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eleclipse's page

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So the spell says:

"Each creature in the beam is blinded and takes 4d6 points of damage. Any creatures to which sunlight is harmful or unnatural take double damage. A successful Reflex save negates the blindness and reduces the damage by half.

An undead creature caught within the beam takes 1d6 points of damage per caster level (maximum 20d6), or half damage if a Reflex save is successful. In addition, the beam results in the destruction of any undead creature specifically harmed by bright light if it fails its save."

The question is, can an undead be blinded by this or not?

It's not clear if the second part is saying "if the subject is udead don't consider the above and do this" or "if he's an undead to the first part and ALSO the second one"

Thanks in advance for any help

I was wondering, does:

Unstoppable Shot (Ex)

You can use a ranged or thrown weapon to make a single powerful shot that shoots through all creatures in a line. As a standard action, make a single ranged attack roll and resolve the attack against all targets in a straight line up to the maximum range of your weapon, stopping at any barrier the attack couldn't penetrate. Roll damage once and apply that damage to each creature hit by the attack. Before making the attack roll, you can expend one use of mythic power to bend the path of the attack up to two times as it strikes targets or objects. Each deflection can alter the line of the attack up to 90 degrees, allowing you to shoot around corners or cover.

Stack with vital strike?

I would say no since it seem that each of them require to devote that one strike to something specific, but i'm not 100% sure so here i'm.

Thank in advance for any help.

So i have a big problem with the campaign i'm playing.

First a few data:

We are all good outsiderds, in a faerun-like setting, battling against a powerful evil.

The gm really stressed that we must all be good and now he decided that he'll give experience based only of "interpretation".


My problem is that:

1 - 1'm the rougue of the party (alchemist trap breaker), so i kinda have to be sneaky and smart, this is a problem because it seem that being sneaky and smart is not a thing a "good guy" will do (but they specifically requiest a guy who could disarm traps and so on). This arrived to the point that, after a loooooog combat while the main church of our deity was besieged (and we couldn't let it fall), the master "advised" me to not play with an "hit and hide" style since this led the other melee pc to take90% of the damage (being the only one visible) and this wasn't "good" (while it permited me to do a lot more and probably helped a lot saving the church).

2 - in my opion my pc is good, but a "batman-like-good" not a "superman-like-good", it's a calculator, cold-minded and try to minimaze the global damage by looking at the bigger picture, often he's even too cold-minded but that's part of the pc character. But again it seem that this is not good and that a good guy should be "more human" and by more human i mean that he should be the stereotyped good but dumb good guy.

So what can i do with the personality of this guy to be more "good" by this standard but not totally and utterly boring?

Also, i know that the best thing is "talk to your dm", but belive me, we talked A LOT and we simply can't seem to agree on anyting about this subject.

Thanks in advance for the help.

So here's the situation:

14 lvl - 4 mhytic lvl

the rest of the group is: a monk, a mage, a paladin (who can mostly heal and deal little damage due to some archetype), a cleric (the real healer).

So i'm going to cover for the "rogue" side with and alchemist with the trap breaker archetype.

The problem is that more than an half of the group is not really skilled, combat-wise. The mage, as incredibile as it may seem, is the weakest member of the group and it's not even a decent god; the paladin just heal and do little damage, the monk is a good player but don't deal great amount of damage (very useful anyway), the cleric is a very good player that focus on keeping such party alive, do some damage and utility spell.

I was a rogue but the dm talked me into changing class since i was dealing too much damage compared to the others (basically 6 natural attack +7d6 sneak attack each, i consider myself a decent "optmizer" and a good player combat-wise).

So i decided to do the alchemist ( not vivisectionist, i can't of course) since it is at least more versatile with his spell list.

Since i'm basically forced to to a moderate damage i decided to be at least the "mcguyver" of the group and be a support at the best of my ability.

I'm not really experienced with support char, so here i'm asking for any advice (feat, power, anything) that could help in this.

Thanks in advance for any help!

Since i'm gonna have an alchemist in the campaign i was wondering how can i handle the cost and rarity of the material component cost (a piece of the creature whose form you plan to assume) that most polymorph spell require.

Is it something that can be "fixed" with eschew material ?

Or the more powerful a monster is the more rare are is pieces?

So basically how do you deal with this with your local alchemist/polymorpher?

Thanks in advance for any help

So one of my player is going to play an alchemist, beastmorph and vivisectionist.

I have some questions which i can't seem to find the answer for:

Burrow: Since he's gonna have burrow (and tremorsense) with beastmorph how combat work in this case?

suppose he put himself just under an enemy can he attack it without being attacked?

If a wizard cast an area dispel can the mutagen be dispelled (i understand not, but checking just in case) ?

Any combat rules for monster tiwh burrow?

He's gonna take the improved familiar for the tumor familiar and have the dweomercat cub.

Now let's suppose he let his familiar drink an extrct with beash shape 3 or some other polymorph spell, does the pet still retain the Dweomer Leap plus all the new natural attack and so on? (basically becoming a caster-killer) ?

Thanks in advance for any help.

So a player of mine want to do a Vivisectionist, but he started to argue with another player that say that when the archetype says:

"The following discoveries complement the vivisectionist archetype:..."

you can take only the discovery in that list, since i always took it like "these are the best / more role-wise choiche for che archetype, but are not mandatory" i was quite confused, it seem strange to me but maybe i got it all wrong?

So the question is, in this case and similar one, is the list of discoveries limited to the one listed in the archetype description or not?

Thanks in advance for the help.

So the party healer died and his next pg won't be a healer.

One player tought about creating a use-activated ring that basically grand unlimited cure light wounds and will only cost 2000.

My question is, does it cost 2000? or i have to multiply the price by 4 since the duration is even less than 1 round (is istantaneus).

As a side question if someone know some item that i can suggest to the group now that they are without a healer it would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance for any help

So let's suppose there's a monster with a very hight range of attack, he go full attack at a rogue, the rogue use mirror dodge (mythic) on the first attack and move himself 30feet away (still in the range of the monster).

At this point can the monster redirect the remaining attacks of the full attack on the rogue, into the different square, or will they all miss since it "aimed" at the original position?

Thanks in advance for any help!

2 people marked this as a favorite.

So i've a started a new campaign, the character are lvl 7 with 2 mythic lvl 20point buy, it'll be a urban campaign with a lot ot talking.

One of said character is a telepath psion. Thanks to some psion stuff he have a +10 bonus on diplomacy, bluff and sense motive, said buff sum up with magical object and pretty much everything.

So, at 7 lvl without skill focus or similar feats, he have a +27 on this skills...

Now of course i can't have him win every discussion by default (honestly most of the time i take stat and skill only marginally in consideration, like a 30-40%. The rest is what the say and the context).

The problem his that i think he expect to detect 99% of the lies, to convince to do everything 99% of the people and so forth; of course i can't have that, hell i won't permit it even if he had a +90 bonus.

So the qestion is, how do i deal with this guy without ruining every talking situation because he have a bazilion bonus on diplomacy and at the same thime without make him feel like i'm ignoring the ability of his character?

Thanks in advance for any help.

ps: I already tell him that these score seem too hight for this level be he protested saying that he made a social character so they are hight.

So a member of my group, who's a psion, don't agree that psion do have and aura based on their level, and that such aura is visible to people using Detect Psionics and that the arcane casters don't have this.

Is there some sort of errata about it or some peculiar reason for the difference?

Thanks in advance for the help.

The new campaign i'm starting will use mythic manuals, i got a few complaints from a fighter regarding the ability Wild Arcana of the archmage:

"As a swift action, you can expend one use of mythic power to cast any one arcane spell without expending a prepared spell or spell slot. The spell must be on one of your arcane class spell lists and must be of a level that you can cast with that arcane spellcasting class.

You don't need to have the spell prepared, nor does it need to be on your list of spells known. When casting a spell in this way, you treat your caster level as 2 levels higher for the purpose of any effect dependent on level. You can apply any metamagic feats you know to this spell, but its total adjusted level can't be greater than that of the highest-level arcane spell you can cast from that spellcasting class."

Basically he say that it's too powerfull and that it's unjust. I must admit that it seem too much, expecially if i take into consideration what non-caster class have.

He proposed an house rules that make the caster use 1 point for spells from 1 to 3 level, 2 point from 4 to 6 and 3 point from 7 to 9.

This don't seem bad and i'm thinking about it, what do you guys think?

Thanks in adavance for any advice.

Hello to all,

After the ending of my last campaign i'm working on a new one, a player of mine asked me if he can do the psion using the manual of dreamscarred press.

Personally i had, as a master, a really bad experince with psion, and with this particular player, in a 3.5 campaign.

It was just too powerfull, minimizing, maximizing, stopping time again and again and so on, the major problem aside is sheer power was that it make the majority of the party feel inferior, a lot (and they aren't noob at building characters).

So the question is, does these pathfinder manuals fit well in the system without replacing the standard casting class and without unbalance?

Also, in the case i decide to let him, are there some mythic manual for psion?

Thanks in advance for the help.

So i'm wondering does the Upgradable ability of a legendary item (mhytic rules) apply even in the istance of adding a different ability to the item?

Let's say adding a "detect magic" on command to a amulet of mighty fist +3?

(if it work i will be like this i guess: 0,5 (0lvl spell)* 1 (caster lvl) *2000 *2(1/m spell) = 2000 * 1,5 (different ability) = 3000 (difference in cost -> 1500 gold)

Thanks in advance for any help.

The group i'm dming arrived at the final phase of the campaign.

And i was wondering if it was a good idea or not to completly let go my "gm's hands" frome their chance or success, or at least survival and let the campaign to "go alone" and maybe end with tpk and the failure of the whole campaign.

Why i'm wondering this?

First of all i got the feeling that there isn't as much "sense of danger" that should be. They are going to have to attack a fortress in heaven; and nobody (but one) is asking questions, gathering info or making planes of attack/action.

Second while i almost never "guide" the party i always take some minor to major precaution to don't let at least the party die as a whole; but i'm starting to wonder if this is right since if the party as a whole behave like ad idiot maybe is right to let i die.

But then maybe a failure of a whole campaign, that lasted more that a year, is not the best...

So how do you handle this and, more in general, the sense of peril and death in your games?

Thanks in advice for any help :)

So my group of evil characters (lvl 15) want to go to the celestial planes and they are gonna use nondetection in order to hide themself.

I was wondering, while nondetection block the detection of the alignment on the creature what about the lingering aura that the creature left?

I would say no by logic, since the "leftover" are not shielded by the magic, but then the spell will be quite useless if any paladin can't see you are evil but can see a track of evil aura just behind you everywhere you move, so i'm a little confused and here i'm asking for advice :)

Thanks in advance for any help.

I'm trying to have a better understanding of the stealth rules.

Let's suppose a rogue, with blur casted on him (so with concealment), is in a corridor that end in a fork, at the left of the fork there is another small corridor, at the end of which there is a man.

Having concealment "always on" can the rogue stealh himself before being watched by the man and go trought the corridor with the man without being noticed (perception aside)?

Will your answer apply even to a ranger with camouflage?

Thanks in advice for any help!

So i'm going to do a rogue that use only natural attacks, it will be in a peculiar campagin with a custom race starting at lvl 12 with 7 natural attack.

I soon found out that improving natural attacks is way more difficoult tha weapon, till now i found:

Amulet of mighty fist (very costy)

And this is pretty much the only worthy magic item i found.

For the talents:

weapon finesse (since i'm a rogue)


Of course i'll other feat and magic item but not for the attack, and i can't find anything else worth the trouble.

Thanks in advice for any help.

Maybe this is a stupid question, i'm in the middle of creating a very strange characther and sometime i'm confused so be patient with me.

Feral combat training:

Choose one of your natural weapons. While using the selected natural weapon, you can apply the effects of feats that have Improved Unarmed Strike as a prerequisite, as well as effects that augment an unarmed strike.

Does this mean that i can apply the effect of these feats even if i don't have them or that i now just qualify for them?

Thanks in advice for any help!

So i have to create a pg for a strange campaign, this are the rules:

All must be LG
Genarally no arcane caster but bards
No summoner
No "evil" class (no thief using poison for example, i already argued that poison itself isn't evil but it didn't work well)

The pg will be a custom created celestial race (25 RP plus pretty much every celestial and diplomatic thing in the ARG for free).

EDIT: We'll start at lvl 12

The party is composed of:

A paladin archer
A buffer cleric
A paladin / healer
A melee paladin
A melee ranger focused on fighting (yeah i know)
A bard


I don't know what to do, logic would dictate rogue/ninja but since i know the dm we'll be half the campaign in looooong dungeons (with no cover ever for stealth); so i can just pick any class and put point in disable device and perception and i'm good (plus i can have some skill as class skill for free) so techically i can do another paladin archer that disable device. Of course the ninja can go invisible but the dungeon will be very long and with a pg that can go invisible i'm 100% sure that most of the time enemies will see invisible.

Normally i would something arcane but i can't. I'm really out of idea.

Thanks in advice for any help.

1 person marked this as FAQ candidate.

So the ring of foe focus state:

"This ring of jagged steel gives the impression that it was salvaged from a suit of armor and then crudely bent into a circle.

The wearer of the ring can, at will, designate any one opponent she can see as a particularly dangerous foe. She gains a +2 bonus to her AC and saving throws against attacks made by that opponent until she designates a new enemy."

what does at will means? as a fre action? immediate action? every time i want? (so one enemy attack me, ok is him, another now is him and so on?)

Thanks in advice for any help.

So i'm in the middle of something unsual for our group and i would like some advice/opionion.

Our group of 8 people is going to start a new campaign, is gonna be a very peculiar campaign since the master is going to make us do some celestial with the mission to save the world or something.

It's peculiar because it would be a custom race with high rp (about 60-70), high lvl, high point buy and, according to the master, requiring a very high comprehension of the rules to survive.

And he decided that the latest addition to our group, a nice girl who's a good player but never had the will to learn the rule well and it's just at the begining (we basically had to force her at least to upgrade her char in the last campaign since she alway asked us to do it for her :V), can't play this campaign.

Now on one side i can understand his point of view, on the other is never nice to say to someone "you can't play with us" and i'm wondering if we are giving to much importance to the rules or what.

Thanks in advance for any opinion and advice :)

So i'm dming an evil campaign, and the party just managed to put their hand on a "dungeon" i was wondering if ther is any simple system (like a kingmaker-lite ) to let them manage it.

Sort of a Dungeon Keeper.

Thanks in advice for any help.

So my blaster sorcerer died (thanks to vyverns poison), now i don't have any idea of what to do, i'm really, really unispired.

So why not ask for advice and idea here? :D

I have to do a lvl 6 pg in a custom campaign similar to kingmaker (but more hard), the actual party is made of:

-A divination focused wizard
-A paladin
-A archery focused inquisitor
-A barbarian
-2 Druid one with domain one with companion

20 points for stat regular money for a lvl 6

I usually play caster but grew bored of the wizard, that was the reason i made a sorcerer and i was having lot of fun but he died and i don't feel like it to make a "copy" of him even it now i don't really know what to do.

I don't like summoning class (plus with this much player i don't want to make combat any longer).

I can use basically every pathfinder manual, only the gunslinger and firearms are banned :(

I like smart and fast class (not that i dislike the others anyway) but i was also thinking of something that can gave some bonus since we are a big group.

Thank you for every advice or idea!

1 person marked this as a favorite.

So i'm a gm and my group just grew from 5 to 7 player (and they are asking me for and 8 :V ).

I never handled group this big so i hoped that sone more experienced master can give some some advices.i'm particularly worried about:

-Less time for each player = less roleplay, how can i avoid this?

-For the campaign to become really slow; i really wanna avoid this

-handling 7 pg at once

Thanks in advice for any help :)

So, i'm actually arguing with someone about the fact that a eidolon is way better than a fighter in damage dealing. (he's the eidolon side)

At this point i'll really need a warrior build, not a build to play but just to demostrate the highster level of pure damage the class can do... the problem is i'm not a very good melee optimizer.

So i ask for help here, please can someone post me a "Pure damage" build for a warrior, archer or melee?

Thanks in advice for any help.

So someone i know started using an edolon and created a real monster, i start discussing with him that it's hard to belive that an eidolon can do more melee damage than a fighter... then he posted the eidolon build...

I was wondering if there's a way to build a fighter that out-damage this eidolon (see below), since i'm not familiar with summoner and with fighter i'm asking for help here :P

His build is:

Lvl 10
size: Large
hd: 8d10 + 24 = 68
AC 27 (3 dex + 2 shield - 1 size + 1 armor cravers + 10 natural armor)

Fort +9 reflex +5 (eludere) will +6 (devozione)

FOR 36
DEX 16
CON 17
WIS 10
CHA 11

Power Attack (-3/+ 6)
weapon finesse (Claws)
improved natural attack (Claws)
multiattack (bonus)
rending fury

Evolution (14)

6 Claws (2)
improved Claws (1)
rend (2)
Energy Attacks (Su) (2)
Improved Natural Armor +2 (1)
Large (4)
4 arms (2)

Equipped with: haste boots, heavy mitrhal shield, armor braces +1, +2 for belt

6 Claws(haste)

Thanks in advance for any help.

Probably this is a recurring question but i didn't find any complete answer.

Does animate object work on a corpse (does the corpse count as an object?). Is there any specific rule stating that a corpse is an object? If so where?

Thanks in advice for any help. :)

Some time ago a saw an item similar to the pearl of power, but for spontaneous spellcaster, it was in a socerer thread. I'm not able to find it again and i'm not finding any related information so:

Are there some magic item for sorcerer similar to the pearl of power? If so where?

Thanks in advice for any help.


I need a new pg for our kingmaker campaign, we're at lvl 5 and i've decided to do a sorcerer blaster.

I've never build one so here i am asking for some advice.

Actually i'm tinking ad a Tatooed sorcerer with draconic (fire) or elemental (air or fire) bloodlines, even the stormborn bloodline tempt be a bit.

Without racial bonus (but i guess i'll bee a gnome or an ifrit -if the master le me-) these are the stat i came up with, i have 15 point.

str 7

cos 14

int 10

wis 9

car 17 +1 4th lvl

I don't need the pg to be over the top (if a sorcerer can be over the top, i never player one and always heard bad things regarding their perfomance :( ) just to do his work, to blast, and maybe socialize a bit

Actually the rest of the party is composed of a druid, a paladin, an arcer inquisitor and a cure-oriented oracle.

Any help to how to make this work is very apprecciated!

So, i have a crafting wizard and we're playing kingmaker, we just hitted lvl 5 and started building the kingdom.

I'm a LN mage follower of Abadar, the other party member are a paladin a LG oracle, a NG inquisitor and a N druid.

I decided to add a 10% fee on the creation cost when crafting item for the party (this mean that a belt of +2 str will cost them 2200 instead of 2000, which is still a lot better than 4000); this caused an unexpected reaction on the other players (not pg, players).

They now pretty much consider me to be a jerk, just suggesting this we're arrived to the point of them preferring to buy the items at full price and they said me this is not right since the don't make me pay for cure, tanking ecc ecc.

This was totally unexpected by this group since they are always very mature, am i missing something and being "that guy" without knowing? Is this some kind of delicate argument in the average group?

Some advice on how to deal with this situation will be most appreciated! :)

2 people marked this as FAQ candidate.

So, one of my player want to do a tiny character, a sort of fairy, with a bow.

My question is, such a small bow have a minor range than the standard? Is the range of the usual acher abilities (9m) reduced as well?

Are there some specific rules on this kind of thing?

Thanks in advice for any help.

So, one of my player is an undead, with the classical dr/5...

He saw this talent, Bolstered Resilience

and now he want to take it and us it every turn since he's an udead he can't be Fatigued :V

Now, this don't seem quite right to me, are there any errata i don't know?

I'm also not sure of what to do, sure this seem a bug but i don't know if it's better to ban it or not.

So, i recently started a kingmaker campaign as a rougue, i'm usually a caster of some kind but this time i wanted to try something different.

We just hitted lvl 4 and the party is made of:

An oracle focused on healing, a paladin, an archer-inquisitor, a druid(with earth domain) and me.

I like the character but i've started to wonder if it's the right campagin for it, and since after the 5 lvl we can't change character anymore here i am asking for advice (spoiler-free please :P).

1- We are exploring a lot but I found a single trap till now, to be precise the druid find the trap (since he's sooooo much better than me in perception) and i disarmed it, it wasn't even a dangerous trap.

2- I'm actually filling the role of the scout, and i think a ranger will do it better and faster. Also the druid is always doing better than me (way better) in perception.

3- I'm constantly outdpsed (i can understand why, but since i don't have anything elso to do is kind of frustrating)

So the questions are:

Does this campaign need a rougue (actually it seem that the answer is no, but we just started)? I mean a classic rougue, trapfinding ecc ecc. Will a ninja do better?

Is just my impression or the rougue will be kind of "less-usefull" more and more with the advancement of the levels?

I dont want to appear like some power-hungry player (i'm not) but i'm really concerned about this.

Thanks in advance for any help

I'm feeling a little stupid, like when you search a hat you have in your head... basically i can't find in which manual are the rules for the planar traits, i checked the guide to the multiverse, the core and others but i did't found anything.

So, somebody know where is my hat? :D

I'm going to start a new campaing soon and one of my player want to play a lawful evil cleric. But, since none of the evil deities have domains he like, he chose to do a cleric without god with the domain of travel and Trickery.

Now, apart from the fact that i don't like this way of thinking, i'm not sure of what to do. Should i make him notice this thing and let him choose only "pertinent" domain? (and in which case what are the pertinend domain? ) Or is a just a minor thing and i can let it slide?

I'm not very experienced as a gm (alway been a player :D) so any advice is welcome!

I'm going to start a campaign that take place mostly in hell and his layers.

One of the player want to do a ranger and, by rules, he can just take "Hell" as a favored terrain and be good wherever he go in hell.

This just don't seem right to me, the layers of hell are vastly different from each others, and they also have city.

Are there some rules i don't know regarding this kind of thing?

Thanks in advice for any help.

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