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Eagle Knight

expatriorc's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 6 posts. No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 1 Pathfinder Society character.


Grand Lodge

Okay, I did a quick a dirty map. Maybe it will be useful:

Inksin's Map

Grand Lodge

stuart haffenden wrote:
Has anyone created this map as a handout?

I'm getting to this point in the AP and would be interested in knowing if someone has done this up.

Grand Lodge

If you are not logged in, the header links (My Account, My Subscriptions, My Downloads) just redirect to the home page. They should take you to the login screen. Or they should be hidden when not logged in.

Repro'd on Chrome and IE9

Grand Lodge

Will registration be open the day before to pick up badges ahead of time?

Grand Lodge

Another noob question - I will be bringing a new PFS character to the con. So I guess I'll be choosing 1st level sessions? Will my character be leveling up during the con? How can I plan on sessions to choose to accomodate this (e.g. not signing up for several 1st level sessions when my character is advancing)?

Grand Lodge

Clarification needed...

The AP says that the skeleton crew of the Man's Promise should include Plugg, Scourge, Owlbear, and all fo the surviving members of the Wormwood's original crew, PCs, Kroop, Shortstone, Cusswell, and Quinn.

So does that mean the only crew remaining aboard the Wormwood are the officers and the captured Rahadoumi?

Seems like this is closer to a full complement than just a skeleton crew of 20.

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