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godsDMit's page

2,970 posts. Alias of Disturbed1.


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Grand Lodge

Everything has been sold.

Grand Lodge *****

You may also want to do Day of the Demon, but it's tangentially related, and shouldn't be run til after The Disappeared to avoid spoilers.

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GM Lamplighter wrote:
nosig wrote:
I have no idea how it can be run in less than two hours -

The situation I believe involved the same players sitting at the table for all five games, running through it over and over to get that 1 xp on a bunch of aasimar/tiefling PCs before the deadline expired.

You know, the exact thing campaign staff asked us to not do when they announced the upcoming change, even though it was "technically" legal.

(Sidebar: this is why I now weigh in heavily on rules to prevent abuse, rather than just letting players and GMs be reasonable and use common sense.)

These are the kinds of people I wish would just go play something else.

Grand Lodge *****

pH unbalanced wrote:
nosig wrote:
I've run this a number of time (6 or 7 I think) - it's actually one of my favorite evergreens. I have no idea how it can be run in less than two hours - even skipping the briefing, and the players sidestepping all the encounters they can sneak past. I know I often run long with it... Even with mostly players who have played it before.

My understanding is that if you know the layout you can just skip to the end, without fighting anything but the end boss.

** spoiler omitted **

Response to the Spoiler:

That should result in a chronicle with 0exp (3 encounters not encountered), very little gold (only the stuff from the end boss), and whatever the appropriate amount of PP is for just fighting the end boss (whatever that would be here, but probably 0).

Of course, the GM in question has to actually care about it being done correctly for that to matter, though, so :(

Grand Lodge

So my wife and I have decided to get rid of all of our PACG stuff. We have complete box sets for all three APs so far, a Cleric class deck, and the Iconic Heroes cards from sets 1-3.

Feel free to send me a PM if any of this interests you. US only, sorry.

(Mods, don't really know if advertising something for sale is kosher right here, but if not, can you please direct me for where to advertise this?)

Grand Lodge *****

Ignore the FAQ request. That was me. I hit the wrong button.

Also, I agree with you, Bart.

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Bob Jonquet wrote:
Finlanderboy wrote:
Well they would need some means to communicate to their faction. If they are int he jungle and have 5 PP does not mean they can *bamf* someone in. They would need some means to communicate that
That's just a suspension of disbelief issue. Many GMs for the sake of "fun" and getting player back into the game will allow it. The extra five prestige points and two negative levels seems punishment enough. YMMV


The idea of needing someone to tell your faction fails because otherwise a TPK would result in no one being able to be raised at all because there would be no one to tell anyone that anybody died.

Also, I agree with MOST of what Bob is saying in this thread. However, if someone wanted to be raised in the middle of the jungle, Id have them pay 5PP for body recovery +16PP for Raise +4PP for one Restoration. No point in forcing them to pay the Body recovery charge twice. But that's just me.

Grand Lodge *****

Snorter wrote:

"You identify the small, red scaled, winged reptilian creature, with the smoking nostrils, as a red dragon hatchling."

"And the larger, red scaled, winged, reptilian creature, which looks almost exactly like it, who is nuzzling the hatchling, and licking fragments of egg shell from its face?"

"You have noooo ideeeeeaaaa....."

This is a prime example of the problems of a CR-based Identification system. I don't blame Paizo for it, and I don't have a better system in mind, I just don't think it works well.

I also don't like the boon, and run the game as if it didn't exist.

Grand Lodge

Don't remember what any of that does or what the big five items are, but Im game for any of it.

Grand Lodge

150gp to start, or roll/average what the class lists? Either is fine with me.

Grand Lodge


Hoping to my have my character built and input by tomorrow.

Grand Lodge *****

nosig wrote:
godsDMit wrote:

Step 1: Make a Harrower/Fortune Teller or a Diviner.

Step 2: Only play that character through scenarios you have previously GMed (so you know the basic idea of whats coming).
Step 3*: Make incredibly vague statements about whats coming/make general statements like "I have forseen this"/ give knowing glances to NPCs.

*Do this kind of stuff within reason, and probably clear it with the GM first. The goal is to be amusing and play up the mysticism of being able to see the future without ruining anything for anyone else. And make sure you don't steal the spotlight from those playing the scenario for the first time.


it would be even funner (not a typo - funner = more fun) to do it in scenarios you have never played and know nothing about. After all: "Make incredibly vague statements about what's coming/make general statements like "I have forseen this"/ give knowing glances to NPCs..." and PCs alike works great...

"I forsee blood in your future! and ... getting woken up in the middle of the night."

I was meaning more specific than that, but didn't want anyone thinking I was suggesting saying "I forsee goblins attacking" right before you walk into a room with goblins in it.

Grand Lodge *****

Step 1: Make a Harrower/Fortune Teller or a Diviner.
Step 2: Only play that character through scenarios you have previously GMed (so you know the basic idea of whats coming).
Step 3*: Make incredibly vague statements about whats coming/make general statements like "I have forseen this"/ give knowing glances to NPCs.

*Do this kind of stuff within reason, and probably clear it with the GM first. The goal is to be amusing and play up the mysticism of being able to see the future without ruining anything for anyone else. And make sure you don't steal the spotlight from those playing the scenario for the first time.


Grand Lodge *****

It only does nothing if you don't try to find creative ways in which to use it.

Grand Lodge *****

Skipping off the ones that I don't remember/are a GM blob:

1. (Halforc Barbarian) Perform: Oratory

2. (Cleric) Heal

3. (Diviner) A day job would be a frivolous pursuit. My time is better spent pondering the future and how to assist the Society in having it play out in beneficial ways.

4. (Inquisitor) I dare not take time away from the Society. I'm very important, you know. Captain Dreng would be lost without my assistance.

6. (Wayang Witch) Perfom: Birthday Party Clown/Magician. I do basic tricks, some advanced stuff, hypnosis, and more with the help of my assistant Rumblesnuffle! (Who's name is actually Riddywhipple, he just cant get it right.)(You know that one kid who is at the birthday party and cries cause hes scared of the clown? That's the kid who sees through the hat of disguise to see that Im not really a Halfling.)

7. (Chirurgeon Alchemist) Craft: Alchemy

13. (Ratfolk Magus) Profession:, I meant Sailor. *breaks into 'Professional Pirate' song from Muppet Treasure Island*

14. (Halfling Bard) Perform: Sing...and Dance...and Oratory...and Wind Instruments...

16. (Ifrit Gunslinger/Swashbuckler/Magus) Profession: Sailor

22. (Human Hunter) Kova needs no other job during the day. Kova's only concern is to find others like him, those who are worthy, and convince them to join the cause of his great leaders, to help make the world a better place for those who are too weak to do it themselves! (He's Sovereign Court)

Grand Lodge

So assuming 'Ostog' means Erik Mona's 'Ostog the Unslain' then I find that completely ridiculous. There a number of other npcs from actual PFS scenarios that could have been in that place.

If there is some other Ostog in a scenario, I am unaware of its existence, so ignore this post.

Aside from the above, I do find this product interesting.

Grand Lodge *****

Added southern Illinois.

Grand Lodge *****


Id be interested in seeing your build for that character. Ive got one very similar, so Id like to see what you did compared to what I came up with so far (though mine is a level 5 GM blob atm).

Also, if you don't have it already, you may find Opening Volley useful.

Grand Lodge *****

So 30ish pregenerated characters aren't enough for you to choose from?

I also like how you tell them that they cant decide to not make some of them since they've already made some others.


Grand Lodge *****

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Our local group has grown in one venue and grown in another, though I wouldn't attribute any of it to the growth of the AL in the area. And even if it had, both of these are just games. You're likely best off by being friendly and cooperative with the members and organizers of the local AL as they are all potential PFS players as well, if they aren't already.

Before Kristen and I stepped down, the local AL organizer was a good friend of ours. He had played PFS for awhile but wasn't able to make it to many meets as he got a new job, but AL was in a different timeframe that his work schedule allowed. We agreed to make an effort to avoid overlapping game days and times so as to try to draw potential players into both groups and to allow anyone who wanted to play both easy access to both games, without being forced to choose between them. We also worked with new possible venues in the area together, so we could try to grow both groups at each place if possible.

Coincidentally, he now works for Mike Brock. :p

Grand Lodge *****

Rigby Bendele wrote:

Keep in mind that you can also play one subtier away from your in-tier subtier. This means that a 5-6 table can seat a level 4 or level 7 pregen as long as APL is 5-6.

At GenCon last year, one of my friends wanted to play his level 6 and another wanted to play his level 10 in The Sky Key Solution. We managed to get APL to be 8 or something similar. It went better than expected, but still a bit swingy. The level 6 was a frontline rogue and constantly needed the level 10 life oracle's help to stay alive.

I fully support this ticketing process, as well, as it means that GMs are going to be able to better prepared.

This is an important thing to remember when trying to put together your group in the hallway! The only thing I suggest with this is that you tell the other people who you will be grouping with the level of your character, just in case it would force the group as a whole up or down a subtier.

Grand Lodge *****

I fully support this change.

Grand Lodge *****

Get a wand of floating disk for the low levels, then just prep and cast it with a lesser metamagic rod of Extend spell and then you should be good for all day.

It's not the same as a wheelchair, but it's probably a little thematically cooler (unless you just really want the Professor X thing going on), and you're less likely to get smacked by table variation.

Grand Lodge *****

Joe Ducey wrote:
godsDMit wrote:
(so for example, a 5lb hunk of silver is worth 5gp)

Actually silver is a specific trade good, a 5lb. hunk would be worth 25gp.

Trade Goods wrote:

Price Item
1 cp Guinea pig, rat, wheat (1 lb.)
2 cp Beans (1 lb.), cheese (1 lb.), chicken, flour (1 lb.), potatoes (1 lb.), turnips (1 lb.)
3 cp Charcoal (20 lbs.), citrus (1 lb.), nuts (1 lb.), peat (20 lbs.)
5 cp Coffee beans (1 lb.), coal (20 lbs.), masonry stone (1 lb.), sugar (1 lb.)
1 sp Iron (1 lb.)
5 sp Copper (1 lb.), garlic (1 lb.), mint (1 lb.), mustard (1 lb.), oregano (1 lb.), thin leather (1 sq. yard), tobacco (1 lb.)
1 gp Allspice (1 lb.), basil (1 lb.), cinnamon (1 lb.), cloves (1 lb.), dill (1 lb.), glass (1 lb.), goat, honey (1 lb.), maple syrup (1 lb.), nutmeg (1 lb.), rosemary (1 lb.)
2 gp Beaver pelt, chilies (1 lb.), cardamom (1 lb.), cumin (1 lb.), fennel (1 lb.), ginger (1 lb.), pepper (1 lb.), saffron (1 lb.), sheep, vanilla (1 lb.)
3 gp Fox pelt, mink pelt, pig, thick leather (1 sq. yard)
4 gp Ermine pelt, linen (1 sq. yard)
5 gp Marble (1 lb.), salt (1 lb.), seal pelt, silver (1 lb.)
6 gp Wool (1 lb. or 1 sq. yard)
8 gp Cotton (1 lb. or 1 sq. yard)
10 gp Chocolate (1 lb.), cow, darkwood (1 lb.), silk (1 sq. yard)
15 gp Cloves (1 lb.), ox, saffron (1 lb.)
50 gp Cold iron (1 lb.), gold (1 lb.)
300 gp Adamantine (1 lb.)
500 gp Mithral (1 lb.), platinum (1 lb.)

That's silly, but I appreciate the correction. :)

Grand Lodge *****

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Finlanderboy wrote:

Your DM incorrectly handled the situation. I would contact a Venture officer and have them correct it.

I can understand leaving if you have had bad GMs like this. Because if they difficult on rules they are wrong about; well they will be difficult in other areas too.

You had a poor gm find, or be a good one.

1. As a former VC, if this was up to me, I wouldn't 'correct' the situation. Two years is a long time. If you were dissatisfied with the results of the table, it could have been brought up then.

So, sorry, but no.

2. Finlander, your jump to saying that the GM was 'bad' and then reassertion that someone who runs off a player for 2 years is preposterous. Everyone is allowed to make mistakes. Are you insinuating that you've never made a rules mistake in all your 60+ tables of running PFS games? Cause if you have, then by your own comments, youre a bad GM.

The GM in question didn't run MathNerd off. MathNerd chose not to continue playing after he?/she? didn't like how a table came out. I'm not saying MathNerd did anything to deserve less loot than full cause I don't know the details of the table cause I wasn't there, but innocence on the part of the player doesn't automatically mean the GM is 'bad'.

Grand Lodge *****

Matthew Morris wrote:
June Soler wrote:
Oooh I just might use my boon to make the first ever Golarion Chickenhawk...with green feathers.....tengu im no tengu im a chickenhawk and I aint afraid of nutin'

I've threatened our local group with a Falcata wielding kirtsune swashbuckler, who raised as a taldan orphan knows nothing about being a kitsune. When he adopts his (un)natural form he's not taking on his fox shape. Rather he's embracing his true nature...

... as a were Chihuahua. :-)

"Don't make me angry. You wouldn't like me when I'm angry."

Is this a reference to Naruto or Inuyasha or something else?

Grand Lodge *****

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Drizz'ts Panther wrote:
Meowth sayeth I

Guenhwyvar is a member of Team Rocket now?

Grand Lodge *****

Happy birthday, John!

Grand Lodge *****

BigNorseWolf wrote:

And, if an item lacks a Paizo price, does this mean it is truly unavailable in PFS play? How does this interact with PFS legal spells/feats/traits which require the unavailable item?

If a cost isn't listed it comes in a material components pouch. Otherwise what are you trying to get?

Material (M): A material component consists of one or more physical substances or objects that are annihilated by the spell energies in the casting process. Unless a cost is given for a material component, the cost is negligible. Don't bother to keep track of material components with negligible cost. Assume you have all you need as long as you have your spell component pouch.


You can also take the Eschew Materials feat to not have to track material components of up to 25gp, IIRC.

As far as coins and precious metals are concerned...
Coins weigh 5lb for 50
Convert as necessary.
Bar, ore, or coin form doesn't change the value in Pathfinder (so for example, a 5lb hunk of silver is worth 5gp)

Grand Lodge *****

I just want to make Robin Hood: Men in Tights jokes right now...

Grand Lodge *****

Andrew Christian wrote:
Orfamay Quest wrote:
Rei wrote:

So... what exactly is the lure of looking like a drow? Getting players to roll their eyes?

Non-conformity and trope subversion. Anyone with even a modicum of literary theory knows that "tropes are bad, mm'kay?" and that all the cool people are failing to conform to the tropes. It helps, of course, that what literary theorists call "tropes" are called "stereotypes" in the real world, and stereotyped thinking is, in fact, often actively harmful, so you shouldn't do it (mm'kay?)

So you need to play a drow because traditional elves have been done to death. And you need to play a morally questionable if not evil character because heroes are so dated. And you need to be cynical and questioning because otherwise how will you show that you're aware of the limitations of the tropes?

And then you can be a bonafide nonconformist like everybody else. (See also here.)

It's more than this though. Playing the anti-hero is fun. From Riddick to Robin Hood, the anti-hero is a fun and popular theme.

Robin Hood is an anti-hero?

Grand Lodge *****

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Nefreet wrote:
The scenario in your spoiler is not retired.

Really? I could have sworn it was. Ah well! :P

Thanks for the correction! :)

Edit: Can you think of any more?

Grand Lodge *****

Drahliana Moonrunner wrote:
captain yesterday wrote:
To be fair, Pathfinder Society allows people to own slaves (and people are just fine with it even), so...

Which has absolutely no relevance to this thread whatsoever.

You can not play a reskinned drow in PFS... period. You can play a dark brown skinned elf or half elf from Garund or Mwangi, but not the coal black tone from the Underdark.

The posts providing context for the slavery comment were some of the ones deleted by Chris.

captain yesterday's point was in reference to evil people (such as slave owners) being allowed to be members of the Society, but that drow wouldnt be allowed.

Grand Lodge *****

Jessica Price wrote:

There seems to be a lot of talking past one another, so for clarity's sake:

World Stuff

1) Drow are not the same as dark-skinned elves like the Ekujae. There is no overlap in skin tones between them. Ekujae are elves with skin tones in the darker end of the human range, and dark hair. That is, elves can have skin tones ranging from very pale fawn (e.g. Nordic) to very dark brown (e.g. various areas in Africa). Drow, on the other hand, have skin tones not in the standard human range: obsidian black, indigo, etc. as well as pale hair.

2) Most Golarion residents haven't seen a drow. But no, an Ekujae elf or half-elf isn't likely to be mistaken for a drow, because the vast majority of Golarion residents don't know drow exist (the elves even have an entire organization, the Lantern Bearers, dedicated to keeping it that way). Those humans in a position to know about the drow--like academics, senior members of the Pathfinder Society, etc.--know enough to tell the difference between an Ekujae elf and a drow.

Excellent post here. :D

The Society in general isnt doing anything to keep info about the drow secret (not that you were suggesting they were) considering theyre willing to send characters as low as level 5 off to face some in a scenario.

Scenario(s) with drow:

1. Drow of the Darkland Pyramid (retired) [Edit: No, it isnt retired. Thanks, Nefreet!]
2. Tower of the Ironwood Watch (the one I mentioned above).
That's all I can think of.

Grand Lodge *****

andreww wrote:
Nefreet wrote:
We need not make this an OOC issue. There's a perfectly good IC reason why drow lookalikes aren't found: the in-game Pathfinder Society simply wouldn't hire them.
And yet they will cheerfully hire blood spattered clerics of Lamashtu, Rovagug or Zon Kuthon. Let's not pretend that the Society is terribly picky about who it employs.

It is pretty picky, really. A full third of the alignment chart is completely unavailable (for a player).

I get the point you are trying to make, but the reasoning given is there is no good in the drow of Golarion at all. No flukes like Drizzt. they are 100% evil to the core. And even if they did make a fluke character, the fluke is a 1 in a million chance of being born, so it isn't your (overall your, not your andreww) character.

Grand Lodge *****

I know you said you already made a trip over to your local shops and struck out there, but have you tried putting out a general statement of interest on their FB pages? I mean if they sell Paizo products at all, they will likely have some customers who play Pathfinder who might be able to point you to a more private group (one that doesn't play in stores) or at the very least it might help you find a home game or something.

Good luck!

Grand Lodge *****

Robert Hetherington wrote:
Chris Mortika wrote:

option c: Scott applies three credits for the character at 1st level (reducing the cash reward for each of them to 500 gp). He applies the other three credits when his PC reaches 4th level. At which point, he leapfrogs ahead to 5th level.


My understanding is that only options a and b are legal.

I believe c is legal as well.

OP Guide p21 wrote:
You may also opt instead to apply the Chronicle sheets earned with a non-1st-level pregenerated character to a 1st-level character

The language about being a new 1st level character was dropped some time ago, and on purpose to help out this exact situation.

I agree that d is illegal, as the character is no longer level 1 for those sheets.

Yes, this.

Robert Hetherington wrote:

I believe that language is there specifically to to allow you the credit even if you out level by playing a pregen too many times. (If Paizo's hamsters weren't so tuckered out right now, I'd go looking for the discussion.)

So if you say played a level 7 pregen in 39 different scenarios, applying it all to the same character when they hit 7.

Once you hit 7 you'd continue applying them even once you got out of the level range for those scenarios.

Bringing you up to 57xp and level 20. Of course your gold would be 'somewhat less than optimal', but it solves the problem of what to do with held sheets that you don't qualify for.

I dunno about this, but if someone wanted to do it to take themselves above 12, I probably wouldn't question it unless they actually wanted to play the character in another module for official credit (cause if they aren't going to, then who cares, really?).

Grand Lodge *****

Matt Lewis wrote:
Wraithkin: I'd suggest e-mailing someone at Paizo directly through the Contact Us page, probably Tonya Woldridge (Organised Play Coordinator).


Grand Lodge *****

Florent Fournol wrote:
Westcrown in Cheliax has many canals.

Yea, but multiple places have that kind of thing going on.

I mean, its probably close enough for in-game purposes (a different kind of urban setting, where you might need Swim if you get in a fight in the street), but not close enough if we wanted to say it was actually based on the country and the people.

Grand Lodge *****

Joe Ducey wrote:
Ferious Thune wrote:
James Anderson wrote:
Joe Ducey wrote:
James Anderson wrote:
As of two days ago: Add Celestial Healing to the wands list. Same thing as Infernal Healing, but with GOOD instead of evil.
Not quite the same thing to be fair. It's significantly less powerful. As a wand it will heal 1 hp. A 20th level caster would get the 10 infernal healing gives.
Gah, and a 1 round casting time. How did they manage to mess this spell up so badly?

Infernal Healing also has a 1 round casting time, so it's probably based off of that.

Maybe this new one would be good for a Warpriest swift cast buff? Though a handful of hit points over the course of the combat probably aren't worth using the Fervor point. I haven't seen the spell yet, so not sure how useful it is. It certainly doesn't sound like it's going to replace the Wand of CLW.

It's bad.

So what Im reading with this is that a Wand of this spell will grant Fast Healing 1 for 1 round, since the caster level is minimum (unless otherwise found on a chronicle). Or am I missing something?

Grand Lodge *****

Totally agree, for the most part, it should definitely not be used unless you are gonna die! :P

I have used it once when I wasn't going to die from the attack that dropped me, and that was in Eyes of the Ten, with the first main fight. We weren't doing well, so I figured any little bit more to keep me going could help, and it did.

Grand Lodge *****

nosig wrote:
godsDMit wrote:

I know how it works.

My point is that it very well may backfire.

how? (really not trying to be snarky here, I just don't understand your statement.)

the only "backfire" I see is if the Confused PC were to attack a friend (and potentially kill him).

Otherwise the PC is starting this from "Dead" - if the attempt to prevent this (prevent dying) fails due to bad rolls, it still ends up "dead". Exactly where it would have been if you hadn't used the boon. Are you advising us to re-consider triggering this boon when the PC is about to die, because it could cause the PC to die (1 to 3 rounds later)?

Like I said in the original post I made...

godsDMit wrote:

You also have a 25% chance of hitting yourself, which will likely make your situation worse since you already went below 0. This could even cause you to kill yourself.

So for example, if you fire this thing off when you aren't going to die from the last hit and you wind up hitting yourself from the confusion, that hit could then kill you once the three rounds are up or you make the will save.

I know the examples you gave give reasons of how or why that is partially mitigated, but the fact remains that it COULD happen.

Grand Lodge *****

I know how it works.

My point is that it very well may backfire.

Grand Lodge *****

I suggest Enora, then. I've played both the level4 and 7 versions. Whoever designed her did a very good job. She is both useful and fun to play without being either overpowered or underpowered.

Grand Lodge *****

Tangentially related question: Does Golarion have a Netherlands equivalent? Canal-streets, very low-lying, etc?

Grand Lodge *****

What characters will the players be playing? Their own? Other pregens?

Level 1?

Grand Lodge *****

The Queen of Thorns boon is actually more complicated than what is listed:

Desperate Bargain: Presented with a choice between damnation and domination, you chose the latter and might choose it again. As an immediate action when you are reduced to fewer than 0 hit points, you gain a number of temporary hit points equal to 2d10 + your character
level that last for 3 rounds. During these 3 rounds, you are confused as per the confusion spell. Each round, you may attempt a DC 18 Will save to remove the condition. At the end of 3 rounds or when you successfully save against the confusion effect, all remaining temporary hit points are lost and you resume dying if your hit point total remains below 0. Once you have used this boon, cross it off the Chronicle sheet.

If you save and remove the condition, the temp HP goes away.
You've got a 25% chance of being able to act normally and heal yourself (or do something else useful).
You also have a 25% chance of hitting yourself, which will likely make your situation worse since you already went below 0. This could even cause you to kill yourself.

So, yea. It can be helpful, but it could really backfire. :P

Grand Lodge *****

MadScientistWorking wrote:
Andrew Christian wrote:
Paul Jackson wrote:
Majuba wrote:

So Paul's situation here is a great example of how half-orcs and half-elves may *not* speak their 'native' language - outsider syndrome. Half-orc Shoanti are common enough (Belkzen being right next door) - but I can totally see the Quahs not teaching Shoanti to these half-breed children, and only speaking to them in Common, as they would an outsider. Even if their parent(s) taught them it, without practice it wouldn't stick all that much. There's certainly role-play potential in *that*.

I vehemently disagree. There is no way a Shoanti child raised by the fairly xenophobic Shoanti would not speak Shoanti. Heck, given the way children soak up languages it would be all but impossible for a child to NOT understand the language of the community he is raised in.

Also, the character in question is at least 4 generations from his Orc ancestor.

Your argument is getting dangerously clise to badwrongfun. Yoy want the "roleplaying challenge of playibg a Shianti who doesn't speak Shoanti? Fine. The proposal doesn't stop you. But I do NOT want that particular "challenge"

In the real world you see tons of immigrant parents who raise bilingual children who grow up learning thier parents native language, but never use it in public since English what they would speak in the US to get by.
Yeah applying real world logic to a game where the parents potentially risk having a horrific and torturous death just to even see their kids isn't exactly going to work.

This is so far off the mark, I don't even know where to begin. :P

Grand Lodge *****

BigNorseWolf wrote:

Also that entire section still refers to parts of a chronicle sheet that aren't there anymore. Having a DM sign the chronicle sheet to verify a different piece of paper is like me using a chronicle sheet signature to verify a blank check...

Anyone know a bank that will do that by the way?

Use it to verify that someone had filled out a check and forgot to sign it? No way.

Use it as a comparable signature of someone I know both at and away from work? Probably not. :P

Grand Lodge *****

Ah yes, I see that now.

I was assuming he wasn't making some kind of weird distinction there, but you never know. :P

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