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gigglestick's page

Goblin Squad Member. 1,316 posts. 37 reviews. No lists. 1 wishlist.

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Elven Heroes!


What can I say. Another great set of characters with personality.

(OK, one of my characters showed up as a mini I'm biased).

But these fit well with the other PF and B!S minis and this gives you a horde of choices for your games.

Get it now.

Our Price: $1.25

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Instant Encounters


I loved the idea behind this set and I love the results.

An awesome set of guards and bandits. Great for making semi-unique (yes I know you can't be semi-unique) groups of adversaries for your heroes. Or they'd be good for heroes themselves.

Each has some personality and I can see a lot of use for these as flunkies for assorted NPCs.

Keep up the good work.

Our Price: $1.49

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Gnomes Gnomes Gnomes Yay!


Battle Studios is back with more minis. And this time we get something we've rarely seen in the paper mini world: Gnomes!

There are silly gnomes, action pose gnomes, feral gnomes, and even heroic gnomes.

As always, you get three different versions of each pose: two in different color schemes and one in black and white for you to color yourself.

The artwork fits well with B!S's other sets and also looks good with the Pathfinder Paper Minis...

Get it now!

Our Price: $5.99

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Another great CJ set!


And Callous Jack returns with a set to coincide with the new AP!

OK, you get some pirates and undead and swarms but you also get some great new monsters that I've never seen in paper mini form.

Including some creepy Grindylows!

And an Ankheg who looks like an Ankheg! (Instead of that absurdly silly thing from the bestiary.)

Pretty much, if you loved the other PF Minis sets, you'll love this one too.

Buy it now!

Our Price: $1.49

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More Great Characters!



Full disclosure: I've had Tim do some custom minis for me, so I obviously like his stuff. (In fact, 4 of the minis in this set - Two handed fighter, magus, witch, and cleric- were based on my to see them in different colors.)

But, that being said, these are some great PC characters done with personality, detail, and often dynamic action.

And for the price: you get 40 (or 60) new characters for pocket change. And the ability to color your own give this some great re-use value.

Anyway, yeah, I'm biased, but that doesn't mean they're not great sets.

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