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Power attack requires a str of 13. Tangaroa gave the best advice imo. I would ask the gm if he would allow piranha strike and the agile enchant. If not I would say go a normal sized race and go str (in the end it works better imo but going by your preference)

Agreed that post was a little too rough to read. There are more powerful spells I've seen gm's shake their heads to. Litany is nice but it is only for a round and you are burning a spell for the benefit. Blistering is nice, but again not breaking too much. Most people I run into shake their head when I cast Divine favor (with fate's favored)For +3 hit and damage at level 4. Still since you can't use traits +2 is nice, for a full minute I wont complain. Wrath would probably be better for you but you get the idea, for a "core" inquisitor that is pretty powerful and it takes the place of weapon focus and weapon specialization (for a minute) Spells do that, a leap of greatness for a short period of time.

Not sure when how they set up the runs, doesn't help that I can only make it every other week =/

So TG you have to do the quests to get the pet? There actually is no rule saying I have to take a feathered friend. But am I right to assume that the pet should be secondary (with some help)while boosting my character? I know that goes against some advice, but I just think that going all out on the pet is better suited on a class that can utilize it to a greater effect.

Sorry for the long delay. Work got in the way. Anyways my thought is to keep the companion as a "add-on" Since I only have a few spells that will help him (vs the druid) Was debating on taking light armor prof then power attack and iron will. Mainly thinking of using him as a hitter/bodyguard if I need it

I thought about a roc but really too many things would get in the way of it flying. Yeah was thinking deadly aim, right now most groups have been pretty impressed with my damage output.

Ok so level 5 I'll do boon companion, at level 7 which is better deadly aim or extra bane? Level 9 I can finally get manyshot =/ Since the companion only has a +2 to hit right now I'll wait until next level for power attack and probably the same for iron will but then ill have toughness/power attack and iron will...which is pretty solid. What is the rule for changing companions in pfs?

Thinking a big cat, wont he need light armor prof to wear the chain shirt or is it because it is mithral the penalty is negated? Was thinking about toughness to start (since next level it will gain 2 more feats, was just thinking survival for a level might be good

Hey all, I'm playing PFS and my archer inquisitor hit level 4. Stats are str 14, dex 18, con 10 int 12 wis 15 and cha 7 I'm planning to put the +1 to wis to add to my monster knowledge, init and just all the other nice things. I've pretty much put my favored bonus right to hp every level, since he is a archer I didn't put all that much weight behind hp. At 4th level the feather domain gets a animal companion, now here is my dilemma. Should I put the feat in at level 5 for boon companion or save it for extra bane or deadly aim? Also what would you pick for the animal's feats (is there a guide somewhere?) Or should I just take a horse and kind of put it into the background?

The domain gives me the animal companion(ex) At least according to Hero Lab it says it's compatible. But here is my boon companion worth it or could I just let the companion take the -3 while I progress the inquisitor's feats. While taking the dip would solve that issue, I just feel it would create more in the process. I do have "free" feats at 5 and 7 (bab is too low for manyshot or any others) I'm not too familiar with dinosaurs was thinking maybe the wolf or tiger

Heya I was debating on changing my inquisitor's deity to one that provided tactics but I found out that the extra cost in PFS is 5PP. I currently have the feather domain (Erastil) and at level 4 I get a animal companion -3) So my question: Is it worth it to change or to keep the animal companion. Also should I get boon companion or keep working on my archer feats (Have point blank, precise and rapid) Was stuck between deadly aim and boon companion...maybe even extra bane at level 7. Just wondering if the companion is worth it to spend the feat

Wow so at 1 prestige point per day we are talking 5 points?? I have about 7 but umm that is kinda harsh =/

Ok just to check it is 10x level x days to retrain so a level 3 domain change would be 0 For deity change and The domain would be 150gp? Thinking of switching from Erastil and feather domain to maybe Tactics and a deity appropriate (I'm archery based) just thinking at level 5 I'll have to take boon companion or I can use it for extra rounds of bane or something else

Thanks I'll need to see how much =/

Sorry just to clarify real quick, where does that put me in domains, do I have to retrain it or just move to the other deity? Sorry not sure if the domain falls under a element specific to the deity or not..

Is there a new link? That one sends me to a error =/

Hey guys what is the rule for a inquisitor changing either a domain or his deity? I'm currently playing the feather domain with Erastil but not sure if I want to deal with the animal companion. (level 3 character)

Coordinated shot was published in the advanced class guide (beta) Req point blank shot: if a ally is threatening a opponent and not providing cover against my ranged attacks, I get +1 bonus on ranged attack. If flanking with a ally I get +2. The bonus seems untyped so assuming it stacks, but at least in the last game, I couldn't get a clear shot

Right now I only have a wisdom of 15 (plan to make it 16 at level 4) so I can change it 2x a day. @TGMax My Stealth is only soso I will get it up to +7 if I go with my armor upgrades, didn't plan to put too many points in there (only the one point atm) But lookout and stealth synergy are good options.
@Moospuh do you know if coordinated shot and enfilading fire stack? Thinking Shake it off might be a good starting feat, depending on the party I can adjust then.

Hey all, my inquisitor hit level 3 and I took rapid shot (already had point blank and precise) For my teamwork feat I took coordinated shot. But if the session is anything like a normal game I'm seeing it as a waste a time. We had two melee druids going in with their pet, along with a fighter and a monk...I couldn't get a straight shot all game. Which even with the massive -4 to hit I was dropping creature pretty well (if the fight looks serious I drop divine favor, which with fate's favored is giving me +3 to hit and damage) but the feat was kind of shorted out. Worse was on the last fight the GM sorta metagamed and had a fear-type spell cast on me in the first round (he admited that I was the target due to my higher level from the party...but how did the boss know in first glance?)Granted I was a level 3 among level 1's and I was ok with being taken out the entire last fight (not saying it sucked but not much could be done when I rolled a 10 total)

Now I'm thinking that I might pick up a cloak of resistance +1 along with a mw buckler and +1 chainshirt (have 2544 gold)which will bring my ac to 20 and my saves up to +4 fort, +6 ref and +6 will. Also thinking about ditching coordinated shot for shake it off to bump my saves a bit further. Am I missing something or is there a different route I should look at?

For 1D8 19-20 crit, I'm not impressed with the dueling sword for a feat. Rapier is better imo (since you really want crit) I would skip dueling mastery as well since you could just get a +1 buckler. Ack forgot that cha for combat expertise...I hope it gets errata'd since it doesn't apply for any improved techniques (maybe the gm would work with you) Anyways the way I went was kind of different I took combat expertise, combat reflexes, agile maneuvers, piranha strike and improved trip (and/or disarm) Extra grit is nice to have (+2 panache) I would take improved crit asap. With such a high intimidate it would be nice to get cornugon smash but probably too much a investment. Anyways it's not optimized but it's how I did it :)

My biggest issue with the Evangelist is the fact that you lose the ability to spontaneously cast a heal spell. Since you are going more a support/buffer role maybe that isn't so much a issue. A slightly different route would be to take the bodyguard feat, basically you can use a attack of opp to give a ally the aid another bonus (+2) I would take fate's favored and adopted (halfling) for the helpful trait, now your bodyguard feat will give your ally +4ac, its still early and I'm drawing a blank, but there is a armor enhancement you can get that adds to that. My GM REALLY dreaded my character :)

Personally that gives your character something to do with your attacks of opp every round, we flavored the bodyguard feat so that my cleric cast a quick cantrip...err orison to give the bonus (same rules just a flavor change) But to summon a creature, buff the party and give 4+ to ac against multiple attacks sounds pretty good to me :)

Wow came home from work with a lot of reading :) First some clarifications: does hexes not work with spell combat? If so, ouch. Also the half elf gets the favored class bonus as the elf? Or do I have to take something special for it?

Sounds like a lot of people are sort of torn on the hexcrafter or Kensai, didn't expect a war :)

So really it comes down to the Kensai being more damage oriented and the hexcrafter being more of a debuffer? The Gm only allows one trait so I have to pick either the shocking grasp or the cold route. If I go the hexcrafter I'm thinking more the str route and if I go Kensai, I would probably go more dex (with combat reflexes to make the most out of it)

Thanks for all the feedback, I'm still learning the magus, he turned out to be a bit more complicated than I expected

@Under Actually if I go hexcrafter (which I'm leaning towards) I'll go heavy into str, kensai seems better with int/dex. I just like the scimitar crit range, thought about going with a feat and taking katana but I thought the exotic route might come back and bite me.

@Corodix, I agree with the save or suck stuff, but you can caste hexes 1x per creature, meaning you have a ton of spells you can cast (think there is a feat which allows you to cast against the creature twice)

@Helvellyn I'll look into the staff magus after work, I like playing something with a different feel to it.

@EvilPaladin: not sure where I'm going yet, I really like both archtypes, just not sure which one.

So you can't use a free action to grab on with both hands while using spellcombat. Sort of odd that a high level character can shoot like 6 arrows but we can't grab onto our hilt :P

@Under Hate to say it but I was thinking the scimitar, any other weapon worth it?

Hey guy trying to decide between the hexcrafter and the kensai. Also quick question, can you cast a spell with a scimitar and then go two handed to attack with it as a free action?

Ok gm wont let the arcane strike work with a divine class (for a house ruling.) So I'm left with only one trait, which I planned on using for adopted- helpful, to give me +4AC to a ally as a attack of opp, the gm requires a trait be used for specifically rise of the rune lords. So my options are to take a race with innate arcane power, or take the feat for more traits maybe fate's favored and a trait for spellcasting. BUT I lose a feat either way, breaking the combat reflexes/bodyguard at level one. I'm thinking about making taking level 1 as a fighter to make up for the loss of the feat (going human atm) anyone see something I'm not seeing?

Yeah but greg what about being able to inflict 1 damage every 5 and/or adding That much AC to a ally? I might ask the GM if he would be ok with the divine alteration, mainly because I forgot he is making us take a runelord trait.

@Magda My plan currently is to use bodyguard. I picked up the trait adopted and then the halfling helpful, so as a attack of opp I can add +4 to a ally's AC. If I can get arcane strike I'm gonna pick up Gloves of arcane striking, which not only allows me to do arcane strike damage to enemies adjacent to the target but also allows me to add the arcane strike bonus to the ac from the bodyguard. Add to that the benevolent armor bonus (which I believe magic vestment will tweak. So when the character is in full swing he can make a attack of opp to either hurt someone or give a ally 6+Ac against the attack.

Thought i read there was a trait somewhere or no?

Hey guys trying to make a reach cleric with bodyguard and was wondering if there was a way to get arcane strike?

Level 1 Swashbuckler (finesse) combat reflexes and Extra grit
Level 2 Kensai
Level 3 Kensai Dervish dance so now I can use the scimitar for piercing

Take bodyguard by level 5 Opportune parry and riposte is mainly why I'm dipping into Swashbuckler

Anybody? Or if someone else has done something similar can someone point the way?

Hey guys was thinking about trying a 1st level Swashbuckler and then going Kensai the rest of the way. Hoping to go the combat reflexes/bodyguard and dervish dance route. Like the idea of using Opportune parry and riposte just curious if anyone tried it or had suggestions

Hey guys was looking at the iconics and saw that the barbarian is using a Large bastard sword (that she can only use while raging?) What is the penalty for using a large weapon? Why would the rage negate it?

Lol you don't need much....just 10 skills :)If you play a human and take every favored bonus as a skill bonus you are looking at a mighty 7skill points per level (3 for int, 2 for class, 1 for human and 1 for favored) For the most part it sounds like bluff and sense motive are your main skills so every level you bring them up that leaves you roughly 5 skill points over 8 skills, just prioritize what is most important and then rotate the ones that aren't for example one level you put the point in swim and the next into climb

I like the idea of summons as a standard action. The eidolon is nice but I like the variety of calling what I need (to meet the situation and as a disposable ally) Just realized the game is tonight and I need to come up with something. My thought atm is maybe talk to the GM and maybe home rule this slightly, either let sacred summons work on all summons (so I gain summons as a standard) or maybe reward my character's restraint by increasing the summons while the eidolon is active by 1 every 5 levels It's a thought I don't really think any of those would be too powerful...not like just keeping the eidolon tucked away and nuking the encounter

I just hate the idea of having a ability I might rarely use (the summon monster)The general idea is pretty much what Otm mentioned, keep the eidolon out until there is a emergency or he is killed. Then I go nuts and summon up

Yeah thats kind of what I'm thinking. I thought about doing the straight summoner but I like the idea of summoning something when needed to fit the need

Hmm the master summoner does seem like the winner, but now I'm worried he might be too powerful, wouldn't want the gm to get upset. Sigh trying to come up with something that could cover magic and skills. Tried to get into the bard but wasn't really feeling it. Thought this was a good idea. Guess I could downplay his power until a emergency comes up (followed by a ton of monsters)

Hey guys trying to build a summoner type, was gonna do a wizard but thought the full round to cast would be too harsh. I thought about a reach cleric but the GM is hesitant about sacred summons So I figured I'd look up the summoner. Which honestly has everything I can think of, except the Eidolon blocks you from casting summons!? I saw the master summoner, which is where I'm thinking, but am i losing too much with the 1/2 penalty to the Eidolon? synthesist sounds fun but everyone is calling it overpowered. So in the end which is the best summoner and how would you build it or at least where would you start?

Inquisitors don't prepare spells, their awesomeness prevents that :) By the time you get to level 12 and wrath gives you improved crit you can cast it at least 6times a day so really you should have it available for every encounter. level 3 has some really nice buff spells overall so thats why I would save the improved crit for wrath and use greater magic weapon, magic vestment and Resist energy. But that is me

Does the rapid reload work on the repeating crossbow? Just looking at the description it doesn't state that. It's a free action to load the repeating crossbow (5 times) would be nice to lower the reload. Hmm actually you can go with rapid reload heavy crossbow (as a pre req) and when you get crossbow mastery you can ditch the repeating crossbow for a normal heavy crossbow...dang that is nasty

Oh I forgot wrath does give you the improved crit feat for free at level 12. Not sure either why you would not go with the heavy repeating crossbow. I know with a normal crossbow, light is better for reloading time.

Do you happen to have a link so I can read up on it, trying to find it but no luck

Just curious, cant find touched by divinity anywhere, is that the right name and what book is it from? Personally I still would learn cure light in case you really need to get a decent heal in. Wrath is sort of meh.

Worst case scenario keep a scroll of silence to cast on yourself =D

I agree Inquisitor is probably the best fit. A pally with a Oath of vengeance might fit the bill too (I played mine like Ghost Rider :)

Yeah you can't beat a GM. Sounds like he might be burned out and is hoping someone will take the GM seat. You could have a uber character and he will just make a uber+ opponent this is definitely a real world issue and not a character one.

AC from feather domain? Another way (if you have the feats) is to go with guided hand probably not worth the investment though. Depending on what the bard does, it sounds like you guys could use some melee. I agree the con should be boosted maybe the str too. Synthesist would be a good idea actually. Maybe some demon you slayed and its body is summoned to you to help you fight against it's brothers

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