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Black Dragon

erikscottdebie's page

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@Ben: Thanks for the kind words. :)

@Thanael, I actually pitched a great many stories with various locales and directions (some quite quirky!), and this was the one the editor picked. Ocean's Eleven as an influence for various novels makes sense--that landmark film changed intrigue-heavy caper tales as a genre.

Though I love getting into little niches, I rather like kicking off my contribution to Golarion in sort of a broadly appealing way. Golarion is a world with a very broad scope, and there are certainly many ways to go.

@All: I would be happy to write more about Tarrant and his escapades. I'm glad you guys enjoyed the story!


Oops, yeah, that's a typo. Altara is supposed to be blonde.

Glad you enjoyed the tale. I haven't read the Worldwound Gambit, though it sounds quite interesting. My inspiration for this story was more akin to Ocean's Eleven and a little bit Lies of Locke Lamora.

I have written several full novels, in fact--my fifth one came out in September. Check out my website/blog for details:


Hey Elaine! [virtual wave]

Timitius wrote:
I see that Erik Scott de Bie is planning on attending...

Indeed. Also, the illustrious Rosemary Jones will be there as well. I am also currently on skype with Brian R. James, and I think I've convinced him to come too.

Someone should also convince Jeff Grubb to attend, and Ed and Jeff can talk all about Forgotten Realms. Jeff and R.A. Salvatore did that at Norwescon a few years was FASCINATING.

I was there for that panel--that was totally awesome.

Also Sean K. Reynolds needs to be on that panel.


Somewhere in the distant past I wrote up a magical spiked brassiere (and the suggested feat build for making the best use of it), but alas, such would be a magic weapon, and not a wondrous item. :)


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