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Bear trap

emirikol's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 282 posts. 3 reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 1 Pathfinder Society character.


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LAKEWOOD, COLORADO - Player wanted for regular game group 1st, 3rd, 5th Tuesdays/month.

Established LAKEWOOD game group of guys 30-45 yr has opening for a regular player.

Regular meeting night is 1st, 3rd, (and occasional 5th) Tuesday evenings from 6:45-10:30pm in the 470/Green Mountain area.

Game systems planned in short and long campaigns through 2015-2016 :
The One Ring
Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 3rd Ed
Star Wars: Edge of the Empire/Rebels
Colonial Gothic 2e -- Boston Besieged
D&D 5e - Princes of the Apocalypse
The End of the World: Zombie Apocalypse RPG

If you are interested, please fill out and email me the confidential questionnaire. Nobody comes in anonymous. The questionnaire:

We will be contacting potential players throughout the summer to have people try us out.

Looking forward to hearing from you,


Established LAKEWOOD game group of 30-45 yr old adult guys has opening for a regular player.

Regular meeting night is 1st, 3rd, (and occasional 5th) Wednesday evenings from 6:45-10:30pm in the 470/Green Mountain area.

Game systems planned in short and long campaigns through 2015-2016 :
The One Ring
Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 3rd Ed
Star Wars: Edge of the Empire/Rebels
Colonial Gothic 2e -- Boston Besieged
D&D 5e /Pathfinder
The End of the World: Zombie Apocalypse RPG

If you are interested, please fill out and email me the confidential questionnaire. Nobody comes in anonymous. The questionnaire:

We will be contacting potential players throughout the summer to have people try us out.

Looking forward to hearing from you,


New live link to this: m%20Character%20Generator%206.1.3%20-%20PROGRESS.xlsx

Version 4.6: fixes weapon math error. This should be the final version for a long time (until Graeme's super secret project is finished of course). hic%202e%20Random%20Character%20Generator%204.6.xlsx

Version 4.5 is now complete and cleans up the Untrained skill math. It worked great at our local game convention for pre-gens! hic%202e%20Random%20Character%20Generator%204.5.xlsx

THis should be the final version for a while: Version 4.4. It rocks! ent%20complete%20png%203.png

We are running through the 2015 Revelations campaign scenarios. It is Paradigm's "organized play" campaign for Witch Hunter 2e. Some of you may have played the 1e version of the campaign as well. They are one-shot 4-hour games that are part of the complete Revelations campaign.

Anyways, here is the sign up:

Tom's sessions sign-up here: rday-feb-7-8-pm-cst/#post-1522625

General discussion and listings of scenarios here: oking-for-players-and-gm-post-interest-here#post-1522654


Here is version 4.2. Plenty of USER settings: hic%202e%20Random%20Character%20Generator%204.2.xlsx

I don't mind rules lite games for conventions and stuff I think I'll only play a time or two, but they stink for ongoing campaigns.

Eventually, these systems favor the player who is the loudest, whiniest, or gripes the most at the table about what he wants his character to be able to do.



..and here's the link TO VERSION 1.1:


Here's an instant random character generator I whipped up. It's my 5th game system I've done this for. Let me know any errata or needs.


I got an idea from Blusponge's WH2 GM screen to do the skills up by Category. It should be useful to both GMs and players:

Colonial Gothic Skills by Category


Ok, the Player Companion came out and added a lot of Templates and new weapons. I integrated them. I suggest that you mess around with the USER tab and try out both Core and Player Companion versions. The Core version does 4-5 random skills.
The Player Companion version does only a random take of 6 skills from the suggested skills of the Template.
The new weapons are integrated and all characters begin with a blackpowder weapon.

Enjoy! hic%202e%20Random%20Character%20Generator%204.0.xlsx


I'm working on updating the skill list to add the skills integration from templates and whatnot. I hope to have it out this coming week.

I've already added the Grimoire spells, etc.

I've got a convention game coming up, so I'm planning on using this to whip up a bunch of characters.


Correction: excel 2010. My software was updated after my last computer crash.

Here is also an "Open Office" freeware version: m%20Character%20Generator%205.7.ods

File format is Excel 2007+


Skills now add with half elf and background. m%20Character%20Generator%205.7.xlsx


Thanks Steve!


I've been experimenting making a few random character generators. Here's another one: m%20Character%20Generator%205.6.xlsx

God Save the King!
Liberty or Death!

The Player's Companion is out and so I have added more elements to the character generator. The 3.0 version adds:

I plan to add:
All the new Weapons
Social starting stuff (family, class, starting money, etc.)
The new skills
A "quick reference sheet" for players
Add the 'primary ability score' preference per template
Add preferred skills per template

Here's the link: hic%202e%20Random%20Character%20Generator%203.0.xlsx

This is a major updated version. Added tons of new stuff and function.

This will be the last update until after the Player Companion comes out. hic%202e%20Random%20Character%20Generator%202.3.xlsx


Jay H

THis is version 2.2. Added even more variables: hic%202e%20Random%20Character%20Generator%202.2.xlsx

Jay H.

Here is version 2:
VERSION 2.1!!!

Drop down lists for specific or randomized backgrounds, etc.

includes "Creative HOOKS" of supernatural horror, historical significance, and randomized goodness!


This is the fourth character generator I've done. This one is for the Colonial Gothic (2nd edition) roleplaying game. CG is set in New England around the time of the American revolution and has a investigation-horror theme.

Here's the link:

CG2 Random Character Generator

Here is a sample character (urban colonist)

The sequence and consequences are this:

Social combat can take days - e.g. You go to convince the pries to exorcise the daemon out of the halfling (whether he needs it or not). He says, "come back tomorrow and we will talk again..I have headache today."

Social combat can take through the events of the evening - E.g. the foul bard in the corner is singing nasty songs about the elf's hygienic wash. You know he's in league with the Banditos de Cráneo Negro and is just trying to discredit the elf so the townsfolk don't believe the outsider.
These things could take between encounters throughout the night as the crowd shuffles in and out. By the end of the night it is decided.

Roleplaying actions between each round ACTUALLY SUBTRACT from your chances UNLESS you ACTUALLY have reason to benefit from your "player metagaming speeches" I start everyone out at -2. Then I let ACTUAL evidence gained from roleplaying allow improvements and on top of that "player metagaming speeches" then being to count.
( This was started b/c I have a player who is a great speech giver in real life..but that doesn't mean JACK in my game..just as a person in real life may be a great weight lifter and gifted philosopher, but the numbers on his character sheet don't lie if he's playing a weakling gnome barbarian idiot).

"Player Metagaming Speeches" should be rewarded, but not more than actual useful stuff in character.

Here's how we do it in WFRP3:

It is considered "influence" or "shame". Although there are some "special abilities", most things pretty much come down to trying to influence a person to do what you want and that means you've got to succeed a few times and the roleplaying has to be appropriate.

I find this system better than no system (aka, having to seduce to your GM in order to "roleplay" it properly).

[url] -feel-the-social-influenceduel-of-witsshame-mechanic-needs-clarification/?p =928996[/url]

Now, there may be some dick weeds who try to abuse this or crybaby and moan that it is mind control and they will have a seizure if you have a social influence system. Tell them to grow up and play by the rules (and no, they can't "roleplay" their way out of combat death either ;)


Here's how I'd adapt it to d20:
Charisma skills vs Wisdom (or intelligence) checks as appropriate
Number of successful SKILL checks required for the player or GM to suffer the consequences are: Minimum (2) plus ability modifier. DC is set to easy, medium, hard, really hard.
Sometimes you're not going to succeed: You're never going to influence the KING, because he has advisers and can take as long as he wants.

Here are some working examples:

* Seduce the waitress into your bed..not easy b/c she gets attempted all the time. Several checks.

* Convince an ogre, whose langugae you don't even speak, during a combat, that you will give him a handful of cheese to let you go. Uh...really high DC, several rounds of checks (regardless of how low his intelligence or wisdom is).

* GM's NPC "influence" a PLAYER CHARACTER that he should go do something. Be realistic about this. GM, don't be a dick. Use this to 'inspire' adventure/clue opportunities. I think of GM vs PLAYER as a Jedi Mind Trick..the player can take it further if you like.



One more question:

I had my transmuter turn himself into a YETI using monstrous physique II. Do I gain the natural armor bonus ON TOP of my current AC?

E.g. The yeti is +7 to his AC. I'm already AC 19. Do I now have a 26?

19 is
+2 leather
+5 from dex
+2 amulet ac bonus

Doh! How did I miss that!
[slps head]



Isn't Polymorph as 5th level spell? The reference on p211 is for polymorph.

Ipslore the Red wrote:
You get exactly what it says you get, and nothing more. You get the abilities the spell says you get and you look like the beast you polymorph into. No FAQ is needed, because it is unambiguous.

So, to clarify, it is nothing more than a DISGUISE spell that increases my movement rate (or maybe some of those other abilities)?

All this for a 3rd+ level spell? Oh goodie!

I can't find FAQ for this (please direct me to the official ruling):

What does the basic "assume the form" do?

Do I get all of the creature's basic stats?
For example:
Melee damage (example lion doing 1d8 instead of my transmuter's measly fists doing 1d2)

I understand that I don't get the "special" abilities, but what is the "basic assumption?"

Official reference please :)


Does Undead Anatomy I disguise you from undead? I mean, I'm surrounded by 4 wights and want to get this spell off. Will it immediately disguise me? Will the wights leave me alone? What about mindless undead?

Your friendly, going-to-die Transmuter,


Transmuter needs to cast other spells while in beast form, how do I do this?

I see natural spell feat is only for classes with wild shape (not transmuters).


Upgraded to 1.2:

[url] venture%20Generator/Random%20WFRP3%20Adventure%20Output%201.2.xlsx[/url]

Ciaran Barnes wrote:
So, any suggestions for a fantasy/adventure tactical/improv game for kids?

Although I've moved away from D&D, the 5e seems it will be a better restart for kids. 4e created an absolute nightmare void for those of us whose kids just wanted to play a basic whatever 4e became.

I was bored, so I made a random adventure generator. Feedback is welcome. It runs on excel and spits out about 6 inspirations for encounters.

WFRP3 Random adventure generator


I'm sponsoring the annual WFRP3 scenario writing contest again this year. If any of you experienced or fledgeling writers want to contribute for the good of the hobby, join up :) io-writing-contest-if-interested-post-here/

Jay Hafner

Here was 2013 ested-in-participating-in-a-2013-scenario-contest/?p=818271

Here was 2012

0. How long have you and your spouse/SO been together?
Known 24 years; married 18

1. Does your spouse game?
not rpgs; enjoys non-complex board and party games with friends
we do not game together (RPGs) because it's guys-night. we b@~&* about our wives and do therapy that night. not a good time for the gals to be around.

2. Have you ever asked/encouraged them to join in your hobby? How? Also, how did they respond?
play with us when younger
bored to tears with D&D; was ok with cthulhu

3. How do you handle the conflicting interests (if they conflict)?
She gets tuesday nights twice a month; and book club once a month

We do a date night 2x month deliberately

I get 2-4 game nights a month

4. Did you meet them at a traditional gamer event?
gods no!

5. How do they handle you spending on your hobby?
I make the money [.!]

6. If you have kids, how has this altered/changed your gaming

My kids just aren't falling for gaming. There are too many other distractions. Could be the system though. Lots of petty modifiers aren't their thing either.

Thoughts on this tv productioN?

I find this ironic b/c you can't get away from scottish accents in any other show!

I love quality, competitive, interested gamers. What ticks me off though are pouting crybabies who try to bully the gm when they don't get to be jerks about the game. :)

That said, both of my groups tend to be pretty good, but we've got one guy who pretty much keeps me from showing interest in GMing again.(see above)

It's now available on major sale from FFG. They appear to be dumping it on the market.

Here is an online /downloadable dice roller:

You can calculate your hit percentages on that dice roller (for 3rd edition..which is about 75% hit every round..unlike 2e, which was a lot less and had the whiff-factor quite prevalent).


Here's some resurrection on the thread:

There have been some interesting things afoot with the new IDW comics "New Ghostbusters."


Touch attacks are considered "armed" attacks so does weapon finesse apply to the "to hit" modifier?

I was just lookign at this spell: s.html#_hellmouth-lash

Thoughts on other touch spells?

[edit: found it:

Touch attacks are light weapon melee attacks, so hence are applicable to benefit from Weapon Finesse.]


Crap, nevermind. The paladin in the party says he has to destroy it if I make it to lead our caravan for Jade Regent.

Animate dead doesn't specify humanoid. What are the limitations on this. Can it be cast on a horse corpse?

Ive run both 3.5 and D4e in the Warhammer world's Paths of the damned trilogy and both run and played extensively with wfrp2e and 3e. Both D&D systems were unsatisfying (4e moreso because it was so hard to house rule). wfrp3 has been a godsend for revitalizing and renewing my interest in gaming, however it's on the back burner for FFG as they plod through yet another incarnation of star wars. And, although there are many 2e scenarios from fans, it would be nice to use other established system's scenarios.

Anyways, here are some house rules:

I'd be interested to hear if any of you have attempted to do this. I know I'd have to reduce the dungeon-crawls a lot more and get down to the essence, but I was thinking of running The Haunting of Harrowstone. It seems like one that may convert well.

I've run skull & shackles for my kid players (yes, cutting out the non-kid stuff and playing it with the Pathfinder rules), and that might be kind of a neat one to inflict on my WFRP players as well, as the Dreadfleet WFRP3 print on demand was otherwise not really useful in my campaigns.

Currently we're running new THE ENEMY WITHIN 3rd edition campaign and many times we will go 2-3 sessions in a row without any combat (characters avoid or think their ways past them instead). Combat becomes our mix-up vehicle and still fun though.

I guess my main worry is that since Warhammer is such a non-extended-combat system that the 3 out of 4 players not playing combat careers would mentally uninspired by dungeon-crawly-ville. Although we played RAVAGER OF TIME (AD&D), I still had to modify the heavy dependence of combat as a plot-device. Seemed to play out ok though because it was pretty sandboxy with different factions, etc.



..which makes me wonder: Will we still like the scenario without being hung up on game mechanics? Does the game system matter?


Great discussions so far everyone. We'll be starting this scenario soon using the wfrp3e system. I hope to have some play reports shortly.

We had a blast playing the Living Force stuff..but...when you've got an online option with pretty content...

I don't do electronic gaming anymore, but I think a lot of us get caught up in playing games that DON'T have an online companion. I think there's a suspension of disbelief/fantasy that occurs when there's a computerized version.

It's like having too perfect of a set-up on your game table. You no longer create the imagination, you just stare at it, like some kind of player who can't think beyond the list of skills trained or untrained on his character sheet.

Anyways, it may be a nostalgia factor as well. Those of you raised on the d6 game may prefer it that way. I felt that d20 chtulhu was unfairly treated this way as well by those of us who were nostalgic for a /game system./ Not memories of great games. Not the fellowship and times that we shared or the memories made..but for a game system.


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