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Hey all only took like 3 months to get to level 8 (been playing this inquisitor every so often in pfs for some 4 years. I did retrain a year or two ago to the sanctified slayer) So first question...I get a slayer bonus at level 8...taking Combat trick to get a bonus feat... doing archery and debating on manyshot or clustered shot.. I'll take the other next level at 9. Feats right now are point blank, precise, rapid, deadly aim and boon companion (yes i took the feather domain)

Other question is I have 19,364 gold I have a +1 seeking composite bow(+2 str) +1 mithril chain and a mw buckler..gear is belt of dex +2 cloak of resist +1 a wand of cure, potion of mage armor, 2 of enlarge person and 8 scrolls of endure element...animal companion has amulet of mighty fist +1 and +1 mithril chain shirt.

my thought right now is to possibly go with a +2 dex and con belt (I have a 10 con which i really regret, but as a archery it has rarely come up) leaning towards a rod of lesser extend (Use heroism and heightened awareness and just picked up magic weapon greater) was gonna break down and pick up a handy haversack...was debating on at least tweaking armor or a better cloak...but 19k will go fast

Wow you really hit on a obscure point... had to go back and look at the whole channeling thing...honestly it was nice but not a factor.

To compare the two..this is assuming both are reach so both need to take combat reflexes and power attack...then really the evangelist has a sort of feat tax for lingering performance...because who wouldn't take that...meanwhile the herald doesn't have to take spell focus conjuration and gets augment summon and superior summon for free...hands down in feats the herald caller is superior...skills 2 vs 4...seriously? A evangelist loses the ability to cast cure spells for some dominating spells...a reach cleric's wis is not top notch so spells that require a opponent to make a save is not a good spontaneous cure is a another win for herald...oh wait I can spontaneously cast summons too!? (seriously no contest there) As to channel...granted the variant might be better but the herald has is uninterrupted while the evangelist loses it at 1/9/15...added effect I can heal my summons too from any distant (to variant or not to that is a question and probably nullifies the advantage of it being uninterupted)... Now granted the thing that makes me jealous of the evangelist is the inspire courage Hands down that is a win...but with the herald caller crushing in all other areas you have to wonder if it is worth it. Now if you are trying to compare a reach cleric type to a non-reach cleric type then we are doing apple and oranges at that point.

The one thing that I'm worried about is full round actions means I cant use attacks of opp...which kills the reach aspect.. I need to look at the build a bit more sounds like he might be along what i was thinking (not reach but still)

Sorta disagree there Renegade... I looked at the Evangelist and while most play the heck out of it.. I felt it was weak. As I mentioned in the opening post 2+int for skills just isn't enough...granted it is a preference. So you get inspire courage...which is very still lose the med armor/shield and only one domain...oh and you lose the ability to spontaneously cast cure...granted you usually shouldn't need to use a cure...but when you need it I've found it to be important...herald caller gets you 4+ int the ability to spontaneously cast cure AND well as some bonus feats. initial thought is to maybe move them to skill focus linguistic and the long run I could see the character being able to do more than a singing cleric :)

But really to get the build up and running I really need to get standard summons but Sacred summons is somewhat limited so would be nice to have a way to gain something every level to summon. A bit annoying that a lot of other classes can seem to get the standard summons except this one

Yeah can't use it, otherwise i would. I would love to make some kind of reach build with standard action summons. Looked at the summoner but it is married too much to the eidolen... the monster tactician is right up my ally...

Agreed leaning towards travel but I'm open...considered tactics. Not sure Renegade, it seems like if you subtract so much what is the point of playing a reach cleric...might as well play a Arcanist as a Occultist. Playing by PFS rules so no evil.

Is there any feats that expand the summons list for the sacred summons?The elementals would be nice but the full round will hurt

Yeah kinda thinking he wouldn't really do a whole lot of summons until level 5+ any of those open up the list of sacred summons? That's gonna be the big thing imo

Sorry I keep going back to this class...was gonna go with a skald but been iffy. I've always wanted to work on a reach cleric but I was never a fan of the 2+ int a herald caller sounds good to me for the 4+ int skills along with some bonus summoning feats...One thing I keep going back to is a dip into fighter to gain back my armor prof as well as a bonus feat... I am also leaning towards either human or half elf and taking skill focus: linguistics then orator...get combat reflexes and power attack asap and sacred summons by lvl 5 or 7... Domain atm is travel but not 100% sold stats are Str 16 Dex 14 Con 13 int 12 14 wis and 10 cha...gonna try to put 1 point into con and then wis rest of the way. Not sure how the expanded summonings work... but thought atm is he would be a decent face while spreading his skills a bit and still be pretty nasty in a fight...later levels he would start summoning regularly

That is the issue with the build Padawanchichi some will say amplified stacks and others say it doesn't for skald's vigor... Honestly that has me reconsidering my build.... but a 6 fast healing at level 3 would offset the +8 con while raging imo. I don't want to get to a table though and find out my fast healing is only a 2 because that is how that gm rules it. I'm with you in believing you would get the +6 fast healing...but as this thread just showed...there is a issue in the ruling... so tread carefully

1 person marked this as FAQ candidate.

I've been leaning towards the build #1...different rage powers was thinking superstitious, witchhunter and improved dr.

One thing to keep in mind is if the amplified rage counts towards skald's vigor...I've heard arguments both ways. That makes me nervous because you never know what a gm will lean toward and you might not have the same one everytime

Yuri...the bloodrager dip is probably for the valet familiar so he could reliably have it up

Yes read that. Things are very slightly different but same idea. If you dont read it the basic point of the guide was to start off as a decent melee and make a easy transition to full caster mode. Herald caller is pretty nice since you gain a lot while losing a little (except the domain a level dip would put you back in even better shape) but 4+ int skills and the ability to give up a spell for either healing or summons is pretty solid (not to mention your summons understanding you and augment and superior summons for free). Dumping anything on a cleric is really hard...while not great i did a human herald caller (travel domain) Stats are meh at 15 str, dex 14, con 13, int 12, wis 15 and cha hindsight better to do a 16 str and then a 14 wis then 1 in con at 4 and the wis the rest of the way.

Sounds like everything you are looking for imo

Maybe I missed something but a reach cleric is a solid choice. Meant to be a fighter early levels and then move to caster mode. Herald caller with maybe one level of fighter night be worth it... yeah multi-classing is bad but that might be one time it would be worth it

Agreed I would agree with the song bonus instead of the rage.... since the song is still granting something. But the way augment rage is worded I could see it working with skald vigor. But then I could see the argument the other way. With pfs this becomes a gamble due to table variation

Hmm was this that contested? "you gain fast healing equal to the Strength bonus your song provides" is from the feat (nothing about str assuming straight str)

So deep researching right now (aka picking every word) Inspired rage gets a tad murky "based on her own ability and level instead of those from the skald" which implies that even if I get the +4 str from raging due to being a isn't really changing what the song is actually providing. BUT amplified rage states "your morale bonuses to Strength and Constitution increase by +4." It would appear that in terms of skald's vigor at level 3 would grant me fast healing 6. Granted this is getting very fine and it might be a hassle at the table.

With PFS and changing gms this might be a issue if there is no real official word... worse if there is a errata and it gets clipped. (been out for a awhile so doubtful but still)

For offense it would still be pretty solid...add in power attack and he would pretty much be done for offense...losing the fast healing 8 for 6 would be tolerable...2 would make me reconsider skald vigor until later levels Or maybe if I skipped bloodrager it would be the level 1 feat :P
Little nervous...I feel like I would be losing out of a lot of offense to go straight skald

I assume he meant greater skald vigor...sorry was typing for awhile

I'm actually aiming for a scholar warrior type route. I plan to worship Irori... deific obedience would grant me +4 to all knowledge skills (Which i plan to sprinkle points here and there so that would be a huge boost)

I did see the battle song of the people's revolt... planned to give the whole party amplified bloodrage...forgot about the percussion or wind...not sure how i can grant that and still smack things around. I will have to add discordant voice into my arsenal.

Lot of things to debate on...half orc vs human and dip vs straight. The half orc does get me sacred tattoo with shaman's apprentice (with fate's favored) I'm rocking +2 to all saves along with endurance...not to mention darkvision... Human does give you +1 skill (which yes is a big deal to me) as well as a extra feat. The dip in bloodrager gives me a familiar, with valet I gain alertness (pfs rule to replace able assistant) along with the familar gaining any teamwork feat i have (ahem augment rage) I could reliably get +8 str and con by level 2...level 3 with skald's vigor I will have +8 fast healing..faster running speed helps..granted slower to get everything but he would be a decent front liner

Debated on ditching the level of bloodrager. Not sure if it is
worth it later levels

A witch with healing patron would really cover most of it. Worst case do a hex channeler.

Not to seem bitter towards the shaman.. I keep trying to get it to work but it is very rough.... Go solid life.. bump your wis to max, cha decent along with int and con...str is sadly your only dump stat dex you probably want something...get ant haul asap to lift your armor.

Spirit talker was torched to the ground...only works for a hour after you spend time on it. So wandering lore you can pick up the arcane spells you might need. On the bright side life link works like the oracle now (hence why you might want a decent con)

There is always Cayden Cailean's Blade and Tankard for a fighting style...two weapon fighting with a rapier and tankard... smacking people with Cayden's holy symbol... courage in a bottle could be very nice. Drunken brawler too..not to mention the trait fortified drinker... Be drunk the whole adventure!!

A reach Herald caller is a very strong path. Honestly I was leaning towards that before. One thing I was debating on was the one level of fighter. But the extra summoning feats work well for getting better armor

I think BobTheCoward you are perhaps misleading about not having a preconceived notion of what you are looking for. Namely You are mandating by your opinions that he remains a long sword/ short sword user. Which plainly doesn't work very well. Do two short swords but keep it the same...that way you can just pick up weapon focus and specialization along with the same weapon training..that would suddenly make you a better Valeros. Getting the feats to stack like that means you are suddenly hitting at +2 and +3 to damage on each hit

Amplified bloodrage...which is useless until level 2

So played the first session but I ran into questions. First thought is what to pick at level 3. Skald vigor is my first choice but power attack or deific obedience foot+4 knowledge is nice to. I just started the level one as a bloodrager but was bored might change to skald at 1 then bloodrager. Stats are tight was leaning towards 16 str, 14 dex, 14 con, 12 int, 8 wish, and 14 cha... he is spread out

Basically yeah. The summoner got a small nerf in power. With the barbarian my understanding was to simplify. The rogue.... yeah they needed the help.

I really wanted to like the bard but I kept feeling they are lacking something. With the skald I get med armor along with martial weapons...taking the level dip in bloodrager along with amplified I really feel he would be a good solo player...if he gets even one or two more people pumped up even better.

@PhD Okkam..I dont have ultimate intrigue and no real urge to purchase atm. Besides after a certain point I plan to have him more skill and group oriented.

With valet he gets the feat despite prereqs...he just needs to be raging too. Adjacent is the trick...if he is in my square is that considered adjacent to me?

It is a very nasty combo especially with skald's vigor...his str boost will never go up (at least from 1-11) but at level 3 I would have 8 str/con and 8 fast healing...he will probably be in the front at that point. Might give up lesser celestial blood for increased dr..

The masterpiece is extremely nice didnt know about that one. Not exactly sure how it works though...does it cost 2 rounds of song per round to use? But to give the whole party w/in 30 ft +6 str/con is truly a gm's nightmare

Yeah I mainly like the lesser celestial every weapon good align and +1D6 vs evil outsiders is pretty nice. The greater ability is amazing but i dont see it being attainable. Superstition will boost everyone's saves and witch hunter will make them hurt anything that does magic (which later levels is a typical thing)

So familiar is based off hit dice and not caster levels? Either way I really dont plan to have it active...just there for the amplified rage.

I agree with both feats but I'm realizing I'm very pinched for feats. Going half orc I lose the bonus feat, then amplified, skald vigor, power attack then deific I'm looking at level 7, then one for level 9 and improved skald Vigor. Was gonna do a reach build but can't afford to.

BretI think it comes down to Teammate(ex) "A valet is considered to have all the teamwork feats its master has."

Now would the familar it would be frozen at level 1 so kinda squishy. I assume if i get something small enough I could still keep it on my person and be considered adjacent to it?...I like the idea of a raging Mouse :)

So to get it I would need to spend the feat for aberant tumor?

Yeah my thinking was the same.. first couple levels people might refuse but after a point I don't see why they wouldn't. I'm debating if the level in blood Rager is worth it... in low levels yeah but after a point is it? Also the familiar would be stuck at level one. Could always retain the level later on

A bit, I forgot to mention and realized after I posted that I didn't mention the Pfs aspect. That is the gist of the character a half-orc warrior scholar...kinda seeing him as a repressed sort that when he lets loose is pretty scary. I really want to go with skald vigor and amplified...the hope that even if the party doesn't opt in that he could be pretty much make up for it.

I thought about the urban skald and if I go str that wouldnt hurt my vigor..not sure about the amplified rage. Heh sorry that is the story of the character...balance. (ie rage and tactics) So far for rage powers (only went to level 10) Celestial blood, superstition and witch hunter. I see celestial blood as aiming for perfection...superstition and witch hunter, hmm not sure, always like those...not sure where irori would come into that but from a half orc end I see it inherited from the orc side.

I would see this character taking deific obedience along with heroism and heightened awareness with those 3 things he would have about +8 to knowledge skills...since skill points look stretched I might need to be careful with skill points

Amplified rage is honestly iffy I really like it but kinda see the dip into bloodrager for the familiar to be kind of a cheap in. I might put it onto the back burner until i can afford the ring to pass to a ally. Any direction for archetypes...possibly which bloodline?

Thanks for checking in. I wasn't knocking the guide but I saw it was getting a tad old so I just wanted to be sure that there weren't any rules that changed or something else out there

Hey all so just so I have a direction, I've been looking to make a reach caster and really I ended up deciding on a skald. So far my thought is to multiclass one level into bloodrager and I believe there is still the option to gain a valet familiar to take amplified rage. With that I would take skald's vigor to get about +8 str/con and 8 fast healing I plan to take power attack and deific obedience irori asap. Oh and squeeze in combat reflexes somewhere too. The skald guide is kinda old so I just wanted to know what people would give for advice.

I'll look into it more.. tried the bats and it fell flat for me. Occultist is cool but kinda felt like abilities overlapped over spells. I'll look into the wizard idea and my original idea of the investigator. I need to check some rules for the skald but he is in the lead atm. Cleric is still good but the buffs the skald is throwing out is very nice.

Skald idea is to go half orc get the familiar and the teamwork feat (blank on name atm) by level 3 I could be raging with the familiar and get +8 str/con...with skald vigor I would have fast healing of 8. Granted everyone else would only get +2. Later on giving the rage powers with 1 Dr and getting my skald vigor on the party... sounds nice

That's where I find it grey, I wonder if they meant you could use rage powers.

I tinkered a bit with the bloodrager and barbarian (yeah I liked the rage powers wanted to see what else there was.) Bit what I was looking for.

Really need to get on the occultist and the bard today. Back to work tomorrow so no time.

The spell says "identical with a barbarian rage" but would it stack? Think that is a grey area.
Either way I plotted out a skald and while it is decent I found it sort of least for a reach build maybe with a solid two handed I could just go in and hack at things (skald vigor would be giving me fast healing of 6 per round along with dr 1/-.. I was kinda disappointed with versatile is great at level 2 but when you get the next one I felt it overlapped and wasnt worth investing in another skill it seems pretty solid though to be honest I was starting to wonder why i didnt just go with a barbarian :) Superstition and witch hunter made me smile.
My worry is with a wizard based reach would the hit be really worth it? Seems like a lot of hoops to get it to a decent proficiency .

So far my thoughts are warpriest and shaman are out... I did tinker with a was decent but It had a tough time catching my attention (hard to explain) Herald caller is a very strong one, though sacred summons only works on a couple monsters so that makes me wary.. but give up spells for summons and cures and just a lot of flexibility. Skald is decent...21 rounds of raging song...give everyone +4 str/con +4 to all saves (or just +3 will without superstition) +4 damage against spellcasters/spell like ability..then celestial blood everyone now has a good aligned weapon and do +1D6 to evil outsiders with a melee attack. Cast haste on top of that =D

Next thought is towards a occultist

I would to prefer to avoid a dip, but in the case of the Herald caller I only get light armor. So a dip in fighter would fibre me med, heavy armor and shields.. not mention martial weapons and a Bonus feat. I need to check the rules but I think the level of fighter also means I can skip a prerequisite of shield brace. So one level of cleric is a decent trade off.

When I get a moment I'm gonna Tinker with the skald.

Just tinkering with a Herald caller/fighter...brought it out to 10 Looks pretty solid. Stats are 16/14/14/12/15/10 about 84hp. I actually have feats to spare. Also at level 11 I could still take divine interference. Not sure if shield brace would work for the cleric since i probably need a hand free to cast... Took the fate domain for bit of luck buff, traits are fate's favored and adopted: halfling helpful. Feats taken so far was combat reflexes, power attack, bodyguard and sacred summons. Still need to take 3 more feats and got augment summons and superior summons. Level of fighter give me heavy armor and martial weapons. I like bodyguard, I have 3 attacks of opp, i could use if they move in my zone or grant a ally +4 ac to the attack (probably invest in benevolent armor) Level 5 spells

I started to tinker with the shaman but hit a wall on stats. Only thing i could figure is if i dumped the idea of lore (boo hiss) then i could drop cha like a rock...actually scratch that..wont work (sorry working on it and typing. Stats are a lot trickier...probably too mad for reach..which sucks too many abilities are based around cha, then wis cast and arcane enlightenment really want int to around 13...con has to be decent (min 12) dex needs to be decent for aoe...really only thing i could think of is dump str and go dex based..I like adding evil eye/misfortune and chant to the picture not to mention bane with monsterous insight just dont see a good work around for it

@Wally the Wizard...I think your assessment is missing some major things. Going on just straight cleric and bard... 1-5 Agreed the cleric is so-so...but counting fate's favored the cleric is most likely casting divine favor for +2/+2...not to mention whatever he has for domains and just in spells he is gaining them faster than the bard after all and that is the huge clincher.
Agreed as a buffer the bard is probably better. But when you start getting to level 6-10 The cleric becomes a summoner on top of everything.
Sorry but by level 15 it's not even a competition bringing people back to life...negating attacks...traveling to other worlds or planes...granted he wouldn't be as good of a reach combatant but he is on another plane by then...Downside though is skills...I'm a stickler for skills I like to do more than just cast and hit things.

@Atarlost Not sure why a oracle is a definite no. They have a aura so can use sacred summons, same as the cleric...same spells but more skill points and extra tweeks.
Shaman gets Chant which is basically cackle. If I go lore I could also get some arcane spells along with cleric spells (granted one level behind)

@nicholas storm...that is pretty nice, even without the boost to bard it would be a very nice route (with flagbearer) Definitely something to look into.

@UnArcaneElection..druid is a nice idea but it would be kinda be overlapping my current character. But I should go back to looking at them...if nothing else wasnt there a idea for monk/druid? Wouldn't be reach but might be pretty cool. Also I would love shield brace but not sure if I will be able to manage it. Funny enough if I go with the herald caller with a dip in fighter it might be doable. Think it is written that you dont need shield focus if you are a fighter to qualify for it. Add in martial weapons, armor galore and a bonus feat it might be a nice route.

Btw everyone thank you for the advice. I do listen and I weigh in everything...sadly I think I have more options than less now :)

@cavernshark My origional idea was to go empiricist investigator but i was hoping to pass some buffs and such. Not worth infusion and such to pass around imo.

@Wally the Wizard, I really want to like the duelist, liked it first time i saw it but I think they give up too many skills (bardic knowledge, versatile and such)

Sadly work has been in the way from me doing some seriously crunching.

PFS doesn't allow VMC does it? I'll look a little deeper into the oracle. Yeah agree about the warpriest. Shaman would lose a bit but he would be a more debuffer type able to spam hexes. Skald is up there on the list...the dip for bloodrager would give me +4 when i rage/song...not sure if it is valid but was leaning towards half-orc...take the valet familiar and take amplified rage... so personal rage +8 str/con and then add skald's vigor. What is the view for occultist?

Hey all I've tinkered with a reach cleric for a little bit but it didnt work for me. I just couldn't get over the low skills. But I'm at the point that I'm working on a alt for pfs and trying to figure out which way to go.

Option one: A reach cleric, Herald caller..4+ int to make up for the int. A dip in fighter would be appealing.

Option two: Shaman perhaps battle/lore...more debuffer

Option three: Occultist battle host...more combat related less caster

Option four: Oracle...not sure which way yet

Option Five: Warpriest Arsenal chaplain...similar to occultist

Options six: Skald...dip bloodrager

I know all over the place trying to get a direction atm

In the end haste is a better spell. speed increase, extra attack etc without taking turns

Just curious Markov I was looking at doing a life/lore shaman but wasnt sure if it would really be worth it (lore as wandering but life except for level 1 channel and life link seems meh) Was leaning towards a unsworn for maybe tinkering but havent done too much. Trying to figure a way to do a reach shaman with lore but seems too mad. Sorry Kiba making a level 1 pfs and this is one of my thoughts atm

I assume haste is pretty mandatory for buffing. What is your plan for the secondary?

While nothing earth shattering a Level 10 ranger can be nasty. Go Archery and ride the horse...big thing will be instant enemy +6 hit and damage against a enemy and a couple pearl of powers for 9000.

Didn't have time to check the books but I was going off of hero lab and the ogc website. Sigh thought it was too good

If I'm reading everything correct, I can do a exemplar with snake bite striker. Idea is to go two weapon fighting and start buffing the party as I level. This is for PFS, lime the idea of giving inspire and teamwork feats, while kicking some behind.

Really admit that argument to pick up again huh? Really though the original poster asked to refocus

Yeah I've been interested in the advice here but it sure took on a life of it's own...of course now it seemed to dry up.

Deific Obedience of Irori will grant a +4 sacred or profane bonus to all knowledge skills. Not sure if it is worth 3 feats and loss of spell power (from going into the prestige) Another possible route would be going a oracle with lore...then your main caster stat (cha) could be added to all knowledge checks add in sidestep secret for cha to dex you are in a good spot...not to mention 4+int skills and if you go psychic searcher you can add 1D6 to knowledge skills..So rough idea is put at least one point in each skill since it is trained you would get 1+3 add in +4 from cha and 1D6 for inspiration finally with the boon from irori add +4

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