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fordandros's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 9 posts. No reviews. No lists. No wishlists.


Well I feel dumb now haha. Let me rephrase that is there any news of an elf book coming out for the pathfinder rules?

I know there has been a book for all the races. But has anyone heard anything about the elves getting there own book?

I'm looking for a group in bloomington normal.

I'm looking for a group in bloomington normal.

I'm looking for a group in bloomington normal.

Is this group still in existance? I just moved to bloomington normal and have been looking for a pathfinder group for a month and having no luck so far. Can I join if you guys are still meeting?

Are you still looking for that game? Cause I just moved to normal and am in desprate need of a pathfinder group. Im also an avid whfb,40k, and lotr sbg player so if your one of those too thats even better. I just tried gryfalias for a game. It didnt work. I can dm as well as play and I can host games. I know I'm all kinds of late responding to this but if your still looking for a group or if you have one by now and have room for 1 more player please contact me

I'm in bloomington-normal and am in desperate need of a pathfinder group. I dont have a car so im confined to the bloomington normal area but I can get anywere in the bloomington normal area. My appartment is a bit cramped but im willing to host and im willing to dm.

This is the coolest thing ever. I would make it more tavern-esqe maybe put a kool tavern sign above door or a taxidermy dragons head.

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