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gilberd3's page

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I agree with the majority of people here in that having specific maps for the APs would be extremely useful. I have recently stated RotRL with my group and I find that I have in the book these beautifully drawn maps which are wasted when I end up scrawling a rough copy onto my mat. Why aren't these things available in a large printable format at least? I understand that sometimes there are secret sections that PCs should not be aware of, but a PDF containing a modular set of tiles which can be printed and cut out with dual versions of rooms that have secrets in them would be great and really make use of those fantastic graphics. You'd have my money right now if these were available. I bought the Map folio for RotRL and I'm really not sure what the tiny print-outs of the dungeon maps were supposed to do for me. I have a copy of those in the book which are also too small. They aren't something I'd show the players so what do they accomplish?

I don't think flip-mats of every dungeon in every AP is the answer, especially with the secret room problem and the cost, but a more modular approach with a PDF containing rooms to cut out would be very beneficial for DMs like me who have the funds to buy such things and have them printed but don't have the time to photoshop them ourselves. I have a couple of the flip mats but if they don't work with the adventures paths then I just won't have a chance to use them.

Synergy is great, and I support that whole-heartedly, but not just with other maps, it should be synergy with the adventure paths themselves.

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