get something for your game before the slot starts. And Paizos vendor line tends to be long. So do your best to bring everything you need with you or make arrangements to borrow it from someone else who has it (who you trust not to forget to pack it).

Grand Lodge *****

BigNorseWolf wrote:

Has anyone ever tried pasting/glueing the chronicles into a sketchbook or something more permanant?

I'd love to have the money to get a glowforge or something and scan/burn the chronicles into a journal .. someday....

Since I keep most of my character sheets on HeroLab now, I just glue the sheets and boons and such to the back of my iPad for safe keeping.


Grand Lodge *****

Fromper wrote:
godsDMit wrote:


HQ Slot 7: Marshaling
HQ Slot 8: Celebrating my wife's birthday at Fogo
Your wife's birthday is the Sunday of GenCon? Mine too!

Kristen's is actually Saturday, but we figured it would be easier to go someplace nice for dinner with friends on Sunday night after the con is over than to try to arrange everyone having the same slot off.

Grand Lodge *****

HQ Slot 1: Dealer Hall + Lord of the Rings LCG Gencon Quest
HQ Slot 2: Marshaling

HQ Slot 3: Android: Netrunner LCG North American Championship
HQ Slot 4: Marshaling

HQ Slot 5: Marshaling
HQ Slot 6:Marshaling

HQ Slot 7: Marshaling
HQ Slot 8: Celebrating my wife's birthday at Fogo

Grand Lodge *****

trollbill wrote:

That's what you get for having 5 Stars.

Of course, I am running all 3 PreGen, gotta have 4-stars to GM, Specials. So I guess that's what I get for having 4 Stars.

1. Stars are not always a good indicator of quality. That's not me calling out anyone in particular, but a lot of starts =/= a good Gm automatically.

2. Unless they've changed how theyre assigning scenarios this year, Im pretty sure at PaizoCon and Gencon you don't have to have 4/5 stars to run the 4/5 star Special scenarios. That would be too limiting on the schedule and people.

Grand Lodge *****

Michael Eshleman wrote:

Last year I volunteered for all 10 slots (including all 4 specials). I was released from three of those slots, but in two of them I stepped in to run tables in need of a GM. One of them was Scions of the Sky Key Part 1; the other was during Serpent's Rise when I ran various Phantom Phenomena quests cold.

I believe that I used my other released slot to take a nap! :)

I was the one organizing those tables. I appreciate very much your willingness to step up like that. It helped us a lot in speeding up the process in getting players seated with the quests. :)

Grand Lodge *****

claudekennilol wrote:
godsDMit wrote:

I hadn't looked up the mechanical effects. Now that someone else shared them, change my answer to 'Id allow you to take those penalties, but wouldn't give you the benefits'.

claudekennilol wrote:
godsDMit wrote:
...So basically, there is nothing saying you can play a deaf character...
I don't understand how you went from saying "there is nothing legal that says you can do this" to "I'd allow it."

Basically, there is nothing allowing it means there is no rule in a book or Guide that the player can point back to and show that they are 100% allowed to do it. (EDIT: So if they want to do this, they should expect table variation.)

However, since there is nothing strictly forbidding it (reskinning, maybe?), if someone came to my table and asked if they could just artibrarily give their character a "–4 penalty on initiative checks, automatically fails Perception checks based on sound, takes a –4 penalty on opposed Perception checks, and has a 20% chance of spell failure when casting spells with verbal components", then I wouldn't stop them from doing it, as long as the other players at the table were ok with it.

If they don't care, then the deaf character's player isn't being a jerk (so that rule isn't broken), and if you want to make a scenario harder on yourself, then that's fine with me. If that's how you enjoy your roleplay, then I wouldn't hamper you for it.

Is that reskinning? I dunno. Maybe? That's why I suggested they buy earplugs or something else to help simulate the effect.

If I have an extremely passive GM that won't disallow it, can I just have Haste always on? As long as the other players don't say no I guess I don't see why not.

1. Im talking about just the penalties, not the benefits.

2. If you don't like what I said, good for you. All of the penalties for deafness are things the player can impose on themselves with or without the GM's permission, at least sort of, anyway.

-4 Init? Delay in combat.
Auto-fail sound-based Perception checks? Don't act on the knowledge that you heard it.
-4 on Perception checks? Same. as above. Or if you get a 20 and you make the check, ask if a 16 would have made it. If the GM will give the answer, then act accordingly.
20% spell failure? Wear armor? Just roll the check anyway and decide not to cast if you 'fail'? I dunno, this one would be weird, but its not an issue at all if you cant cast spells.

All of this could be crossing the Don't be a Jerk line, but that's why I suggested asking the other players.

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