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elvnsword's page

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Brick Out of print

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Brick goodness

****( )

I picked up a brick from my FLGS and was pleasantly surprised by both the quality of the miniatures and the pulls, I didn't have any real doubles (goblinsx4 but they were all slightly different and looking at the site I see 4 goblins cited).

I am thoroughly pleased with the purchase, but unfortunately at the cost point I won't be able to purchase a second brick, I will have to try and fill my miniature holes with singles, and since some of the ones I want doubles on are $3.00 a pop here on the site... I am kinda SoL....

ah well...
4 Stars, excellent works guys!

Our Price: $39.95




Ok, I bought these expecting FAR less. I was not expecting the hardy construction, good holding joints, and in the family pack, sincerely insane combos you can manage to create. They have been on my table for a single session in low (below level 5) play and already we have found use for them, in this case helping as range finders for a height related shot dealing with cliffs...

I am VERY impressed with this product and highly suggest it to any GM or player out there who has in his group, or runs in a game, a flying character, or dragons. Dragon encounters with these are going to be EPIC... In fact the group is SO excited by the concept we are going to run a one shot dragon fight next week using retired PC characters.

Here's to game products that bring old characters out of retirement.

Add Hardcover $39.99

Add PDF $9.99

Add Non-Mint $39.99 $29.99

Ecelectic Purchase, but worth it

****( )

Pros: ok, number one the Magus class is awesome. It fills a casting spot in my campaigns that is needed, and wasn't even known to BE needed till now.

Red Mage comes to mind...

As for the rest of the book, yes there are few options for fighters, and melee characters as is to be expected in a book on Magic.

Cons: I did not expect the wordcasting section, nor will I be using it. The Alchemist, and Oracle seem to have little support compared to other casting classes.

Our Price: $25.00


Roll the Bones

****( )

Well, This is an EXCELLENT startup for a new D&D gamer, as it contains at least all the dice you need for your first, o 40 characters. lol, Seriously most of the dice are high quality and only a very few are odd or strange. I did recieve three dice number 2 and 4 on a d6 style cube, but with only 2s and 4s... it was, odd. ::smiles:: but! I also recieved several dice I now use every session.
plus who can say no to a free dice bag...

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