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Karzoug the Claimer

forbinproject's page

Goblin Squad Member. FullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 137 posts (138 including aliases). 6 reviews. No lists. 1 wishlist. 7 Pathfinder Society characters.

Sine Nomine Publishing has done some great sandbox OSR stuff with "Red Tide". Now they're doing doing an African-themed FRPG.

Check it out here:

kickstarter linky

(boosting the signal simply because I'm a fan, and I've backed the project and would like to see it succeed)

Shipping costs are a mite high for us non-us types.


I've noticed that there's an extra character on my PFS account:

# 1794-4 Kiara 184

Not my PC - belongs to someone else.

Could you remove it?



Please could you cancel my subscription to this line - thanks.

Level 1 Gunslinger
Human, Dex & Wis 16, Cha 12, everything else 10
Traits: Alkenstar Defender, Heirloom Weapon (pistol)
Feats; Point-blank shot, Rapid Reload

So, firstly I misread the bit about equipment and thought it was 2 pistols + 50 shot. But, my character died really fast, so it didn't really become an issue.

We were playing Voice in the Void and I got my Brain Eaten by the third (?) encounter.

Anyhoo - here's my impressions:

Not hugely fun at 1st level - there are just too many things that you need to get in order to make a viable character.
The targeting of touch AC is quite cool; but the grit power to do this at range seemed fairly irrelevant to me.

What would have been great is a spend 1 grit to get your WIS modifier as bonus precision damage.

It felt kinda 'clockwork-y' as I was super-conscious of how I was spending my actions (even more than usual).

Things that occurred to me - Perception should be a class skill; Brave and tough is just save progression masquerading as a class feature.

Grit could be usable to give you the benefits of Rapid Reload, PBS or Precise Shot for 1 round. You need these feats to be viable - and it would be cool to have the ability to briefly get their use.

I didn't like having to track Grit, it would feel better to have a set number of uses - 2 or 3 + WIS per day.

Less fun that a 1st level Fighter, Barbarian or Inquisitor in terms of my experience playing these characters.


Could you cancel my Gamemastery map subscription please after you've shipped order #1423736.



Hello, just ordered The Only Sheet's Loot Divider - the personalizer isn't working and I can't download the file. I can personalize and download other files.



Hello customer service,

Apparently I have to go back to you (the seller) so that you can make a claim through USPS, who then claim the cost of shipping and value of the item back from Royal Mail.

It's taken a couple of weeks to track down what happened, but I'll run you through the sequence of events so that your dealings with USPS may be smoothed.
The item (Combat Tiers Family Pack) was shipped, arrived in the UK and got hit with a customs charge.
I paid the customs charge, but the day I did that the redelivery office was packed up ad moved from one site to another - a number of packages have apparently gone walkabout during the move.
The package is now nowhere to be found; I have spoken extensively with the redelivery office; (Gwen +44 (0) 8456 112435) and the delivery section - no dice.
I tried to claim back through UK Royal Mail but was met with "it's international, we won't fulfill the claim".

So, sorry to land this back on Paizo, but I'm out $46.37 (and I used the Holiday Season discount code, dagnabbit) - can you make a claim via USPS?


Apologies if this has been covered already - I tried searching but search is unavailable at the mo.

I have a player making up a cavalier - what is their starting money? Same as a Paladin?

I think Carrion Hill got missed off my order? It's in the order, but not in the shipping email.



Hello delightful customer service team,

Any chance that order #1302747 could go out with order #1269885?



My subscriptions settings are set to "Hold for shipping with my Pathfinder Subscription". The September products seem to have been detatched from Council of Thieves 2. Can the September products be combine to ship with my Pathfinder Adventure path? Should I actually set things to "one monthly shipment?"



Strangely this order, shipped Jan 22, 2009:

Pathfinder #18—Second Darkness Chapter 6: "Descent into Midnight" (OGL) Print Edition
Pathfinder Chronicles: Second Darkness Map Folio Print Edition Shipped Jan 22, 2009
Pathfinder Module S1: Clash of the Kingslayers (OGL) Print Edition

hasn't arrived yet, although the following order has - #1126827, shipped Feb 2, 2009:

Artifacts of the Ages: Swords and Staves (d20)
Artifacts of the Ages: Rings (d20)
Pathfinder: Curse of the Crimson Throne Player's Guide (OGL) , Qty: 5
GameMastery Spell Templates: Spell Radius Package Blue
GameMastery Flip-Mat: Theater

Could be a result of delays cased by bad weather that we had a while back. I'm away for a week and I'll check back in on it then. No action required yet, thought I'd just flag it up so's it's on your radar.



Playtest Feedback – The Skinsaw Murders Session 3 [Spoilers]

This week was the scarecrow-ghouls fight at the Hambly Farm

CMB still proving unpopular; multiple attempts to pull off CMB maneuvers by players, almost every single one of them resulting in failure. This has the effect of players not using CMB attacks and turns the game into a grind.

I put in an on-the-fly modification of "have a +2 CMB bonus if you describe a cool maneuver".

The most CMB-orientated player, who is perfectly prepared to take AoO's to use Bull Rush, Trip etc was cooling on CMB by the end of the session.

Currently players have a choice between hitting normally and doing damage or attempting a CMB, with less chance of success. My current feeling is to allow base weapon damage to be dealt on CMB rolls that beat AC but not CMB defence. Looking at how the numbers distribute, CMB attacks are about 25% more difficult (less likely to succeed) than normal attacks.

In summary, CMB is good from a ref perspective, but the player perception is that they are more likely to be effective if they just whale away at the bad guy.

Fast Stealth rogue feature + cornfield allowing Hide rolls = very happy rogue player.

Sneak Attack damage affecting undead also greatly added to the game's enjoyment.

Firstly, let me say that Gods & Magic is a good product, and I'm glad I've got it.

(Obviously there's a but...) ....but it's slightly dissapointing for me for one main reason:

Lack of Creation Myth(s).

The exemplar of this sort of product is Green Ronin's 'Book of the Righteous' - which devotes a remarkable number of pages to detailing a full creation story and cosmology.

I'd like to have seen 1 or more creation myths, ready-to-go for characters in Gods & Monsters. It's the foundation of virtually all religions, so it strikes me as strange that in a book detailing fantasy religions, there's little space given over to this.

A suggestion for conditions - more to do with formatting than anything else.

In play, what tends to slow things down is recalculating things like AC etc. What slows it down even more is when a modifier is to an attribute.

It would speed things up (by reducing cognitive overhead) if conditions appeared in a format like this:

-4 DEX (-2 AC, -2 REF); -2 ATK; -2 CMB; no action with 2 hands

-2 AC; -DEX bonus to AC; -4 on STR, DEX, Search checks

Basically, a single line that summarizes the numerical effects in a standard format, and that uses brackets () to 'unpack' attribute mods will save time.

I know this stuff is easily figured out; but there is a definite delay as players (particularly less rule-savvy ones) go "-4 DEX, that means my AC and REF drop by 2?"

Hase been 'pending' for a while. Haven't had the "we're going to ship in a few days" email either, so I'm wondering if there's a problem with the order?



(relocated to more appropriate thread)
Hello customer Service team - I've emailed about order #848234; any chance of Pathfinder #5 and J2 being shipped this afternoon?

I believe my order has been caught in the "pathfinder chronicles" snafu and having access to the pdf within the next couple of hours would greatly improve my game tonight.


It's rare that I sign up sight-unseen for something, but pathfinder looks to fill a gaming need that I have. I'm (reasonably) cash-rich & time-poor demographically speaking, I've been running games for 20 years now, but I no longer have time to write & prep to the degree that I used to.
What I want is someone to do some of the work for me, so I can get on and run the game. Pathfinder looks like it'll do this.
WOTC have clearly picked up on this need with their current module format - the encounter-based layout makes refereeing really easy.
Here are a couple of points that would add considerable value to Pathfinder adventures, possibly not as page-count, but perhaps as web enhancements:

Miniature-scale maps - you've got the graphics files already, making a 1" scale version avialable would save a tremendous amount of time - most home printers can tile-print, and having the maps really helps. Particularly if the maps don't have the referee info on them.

Miniatures lists - again this really speeds up prep, a consolidated list of how many monsters of each type are in the whole adventure cuts down on prep time.

(The Queen with Burning Eyes was one of the easiest adventures to run because of its use of map tiles and specific miniatures - it's one of my favourite adventures from Dungeon)

Highlighted stat blocks in one column - just calling out the stat blocks makes them easier to work with; again a well-laid out web enhancement seperating out the statblocks from the adventure text makes life so much easier at the table.

Player handouts - but you guys are good at that already.

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