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@kestral The general view that the summons lack any umph and they feel more powerful hitting stuff with magic. I'm more a summoner :P

@Bacon: hirelings maybe..but I'm of the belief that the party should cover the basics and then look at them.

I like the inquisitor but trying to get him to be a tank (which I found a way) but then having to provide a companion to help me in the front (which negates the tank idea unless I dip)

Part of me is debating on just going druid, give myself a companion/summon some more and then become a beast

Yup homemade campaign, Level 4. So if I take the feather domain I would have a companion (not the greatest but at level 5 I could take boon companion) I also discovered shield-trained, a trait that would allow me to use a shield as a weapon. But the trait is from Gorum and the feather domain is from a different god. Maybe the gm would make a deal, or I can take a level of a martial to get the prof.

Either that or I make something from scratch but I feel I'm already covering some bases. I agree the wizard or sorcerer should be putting out summons, tried to address that and really the ranger was gonna take the companion but changed his mind because he felt the divine tracker would help the party more

Hey all I'm currently playing a half-orc inquisitor (sanctified slayer) and while squishy he has been probably doing the most damage. But now our "tank" is moving and I'm kinda worried about the group dynamics. Currently we have:
Wood wizard..mainly magic missle and such
Shadow sorcerer same thing +1cl in dim light
Archer ranger (divine tracker)
Then my character in the front by himself.

Tried to encourage summons and was floored last night when the ranger said he wasn't taking a companion. I'm left without a flank buddy now. So my question is if I should take the feather domain for a animal companion or make another character...and what would you suggest?

I pretty much agree with everyone here. The best melee/healer is the paladin/oracle, lay on hand as a free action as you heal everyone with life link cant be beat, except you know that lawful good thing. A pure life oracle cant be beat in pure heals. But I'm sold on the shaman, it takes a few levels to get moving but when it does it is a beast. The healing hex with the spell hex vulnerability just gives you more heals in the day. Pick up evil eye and misfortune for debuffing. Why heal when the guy needs to make two rolls and pick the lowest? Whatever spells you are missing the FCB can usually fill in and by level 8 you can pull a spell or two from the wizard's list. I skipped the witch doctor for hexes but getting additional channels (at -3 level though) just gives you even more heals. I actually decided against it since I felt I had too much heals :)

I was so focused on divine power I didn't even see the invisibility...hmm that will be a tough one but yeah I can probably skip that chain.

@ExiledMimic, with my archer I took the feather domain and got the animal companion at level 4, I'm not exactly sure what the Huntsman offers over that. I was looking at the sin eater but the loss of domain makes me a bit nervous. For the most part I like the half orc with the favored bonus

Huh Jaidz might be a good choice, has the travel domain and shortswords.

Worst case I could always take a quarterstaff for a double weapon.

Is it worth going focus->dazzling display->shattered def or Power attack->Corungen smash? Or maybe take improved shield bash and toughness?

Ok, sorry but now I'm really debating on that one level dip. I know it would set my spellcasting back by one level but really the gain is looking to outweigh. My initial idea is the mutagenic fighter, I would get martial prof, which would grant me the orc double axe. Then I could get heavy armor if we make it to level 12 I might have to reconsider, but if I get it mithral does it count as med armor for stalwart? Some much needed hp, a feat, Toughness to my 13 con might be needed Then 10 mins a day I can get +4 str.

Yeah thinking the heavy armor might not be worth it hopefully upgrading to med armor will be enough. The main thing with the double weapon is just getting the D8 damage?

Looked up the anger inquisition, it is nice but so far I kinda like the travel domain a bit more, extra speed, ability to ignore difficult terrain and teleport seems like it will come in handy.

What about going a sword and shield route? Not sure if I have enough hp for it but liking the AC boost. Then I could still get the sneak attack with the shield boost

I'm really fighting the urge to multiclass to get better armor and weapons...maybe a feat But I think that would just slow everything down

I'm probably gonna stick with half-orc, I really like the favored bonus for 1/2 monster lore and intimidate. Plus I'm carrying around a falchion as a backup (composite longbow when i can afford it)I really did put some thought into pharasma but I'm aiming as a general monster hunter, which a undead hunter would make sense for her not sure about saving lives in general though. I saw one or two deities with a shortsword but they were mainly evil. Right now I have the travel domain and I'm working for the "church" currently sent out to investigate a missing cleric of pharasma.

The Deific Obedience does sound nice but I have to solve the issue of pharasma, but it would also be another feat in the way of the chains. Like I could work on weapon focus, dazzling display and shattered defenses (make them flat footed without a partner if need be)

Ever since I saw the archetype I wanted to give this a try. Normally with a 3/4 Bab I wouldn't try but with the Studied target, divine favor , outflank and heroism I feel I should be ok. The GM approved me being able to take improved twf at level 8 (slayer talent for ranger combat) One downside is I'm limited to simple weapons, so currently leaning towards 2 daggers or 2 light maces. Also was trying to decide on going the cornugan smash right away or try to shattered defense first (feat chains)or heck if I'm missing anything I should know.

Was thinking of going the sanctified slayer inquisitor...I give up judgement but with the target and sneak attack it might be worth it (really want to try two weapon fighting) Doing half orc not sure what ill take at level 3 maybe something combat related or might break down for improved monster lore (even with all those skill points i feel like im falling short)

Hey all trying to make a monster hunter type, was gonna do a inquisitor but was curious what else is a good fit. I know ranger is the original but too specified for my tastes

Sigh this is like trying to type to a cult "There shalt be no healers!" Just a Mort as I stated I'm of a similar viewpoint, but dealing with older people with ingrain beliefs and stubbornness will get me no where...and lecturing me is simply silly. Granted my shaman was a healer, but the main "heals" was because I used misfortune and the gm has really bad luck with dice. But honestly I'm more a dice roller and saying "Make a will save." was getting boring. Not to mention while my character was preventing/healing a ton I couldn't contribute to damage. Hence the reroll.

Boring7 agreed that would be a option and a pretty good one, but I seem to be the only one in the party willing to play the LG route. (Again old schoolers believing a paladin has to be lawful stupid) Really though it's up to him he wants advice from me, told the gm to let him know he can shoot me a email with what he wants to do, so I can help him. But he is a younger sort and addicted to LOL so wont hold my breath.

So my thought as to what to make (and back on subject) is leaning towards damage, maybe a martial type (for sustained/multiple encounters) Even with a tank sort we are lacking in damage atm. A Witch, summoner with a skill focused eidolon and a tankish cleric do not scream damage to me. Since we are now at level 3 what would you guys recommend for a damage sort with the possibility of using a wand (but not necessary) I have to do a bit more research but the invulnerable rager idea is looking good.

Very true Magda and not knocking that (honestly i was debating on doing my reach cleric finally until he mentioned his attempt) but the gm already asked me to give him advice in healing. They are very old school in thinking

Synthesist is banned. I actually revisited the alchemist yesterday and looked at the Grenadier, I'll look at it again. Same with the Invulnerable rager. Actually was gonna look at the bloodrager today.

If I go the tank route, I was actually gonna look at the swashbuckler, at level 3 he gets precision damage equal to his level and I would pick up improved trip and combat reflexes right away (trip them before they get to the party) Maybe go the cavalier archetype route. But I could probably do the same with invulnerable...

Just found out the warpriest is gonna switch to full cleric. So we are sorta losing the tank (granted the uber eidolon can cover it but still) Think I'm just gonna get some sleep...this is giving me a headache :P

I think that is the hardest part trying to base the character loosely and yet still fit a niche. Doesn't help when I'm more a hacker-type and the GM is very based on story/details. So I want to feel useful but really I agree it might just have to be coming up with something I want....

Yeah he played a sorcerer (tattooed) but when he heard i was gonna lose the shaman he mentioned going the witch route.

I think the GM rather us not make characters based around each other (not to mention what if a person with skill X isn't there?) I'm starting to think a melee character just if the summoner or warpriest cant make it

Actually the sorcerer said he was probably gonna go a witch (believe aiming for debuff, partial heals and knowledge skills) The Summoner is also a archer and his eidolon is a uber perception, good on disable device and after he enchants it, it has like a 24+AC.

So when we talk skill monkey what should I be looking at? I guess the summoner already has a bunch of face skills too. I was actually thinking the bard route, maybe look at the skald. I really wish there was a cleric with 4+int instead of 2+ I really like to have some skills. I wont be lying when I say I'm debating on the inquisitor (sacred slayer) With two weapon fighting + target+ divine favor I really think I could do some damage

I guess 5 including the eidolean. But half the time one person cant seem to make it. I agree Zhayne the Ranger/archer idea is becoming a good idea imo and by level 5 I can take boon companion and boost up the companion giving the party another body. We are starting at 2 and Gm feels we will be at lvl 3 tonight any race you might recommend?

Hey guys dont have a lot of details but the group consists of a warpiest "tank" a sorcerer which i assume is a blaster and a summoner with a uber guard type. I was doing a Shaman healer type but with the small size of the group I wanted to contribute more to damage (with a wand to heal) I'm thinking maybe a ranger or the slayer archetype of the inquisitor (maybe duel dagger) just curious if I'm missing something.

Talked to the gm before about moving life to wandering at level 4 (but playing with life as the main until then for the channel) I guess I could move stuff to str 8 dex 12 con 12 int 13 (so up to level 3 spells) wis 18 and cha 14. Currently took extra channel and extra hex and have chant and misfortune. At level 3 planned to take another extra hex (probably healing) then at level 4 I'll go for fetish hex then level 5 another extra hex for either evil eye or slumber Level 7 is now spirit talker :)

So with the Spirit talker I wouldn't have to take lore to get the Arcane enlightenment?? The Gm is stressing weight limit so bit worried about gear (plan to use a shield and chain shirt+ normal gear and I'm already at med weight limit) Anyways if I dont need lore what would be a good spirit for a caster?

Hey trying to make a caster shaman planning to use the life and lore spirit. I want to use Arcane enlightenment but the question is how would you build the stats with 20 point buy (Currently str 12 dex 14 con 12 int 12 Wis 17 and cha 12) I plan to shuffling it around so curious which way to go. Also with arcane enlightenment which spells would you go for (thinking haste for one)Also is Benefit of wisdom worth it?

I was thinking about that after, I probably will move int and cha..not sure might dump cha now

@Rumpinrufus What is your stats after racial mod?

@Protoman: Rapier most likely. I'm liking the tactical aspect of the cavalier Giving everyone 1D6 sneak attack for a round or two sounds like fun. Also When I challenge someone I get my level in damage...add the swashbuckler's bonus and my challenged opponent would be taking 2x damage. Order of the dragon gives me +1 aid at level 2. Hmm didn't realize the math wouldn't work (RAW vs RAI I guess?)Still I could skip expertise and swift aid for power attack...hmm maybe still keep the expertise. I want him to hit really hard while being able to take some hits...with bodyguard I will hopefully make the gm look at me as a easier target. I might have to revisit the swashbuckler

Hmm no advice? I checked the cavalier guide but no luck at this time

Hey all debating if there is a "acceptable" balance to str vs dex to avoid the weapon focus/slashing grace route. For example on a 20 point buy I was thinking maybe 14 str, 18 dex, 12 con, 10 int,10wis and 13cha. I'm basically wondering if the +2 damage vs +4 is worth it or not. Trying to save feats and go a more "tank" route. Took the adopted trait for helpful along with combat reflexes and bodyguard. So at level 1 I could grant a ally +4ac, at level 2 it would go up to +5. Combat expertise at level 3, extra grit/panache at level 5 then swift aid at level 6. So at level 6 I could grant someone +4 to hit, then my attack followed by being able to defend others with +5 ac or using opportune parry and riposte for myself

Hmm which domain did you go with?

If I went ranger (with hopes of getting wand) would you do the wild hunter archetype and then boon companion at level 5?

@Chess, I would prefer to skip the cure spell, but not sure how often the gm might let a wand drop.
@Onyxlion why is that? You get the precise shot at level 2 and gravity bow

Hey all planning to make a hunter, taking cure spells to be a off healer. 20 pt buy thinking Human Str 14, dex 18 Con 12 int 10 wis 15 and cha 7. Take point blank and rapid at level 1 Precise as a bonus at level 2 and then spirit's gift (life) at level 3. Is there any more passive boosts to the animal companion?

As I level the channels will do more. Allowing the party to roll 2x once AND get healed at level 5 isnt bad. The emergency resurrection when someone is killed or heck giving up a spell to make a enemy reroll? Although by that point I can be throwing the misfortune around every turn (chant as a move) and make every enemy reroll 2x and take the lower roll. Or heck put the biggest brute to sleep for a couple rounds? evil eye to debuff if I need. Selective channel is so I dont hit the enemies with the bonus of rolling twice. Granted maybe I did go too much heals but he will (at some point) be doing a lot more than just heals.

If not heals what would you recommend Chess? That is why I'm asking for advice, what would you do to increase his contributions?

My idea right now is a human 10 str, 13 dex, 14 con, 10 int 16 wis and 15 cha. Life as the main spirit. At level 1 I would take selective channeling and x. Level 2 retrain X for extra hex and was gonna do slumber and healing (hex vulnerability for repeat casting)At 3 evil eye (thinking about witch doctor so no level 4 hex) not sure which spirit for wandering. At level 5 Fateful channel (allies get to reroll a attack within 2 rounds) After that I would get chant in there (maybe misfotrune) Channeled revival and divine interference at later levels. I'm just worried he is lacking in combat

Hey all, I keep looking at the shaman feeling it has potential just want to get everyone's interpretation. Looking at a 20 point buy core races only. I'm planning to do a healer type but if there is something better I might look into it

Wow @Onyxlion, didn't even realize that could be used like that. Was gonna skip the healing hex but now it might be back on the table.

@Markov: Fateful Channel is pretty awesome. I'll have to look into heaven some more. I asked the GM last night if he would allow me to retrain my main spirit at level 4. So I would do life until level 4 and then switch life to wandering and then heaven as my main.

Biggest problem is I plan to rely on the hexes, just will take a few levels to get them going. Slumber hex at 2 Healing hex as a feat at 3, Evil eye at 4 and chant at 5 then wandering hex heals at 6. I plan to keep him in the back casting spells. If I go human I'll probably pick up extra channel and selective channel at level 1. Not sure how I'm gonna do the stats yet...

Hey all looking at maybe making a Shaman Witch doctor, but I'm noticing I really wont be good at healing until level 4 any suggestions? (Thought about starting with healing spirit but was told that was a poor idea) By level 3 I plan to take extra hex and have slumber and healing ready to go

With studied target (+1 hit/Damage) and divine favor (+2 hit/damage) I would start at roughly +7 to hit at level one (granted 5 if saving spells)and each would apply to each weapon which seems to be a nice bonus. But I would probably stay at just the normal twf due to dex, so it makes it kind of iffy.

I definitely would like to try melee for a change. (had the thought to go back to archery, but only 1 feat at level one makes it kind of rough) I'm hoping to get a chance today after work to look into the intimidate builds, see if there is something I could take at level (at +9 intimidate at level one, I don't see intimidating prowess really worth it) or maybe just take toughness/heavy armor prof

Hmm yeah just reread it, really sucks imo. Sort of kills the build, was willing to go to 15 dex but further will take away from everything else. Going with the talents I wouldn't get itwf until level 16?? Sucks I was really liking this idea. So back to what to take at level 1 feat wise?

I'm not sure either Godferret, would really suck if it did work that way, especially for level 8. Unfortunatly I'm finding way too many things require +1 Bab...luckily two weapon fighting doesn't anyone know where I can look at a example of a intimidation build? I hear of it a lot but cant seem to find a example (might be overlooking)

If the level 8 doesnt work I might just have to go the falchion route (maybe take rapid shot for the 8th level feat)

Ah that sucks, silver tongue looked pretty nice. I would need to double check with the GM about exotic weapons, pretty sure he would be the type to make them really hard to come across. I plan to go the intimidate chain route at some point (still need to plan it)

I'm not sure if it works this way but at level 8 I would take the ranger combat route and take improved two weapon fighting (so I can leave my dex at 15) Going with shortswords I would have +4(str) +4(outflank) +6/1(base) +2 (studied)and +4 (divine favor) so (sorry just waking up) 18/18/13/8 and each would be hitting at main: 1D6+10+3D6 (sneak) and off hand would be 1D6+8+3D6..with the option to add bane to the main attack Thats just adding the outflank, precise, two weapon and improved two weapon I'd still have +3 feats and magic items to add (maybe power attack and cornugon smash?)

With a falchion I would have (with power attack) +18/+13 and 2D4+12+3D6

Here is one more question can a half orc gain the silver tongue human racial trait or no? Sorry was looking at hero lab and was curious. I was thinking toughness but agreed kind of ho-hum I'll look into the other options tomorrow thanks

Hey all, normally I play a archer inquisitor but decided to try a melee type, was gonna go with the Sacred slayer archetype, Half-orc with sacred tattoo and Fate's favored.
I was wondering if it is better to stay with a falchion or move to two weapons (I would move my wis to 14 and dex to 15) at level 8 when I get the slayer talent I would progress the two weapon fighting. I'm thinking with Studied target and divine favor it might be worth it, at sneak attack at level 4 and keep going, pick up outflank and Precise strike.

If not two weapon fighting what should I take for my level 1 feat? Just found out I couldn't take weapon focus and I know I cant take power attack. Con is 14 and I plan to take the half orc favored bonus. Domain is conversion

Tough call, with oath and the ability to lose LOH, I figured would make up for the loss from SS so increase spellcasting while still maintaining offense. But yeah I'm not feeling the god/domain combo. Might ask the GM for a slight ruling

Sarenrae does sound about right, not keen on the domains. Is the Sacred Servant worth it or just stay a "plain" oath of vengeance

I would really like the travel domain but from what I'm seeing it might not work. The flavor idea is that this is a paladin seeking redemption. He was part of a army which slaughtered a whole city and he has laid down his old life to make up for his crimes.

Hey guys creating a Oath of vengeance Paladin, the GM showed me the Sacred servant archetype and I was trying to find a deity (GM requirement) that a Paladin would follow that has the travel domain.

Agreed I would carry a decent bow, nothing like a round or two before a dragon comes eat you and you could put a couple arrows in him before he gets to you. Right you can use the bastard sword 1 handed...but in a pinch you can two hand it (always good to have options)Iron will and two others...hmm weapon specialization for the bastard sword (+2 damage) oh and blind fight! (at higher levels you will run into more invisible things so might be handy)

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