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freeAgent's page

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Liberty's Edge

I'd also love to see Paizo start offering Realm Works and Hero Lab files for their APs.

Liberty's Edge

I just bought this and the PDF is definitely a little wonky. Page 2 (Front Inside Cover) has extremely messed up formatting with the background image being incomplete. I'm using Nitro Pro 8 as my PDF reader, but it doesn't seem have be a problem with other Paizo PDFs.

Liberty's Edge

MendedWall12 wrote:


I've got a bit of an emergency here, and I'm going to be emailing you a file. Hero Lab just updated their files, and any portfolio I've resaved under the new software can't open in Combat Manager. The error says Combat Manager can't read the file...

Help! I've got two sessions this Saturday, and it will be a lot more difficult for me to run without your handy software.


I was worried about what that change would do :(

Liberty's Edge

For everyone with a Mac, have you tried Parallels? I haven't used it for years (I'm a Windows user and was only using Macs at work), but it was pretty awesome:

Liberty's Edge

I think I found the post you're referring to here:


One obvious alternative would be to let everyone purchase each item individually, but that's not possible due to technical limitations of our licensing system. Due to the licensing technology we use in the product, we have a hard limit on the total number of packages that can be managed. There's plenty of growth space right now, but we'd be running very tight if the number of packages quintupled overnight, and then we'd have problems adding all the new content from Paizo next year.

Letting everyone pick and choose individual books would also be daunting for many users, which would become a negative from a user-experience perspective. Prices for individual books would be wide ranging, which complicates things for some users, not to mention the ever-growing volume of purchase options to wade through. There would also likely be a much higher frequency of mistakes during purchasing, which means fewer happy customers and more cost for us to fix those mistakes. It's a net loss across the board, so it would be an unwise approach even if there wasn't a technical limitation.

There are two major bonuses in releasing content in the same order Paizo creates it. The first is safety from the uncertain future of Paizo's publishing plan, which Mathias outlined above. To use a contrived example, let's say we release a "Faiths" bundle with 3 books, then what do we do if Paizo decides to release a fourth book in the future? If the first books sell well, Paizo will want to give players what they want and add a new book to the line. But how do we handle it for people who've already bought the previous three books? Does it become a single book they need to add? If so, we're soon back to the individual purchase model above.

The second big advantage is that it allows us to release small books immediately as part of incomplete packages. We know the next few books in the pipeline from Paizo and can create a new add-on that only has a couple books in it initially. Once the next books are released by Paizo, we can add those books, so users only wait a month or two for the add-on to be "complete". If we themed everything, there would be incomplete packages for a long time, which would have users thinking they weren't getting everything they paid for (read: gypped).

Lastly, before someone suggests it, it doesn't make sense to group existing books by theme now and add new books in the order they're released. If we did that, new users a year from now would be wholly confused. They would see all this themed content and then a mishmash of non-themed content (the new stuff). That wouldn't make any sense, and the problem would only get worse over time. If we later re-grouped the new content to make things less confusing for new users, this approach would also ultimately require that content be managed individually by our licensing mechanism, since books would be moving between packages over time. And that's not an option for us on a technical level.

Whew! That was vastly longer than I had intended, but it should hopefully give you a pretty thorough understanding of everything we have to think through on this end. :) We'd love to let users buy material in a variety of ways so they can pick the one that makes most sense to them. However, there are lots of factors involved, including the handling of new users, future implications of how a method evolves over time, and technical limitations that must be lived with. It's a juggling act, and the net result is that we can't always have things be ideal for everyone. So we do our best with the variables we have to work with. :)

Liberty's Edge

psychicmachinery wrote:
This is awesome! Will it be released as a .PDF as well so I can print out goblin hordes?

The product description says that pre-orders for subscribers will get a PDF free, so I'd imagine that there will also be a PDF available. Great!

Liberty's Edge

I'm currently on Android, but I'll likely switch to Windows Phone (8) with my next phone. I may also get a Microsoft Surface or another Windows 8 tablet once that's out. Make some Metro apps!

Liberty's Edge

Jiggy wrote:

I'm chatting with Amazon's customer service right now. They say they canceled my order "because the item is not available" and "because we don't want our customers to wait".

...The item wasn't available when I ordered it. Nothing changed. And canceling my order doesn't make me wait less.


I wouldn't be too concerned. Assuming Amazon gets it at the same time as other online retailers do (early July), I doubt they'll let them undercut Amazon's prices. See here: 81601253903 You can still preorder from them if you want, and their price matches Amazon's if I remember correctly.

Liberty's Edge

I think I read somewhere that the issue is that Paizo's printer/distributor is not very reliable about filling wholesale orders from places like Amazon. I checked around other bookstores and I think Wal-Mart and Books-a-Million are projecting they won't get it in stock until July 3 now. It is frustrating, but it looks like Paizo is the only place (online) that has the book for the next three weeks.

Liberty's Edge

I let my players control their animal companions and familiars because it's easier for me and I have very little interest in doing it myself with all the other stuff I have going on. I also don't want to be accused of nerfing an animal companion for no reason, etc. That said, I don't let PCs do ridiculous things with animal companions or familiars, particularly when they make decisions for them that would require intelligence higher than those creatures would rightfully possess.

Liberty's Edge

James Sutter wrote:
freeAgent wrote:
I would like to see you go to a magical land called Kindle in the great Amazon forest. I've heard tales that the wizards there are able to use a single scroll to store all their spells, freeing space in their towers for ant farms and the like.
Me too! The only thing holding us back from Kindle at this point is an overly restrictive contract. We're all hoping that they'll loosen up as time goes on, but for now it's a waiting game...

I hear ya :)

Liberty's Edge

I would like to see you go to a magical land called Kindle in the great Amazon forest. I've heard tales that the wizards there are able to use a single scroll to store all their spells, freeing space in their towers for ant farms and the like.

Liberty's Edge


Thank you, Paizo!!!

Liberty's Edge

That's an excellent concept.

Liberty's Edge

I noticed that the new PDF is significantly smaller than the original. There was almost a 10 MB difference if I remember correctly. Hopefully that's a trend.

Liberty's Edge

I use Hero Lab and own all the sheets for my players. All leveling up and changes go through me. I print out new sheets for everyone before each session and do all the XP, gold, and treasure additions after each session. It works out pretty well for everyone and I've had no complaints. That said, it's a lot of work for the GM (and printing costs can add up).

I also have a private Google website (free) for our campaign where I post up PDFs of the current character sheets as well as the Hero Lab portfolio file for anyone who wants to look at them between sessions. has a template you can use to easily get a site for your group up and running.

Liberty's Edge

I also noticed that the PC who owns all the shops may be charging normal citizens reasonable prices? That seems impossible to do discretely, but in that case, the PC could also hire a villager NPC to buy gear for him.

Liberty's Edge

It doesn't make sense from a tactical perspective to coupe de grace if it will provoke an AoO. It also makes little sense in most cases if there are any enemies left on the field. You would waste time and therefore allow your enemies an additional attack against you. However, if you just fight until all your enemies are on the ground dying, you can easily go through them all and coup de grace after the battle is essentially over. The only time I think it makes sense to coup de grace in combat is if you're using some sort of spell or ability that requires it. Otherwise, you're making yourself less effective.

Liberty's Edge

I know there's probably no time to work on this idea now, but it would be great if Combat Manager had networking capabilities so you could run in client mode (players) or host mode (GM) over a network. Obviously the GM mode would have all information for the GM to see, but the client/player mode would only show the party and any monsters (not including hit points and other stats) that the GM chooses to reveal to the players. The GM would control all effects and things applied to the monsters or characters, but the players would be able to see them.

I say this because it would be really great if I was able to share portions of Combat Manager easily with my players, but I obviously don't want them to see the whole window ;)

Liberty's Edge

Adamantine Dragon wrote:

I always get perplexed when gamers approach a problem like this as with in game responses like "take some crafting feats and set up a competing trading system..."

Look, first of all, I don't want to take feats to combat other PCs, either violently or through manipulating imaginary markets.

Second, if the GM is favoring some PCs over others, the problem has nothing to do with the in game economy. There's a much more critical dynamic at work here, and it's entirely outside of the game system.

Finally, I don't play Pathfinder to become a trader or merchant. Perhaps some people do, but if I wanted to do that, I'd play Monopoly.

Talk to the GM, if the GM doesn't immediately apologize and crush the PC mafia, then find another group that actually wants to play a cooperative fantasy adventure role playing game.

I agree that getting the GM involved is the only way to resolve this situation. If everything in town became unaffordable, I think you'd see quite a few people resorting to theft AND/OR you'd see competing merchants starting to enter because they would be able to easily undercut the inflated prices that the d--khead PC is charging. The GM should also factor in that businesses always have costs (paying employees, maintenance, etc), but don't always have profits (selling goods and services). Once the competition moves in, the PC who owns the shops will have to drop his prices to normal levels or simply start losing money as everyone in town goes elsewhere.

If the d--khead PC tries to prevent the merchants from coming in and competing with him, he should find those merchants have hired some extremely well-trained guards (they could even reach out to the new PCs for guard duty), not to mention that this would be an unlawful and evil action on the PC's part. Roleplay from there...

Liberty's Edge

See the bottom of page 4 (of the PDF) under the credits:

"“Children of the Void” is a Pathfinder Adventure Path scenario designed for four 4th-level characters. By the end of this adventure, characters should reach 6th level."

Liberty's Edge

This is some really amazing work! I can't wait to try it out.

Liberty's Edge

It's doubtful these books will have errata in them because from what I read, they're simply scans of the original books. The only difference is the cover. What's inside is exactly the same because it's just a scanned image of a mint-condition original (minus some ads that were in the original and no longer apply).

Liberty's Edge

If it was me, I'd stay with only a preview for free. If you want to test the freebie waters, you'd probably be better of starting out with a lower priced product so your potential loss of sales doesn't impact you as much as it would for an $11 product.

Liberty's Edge

I've got 7 sets of dice. All of them are Chessex. I've got a bunch of varieties. Two are flecked various shades of grey (one with white numbers, the other with yellow), one is a sparkly purplish color, and the rest are various swirls: jade green & gold, steel & copper, crimson/brown/purple (my memory is a little hazy on that exact mixture), and red & gold. I've also got a random collection of solid Chessex d20s and a set of small, turquoise flecked d6's which I use for enemy pawns and counters.

I like all my dice and am not particularly attached to any of them more than others. Since the rest of my group are bums, they use my dice when we play :)

Liberty's Edge

You wouldn't need a lot of skill in order to be a cook or a deckhand. A lot of sailing for a deckhand is simply listening to instructions given to you by more experienced crew. The skills involved are mostly along the lines of, "help pull this rope until I tell you to stop." You could also serve as a lookout and/or keep watch at night. All of this stuff is fairly unskilled.

Liberty's Edge

I do not think you have generally railroaded your PCs any more than is necessary for there to be some sort of story unfolding in your campaign.

You played an enemy character with intelligence and tactics. That's not railroading.

You declared that a fire left only one path to approach the enemy via land. That's the environment, not railroading.

Your players for some reason used OOC knowledge to choose their characters' behavior instead of doing what the characters would do. You did railroad them a bit there, but your players are partially at fault due to their metagaming.

You again set up a scenario and your players didn't like the way it played out. That's not railroading. I assume that had your players wanted to they could have hurt their reputations and/or faced repercussions by refusing to start searching for the children immediately.

Liberty's Edge

You can download Joey Virtue's Hero Lab files for Second Darkness here. If you want to print them out from Hero Lab format, you'd have to open them using Hero Lab.

You can also open most of the portfolio files as-is in Combat Manager and skip the need for a printed sheet or stat block for running combat. That's what I do. I did have trouble opening some of the portfolios in Joey's file without first updating them in Hero Lab, presumably because they were created with an older version of Hero Lab.

Liberty's Edge

Gary Teter wrote:
Both those things have been on the todo list for a pretty long time.

Excellent. I'd love to see them at some point in the future :)

Liberty's Edge

We either find someone to fill in or I (the GM) will play the character with full XP and loot either way. We're all friends and responsible, so we don't have problems with people not communicating when they can and can't make it. If I was playing with people I didn't know and/or who weren't very reliable, I'd probably have to change the way we handle it.

Liberty's Edge

James Jacobs wrote:
Sincubus wrote:

Cool, there can never be enough AP's for me!

But first the (to me better sounding) pirates AP!

My question is: The pirates have mostly water-based monsters in them, what will be the theme of monsters for this one?

There really isn't a "theme" for Shattered Star. It's really a "back to the basics" type AP, to help celebrate the fact that it's the 10 year anniversary of Paizo and the 5 year one for Pathfinder. So... I guess the theme could be:

"Varisian stuff"


"Classic Fantasy RPG stuff."

After doing so many heavily themed APs (horror, jungle, Asia, pirates), I suspect folks will be happy to see a "back to basics" AP.

Yes! I'm a big fan of "classic fantasy RPG stuff". Bring it on!

Liberty's Edge

Finally! I can't wait to see this in August :)

Liberty's Edge

I do not think you have to read the whole AP before running it. However, you should read the entire chapter of the AP before you run that chapter. As others pointed out and you've already noticed, the APs are not written so they can just be run on the fly. It would be nice if Paizo could find a way to change that, but it is what it is.

I'm running Second Darkness right now and the way I do it is to first read through the chapter to familiarize myself with everything (BTW, they repeated an area on the Gold Goblin can find more info in the Second Darkness subforum). After that, I go through the fluff parts of the AP and re-summarize what's going on in my own notes. This allows me to combine elements spread throughout the AP into a document that I can go through more linearly during the session. The APs' combat is actually easy to run straight from the AP, so when I get to those parts, I put a page reference in my notes, so I can just jump to that section of the AP for the combat. I also calculate party XP and treasure for each encounter and put it next to the page number.

I also use Hero Lab and the data sets for the APs available for it along with Combat Manager for actually managing combat itself.

Liberty's Edge

When I was younger, numerous people mistook me for Prince William (including a group of girls from Scotland whom I met in Italy). Anyway, in my junior year of high school two of my teachers had us write up a short biography and attach a photo of ourselves. I got the bio done but forgot my photo at home. Instead of turning the assignment in late, I found a photo of Prince William online, printed it out in the school library, and used it. They never figured it out. I look less like Prince William now, though, so that probably wouldn't fly.

True story.

Liberty's Edge

I'm not a big fan of Golarion's resemblance of some sort of anachronistic Earth. Golarion has dinosaurs. It also has steampunk...and don't forget the 18th century Earth-like cultures. All of this coexists with some standard high fantasy.

Golarion in general also seems to be dominated by humans, with very little real estate (in books or in the world) given to demihumans.

Obviously these fluff elements are all personal opinions and you can't make one setting that will please everyone. I'm fine with that. If I ever get around to running my own homebrew campaign, I may take it back to Forgotten Realms, or I may just use a subset of Golarion or use the maps and such, but change the cultures that occupy those regions/cities.

Liberty's Edge

Some links to specific feats from the feat index on the mobile version are not working/formed correctly. For example, this is the link from the mobile site's "Improved Stonecunning": onecunning

This is the one that actually works: necunnin

It also seems to happen with all feats that have a comma in them. For example, "Impact Critical Shot (Combat, Critical)" goes here: _impact-critical-shot-%28combat,-critical%29

It needs to go here: impact-critical-shot-%28combat,-critical%29

I'm not sure why these specific feats have differently-formed URLS, but they do.

Liberty's Edge

Yes, please make this happen!

Liberty's Edge

Booloo wrote:

Combat Manager?

Didn't know about this program, I'll give it a try, although I usually prefer to DM with good ol'pen, brain and paper.

FYI, you may experience an issue with version 1.3.8 (which JUST came out). Kyle (the creator) is working on it and you can use 1.3.7 in the meantime.

Liberty's Edge

As the GM, I only tell the players what they found and help with any math they want to use to divide the loot. They figure the rest out between themselves, and I think that's how it should be.

They don't do a whole lot of roleplaying in that respect. I have never gone into telling PCs individually/privately what their character finds and having them roleplay either being truthful or dishonest about bringing what they've found to the group. I can see how that might be fun, but it could also use up a lot of time and create friction in the group (such as everyone demanding a Perception, Sense Motive, etc check during loot distribution), so I'm not going to mess with a good thing. It would also create a TON more work for me as a GM :)

Liberty's Edge

Nemitri wrote:
To me the most wasted time is rolling for initiative, so combat manager solves that problem, plus it makes it super easy for dm to keep track of other bonuses and can add monsters on a whim, or look at rules using the same program, oh it can also throw lots of dice making those 10d6 fireballs not a hassle anymore! really awesome program!

I second, third, and fourth this. Combat Manager is free and awesome. Rolling initiative automatically, plus easy tracking of HP, stats, and just about everything else, PLUS access to d20pfsrd's beastiary and other content all in one place is amazing. If I didn't use it, I think my combat would run at least a 30% longer than it does now. It eliminates a LOT of paper and junk that I'd otherwise have to carry around and flip through.

Also, all spell casters should either have their spells in memory or printed out for quick reference.

Liberty's Edge

The fix Colen is talking about worked for me and I was able to load all the .hl files. I'm glad it's fixed now, because I was not going to enjoy putting all those spells in Hero Lab myself :)

Liberty's Edge

Ravingdork wrote:
I understand, freeAgent, I merely threw out a quick example to make a point, not necessarily to be realistic. A lot of people have already asked "why not just warn your party mates and get to a better position" to which my answer is "I probably would."

Yeah, that's how I'd play it. It's basically just extremely difficult for you to be caught by surprise.

Liberty's Edge

Keep in mind that if you throw a fireball "into yonder trees", it's likely to just hit one of the trees. As far as I know, fireballs go in a straight line. Unless you can see your enemies in the forest, you'll just be fireballing the trees between you and them. If you can see the enemy but they are in dense foliage or cover, you have to do a ranged touch attack on the cover in question in order to pass through it. I also see no provision in the RAW for a fireball going over a hill and back down the other side.

I just picked on the example of using a fireball, but you get the picture. Even given that you've determined there's something fishy or unnatural going on in a certain area, that doesn't mean you can necessarily throw a spell into it.

Also, casting offensive spells without even knowing for sure that your target is hostile should be an issue (ie, not something you would do) for any Good-aligned PC. If you aren't Good, but have party members who are, that sort of behavior should also cause problems with party cohesion.

Liberty's Edge

I would consider core material to be anything Paizo published. However, in my game I also allow any third part content that I own and have vetted. I don't want any 3.5 material in my game or anything from a 3PP that I haven't looked over. With that said, I'm usually the person introducing my group to new content and options. To about half of them, Pathfinder is whatever I say it is.

Liberty's Edge

Kthulhu wrote:
I'm using Windows 7 Pro, 64-bit, and I haven't had any of these problems.

Damn, there goes that theory. Do you have all of the Pathfinder add-on content?

Liberty's Edge

I just uninstalled Hero Lab (and deleted all HL data) and reinstalled. This time I did not set up the d20pfsrd data source, so all I have are the official Wolf Lair data sets, and everything is installed to the default location. I have UM and the APG packages (as well as all others currently available).

Unfortunately, I'm still getting that error. I saw that there is now a thread on the Wolf Lair forums for this:

I sent an email to Wolf Lair and attached the 0th Level Spells file for their reference. The same error happens with every file, levels 0-9. I'm beginning to wonder if this has something to do with the OS people are running. I noticed that PathfinderFan64 is on a 64-bit OS, and so am I (Windows 7 64-bit). I'm not sure what else it could be.

Liberty's Edge

I'm definitely getting the same error when trying to import the new files (split out by level). I attempted to import by loading the .hl files without Hero Lab started and using the Import feature from within Hero Lab. I also tried moving the files into the Hero Lab program directory and it doesn't seem to have made a difference.

It sounds like some other folks have already emailed Wolf Lair, so I'll just sit tight for now.

Liberty's Edge

gamer-printer wrote:
I've seen posts on ENWorld where some who've downloaded the dataset and loaded into Hero Lab - and it worked fine. So the problem could be the way Hero Lab is originally loaded on your computer. If you placed in a directory without the standard loading procedure, that could be the problem.

I'm pretty sure I used all the defaults, but I don't have an issue reinstalling it just to be sure. That's what weekends are for! :)

Liberty's Edge

Sethvir wrote:

Looks like it:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Hero Lab\HeroLab.exe
3.9a 279
Address: 0x005faee9
Type: bad read
major: 6, minor: 1, build: 7601, platform: 2, version: Service Pack 1, spmaj: 1, spmin: 0, suitemask: 00000300, type: 1

Do you by chance use the d20pfsrd Community Beastiary? I ask because that's the *only* custom data I have loaded into Hero Lab right now. Everything else is the official Wolf Lair data sets.

Liberty's Edge

Cheapy wrote:
Did you try redownloading? Did you get the same error then?

Yup, same error. I don't know if Paizo's "customization" process that watermarks the PDFs is somehow also altering and screwing up the .hl file or if it's just bad at the source.

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