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frostdracul's page

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Gotta be that guy


This book was wonderful, I've only read bits and pieces of it so far due to time constraints but everything I've read so far is gold.

My friend and I looked at the experimental gunslinger and the bushwhacker archetypes and we're already planning a battle between "seal team gnome" and the "tali-bold" and if you don't think that's awesome and funny....well then you sir have no sense of humor.

The fluff provided is great, getting a little more indepth into the dragon empire races would've been awesome, but I know most books work on the assumption of the Inner Sea as the main region, and of course simple size restraints.

I'll have to be honest I haven't really looked at the race builder yet, but I thought the playtest was okay, and hope that they worked out a lot of the kinks.

So all in all there is a little bit of something for everyone, even enough i'd say to warrant play a race, such as the kobold, that was always thought underpowered by most people (especially myself) just for the awesome flavor provided. Great job paizo, I'm pumped for Ultimate Equipment so hurry up!

P.S. and in reference to my review title, even though I know it's too new a race and probably wasn't popular enough to warrant going in here, to be that guy......NO KURU? AWWWWWW COME ON GUYS! KURU BARBARIAN ARCHETYPES WRITE THEMSELVES!

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