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gigglestick's page

Goblin Squad Member. Pathfinder Maps, Tales Subscriber. 1,314 posts. 37 reviews. No lists. 1 wishlist.

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Pathfinder Maps, Tales Subscriber

Its a fun game but I think I have enough to play for a while.

Please cancel my Card Game Subscription.


Pathfinder Maps, Tales Subscriber

I'm, not sure how to look at which subscriptions I presently have.

How do I find out what I actually have a subscription to?

I'd like to cancel my subscriptions to the RPG (the hardcover books) and the Adventure Paths.

Thank you.

Pathfinder Maps, Tales Subscriber

I would like to cancel some of my subscriptions:

Please cancel:

Pathfinder Campaign Setting
Pathfinder Player Companion
Pathfinder Modules
Pathfinder Pawns
Pathfinder Cards

Thank you

Pathfinder Maps, Tales Subscriber

Is it possible to remove an item from my cart/order?

Paizo Order # 2969994

I had originally ordered Dunwich Horror Board Game but it did not ship and I thought it had been cancelled from my cart.

I ended up finding it at my FLGS and will not need this copy.

So, is it possible to remove the item from my cart/order?

Pathfinder Maps, Tales Subscriber

Order 2811848 was left on my doorstop yesterday without any sort of plastic covering.

As a result, the contents were soaked. This is not a problem for the parts wrapped in plastic (GM Screen, Stalking the Beast, Dungeon, Pawns, Cards in the ROTR:SSM Card Game [the box is shot but it looks like the cards are OK], Bottle Openers, and companion/modules/etc.) and the Tshirt, though soggy, can be washed.

However, the Bestiary 4 is water damaged and the pages are water-warped. Along with that, the Promo Card for Blessing of Zarongel is not included (or if it is, its hiding, where would you have packaged it.)

What can we do? I can send pictures of the B4 if you need them.

Pathfinder Maps, Tales Subscriber

Please cancel my subscription to Pathfinder Comics and Pathfinder Goblin Comics.

The story and artwork have been less than stellar and since they stopped including maps, the value isn't there.

Thank you

Pathfinder Maps, Tales Subscriber

order 2409979 shipped out on Feb 11 and it still has not arrived. Any chance at tracking or figuring out where it is?


Pathfinder Maps, Tales Subscriber

Just wondering

Pathfinder Maps, Tales Subscriber

After reading through the Magnimar Sourcebook last night, I noticed the abundance of Hellknights.

How many are in Magnimar (approximately) and how powerful would you expect them to be?

Pathfinder Maps, Tales Subscriber

I thought I preordered the assoreted sets of Pawns (Bestiary, ROTR, S&S) but I don't see them in my pending orders...

I don't want to accidentally order more than one (looks like I did that with Dawn of the Scarlet Sun), but how can I tell what's been preordered?

Pathfinder Maps, Tales Subscriber

Good afternoon.

Order 2062841 arrived today and only one of the two Carrion Crown Dice Sets I ordered was in the box.

Everything else looks to be OK, though the box was pretty badly beat up. (It seemend to be packed fine...the books show no damage...just the missing set of dice.)

Pathfinder Maps, Tales Subscriber

Woohoo! More minis to fuel my addiction.

Seriously though, these look great!

I love having more PCs.

So, what set are you working on next?

Pathfinder Maps, Tales Subscriber

I went to preorder some of the pawns today, and it doesn't offer me the option to ship with next possible subscription order (I know they're preorders, but I assume there will APs and stuff shipping when they come out).

This also happened with the sale you're having right now. And I had to email customer service to get my last order combined with my subscription.

Is there a reason that, when I order something that is not part of a subscription, that I no longer get the option to combine shipping with the next subscription?

Pathfinder Maps, Tales Subscriber

Today, I tried to order a few books and have them put aside for the next shipment. But that option wasn't available. The shipping box briefly flashed on the screen, and then I was unable to choose anything but to have the order shipped by itself.

What can I do to have this shipped later?

Pathfinder Maps, Tales Subscriber

I've recently returned to the Buffalo area after being in Syracuse for 23 years.

The local Game store in Lancaster carries no Paizo, so I was wondering if there were any good game stores or Pathfinder games in the greater Buffalo/ Niagara area?

Pathfinder Maps, Tales Subscriber

Not sure where to ask this, but Chessex makes dice, so....

Even though I like the modern, hard dice (and Chessex makes some good ones) does anyone know if it's possible to get the old-school, plastic, color-them-yourself-with-a-crayon dice like they used to have in the 1970s/1980s D&D and Dungeon Games?

Or even what they are called?


Pathfinder Maps, Tales Subscriber

Today I went to look at my pending orders and, even though I am a supersubscriber, I saw none...

Recently, I changed my ship to address...would that have changed anything.

Also, I thought I preordered the beginner box and I don't see that anywhere either...

any thoughts?

Pathfinder Maps, Tales Subscriber

I didn't see anything about this in the Blood for Blood threads, but what if:

the heroes decide to go out and meet hte invading army attacking Tatzleford BEFORE the army gets to the town. To be honest, a 10th level party, with cohorts and animal companions, seems like an easy match for a few dozen barbarians and mercenaries and a few trolls.

In the same vein, any idea what CR or level you would make the barbarians and invaders. After all, the townspeople can defeat them if organized properly.

My players haven;t gotten that far, but if forwarned, they'd definitely be heading out to meet them head on...

Pathfinder Maps, Tales Subscriber

I'm moving and I'm using a PMB (personal Mail Box) from UPs until I get settled in.

But when I try to change my shipping address, the ordering form keeps cutting off the PMB and the number...only showing the address of the UPS store. Even if I add it on a second line.

What can we do to fix this?

Pathfinder Maps, Tales Subscriber

OK, so far, I've seen:

A1 Slave Pits of the Undercity

G3 Hall of the Fire Giant King

B2 Keep on the Borderlands

What other old school adventurs have been converted to Pathfinder?

(I'd love to see Assassin's Knot and Against the Cult of the REptile God done up PF style...)

Pathfinder Maps, Tales Subscriber

With all of the Lovecraftian goodness floating around, has anyone ever converted X2 to PF?

Pathfinder Maps, Tales Subscriber

Pretty much what the title says.

This comes up because I'm having a 3pp do some paper minis for me that will later be used in a set available to the public. two of the characters have holy symbols and thw question is would they need to be edited out if he plans to sell the mini sets?

Pathfinder Maps, Tales Subscriber

Is there a list of what standees are included in each set?

Can we get a pic of what a standee looks like?

Are these just the legeless torsos shown in the product page or are these full-view (like Pathfinder Minis or SJG Cardboard Heroes) standees?

What is the scale? Are they 25mm? 35mm?

Pathfinder Maps, Tales Subscriber

OK, I know you updated the Pathfinder Howl of the Carrion King set today. I own the set, but now I can't find it or Caravans in my Downloads.

Did both of them get pulled out with the new set?

Pathfinder Maps, Tales Subscriber

This sounded like a great idea when I read the original post here on Paizo.

Then I read the description closer and saw that this was another random assortment.

I'd have paid good money for a complete set, but random cards just aren't worth it anymore.

Pathfinder Maps, Tales Subscriber

In this thread: 2

Lisa said you might have a few Treasure Chest Boxes (empty) avalable for sale.

After Kevin gets his, I would like to purchase some too if there are any left.

Pathfinder Maps, Tales Subscriber


I placed order 1582157 and tried to add the Holiday11 code and it doesn;t look like the discount went on....

Pathfinder Maps, Tales Subscriber; Planet Stories Subscriber
gigglestick wrote:

After recieving my order from Paizo, I cannot go back into my "orders placed" and see WHICH books were included in the black friday bundles.

Which books were supposed to come in th Henry Kuttner Bundle?

Is there a list of which books were supposed to ship with the bundles?

It's been a few days. Any list of what books were in the bundles? You can;t go back and find the bundles now that the sale is over.

Pathfinder Maps, Tales Subscriber

Hi, two days ago, part of my order from 1553303 arrived. There were 2 boxes. The first had 8 items, the second had 14 items.

Unfortunately, that means that there is at least 1 other box with:

Anubis Murders
Elak of Atlantis
Secret of Sinharat
Ginger Star
Masters of the Pit
Swordsmen of Mars
Infernal Sorceress
Outlaws of Mars
Sword of Rhiannon
PF AP 40- Vaults of Madness
The Godsmouth Heresy
Flip Map City Streets
2 sets of Moltenclaw's Invasion

That has not shown up yet. I figured I'd give it a day or two but still nothing has shown up and my mail is here for the day.

So, what now?

Pathfinder Maps, Tales Subscriber

When I go to my downloads, I only get the PoW as an epub, without a downloadable PDF.

So, I need to be online to read it?

How do I DL the PDF to my laptop so I can read it at will?


I found the link. For some reason it was earlier in my Downloads than the epub...

Pathfinder Maps, Tales Subscriber

Hi there.

Order 1503626 shipped on August 26th. (Over 10 business days ago)

It has not arrived.

What can we do?

Pathfinder Maps, Tales Subscriber

Recieved my packages for order 1444320.

It was in 3 separate containers.

The greyhawk poster by itself shoed up (yay)
The package witht eh plot twist cards and warduke cling came ok

The package with everything else was missing a lot. (Invoice said in this package...)

What arrived:
Dungeon Instant Tiles City
Dungeon Sleeping Dragon Poaster Map
Star Wars Lego Poster
Orc Was Swords
Flip Map Pirate Island

Whats Missing:
Template Novel
PF AP 35 War of the River Kings
PFC City of Strangers
PFC Kingmaker Poster Map
PFM Curse of the Riven Sky

That's a lot.

What do I do?

Pathfinder Maps, Tales Subscriber

Just wondering what is holding up my order 1407146? I know there is a lot of stuff in there, so I assume something is waiting to arrive.

It's been almost 2 weeks in the pending status. At this point, I'd be happy to have whatever is ready to ship (hopefully the AP and stuff) and put the rest in next month.


Pathfinder Maps, Tales Subscriber

When I signed up for Planet Stories, I thought I was starting with the book AFTER Sos the rope.

I would like to start with the next book, not Sos the Rope.

(I read the Battle Circle series years ago and wasn't all that impressed. it's not a Piers Anthony book I need for my collection.)

Pathfinder Maps, Tales Subscriber

So, has anyone made...or are there plans to make...a quick refernece of where to find the general articles about certain areas.

For example, Magnimar: AP #2, Carrion Hill: Well, Carrion Hill of Course, Kaer Maega: Seven Swords of Sin. Erastil: Kingmaker #2, Beldan's Bluff: Hangman's Noose, etc.

As a GM, even with all of the PF books, its sometimes hard to rememeber where the various Golarion places are referenced or described...

Pathfinder Maps, Tales Subscriber

The site keeps telling me that I have to check back later and that I can't personlaize the items I've bought. Every time I click it or refresh the page, the personalizer is still down. Its been like this for over an hour...

Pathfinder Maps, Tales Subscriber

I did a review for a product and it did not post. When I went to do it again, it said I could edit the previous (blank) post, but every time I try to do so and save changes, it just updates as an empty post.

(The Titanic Legions Paper minis).

Pathfinder Maps, Tales Subscriber

OK, so at our last session, the players killed Nualia and Mafeshnikor before we had to stop for the night.

So, they basically have the Shadow room and the Crab treasure room left to explore next week. Kind of Anti-Climactic after finishing the two main baddies in the adventure.

I'd like this to be more than just a 2-room kill and loot wrapup but don't want to include too much more info on what is happening next.

Any suggestions on what to add to the last 2 rooms to make it a more interesting end to Burnt Offerings.

(They've already completely killed everything else in Thistletop except the Bunyip.)

Pathfinder Maps, Tales Subscriber

Very disappoining set for the price.

They did better stuff on cheaper paper in the 80's. Hopefully, future sets will be more inspired.

Pathfinder Maps, Tales Subscriber

OK, I saw a thread on here that asked about Mind Flayers in PF and because they are WOTC IP, they don't exist. Some other creature (Neothids?) kind of fill in for them.

SO, my question is, what monsters fit the same niche in Golarion for the WOTC IP creatures like:

Mind Flayers


Umber Hulks


Pathfinder Maps, Tales Subscriber

Here are photos of some of the setpiece battles in the ROTR campaign I'm GMing. Taken at Back of the Closet Games and Hobbies in Auburn, NY.


The core group is:

Verios- Elven Diviner Wizard
Jakk- Halfelven Rogue (then spellblade rogue)
Kitt- Halfelven Rogue (then Ranger Rogue)
Skillum- Human Paladin of Sarenrae
Estle-Human (?) Hedgewitch

and at varios times
Kaerla- Human Cleric of Shelyn
replaced by
Naslyn- Tiefling Cleric of Shelyn

and finally replaced by
Goryl- Halforc Barbarian

Take a look at the cool Pathfinder paper goblin minis and other paper mini sets.

I'm a prop whore...

Pathfinder Maps, Tales Subscriber

Quick question:

When fighting an evil foe (or evil outsider) would a Paladin Smiting Evil against the creature add to his CMB?

This came up grappling with Elyrium in ROTR: BO.

Pathfinder Maps, Tales Subscriber


My January Order ( 1335520) shipped on Jan 21 and has not yet arrived.

Pathfinder Maps, Tales Subscriber

Not really sure which section this should go in.

After reading the fiction in the APs, I'm interested in information on using Wayfinders in my PF game. Where can we find info on Wayfinders and how they interact with Ioun Stones..?

Pathfinder Maps, Tales Subscriber

OK, so over the last two weeks, we put our ROTR campaign on hold to playtest the new character classes. I allowed everyone to roll up a 6th level character, but they had to pick a single classed, APG character.

So, we have:

Half-orc Cavalier
Human Inquisitor
Human Alchemist
Elven Summoner.

Eidolon is Quadruped with Large, Claws, Energy Attack (Claws), Lunge, Increased Armor.

Right now, the Eidolon has more HP than anyone else (by almost 15) and, with the Claws (now a primary attack), it has 4 attacks per turn at 12/12/12/7 with more damage than anyone else.

The summoner just sits back and shoots arrows. Pretty much, the Eidolon can take on almost any CR 6 encounter they meet by himself! He has more attacks for more damage than the Cav or Inq, moves at speed 40, has a rediculous number of HP, and a huge CMB...

The only thing the Eidolon doesn't have is good skills or spells.

Now, the other thing we are seeing is that the Alchemist is having trouble in dungeons, where almost all of his abilities and attacks require more space to use properly. Splash and radius attacks work poorly when all of your allies are in BTB melee.

I think the Alchemist needs more potion abilites (he's a fragging Alchemist for Aroden's sake!)

And Increased Size needs to be more expensive for the Eidolon, claws (and other additional attacks) should have the -5 secondary attack modifier, and the Eidolon should have a cleric BAB.

The Eidolon should not be better at fighting than a Cavalier with a magic sword...
Any thoughts?

Pathfinder Maps, Tales Subscriber
gigglestick wrote:


OK, so Kerzoug is the Runelord of Greed.

Have any of the other Runelords survived?

I remember reading in one of the threads that there are at least 2, and one is under Korvosa???

Anyway, any idea if any other ruleords survived and if so, where the book references to them are?


Pathfinder Maps, Tales Subscriber

I just read Howl of the Carrion King and the Battle MArket is a GREAT setpiece. However, Am I missing something? How do you get to the thrid level? I don;t see any stairs or ladders...

Or am I just blind?

Pathfinder Maps, Tales Subscriber

I see that next month's Flip Map Arena is included in this order and yet is not expected until January.

Can I have the Flip Map moved to next month's Subscription so that the rest of this order ships in December?

Pathfinder Maps, Tales Subscriber

OK, so I just finished reading Fortress of the Stone Giants and the section on Dragons (very cool).

I thought the section on the speckled White dragons and the fact that other dragons kill them on sight was interesting.

Has there been any other info or adventures involving the speckled whites? There seems to be a goldmine of adventure hooks there...

Pathfinder Maps, Tales Subscriber

OK, so, if Golarion uses Twelve 30 day months, then the day of the week changes from year to year...

In other words, Gozren 16 might be a Toilday in 4908 and a Wealday in 4909...

So, how do we know what day it is in our present campaign?

I saw a thread once with a referenc eto a downloadable calendar, but now I can't find it.

Any suggestions?

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