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So I'll be honest I'm not here to point fingers at the dev or design team or anything of the sort they're doing their jobs and doing what they want to do and that's fine.

I just wanted to see if anyone else shares my opinion about FAQ and Errata content in Pathfinder.

So I've been playing the game for a good long time and overall I genuinely like the base system that pathfinder was founded on. Namely, give the players lots of different options for everything. This is the same base model that D&D 3.5 was designed on and I was a fan of it there too.

Now my issue is that every time I see a FAQ or an Errata it's usually not fixing things it's not oh we wanted to include an "s" over here and "No allies in this particular case doesn't include you" it seems more and more to be "Oh hey look at this ability that made a certain niche build fun and interesting as well as decently viable? Yeah we'd actually really like it if instead you just didn't have fun. Mmmkay thanks. Oh and give us another $10 for our latest pile of new interesting things that you can use for a year or two before we nerf it so hard that it will not be fun or interesting or viable."

I get it they need to do balancing sometimes, but once that thing is out and about for years the time for balancing is over at that point balancing it doesn't accomplish anything worthwhile because anyone who cared already had a fix either sourced off of something like the suggestions forum or their own creation and anyone who didn't was probably happy with it.

Anyways that's how I feel. Does anyone else actually dread it when paizo rolls out new FAQs/Errata and just wish they could get the unedited content more easily so they could not use them(particularly on online indexes like d20pfsrd)?

Hi everyone. I believe we're almost done with our current campaign and we might end up rolling up a new one at a low level probably 1-3.

I would like to be prepared to fill any roll we might need although not all in one character.

I know at least one of my friends was hoping to play a pirate so in the interest of something that could fit into that I'm hoping to play a street rat of sorts. I have a couple of ideas but I figured I'd see the general response before writing up anything all the way out to 20. Ideally the character is young 13-15 although statted up as an adult for simplicity often a thief sometimes a cuttpurse but resorts to cutting throats in a pinch. Maybe freed by aforementioned pirate from slave life rowing on a royal ship?

Build guide wise we have 20 points for point buy, all standard races, all classes in the normal book line(not necessarily stuff from the companion series but I could ask), no free traits (but you can take the feat for them). And starting at level 1.

So option 1 - Unchained Rogue - Built off of Dex at least up to 3 levels maybe splashing into Fighter(Lorewarden or Mutation Warrior) afterwards.

Option 2 - Slayer - probably strength based maybe going into the two weapon fighting ranger tree via talents. Kind of a flavor fail because your average street rat isn't benching 300lbs but seems effective overall.

Option 3 - Urban Ranger/ Trapper Ranger - Either one could be going into TWF and has the same issues as the Slayer thematically both can be strong although the Trapper ability is way worse than spells and the Urban Ranger communities ability seems way worse than favored terrain imo.

Anybody got ideas on this, feel free to offer up alternatives in terms of classes if you think of them but no Bards(I'm aware of the Archaeologist but this isn't what I'm looking for for this character). Race wise I assumed human but if another race is superior let me know your reasoning and maybe I'll swap.

Quick question does greater spell specialization technically fulfill the requirements for dragon disciple?

Hi, so I'm playing a Noble Scion prestige classed Trip fighter, and I was hoping for some advice on making a fair character that doesn't take up too much limelight but is still a valuable addition to the party.

Initially I was planning on making an Alchemist but since one of our friends is out for the time being their character a blaster sorcerer has dropped out of the party to do charity work so I'm trying to find a way to fill in for an arcane caster as far as utility without stepping on any toes.

So I'm aiming for an arcane caster who isn't too showy ideally a charismatic one who doesn't step on anyone's toes and who doesn't feel like a direct replacement for our friend's character when they come back.

The party is 8th level: 1 Battle Cleric, 1 Trip Fighter, 1 Bard, 1 (currently gone Blaster Sorc.)

Cohort has to be 7th level, 30 point point buy, 2 traits, all official paizo pathfinder material is legal but no mythic. I would like for the character to have Craft Wonderous Items to offset the cost IC of having them sponge off my share of the loot but I'd rather not have them take any additional Crafting feats. If it has a bloodline I'd like for it to be Draconic(Black) but that's negotiable.

Can the Weapon Master choose unarmed strikes as his favored weapon for the purposes of his class abilities?

Well as the title says I'd like to min Max a Drunken Master Monk for a pirate campaign. I'd really like to go with a Dwarf for the Race.

All official paizo Pathfinder books allowed.
30 Points for point buy.
2 Traits.

Currently I'm looking at.

Torgar the Bloody Dwarf Monk(Drunken Master, Qinggong) Lawful Evil
Traits: Honored Fist of the Society, Heavy Hitter.
Stats after racial mods:
Str: 17
Dex: 15
Con: 18
Int: 9
Wis: 16
Cha: 5

@1 - Dodge(monk Bonus) & Power Attack
@2 - Improved Grapple
@3 - Fast Drinker
@5 - Dragon Style
@6 - Combat Reflexes
@7 - Dragon Ferocity

Use Qinggong to trade out Slow fall for Barkskin, Maybe use it to trade High Jump for Quick Draw(Our DM uses it to apply to grabbing anything and stowing anything not just weapons) or True Strike.
Considering taking Saltbeard as the alternate Racial Trait.

I don't know I don't really play Monks often but this seemed like the best I could do with it I'm curious if anyone can improve on this idea in any way? Would this build hold up with a moderately well optimized Fighter or say Ranger from say 1-8. What items would I want to prioritize to max out my effectiveness? Will I have any particularly weak levels?

So I was looking into playing a Drunken Brute+Invuln. Rager Barbarian for a sea faring campaign we may be planning and I was wondering a few things,

1) Does the penalty for the Drunken Brawler feat stack cumulatively with itself?

2) Is there any way to get drinking speed below a move action without being a monk to have drunken ki?

Thanks in advance for your time/help.

Hi all just wanted to get some input on whether it's possible to make a functional drunken master Monk and if so how you would do it. My DM is usually pretty generous in letting us make our vision so if you think it isn't possible without something special extra let me know and I can work with him to see if it's cool.

We're playing with a 30pb and two traits we start off at level 1, the rest of the party will likely be a Paladin, a Cleric, and a Ranger. (I'm aware we lack an arcane caster, no I don't care.) All PF official books are open as is the equipment, we're playing with non standard races but humans are in there and most of the races bear some resemblance to the current ones so if a particular trait/feat is good mention please mention it.

Ideally I would like to make it using the Monk chassis but if it's easier or better using a different base class please mention why.

Also feel free to add what weapons etc you think would serve best, if possible I'd like it if he could pull some maneuvers as well like trip or disarm but if that isn't possible it isn't a deal breaker.

And lastly thank you all for your time and help, I appreciate it.

Hi all, I appreciate you coming in here my DM is running a campaign with some custom races one of which are dimensional travelers. I decided to make one.

The Rules: Race in question has -2 Str, +2 Dex, +2 Int, -2 Wis. They also have some natural spell casting but that's not important. Ah right also 30pb. Party consists of an Urban Ranger, Battle Oracle, Sorcerer.

Now what I'd like to do is make a Magus that isn't a Dervish Dancer who would work with this setup, starting level is 4, he can have a +1 weapon, +1 armor, and a Ring of Prot. +1.

He needs to be able to get into combat put on some hurt and stick around for a bit.

Question 1: Is there any way to get a spontaneous casting magus instead of the spellbook version? Don't suggest sorc into EK because I looked at that and it's just a bad option.

Another Question: Is there any way to get an Int based spontaneous arcane caster? Ideally a Sorc although others might be intriguing as well.

Hello, I was just playing with the ARG race builder and was trying to make a balanced PC race Minotaur. Used the race builder with 11 points I think but I'm not sure if it isn't a little bit overpowered so I wanted to see what you guys think.


Minotaur PC race– Race Builder – 10ish RP
Medium Size.
Monstrous Humanoid – (3 RP) – Gain Darkvision(60ft) Still must Breathe, Eat, and Sleep.
Slow Move Speed (-1 RP) – 20ft Movement speed which can’t be reduced due to armor or encumbrance.
Specialized (1 RP) - +2 to 2 physical scores, -2 to one mental score. +2 to Strength, +2 to Constitution, -2 to Charisma.
Standard Languages(0 RP) – Speaks Common as starting language. May choose Undercommon, Dwarven, Gnomish, Draconic, Terran, Goblin, or Orcish as extra languages.
Hardy(3 RP) – Gain a +2 Racial bonus to resist Spells, Spell like abilities, and Poison.
Natural Attack(1 RP) – Gain a Gore attack – Primary (1d6 Damage)
Bond to the Land(2 RP) – Underground – Gain a +2 Dodge Bonus when Underground.
Light Blindness(-2 RP) – When exposed to Bright light conditions blinded for 1 round and dazzled for as long as in the exposed area.
Cave Dweller (1 RP) - +1 to Knowledge(Dugeoneering) and Survival checks made underground.
Stability (1 RP) - +4 Racial bonus to CMD against Bull Rush or Trip maneuvers when standing on the ground.
Unnatural(2 RP) : -4 to Charisma based skills to affect creatures with the animal Subtype, +4 Dodge bonus to AC against Animals, and starting attitude is one step worse than normal.

So I was sitting at home thinking about what I wanted to do with my character and whether or not it was worth taking another level of rogue instead of fighter and what I would be getting from each level and sadly it came down to 1 point of BAB + a level of Armor Training versus a single solitary sneak attack die.

After that I started wondering why Rogues have 3/4 BAB to begin with and it struck me that every other melee class has full bab (except the monk and that is only if he isn't flurrying) and the ones which do not have full BAB have the ability to cast between 6 and 9 levels of spells, so what does the rogue have over the other classes don't to warrant lacking either 6 levels of spell casting or full base attack unfortunately I couldn't think of anything.

So I ask you all, do you think the Rogue should have been given full BAB when they released Pathfinder?

Hi guys. Well I've been feeling a hankering to play a Pirate campaign when we finish our current one so I wanted to build a character just in case. Stat block is 16+2(race), 16, 16, 14, 12, 11. Planned race is Human.

Class is Barbarian with the Sea Reaver archtype(although considering switching this since it doesn't get you all that much.)

Currently thinking of using a trident&shield but not sure if I should try to go down the twf tree and then grab the shield bash stuff or if that would cost too many feats?

Any suggestions on how to make this work and how to give him more combat ooomph?

So in the Staves magic items section it specifies that a stave is a staff however I'm wondering if that means that a Stave is a Quarterstaff(the only staff object in the equipment list). I assume this is true but it's worth checking.

If it is, can it be enchanted as both a Stave and a weapon at the same time? If you can do so, do you treat each type seperately or as a single joined object of multiple effects? No Idea how this one is supposed to work although my standard assumption would be to treat it as though it were two different objects being enchanted for the purposes of cost.

Oh and can a Stave be used in a single hand for the purpose of its magic properties or does it remain two handed?

So I'm interested in making a Summoner with a mountable Dragon Eidolon as a potential character for the future but I'm not entirely sure how to do it.

I was thinking of going Human or Half Elf. Stats are an array as follows 10, 14, 15, 14, 13, 15. So starting score would be 17 in Cha I guess with the 10 in Str maybe?

First feat would be Extra Evolution or Resilient Eidolon depending on whether I'd be better off starting him at large or not I think.

Mostly I'd like the Eidolon to do the fighting while the Summoner does the support the riding is just for out of combat, although I'm open to the idea of being a dragon rider who jumps into combat while mounted just not sure of the viability on that.

So any advice?

Essentially the above, I was posting on the Rogue combat trick post about using a loophole to get an extra combat feat off of the ninja list and I couldn't help but wonder why exactly are all of those Rogue talents so mediocre that people want to cheese out an extra feat instead of taking them? Shouldn't they be unique and particularly useful abilities that only Rogues get access to?

Did the devs think the Rogue had so much going for them that making the talents kinda sucky was important for balance?

What do you guys think, could the Rogue talents use an upgrade?

6 people marked this as FAQ candidate. Staff response: no reply required. 2 people marked this as a favorite.

I was reading through a post about making a good Duelist and somebody mentioned the interaction between parry and precise strike that I didn't see before so the question is, If a duelist has two weapon fighting how do the two abilities interact?

After sacrificing the off hand attacks for parrying do the primary hand attacks gain the precise strike bonus, since technically you are not attacking with the offhand?

I'd appreciate any answers on this, or opinions from my fellows or what not. Hopefully we can get an answer from a dev and it would be nice to see it in a faq or errata at some point.

So I've been working on characters for the past little while but I'll be honest unless you have 14+ strength just carrying your armor and weapons will be enough to push you into medium encumbrance unfortunately the repercussions for that in game terms are particularly high on the characters who can't afford to put extra points into their strength. And when you couple that with the fact that just wearing traveling clothes somehow takes up almost 20% of your carrying capacity and even "light" armor takes up a third or if you want anything with an actual AC bonus for example a chain shirt you end up using 25 lbs for that at Str 10 that means you're just a hairs breath from the 33lb level which dumps you into a medium load and loses you all of the benefits of being one of those light armor people

*sigh* well I shouldn't be griping but it feels extremely weird that I'm seriously considering whether or not technically speaking you actually have to be wearing clothing because it would push me out of my weight class.

Does this bug anyone else?

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Alright so as I said trying to make a decent swashbuckling Rogue who can actually survive in combat and put out some decent damage who will go on to be a Duelist as levels allow. He's a human because that extra feat is gold.

As is the starting point is level 6 the stats are 10,16,15,14,14,11. My plan was to use them as 11 Str, 18 Dex +2 racial, 16 Con +1 level 4, 14 int, 14wis, 10 Cha.

I've talked to my DM about allowing finesse for bonus damage as well as to hit which is why I'm okay with such a low str mod.

I've got Trap Spotter, Finesse Rogue, and Combat Trick as his Rogue Tricks.

He's using a Rapier hopefully keen but we haven't discussed magic item availability yet so if you're suggesting anything make sure it's cheap enough to be reasonable to find in a storeroom or some such.

For feats I'm looking at Dodge, Mobility, Skill focus(perception), Skill focus(Disable Device), Weapon Finesse, and Finesse Strike(The second slot to get the + dmg mod on finesse)

Other than that I'm sort of up in the air for the last two feat options. Possibly Power Attack if I can get gauntlets of might or whatever or Spring Attack with the Scout Archtype might be an option but I'd like to find some way to make him a bit more survivable in combat so I can get a flank and actually stick around if that's possible?

I'd appreciate any advice you could give me on how to pick up some extra AC at this level without crippling myself to fight defensively all the time.

Edit: I also wouldn't be at all opposed to an idea on how to increase my damage or if you think I'll do okay in that regard. Oh right I also forgot to mention in my group we get extra feats on even levels not odds. so Feat at 1,2,4,6 ... etc.

Is it strange that I sort of want my character in our campaign to die so that I can play around with new character ideas? It makes sense to me in the strange bassackwards way where I derive half of the enjoyment in a character during the planning stages in trying to figure out how to make my idea come to life and work.

Does anyone else have this sort of problem?

If so how do you keep your interest from waning over time?

And what if any is your most ridiculous story of getting rid of an old character because you wanted to play a new one?

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