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gigglestick's page

Goblin Squad Member. 1,316 posts. 37 reviews. No lists. 1 wishlist.


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Thank you

Thank you

Its a fun game but I think I have enough to play for a while.

Please cancel my Card Game Subscription.


I'm, not sure how to look at which subscriptions I presently have.

How do I find out what I actually have a subscription to?

I'd like to cancel my subscriptions to the RPG (the hardcover books) and the Adventure Paths.

Thank you.

I would like to cancel some of my subscriptions:

Please cancel:

Pathfinder Campaign Setting
Pathfinder Player Companion
Pathfinder Modules
Pathfinder Pawns
Pathfinder Cards

Thank you

Thank you!

Have a good weekend!

Is it possible to remove an item from my cart/order?

Paizo Order # 2969994

I had originally ordered Dunwich Horror Board Game but it did not ship and I thought it had been cancelled from my cart.

I ended up finding it at my FLGS and will not need this copy.

So, is it possible to remove the item from my cart/order?

Thank you.

What would you like me to do with the existing book?

(And is there a way to let the shipper know that they should put the box in a plastic bag when it rains? Some of them do that)

Order 2811848 was left on my doorstop yesterday without any sort of plastic covering.

As a result, the contents were soaked. This is not a problem for the parts wrapped in plastic (GM Screen, Stalking the Beast, Dungeon, Pawns, Cards in the ROTR:SSM Card Game [the box is shot but it looks like the cards are OK], Bottle Openers, and companion/modules/etc.) and the Tshirt, though soggy, can be washed.

However, the Bestiary 4 is water damaged and the pages are water-warped. Along with that, the Promo Card for Blessing of Zarongel is not included (or if it is, its hiding, where would you have packaged it.)

What can we do? I can send pictures of the B4 if you need them.

We've tried this and with more players it always seems you run out of turns before your find or catch the villain, especially if he's at the bottom of a deck.

Please cancel my subscription to Pathfinder Comics and Pathfinder Goblin Comics.

The story and artwork have been less than stellar and since they stopped including maps, the value isn't there.

Thank you

Callous Jack wrote:
Would folks be interested in a Summon Monster set?


For thos of us who sponsored the kickstarter but are not going to Gen Con, is there any way to redeem this mini and get it added to our monthly subscription order?

Still waiting for the rest of Legacy of Fire and some Second Darkness Minis...

gigglestick wrote:

I'm running SD as the framework for a mixed yahoo groups online campaign (the heroes won't be playig in all of the adventures and Shadow In the Sky will be occurring behind the scenes)

But our online group is:

Osolf: Human Evoker - very blasty. May become the party leader.

Rane: Human Commoner? (he hasn't revealed his character class yet...the character doesn't even know what it is yet, though the player does) a bit naiive (considers his encounters with the party to be the BEST DAY EVAR!) He recently recieved a Harrowing that forshadowed a few events including an "upcoming disaster"

Freeman Felix: Human Alchemist - noble born, out to prove himself. (And Freeman is his first name, not a title)

Bristol Swan: Human Blooded Noble (LPJr Class: Modified) Taldor Nobleman sent out by the familyu patriarch to make his fortune or die trying

Larian: Elf Inquisitor of Shelyn - presently searching for a wizard who stole a book from one of the Elven temples

Corona: Aasimar Cleric (We used the Tiefling Rules from COT modified for celestial effects) Beautiful and charaismatic

Uthak Thrak: Halforc Fighter: Ex Slave, a little rough aroudn the edges

Kyalin: Halfelf Sorceress (Player will be joining us in about a week. Her bloodline is unknown, even to the player- she wanted me to pick one and give her the mechaics without telling her what the actual bloodline is. As someone who doesn't "study" the rulebooks much, she hasn't yet figured out what she has. She wants it to be a surprise.)

So far, the party is still exploring Riddleport, but they will end up at the Golden Goblin eventually....

Well, two years later and the party has become completely mixed up with new people joining and others leaving.

I'm running it a bit more Sandboxy and the Shadow in the Sky has become sort of a backdrop behind the adventures the heroes are investigating based on rumors, personal ambition, or complete misunderstanding of some clues. (The original party started in another bar, fought some reefclaws, went off to the boneyard and then went after Zipheras after getting a few more members) .Which is also fun.

So, the present (2nd level) party is:

Mordzuk: Dwarf Paladin of Torag
Gordok: Elven Alchemist
Yvot: Human Wizard
Amadeo: Unborn Tiefling Sorceror
Arthanen: Halfelf Rogue
Tialla: Halfelf Bard (NPC)
Pickletooth: Goblin Commoner (NPC)

So, right now, at second level,

I'd love to see Rahashia redone as a PF adventure...

I should mention that I'm running SD online right now (well, actually, a campaign set DURING SD, but not necessarily following the whole plot. The heroes have been running around because I'm doing this a little Sandboxy, so they ended up fighting the wererats in the Boneyard and then tracking down and killing Zipheras well before they ever went to the goblin. (One of the characters was tracking down some information that had "Old Stumpy" looking to get rid of some of them as soon as they arrived in town...)

So, the characters are mostly following their own stories and only bumping up against the metaplot. But they've following their own leads and are slowly tracking down the mystery of the Golden Goblin and the Shadow../

I love Riddleport, but I'm wondering where they sell/get all of their pirate loot.

Riddleport is kind of out of the way of any main shipping lanes. Do they fence their goods in Magnimar? do they mostly sack passing Linnorm Raiding Ships?

I'm kind of interested in what makes Riddleport actually "work" as a city...

I'd be all for this in a second!

More Paper Minis!

See, now I liked the flashback artwork. So, now I'm looking forward to the next story arc.

Will there still be gaming maps in each of the comincs. Love them.

Yes, I understand that all of the characters are supposed to be flawed, but I hope Val becomes less of a jerk soon. I like the way he's portrayed in the RPG and I'd hate for the comic to be someone's impression of what the character should be like.

Jim Zub wrote:

I appreciate your honest feedback.

As mentioned here and elsewhere, the artist on the series is changing for our second story arc. Jake Bilbao (the artist from the flashbacks in issue #5) is coming on board with issue #7. You can see his test pages here:

Jake Bilbao

Andrew's art wasn't to everyone's taste but I do think he brought a strong comic sensibility to the world. I'm sorry it didn't work for you.

In terms of Valeros- Keep in mind this first story is early in the group's adventuring career. We wanted to present them as flawed and in need of growth/improvement. Valeros is heroic, but obviously still quite rough and far from the person he will become over time.

The Valeros who apologizes to Kyra in the...

Andrew Crossett wrote:

I picked up issue #1 today. I liked the story quite a bit.

The art is going to take some getting used to.

I like the story, but the artwork is a big deterrant for me. I think the characters are horribly over-exaggerated and the lines are ugly and out of proportion. It takes a lot fo getting used to and I would hate for this to be anyone's first view of Golarion.

I also don't like how they made Valeros into such an obnoxious "frat boy". (Someone else in this thread coined that and I think it fits too well.) I never pictured Val as suave or sophistivated, but I never saw him as obnoxiouusly crude or arrogantly egotistical. (Was he really that much of a @$$%^&!! when he was being playtested?) That and the art made me almost drop the comic from my subscription.

The rest of it is pretty good, and the artwork for the flashback/ internal doubt section in the most recent issue is really pretty good. I'd love to see them dump Huerta and go with the new artist ASAP.

The story itself is interesting and I like how the goblins and the rest of the characters are written. I hope to see more about everyone's backgrounds.

However, the extra fluff and maps make this an excellent value even with the horrible initial art and the Fratboy hero. I'll keep reading, but I hope some things improve a little.

Sara Marie wrote:

I've set up a replacement for the order. We are all out of the Year of the Risen Rune shirts in your size so I have credited you with store credit for that item. You can use store credit on subscriptions by visiting your My subscriptions page.

Please double check the address on the email confirmation to make sure the replacement is going to the correct address. If the original package still shows up, let me know.

sara marie

This month's subscription arrived OK and the replacement packaage also arrived (both were put in the plastic bin...thanks)

Thank you for your help. I will let you know if the original package is found.

I will do both of those. If the original package shows up, I can send it back if you like.

My only other thought here is that Feb 16th was a day with light snow and 15-18 mph winds, but I'm not sure thats anywhere close enough to move a package that heavy...

Is there a way to put a note on the package to place box in orange bin next to side door? (It has a lid to protect packages from the weather).

Thank you

Jerry Jr.

Yeah. No trace of it here or at the old PO box where stuff used to go.

I have an orange Plastic Tote that the USPS normally leaves things in if they're too large for the door. Most of the time.

OK, so what do I have to do now?

That is the correct address. However, the last package that was sent out ended up at my old PO Box. Let me check there before you send out a replacement.

I've checked by both doors and in the bin I have for large packages that the postman normally uses. How big would this box have been?


That is the correct delivery address. Let me check and see if it got left outside somewhere.

Thank you.

order 2409979 shipped out on Feb 11 and it still has not arrived. Any chance at tracking or figuring out where it is?


Callous Jack wrote:
gigglestick wrote:
Or other assorted monsters...

More Kobolds. Hobgoblins. Some of the races from the ARG. Intellegent monsters that might be useful to ahve a few variants of.

You know I've said this before, but when you get through the core races, how about some of the things like Catfolk, Grippli, Tieflings, and so on.

And a set of familiars and companions would be great... (And I happen to know you already have a pseudo dragon, firepelt, small dragon, and cat completed... :D )

But that's my 2 cp.

Ganryu wrote:

Not sure if this is the right place...

While I am a great fan of the idea behind the paper minis I've always held myself back from buying any of these products for a very simple reason.

I don't need minis of the monsters, I need minis of the PCs.

I would be absolutely ALL OVER a product that covered male/female variants of all the base classes in the core rulebook.

Have you checked out the paper minis from Battle! Studios?

They have quite a few PC packs.

Just wondering

My feeling has always been that cleave is a continuation of a hitting attack, so you have to cleave with the weapon that struck the initial blow.

I'd rather see more hardcover regional detail books over more hardcovers with additional equipment, character upgrades, and so on.

While I've loved something from every HC so far, I can imagine that rules bloat may be coming. But background bloat is never a bad thing (and there can be rules in there as well).

James Jacobs wrote:
8 Red Wizards wrote:
In our campaign we use DM2 from 3.5 for running a business rules. Although the person who DMs my business's also has to DM my political runs also.
Yay! I wrote those! :)

Not surprising. It's awfully coincidental how many of the best roleplaying rules from 3.5 just happen to be written by you...

Its part of why PF has been so great.

Keep up the good work!

I'm about halfway through the novel (it sat on my shelf until I read Misery's Mirror...then I had make it my next read!)

Great job. I really like how you captured the feel of Nidal and made it make a little people who didn't know any better would accept such a horrible nation...

I'm not done reading it yet, but it's been agreat read so far. (Now I gotta go find some of the other stuff you wrote too...)

vuron wrote:

I'm not going to do an extensive review of the BoEF (others have done that in other places) I will say that overall it's remarkable mediocre in it's execution.

Some of my core complaints with it

1)It brings in a 7th stat: appearance. Seriously did they not ever mess with 1e Unearthed Arcana. If Gygax couldn't get buy-in for comeliness I don't see why they though appearance would work.

2) Feats are poorly written and balanced. Look I know this was published in the 3.0 landslide of bad 3rd Party Products but a ton of this stuff isn't playable.

3) D&D is already designed around limited options per level. Unless I'm playing a sex focused game sacrificing utility in one aspect of the game in order to get better at sex isn't really smart.

4) The art is basically photo manipulations. It's not even good photomanipulation but stuff that would probably fail in a shoop-de-woop thread on 4chan ;) At least it's not poser3d art.

5) Appearance as a 7th stat. Seriously it bear repeating.

It's not the worst product put out during the glut of 3rd party products in the 3.0 goldrush but it's pretty much a miss beyond the novelty factor.

If it was available as a cheap PDF document or in a bargain bin, I'd say go for it but otherwise it simply doesn't offer the cost-to-benefit ratio necessary to make it a good buy. I think 99% of gamers would benefit from buying any number of other products available in the store ahead of this one.

I was given this as a gift and I was unimpressed...pretty much for the reasons you've cited.

The rules were only OK and while it did deal with the subject matter in a more mature vein than some other books, it was still nothing great.

As for the was just bad. I expect the art in a book that size to be at least viewable. I didn't necessarily want anything more or less erotic, just less amateurish. It really made the thing look horrible.

That being many more rules do you need for sex and romance?

Paladins can get remove disease AND remove fatigue with their lay on they can do it a longggg time (or repeatedly...)

Richard Leonhart wrote:

being cool.

Well I imagine the witch as more distant, but she definetly doesn't get her hands dirty and is at least as much about magic as the wizard.
The cleric and the oracle don't wear shades as they want to see their god.

Which leaves us with the epitome of coolness, the alchemist.
Use magic device with wand of cure light wounds and that discovery to use your "spells" on other people and for the rest you have to decide if it's either physicical coolness (chuck a potion and smash someone in the face) or mental coolness (chuck a potion and outsmart everybody, and throw bombs while putting your sunglasses on).

As she's a woman I bet she goes for the latter, I would go mindchemyst, and perhaps psychonaut if you expect the game to last till later levels and she enjoys the power behind the throne kind of thing. Kirin strike is a nice feat to up the damage considerably with insane high intelligence.

On the other hand this is just my opinion and you can play every class in cool manner. The inquisitor can be like the Punisher, or the cleric like Captain America.
Don't expect however to be like monk or like a ninja, they can still heal with use magic device, but don't have such an innate ability.

I'm a big fan of the Witch with a Healing Hex. Cure everyone once a day for free, healing spells on top of that, lots of combat and non-combat abilities, fun spells, and a pet to interact with.

Ross Byers wrote:
R_Chance wrote:
brock, no the other one... wrote:
Forlarren wrote:
If the files are already out there, then buying from Paizo is just giving them money to take on risk, and no other benefit that piracy doesn't already provide.
Then buy the PDFs, never download them, and instead use the pirate version. You've paid your share; you have your 'risk free' PDFs. Problem solved - it may even be legal depending on where you live.
Pirated files aren't risk free. They're a favorite for those happy little munchkins who spread viruses. I think I'll take my chances with Paizo. Even if there was no risk to pirated files I prefer to pay my share...

There are benefits to having downloads on your account. You can redownload your assets any number of times (handy for multiple devices of if they get deleted). You are notified when the document is updated (with errata or better bookmarks, for example), and get the new version for free.

And of course, there is the slightly more abstract benefit that Paizo gets the revenue to pay its staff and continue to make products that you (presumably) enjoy.

This became important to me when both my harddrive crashed and the backup drive was damaged beyond repair...

got to go back and DL all the stuff I bought


VRMH wrote:

Break/blow up = dick move.

Acting weirdly/unexpectedly = cool roleplaying opportunity.



You shouldn't suddenly mess with the players for your own amusement, but creating a good roleplaying encounter can be fun for everyone.

Blowing up the staff just shows your players not to trust you.

Like Weaton says...Don't be a D*ck.

It's an Apple-only product and I'm not going to invest now just to hope that we reach a stretch goal to use it on my Android.

Interesting idea, but it should be android and apple right off the bat.

I could be way off on this, but I also thought that selling your soul and bargaining with the lower powers also got you past the Lemure/Manes level of fiendishness. In other words, you get to Hell/Abyss and you get promoted to one of the other Devil/Demon types...based on your crimes in life.

That's how I play it anyway.

And Lords of the Damned is great for this because most of the demons/devils/Daemons have listed crimes from life...

Set wrote:

Sothis, Thronestep and Starfall would definitely be on my top three! Pangolais, Quantium and Kalsgard also intrigue me.

But Thronestep and Pangolais (and Whitethrone, Azir and Mechitar) don't seem terribly PC-friendly, in different ways.

A book focusing on capital cities of the 'Inner Sea Five,' Oppara, Katheer, Sothis, Egorian and Almas, could be neat.

I definitely think that an "Inner Sea Five" plus one would be a great book.

Wasn't Westcrown already covered in the COT AP?

I grew up in Buffalo, moved to Oswego, spent a year in Rochester, moved to a Syracuse suburb for 20 years and just moved back to Buffalo. (Fist bump)

But I've had college roommates from NYC/Long Island and I had to work in that area for 7 months...

I had a roommate from Long Island who considered everything north of the George Washington Bridge to be upstate. And I've got customers who consider Armonk and Brewster to be upstate. (Both within commuting distance of NYC).

Of course, I also had a LI roommate who seriously didn't think that Syracuse had the ability to use credit cards. ("I need to bring cash, right? Do you use credit cards up here?" He wasn't joking.)

What's weird to me is that while Buffalo seems to have a lot more gamers, Syracuse and Rochester each have more actual game stores...

TOZ wrote:
There is also the Encyclopaedia Arcane, Nymphology: Blue Magic from Mongoose Publishing.

+1 Blue Magic has some pretty funny (and sracastic) comments about magic in games in general and is well worth the read.

hogarth wrote:
I'd vote for a non-PC race like orcs or lizardfolk.

I think a non-standard PC race would be the best bet too.

I know players who hate elves. Personally, I've never enjoyed dwarves or halflings.

But lizardfolk or hobgoblins would be an interesting twist.

Paizo made gnomes cool. You just made them cooler. I love some of these minis!

(After the hippie dwarf, I expect at least one silly mini per set, but the set is still awsome!)

Keep up the good work. I hope to get some assembled this month. I'll post online.

I'd say get him to buy the PDF of the rulebook.


Something for my players to deal with. (they're level 8 now and might be travelling from Absalom to Magnimar for a few adventures.)

After reading through the Magnimar Sourcebook last night, I noticed the abundance of Hellknights.

How many are in Magnimar (approximately) and how powerful would you expect them to be?

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