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Skinsaw Cultist

fizzboy's page

44 posts. Alias of Ansel Krulwich.


Cylerist wrote:

On page 30 the "Conjure Deadfall" spell lists "a fistfull of mithril tacks" as a material component but gives no cost?

Any ideas?

It means the cost is negligible. Basically, you already have it in your spell component pouch.

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Short answer: No. An attack of opportunity is not a standard action and thus you cannot replace it with a move action.

redpanda wrote:
I didn't know that Sandpoint had a Ranger already. Maybe I could be his side-kick, work with the town-guard, or be his apprentice? I'm not sure yet...Hm..

At the risk of being cliché, as a dwarf you'd make a most interesting foil/adversary for Sandpoint's ranger. ;)

When I said I wanted to be good at numerous things; I meant skill-wise, not combat-wise. (Perception, Knowledge, Sneaking (Plus Dark Vision for super sneaky scouting), etc). I planned on at least 12 con and at least 12 Wisdom. (I'd like the bonus spells but it isn't worth using my distribution points).

I'm playing RotRL right now as a human switch-hitting-archery-leaning ranger and I'm having a blast of a time. We had an 18-point buy so I took 14, 16, 14, 10, 14, 8 as my stats. The extra Wis and Con helps with saves and survivability and shouldn't be discounted. Dead rangers do no damage. Mind-controlled rangers are even worse.

I wanted to be an Archer and probably take some form of weapon to use against the undead when I needed to. (I would take the Lucerne but you can't take Weapon Finesse with that)...

If it were me, I'd forgo Weapon Finesse. The image of a switch-hitting dwarf with a lucerne hammer as a backup is priceless. You have to give the weapon a name. I demand it.

The ranger class has some good archetypes so I recommend reading them all if you have the chance. If you have a party buffer or potions of bull's strength consider putting the Adaptive enchant (Ultimate Equipment) on your composite bow for only 1,000 gp (cheap!) for some extra damage.

Bill Dunn wrote:
One thing I noticed about the Paizo AP I just finished running (Council of Thieves) is that the writers were very good about including many of the tools PCs will need later in the campaign as treasure drops earlier. And I'm not talking about the artifact mcguffin that makes an appearance, but other lower value items that PCs might be otherwise inclined to sell. Fortunately, in one particularly important case, they did not sell the item and it saved them from a potential TPK.

I'm running that AP for my players and I make it a point to gently hint what what items should be kept around for future use either overtly ("Hmm... Scroll of remove curse? Could be useeefuuullll...") or covertly (by throwing more skeleton dogs at them until they start picking up bludgeoning weapons).

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We evenly split up the monetary worth of each item across the characters and then let characters "buy back" desired items at cost. It's similar to PFS with the restriction that two characters cannot each purchase a "copy" of one physical item. Example:

Party of four characters defeat the BBEG and take his stuff consisting of a +1 rapier, a golden trophy worth 100 gp, and 1,000 gp in coins. The rapier sells for 1,160 gp and the trophy and coins are worth their full value. 1,160 + 100 + 1,000 = 2,260 gp. Split that four ways and you get 565 gp. Each character adds that to their character sheet. Let's say the rogue wants that rapier and already has 800 gp saved up from previous encounters. 800 + 565 = 1,365 gp. She subtracts the sell price of the rapier to get 1,365 - 1,160 = 205 gp, commits that new value to her character sheet, and takes the +1 rapier.

Effectively, she's paid the party compensation for the rapier that is equal to their share if the weapon were sold. Whenever she gets her next weapon upgrade, she simply sells the rapier and keeps the entire 1,160 gp from that sale.

If an especially expensive and desirable item drops that someone needs, like say a nice suit of magical full plate, players lend gold to one another and simply keep track of the IOUs. Some consumable items like arrows, healing potions, etc. are simply divided amongst characters for expediency sake as they often end up being traded around anyways.

Seeking only allows you to ignore concealment if you've pinpointed your target, say if your enemy is in fog, smoke, or in darkness but it does nothing for cover.

Improved Precise Shot lets you ignore soft and partial cover, like the meathead fighter who's in the way. I guess since it says "anything less than total cover," then it lets you overcome even improved cover, like an archer firing from an arrow slit through a wall. Additionally, it lets you ignore partial concealment.

Both are useful but for different things.

If you're running these scenarios for actual PFS credit, then you cannot modify the encounters. If they're having fun, then I see no reason to worry. Some tactics you might be able to use in a PFS event would be keeping the monsters spread out or behind total cover to limit the number of enemies that the players can affect while making effective use of ranged attacks (if the enemies are adequately equipped).

If these are non-PFS events, monsters with SR and high Will saves will make them have to rethink their strategy. A spider swarm (or three), with its immunity to mind-affecting effects, sounds like fun. Sure, they can be dealt with easily with a different spell, but that's one fewer sleep spell they'll have for later in the day.

Wraith235 wrote:
Jonathan Cary wrote:
Wraith235 wrote:
and whats sad is Scribers know the upper limits of scribing capability...
But there are other uses for Spellcraft, most importantly identifying a spell as it's being cast. If all you're using it for is scribing spells into your spellbook, then you're not really using it to its full potential.


though I dont know about you ... but I personally have never seen ... even going back to 3.5... a counter spell action be taken where that check is Necessary ...

A successful Spellcraft check in one scenario allowed my wizard to alert the party that the dragon in the room was an illusion and that the breath attack was actually a lightning bolt spell. It completely changed the dynamics of the fight.

Vudrani would actually be a closer match to Indian/Hindu.

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MJinthePitt wrote:

This question popped up on reddit a few hours ago. I figured someone around here would know.

Anyone know who drew the chapter 2 artwork? The one where Damiel and Valeros are in the middle of a zombie horde?

That's honestly one of my favorite pieces of art along with the story that goes with it.

It looks like Damiel gave Valeros <puts on sunglasses> the cold shoulder.

Dragon's Lair in Austin has Pathfinder Society gaming on every Monday starting at 7 pm.

Pathfinder Society Meet-Up

If you show up, they'll try to seat you. I don't think I've ever seen them turn anyone away but I still recommend RSVPing at the meet-up site.

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I worked in the first parts of the Mad God's Key (Dungeon #114, the break-in and the dock-side chase). The heroes are sent to a local fish market to pick up supplies for a cioppino that Fiosa is making to celebrate Arael's safe return when they notice a few thugs turning over a locksmith's shop. The heroes intervene, the shop's owner notices a missing key. Thugs say a half-orc is the real thief. Heroes track down the half-orc, and a chase ensues. See Dungeon #114 for the details--I recommend buying the PDF as it's really quite good. If the PCs don't kill the half-orc, he says he sold the stolen key to "those damned Bastards" before an assassin's poisoned bolt puts an end to the half-orc.

A map in the half-orc's possession leads to an "abandoned" temple to Erastil in the ruins of the city. The PCs return to the locksmith and say that the key couldn't be recovered and he tells them of the key's magical properties and that in the wrong hands, it would be a very dangerous thing.

This side-quest then weaves into the rest of the story:
The crumpled letter in Palaveen's quarters makes mention of the key and thanking him for the requested artifact. The Council wants the key to allow Sian to bypass the locks and magical traps guarding the entrance to the Asmodean Knot. The heroes find the used key outside the Knot's entrance in the attic of Aberian's Folly (I rewrote the item to dispel magical traps but it drains the item of all magic properties). The assassin at the dock-side chase is actually Sian and she escapes using a potion of invisibility and a potion of gaseous form--the players can connect the dots later when they encounter Sian in the Knot. They stolen key becomes a breadcrumb trail that leads the heroes towards the Council of Thieves. Finally, having a renown locksmith as an ally helps to unlock the Chelish crux if they can't figure it out on their own.

I really like the proposed new Speed section.

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One of my characters is prone to saying, "Nine hells!" whenever she's particularly flummoxed.

Another will blurt out, "By the dark, greasy c**k of Asmodeus!" But only if it's certain to get a laugh.

You can go to each of the product line pages and click on the Unavailable tab to see which ones are out of print.

There might be a way to get a list of all Unavailable Pathfinder products at once but I wasn't able to figure it out.

The list of monsters never loads in Chrome.

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If your players actually want to solve a labyrinth with its twisty turny passages, all alike and you need a handy labyrinth generator, you can't beat donjon's tools:

d20 Random Dungeon Generator

Pick a dungeon layout and size suitable for your needs (colossal is INSANE), set Peripheral Egress? to Multiple and ignore the exits/entrances you don't want, Add Stairs? to No, Room Layout to Sparse, Room Size to Small if you want lots of little rooms or Medium if you want few larger rooms, Doors to Standard or None, Corridors to Labyrinth (of course), and Remove Deadends? to No.

It'll even generate monsters and traps that you can use as-is or modify as you deem fit.

If you want to skip the boring maze exploring bits, just use the generated maze as inspiration and just run them through the rooms and trapped corridors.

Jonathan Cary wrote:
(Note that Venture-Lieutenants do not have the access to the system to be able to correct it.)

Ah, good to know. Thanks.

Good to know. Thanks, everybody.

When did the event occur? Sometimes, it takes a week or so for the event coordinator to post the results of a game. If it's been a while, I'd contact that person first. They should already have a copy of the information that they need but if he/she lost it, they'd need to know your Pathfinder Society number and character number, your faction, how much prestige you were awarded, and if your character died and was not raised from the dead.

If the event coordinator (or the GM) cannot be contacted, try your local Venture Captain or Lieutenant.

Also, the authoritative source for your completed scenarios are your paper chronicle sheets. If there is a discrepancy between what the web site says and what your chronicles say, your chronicles take priority.

I've got a related question regarding Cleave and Cleaving Finish. Given only two adjacent targets within reach, assume that all attacks hit and are declared and occur in this order:

1. Cleave - Attack 1st target (dies)
2. Cleaving Finish - Attack 2nd target (lives)
3. Cleave - Attack 2nd target (no further actions taken)

Is the third action legal? The player contends that the third action's cleave continues from the first initial attack of the 1st target.

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Step 1: Play
Step 2: Ask everybody if they're having fun
Step 3: If yes, go to Step 1. Else, spend your time watching Netflix or something.

My players could fill an efficient quiver full of wands of clw for all I care. If they keep coming back session after session wanting to play the next part of the adventure path and we're all having a great time, that's good enough for me.

TriOmegaZero wrote:
Damn, I really need to get down there for a PFS game.

It gets a bit crowded but it's a whole lot of fun.

NobodysHome wrote:
EDIT: More seriously, if you treat a ladder as DC 0, then getting hit while climbing has *almost* no effect in RAW, as long as you don't roll a 1

Skill checks do not automatically fail when you roll a natural 1.

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Aranna wrote:

Wow perfect example. Thanks Dark_Mistress.

I was looking for an example of male supers posed like and wearing female style costumes but I couldn't find the page any more. Your example works better anyway.

There's this one of the Avengers that made the rounds not too long ago. They're not in female style costumes... Just in Escher-girl-poses. The one of The Hulk cannot be unseen.

Here's one our GM used on us the other night when casting hideous laughter...

Q: "What do you call a halfling fortune teller running from the law?"
A: "Small, medium, and large."

勝20100 wrote:
IPA would make more sense in my opinion, but that’s not me that would do it…

IPA: [ˈtʃɛliæks]

Respell: CHEL-ee-aks

I get what you mean about IPA but it can be a bit unapproachable or awkward for some plus it can differ depending on dialect.

patnodewf wrote:
The option to save your character data will create a *.xfdf file. It's XML data that identifies each field and the data contained within each. I realize this a bit late to mention, since the ability to save your character data has been implemented since January 2012 now (v2.6), but I felt like I should point that out.

About that. I can't get that feature to work in Adobe Reader X (10.1.4) on either Windows or OS X. I'm on my PC right now (Windows 7) using version 2.6.1 of your character sheet and whenever I use the Save Character Data... command, I get the following error in the JavaScript Console:

Console wrote:

NotAllowedError: Security settings prevent access to this property or method.

Doc.mailForm:39:Field button_Options:Mouse Down

Disabling protected mode on startup, global object security, and enhanced security and closing/reopening the sheet hasn't helped.

I've re-enabled the security features as I'm not comfortable running with them turned off.

Isn't that what the Fresh Prince does?

And yes, I'm already planning on a new guide using Wikipedia-style pronunciation spelling. If I can get the formatting in Google Docs to cooperate, I'll use that otherwise it'll be in something like Pages and then exported to PDF. I can get started on Saturday at the earliest.

I guess a new pronunciation guide with dictionary-style phonetics would be acceptable under the the Community Use Policy.


I'm using them in my Council of Thieves game. I even bought fake metal coins so they have something tangible to represent them. My players typically keep 2 or 3 on hand and use them for +4/+8 on attack rolls. One player has used Cheat Death once.

Purchase the PDF for the old 3.5e Pathfinder Chronicles Campaign Setting book. Appendix B (pg. 246 and 247) is a pronunciation guide for a lot of the proper names in Golarion from AH-bah-dar to ZIE-fess.

I was a little sad that they didn't carry that appendix over into the new Inner Sea World Guide because it was really useful.

I used a 20 point buy for my group and from level 1-4 it felt like the players were a bit too powerful. Halfway through level 5, I started ramping up the difficulty through better tactics and it seems to be just about right now. They just finished the Asmodean Knot and the most difficult fights were the shadows (I ran as written and nearly killed my wife's character), Sian (carved the ranger up into ribbons before a crit from the paladin ended her assassination career), the Flawed One (the rogue now has mummy rot), and the Outcast King (who got his slimy tentacles around said rogue and proceeded to take her to Pound Town before the paladin crit-smited him into oblivion).

Clearly, I need to focus on the paladin more.

Starting with the Knot, combat has had that right mix of near-lethality that has made things rather exciting but if I were to do it again, I would have probably gone with a 15 or 18 point buy originally.

If no one has Knowledge: religion or rolls low, then yeah... Sure. Panic ensues.

Previous to Ultimate Equipment, I had asked James Jacobs about this: stions-Here#19622

Based on his response, I would refer to the "common sense" guideline on page 5 of the new Guide to Pathfinder Society Organized Play. Obviously, Earthbreakers are classified as a hammer per Ultimate Equipment. A dwarven longhammer, being both a two handed weapon and having reach should be classified as a polearm much like a lucerne hammer.

g0atsticks wrote:


we have a person very similar in our group, except he's always so sexual. he's playing a cleric of POOTIS (sandwiches, look it up), is wearing nothing but knee high stilettos, a pink thong, and always cast light on his schlong.

"Why is there flickering light coming out from that tent? Oh! ... O-ohhh..."

Russ Taylor wrote:

special materials: angelskin

First of all... Creepy. o_o

weapon special abilities: adaptive

Second of all... For some reason I really like this weapon ability.

The Luck Blade on page 157 lists prices for blades that have 0, 1, 2, and 4 wishes instead of 0, 1, 2, and 3 wishes.

As a coffee geek, I approve of the description of the siphon coffee pot on page 62. Siphon (or vacuum) brewing is the Breaking Bad of coffee making.

IceniQueen wrote:

Coin names for Golarion can be found on page 253 in the Inner Sea Guide

It gives them for Cheliax, Andoran, Katapesh, Absalom, Brevoy

Despite owning the book, I actually hadn't noticed that table. Good to know.

Page 28: Changed Shirt Reroll title to Free Reroll title. Added the following text to that section: “If a player is using a physical copy of the Pathfinder RPG Player Character Folio, they receive a free reroll as if granted by a shirt. No player may receive more than one free reroll per session, even if wearing a shirt and using a folio.”

Well played, Paizo. Well played.

Scrogz wrote:

I tossed it on a flying sorc last week in our session. I have limited means to shut down a caster and Tenticles was my best soluton at the time.

Because it was flying, that prompted the whole "do they have to be on the ground" debate.

As a 4th level spell I still do not think it needs to be anchored to the ground but I can see the argument either way.

It could be a 6th or a 9th level spell and it would still have to be anchored to the ground because it's a conjuration.

A creature or object brought into being or transported to your location by a conjuration spell cannot appear inside another creature or object, nor can it appear floating in an empty space. It must arrive in an open location on a surface capable of supporting it.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

For my Council of Thieves game, I used the following:

platinum = pact
gold = debt
silver = favor
copper = piece

Gives extra meaning to the phrase, "Could you do me a favor?"

The old Pathfinder Chronicles: Campaign Setting book had a pronunciation guide in one of the appendices. Sadly, it wasn't included in the new Inner Sea World Guide.

My wife (Taiwanese) winces every time one of the local GMs tries to wrap their caucasian lips around a Tian name. I guess some phonetics in parenthesis would help on occasion. She'd still cringe since the tones would likely be incorrect, too.

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