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gecks77's page

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Good value for the price


I really like the whole line of reaper "painted bones" minis, and this one is no exception. This is a great figure, very classic elf archer, appears to be male but has enough standard fey asexuality to work just fine for either sex.

-Overall sculpt is great. Good detail, with a simple but evocative pose.

-Paint job is excellent, almost perfect really. I know these minis do vary somewhat, but mine came with a green and brown tunic, brown boots, grey leggings, and metallic silver accents for the armor and weapons- the colors really work together very well, and the silver accents really pop, makes the whole thing look just fantastic on the gaming table.

-What is "classic" elf for me may be “overly stereotypical” elf for you.

-Does not come on a standard 1” base, which depending on what system you use may be mildly annoying for gaming purposes. Not such a big deal on medium sized figures though.

-Some very minor painting imperfections on the face and hair- only noticeable on close inspection and well within the variation I would expect for a hand-painted mini at this price point

Overall: This figure is priced somewhere between an average uncommon and rare WoTC single, and I think the sculpting and painting job are good enough to make this a bargain by those standards. If you need a mini for an elf archer PC or important NPC, it would be hard to do better.

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Great Flip Mat

****( )

Very awesome general forest flip mat. Plenty of detail. I like the way the tree-tops are "cut off" so that the much more relevant tree-trunk positions are visible. Just a little bit on the dark side, but really the best forest flip-map I've seen from Paizo or anyone else in quite a while. This will replace other generic "forest" flip-mats as my go-to mat for nature encounters or events.

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a good map you can a-"ford" (ha ha, get it?)


Great, universal mat. Lush and beautiful, and very easy to see what everything is. I picked it up specifically for the early part of the first Jade Regent adventure path- which involves a lot of random encounters at bridges- but really, a bridge or river crossing encounter- be it ambush, problem solving challenge, or troll extortion shtick- comes up A LOT in fantasy role-playing, so you can definitely pick up this map in the firm knowledge it will get plenty of use. 5 stars!

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Some Inner Peace is about to get Busted Up in Style...


Well, I have to say, I really like this Map. The "top" has a very detailed, interesting, and overall gorgeous-looking monastery to invade, in rich color and detail which should add quite a bit of “oomph” to the session. It isn’t as “generic” as some of the other flip mats, so it probably won’t be hitting the table every game, but when it does come out, it will be a show-stopper. The “bottom” side, while being less visually impressive, is more generic and versatile; it could serve as a “test of mettle” type dungeon/monastery inner sanctum/Enter the Dragon style kung-fu training ground, or any number of other locations. The wet/dry erasable surface is nice added bonus as well.

While I am obviously pretty “wowed” by this map, and am therefore giving it the full five star treatment, I will caveat my endorsement by saying this is really not an “every session” sort of map, so if you are trying to stretch your gaming dollar or focus on generic maps that you will get a lot of use out of, this might not be what you’re looking for. But if you want to slap down a gorgeous mat to make for a memorable encounter crafted around the subject matter, this one will knock’em dead.

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