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I played a atheist paladin. Oath of vengeance human, I played him very border line in alignment...played him pretty close to ghost rider...almost fell a few times. Then the new GM started and told me that a paladin could never be a atheist.. I ended up dropping the character since the concept was null and void. (Was going for a good man without a god needing to be there to tell him what to do)

True Shaman is very cool, but based on concept I wanted to point out the medium as being a pretty close to concept class.

Personally I love debuffing with the misfortune/evil eye/chat but really not sure what your plan is. Do you plan to melee at all or just as a backup means? I think at level 3 you could pick up divine favor if you go the melee route

Actually no, I'm talking about the medium class from Occult adventures. I wouldn't mention another class but that seems to to fit your idea pretty closely. It is pretty versatile a necromancer would be the archmage spirit. Occult adventures relies a lot on spirits, it might be worth looking at.

Losing spirit magic might be bad, especially for bones. The hexes are kinda meh and the spells really make you a necromancer

Sorta hesitant of the magus though... the burst damage seems nice but I like solid enchants to go at it. Playing a inquisitor as my main and love divine favor. I'll look at it again though

Just glanced at the bones...not too impressed with the hexes, maybe I'm missing something. But as Corvino mentioned arcane enlightenment should hopefully allow you to change per day (but make sure with the gm)

I would see him having a 10-12 str due to digging (min) but for adventuring I would say the necromancer should carry him most times (with his trusty shovel in a pinch) I would check with the gm and see if he would allow proficiency with the shovel (Maybe a reflavored shortspear?)

But anyways as I mentioned check out the medium, sounds like what you are aiming for. Maybe make him really down on his luck and multiple spirits hit him up for their vengeance...could be fun to roleplay his mornings when 3 spirits are fighting for the chance to get in :)

Based off the background you Should look at a medium. If you are going a necromancer I would think like a should go bones right away

Yeah pfs banned that though

Artful dodge sounds really nice for going two weapon fighting with a str/int investigator

I guess hero labs hasn't added weapon master yet. Was tinkering with a elven occultist (battle host) with the elven branch spear...aim to go with the reach build with transmutation and abjuration. Not sure if that would work with a investigator (all the feats)but seems nice with the ability to get int to damage and dex to hit... I wonder if you could take a dex feat for damage or is the elven battle feats worth it... sigh too much going on in my head :)

@@oldrolero... I really want to like the mutation fighter but as you pointed out..only 12 int and 2+ int kinda stinks.

@Gisher I'm curious if it would work or if I might need to pick up a prof feat... wait and see I guess. I really like that spear idea need to see what i can do with it.

@Aerodin... I need to look into the unbarbarian...if the temp hp stacks with other levels that might be really something to look at.

@Fruian I really like the swashbuckler + investigator and that was my first thought when i read the book...then I saw everyone else had the same idea... I wish they hadn't nerfed the arcane deed with precise strike... I really wanted to do a kensai magus with that =/

@LoneKnave...for your analogy..think of it this way guns or a zombie apocalpse...those 5 bullets really did a number to that here comes 20 more.... I'm sure it is a preference but I agree with it I wont play a magus out of fear of burning through resources. I like a decent balance.

I really like the idea of a 2 handed weapon/spear type user I cant wait to see the new class. I'll probably tinker with the investigator to see if i can get the elven spear chain in there (not sure if i have enough feats) I was looking at a falchion wielding investigator but I heard you should morph and claw things at later level...which I don't really care for with this concept. What is the view on the occultist?

Losing weapon training would be a hassle and the bonus feats right off hurts but it might be worth it...sounds pretty good. Wonder when pfs will make it legal. Mix that with elven battle style and that might be just what im looking for. Pretty solid imo..not sure when I'll get to play it but since I only get to play every few weeks I have some time before I'd really get to play it. Since my main is a inq archer and I've only played the off character one time...i can play it two more times before it is locked down

Gisher is there a descriptions of those somewhere?

Huh that elf chain is pretty nice I'll have to look at it a bit (maybe pick up the trait for int to umd and maybe maybe umd a class skill might round out the martial for me)

@Chesspwn...yeah a posted a couple weeks ago (?) about trying to do a int divine caster without much I decided to try a different route. I like the idea of a guy that can handle a sword but still pull out a magic item in a pinch

I like the slayer but I'm playing a inquisitor with the slayer type archetype so would be too similar

I'm kinda wondering if i should try a investigator/lore warden but maybe that would be too much

Hey all this is for a backup character in pfs. Trying to figure out the best fit for a high int character that mainly focuses on combat instead of magic. I'm looking mainly for decent skills and decent combat abilities. I've looked at the bard and skald..bard just didn't click and I was soso on the skald. I've been seriously looking at the empiricist investigator but mainly worried about how long it will take to get moving. Just barely looked at the occultist (battle host) any advice or suggestions would be appreciated

I'm using a Feather Sacred Slayer inquisitor and really have no complaints...granted I just hit level 6 and seeing others finally get a second hit sucks but by level 8 I'll have 3 attacks plus manyshot. I spend the first round marking a target and casting divine favor on myself and tiger with improved spell sharing I get +4 hit and damage and the tiger gets +3 hit and damage for 5 rounds. Next round i attack, by that point the companion is flanking with a ally..So I would be at +16 to hit and 1D8+9 damage...not counting bane or point blank..the tiger is at +11/+11/+11 1D6+5, 1D4+5 and 1D4+5 (took boon companion) level I'll have a swift action to study, tiger will become large and I'll break down for deadly aim (with heroism up it will negate the penalty to hit and give me +4 damage) I do have deadeye bowman to negate the soft cover of one person...not great but man does he hurt

For the gear fix...slow down and explore. Seriously a hour or so should in no way effect your chances of succeeding...if it does than that is poor gming. Character's logic should be to check and make sure there isn't something important like say the destruction code for the death star or the super bane of the boss artifact. You guys really need to get the gear so take it easy...if the world blows that's on the gm. Maybe see about teleportation spells to speed up travel time.

To the OP.. as you can tell there are many flavors of archers and you have to decide what you are looking in the game and where your skill lies. A fighter is a very simple and reliable source but as people mentioned out of combat you kind of fall behind. If the gm allows traits you might be able to pick up a skill or two you "need" and if you go human you could pick up Focused study to increase some skills (skill focus at 1,8 and some other level at the cost of the human bonus feat...since you are going fighter you have at least one to spare.)

Ranger I agree has more complexity.. skills wise he is superior, depending on the game that can be VERY important...not to mention if there is a long pause between combat you might get bored...those will help. I'd be really wary of losing magic... the ability to use a cure light wound wand out of combat to get the healer up is invaluable :) I would look at the spell list and really decide if it is worth losing. Feats..yeah you will be pinched but if you check the guides you can manage and be on par with the fighter imo

The zen archer is really nice he is given everything to be a ultimate archer and has some skills to boot.

I would look at the slayer sounds like what you might be looking for

Alchemist is the toolbox and is pretty darn flexible.

The inquisitor...seriously the underdog...but I'm playing one and the shocked stares I'm getting is worth it. Not as many arrows in the air but they really hurt.

So good luck and have fun

Hmm I'll admit I cant remember the last time I've seen a game past level 7 so good to know with the enh bypass. Seeking is still a good enchant though right?

Sorry was trying to do a rapid number crunch before going to work (just got home) How would bane ignore DR?Agreed I counted manyshot as another attack.

Lol I really bit a lot on this character...right now as it stands starting next level (this is with level 8 stats) First round my character casts divine pounces +13/+13/+13 1D8+9/1D6+9 and character starts full attacking along with the cat...

Yeah was wondering if maybe I was messing up the initiative...gonna have to keep better attention...I only get to play every few weeks so half the time i forget :P (I'm at +8 init)

The baldric isn't bad but not sure if it is worth 10k...for example if I picked up a belt of physical might (+2 dex and con) for 10k I could skip the toughness feat...then get extra bane for +3 more uses...but not sure how important that will be..

Figure at level 8 I can bane burst 8 rounds a day and do +20/20/20/15 to hit and roughly 1D8+2d6+13 per arrow

Thought Jacob has said before that it is his opinion or is it fact? Sorry just seems to be so-so for a inquisitor otherwise

Ok so what is the benefit from the bane baldric then? if the damage doesn't go up and it doesnt appear to increase the rounds per day or does it?

I don't think there has been one time I've actually been able to use sneak attack...unless there is a rule that states you dont have to be the one flanking? As a range the most i can hope for is acting first.

I figure deadly aim with all the other bonuses should be swallowed up pretty quickly (I will get it next level, the same time I can pick up heroism and get +2 to hit for 70 minutes a day)

Wow the Bane badric is really nice...does that mean i would have greater bane at level 7?? It's really expensive though but still i need to get it on the list somewhere.... Also does that mean i could use bane 5 more rounds a day or just the greater?...have to see if it is pfs legal

As far as I can see deadly aim is not precision damage just a flat damage increase.

Right now feats wise I have the holy 3 PB, precise and rapid...boon companion...for teamwork I'm at Enfilading fire and improved spell sharing...hmm might have a point with coordinated shot. I was looking at deadly aim at level 7, manyshot at level 8 and then clustered shot at 9...I did make the mistake of a con 10 so that has hurt me...think people realized that i need to stay back :P

Trust me I'm sold on improved precise shot but the +11 base means I wont see it until level 15...and this is a pfs character so he stops at level 12. That said I'm only gonna see about 2 more teamwork feats and possibly and 4 feats left

The lesser extend rod is on my short list...plan to use greater magic weapon on the bow...just found out that it doesn't stack to bypass dr. But between that and heroism I have 2 uses planned out (maybe a boss fight)

I would probably pick up Friendly fire maneuvers over improved precise...same effect but i could get it right away and I gain some other benefits. I never really looked too deep into the snap shot chain...maybe due to the short range and no improved point blank...not to mention I'm not sure where i could sneak that in

Surprisingly I've been pretty darn accurate. I have the deadeye bowman trait so I'm pretty clear on soft cover (at least with one obstacle which is usually the case)

My base is +10 with the bow...+4 with divine favor..+1 point blank (sometimes) +2 if people are flanking and then +2 with studied (when i can) So right now, with rapid shot im hitting at +16 or level I plan to have heroism up most times and +1 from base...with +2 from deadly aim I'll still be at +17 or +18 but I'll be hitting at 1D8+13(+14)each...and that isnt even with bane.

Problem I'm having is I start, usually debate on divine favor on the companion since he can hit in that round or myself...I usually study one but half of the time people will drop him first (I can't wait until next level) I'm really liking the idea of improved spell sharing...but is 5 rounds enough is the question... I mean first round buff myself AND send out a suped up tiger?? I agree shake it off is really nice but most of the time pretty close to useless (but oh do those times help) While I agree I could bypass the dr with the damage...why bother when you can hurt so much more? What would you suggest as a replacement?

I would get inflict everytime..nobody else will have it so best to be prepped. Divine favor will be your friend (and most of you level 1 casting...with fate favored you can get +4 to hit and damage from a level 1 spell. Litany of sloth is also good in a pinch. Level 2 spells are mainly utility imo. At 3 depending on gear, you could pick up greater magic weapon and magic vestment...Heroism is you friend too. (Pick up a rod of lesser extend) At 4 Greater invisibility isnt bad and maybe restoration. and 6 Harm...high level spells are kinda lacking imo and the low level ones are all about using the same spells

As for the iffy part on the fear...getting +4 to saves in a surprise round always come in handy. But the ability to give myself +4 to hit/damage and my companion +3 to hit and damage for 5 rounds Seems pretty darn nice. If I need to reapply I can make a judgement from there. But for the most part divine favor would be the only spell I would use anytime soon (if ever)..still 2 targets with one spell seems nice. After the seeking bow I'll have around 4000 gold...just trying to decide where i should put my priorities

Hey all I've been working on a Archer-inquisitor(sanctified slayer) and up to level 6. I realized I made a mistake and I need to choose a specific teamwork feat. To explain a bit.. I took the feather domain along with a big cat finally at level 5 boon companion...thus far I haven't invested gear into it. But I'm realizing the start of combat is really starting to bog down... One round to use divine favor on the companion, then on myself...followed by a move used somewhere in there for studied target... This is in PFS so half the time the fight is over and I've barely put in a shot... So I'm debating between Improved spell sharing (one round to buff myself and the companion for 5 rounds each) or Shake it off (+1 resist per ally around me up to +4)I plan to keep enfilading fire....Next level I plan to take deadly 7 I'm gonna take the rogue combat trick to get either manyshot or clustered shot and then gain the other at 9.

As for gear right now I have a +1 mithril shirt, +1 composite longbow (+2str) A beslt of incredible dex, cloak of resist +1 wand of cure light, a two potions of enlarge and mage armor... was planning to take a +1 seeking longbow (+2str) and then not sure...thinking next level when the cat becomes large I'll pick up a +1 mithril chain shirt

Ok I'll the heck does the evangelist offer double digit bonuses to everyone? Seriously I'd like to know how.

The thing that kills the evangelist to me is that you lose the ability to sack a spell to get a heal...might not be a huge deal but it sure helps in a pinch. That and really 2+ int skills just sucks... I really wanted to like the evangelist...but I just couldn't get over those limitations.

The herald caller seems pretty perfect with a reach build...start off as a martial type and as you slowly work your way to caster mode you get the nice bonus feats that go towards the summons...I would still pick up sacred summons but still you can really make some head way... Lets not forget the 4+ int. I just see him as a really nice generalist summons/heals in a pinch while working on the polearm.

Yeah I really can't add more to this I'm of the opinion that the extra skill points, the ability to swap spells for heals and summons, along with all the other perks are just too nice. Now if I can ever get the build right with a reach build :P

I'm thinking 4+ int on skills offers me a lot of flexibility... I'm working on a herald caller cleric..I lose med armor and a domain but gain 4+int and some bonus summoning feats along with the ability to sack a prepared spell for either cure or summon spells. So far my rough idea puts me around 15str, 14 dex, 13 con, 12 int, 15 wis and 10 cha..skills would be diplomacy, know history, planes and religion followed by sense motive and spellcraft. I would go for a reach weapon

UnArcaneElection wrote:
ekibus wrote:
Biggest worry I would have is double checking the witch spell list and would I be giving up too much mainly giving up feats to manage to be a ok heal-type. I did see the herald caller and possibly there is a oracle I need to look into (think it was called psychic searcher) tie that in with a life oracle...might be something. I've always like the reach cleric idea...the big pain was the skills and how much you have to stretch the stats. Shaman is another I should double check

Why would Witch necessarily be more feat-starved than Cleric/Oracle/Shaman on account of spell list? On the other hand, if you do want to go Reach, this is harder to do with a Witch (due to 1/2 BAB), but also rules out the Shaman or Spirit Guide Oracle with effective use of the Lore Spirit (see above for MADness). Note that going Reach does consume a few feats no matter what class you are, if you want to make it really effective by doing Combat Maneuvers:

Combat Reflexes
Combat Expertise (or Dirty Fighting from the Dirty Tactics Toolbox if PFS allows this -- seems to have a PFS Legal symbol on Archives of Nethys, at least)
Improved Combat Maneuver (usually Trip)
Greater Combat Maneuver (usually Trip; requires BAB +6, so a no-go for a 1/2 BAB character in PFS, even if you manage to overcome the disadvantage in ability to make attacks and Combat Maneuvers effective)

The issue I have with the witch is that based off my previous build, every level that I would get a hex I would convert that into lay on hands and then for my feats I would be taking extra hex to gain the that build would leave me almost no room for other feats...which if the spell list was ok, wouldn't be so bad but as you mentioned the base attack wouldn't be there either. It's not a bad route.

Agreed to go the lore route on shaman and oracle would be mad...but heck even a cleric is a bit mad when you break it down (no room for a dump stat)I tinkered with the Oracle last night and it felt like a lot of contorting. Psychic searcher gives you inspiration but you dont have the training for all the knowledge skills. Again not bad but not right. I'm gonna try to look at the shaman over the next day or so (work has started again) I might have to give up the dream of lore...but i did realize that the 4+ skills gives me some room

Looking at playing this character in PFS so sadly stuck with those rules

Biggest worry I would have is double checking the witch spell list and would I be giving up too much mainly giving up feats to manage to be a ok heal-type. I did see the herald caller and possibly there is a oracle I need to look into (think it was called psychic searcher) tie that in with a life oracle...might be something. I've always like the reach cleric idea...the big pain was the skills and how much you have to stretch the stats. Shaman is another I should double check

Was just tinkering with a witch... maybe not the best but it checks off some things...I basically use the class hexes for channel and the feats for hexes...basically a debuffer who can sacrifice spells for heals when needed (really the spell list was iffy)

Human witch (hex channeler) 7 )
NG Medium humanoid (human)
Init +4; Senses Perception +0

Fort +4, Ref +4, Will +5

Str 8, Dex 14, Con 14, Int 19, Wis 10, Cha 12
Feats Accursed Hex, Extra Hex, Extra Hex, Extra Hex, Extra Hex
Traits pragmatic activator, reactionary
Skills Fly +10, Heal +4, Intimidate +5, Knowledge (arcana) +14, Knowledge (history) +14, Knowledge (nature) +14, Knowledge (planes) +14, Spellcraft +14, Swim +3, Use Magic Device +14

Accursed Hex
Evil Eye -2 (7 rounds, DC 17) (Su)
Misfortune (1 round, DC 17)
Witch Channel Positive Energy 4d6 (4/day, DC 14)

Wish was usable in PFS, sounds like it is right what i was looking for

I keep looking at the Shaman but as you mentioned you really need to space your stats around..not sure if it is manageable with 20 points (and maybe contribute to combat in some way)

I would have to look at the psychic a bit more but doesn't the faith one base off of wis?

Sorry to clarify a bit. I'm doing PFS and I really like the cleric, but not having any skills or really being able to do much with the ones i have really kinda kills it for me. So thats why i was wondering about a int based divine caster...I'm thinking a full caster who was decent at some skills would be nice. I'm currently playing a inquisitor and having fun but was massacred today and I keep hearing that there is a need for spellcasters.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Hey all, I really want to do a spellcaster-ish divine caster... was wondering if there is such a thing as a int based caster instead of wis based?

Spirit talker seems to have been nerfed (only lasts a hour after you perform it once a day) Which is disappointing. Then vulnerable hex has been nerfed as well...sigh. I did read through the guide but it seemed incomplete and now it is outdated too. I'll have to look at the animist. What is the take away from the possessed Shaman...getting 2 skills with prof equal to your level seems pretty nice but losing spirit magic might be too much. I like the summoning idea...not sure if the reach build will work but now that spirit talker (paired with arcane enlightenment) is gone maybe I'll relook at it. But honestly i might look at life with lore as the wandering hex

Hey all it doesn't seem like there is much love for the shaman, but I keep looking at it. I like the idea of a more "spellcaster-ish" cleric... Don't get me wrong I love clerics but the skill points really hurt and they seem to start martial and slowly move into spellcaster mode.

Anyways this would be for PFS and I'm leaning towards life to make a healer/debuffer (prevent as much damage as possible to make healing semi-useful) I was looking at the possessed shaman but worried I'm giving up too much for skills. I'm seeing the character as a non-combat sort using his hexes to stop opponents (misfortune, chant and then evil eye)It seems like they have gotten hit with the semi recent fixes. Just curious if it is still decent and if the spellcaster type idea works pretty well

Agreed with the soft cover from other things (until i can get seeking) I actually do have deadeye bowman atm... I'll probably just keep that but man that is a feat I wish I knew about before... Along with that extra feat I'm really thinking the inquisitor is a pretty nice archer. Oh Falxu it isn't a betrayal feat. If nothing else I'll keep it as a possible switch feat...but with the deadeye bowman might mot be as needed. Wish I went with another god and had the tactics domain now though

Sorry mixed it up, the feat is called friendly fire maneuvers

I'm doing a archer inquisitor and I just discovered Enfilading fire i reading it correct in that it basically gives me improved precise shot at level 3!? (since allies with the feat cannot give soft cover to a opponent!?) Also at level 8 I could pick up the rogue combat trick ability and get either manyshot or clustered shot at level 8?

I missed the inspired But yeah now I'm trying to figure which way to go. So far looking at 18 str, Dex 14, Con 12, int 15, wis 10 and cha 7. Thinking about level one med armor feat. Probably get the inspired weapon asap..thinking the polearm with combat ref asap...which would be nice for human. Either that or toughness...favored bonus was thinking towards hp

Really think I'm gonna go the the investigator route...Question is what race to go? Toss up between Human, half orc or half elf...with str focus

@Badbird Huh I didn't look at the full casters, wouldn't the base attack bonus really hurt that idea though?

@Gwen Smith...actually that heightened awareness is pretty sweet (Iplan to put a dip in every skill within a level or two. Unfortunatly the gnome and dwarf really dont match point wise and the elf is awesome but i would be back to the dex build

@Heretek I would keep the 18 str so my offense is up to par until the abilities kick in two handing a weapon for +6 damage instead of +4 makes a big difference 1-4.K Accelerated drinker is out. Doing PFS, is the med armor worth losing the 10ft?

@Akerlof..hmm good ideas I really hope someone will have it, so i dont have to worry bout it but hey that should go on the list.

@Calagnar... I agree and I love the concept of the bard...but I admit that what i want doesn't fit it.

Heretek. figured at level 4 when i get studied target, I would bump the int to 16. Was looking at the traits for Accelerated drinker and student of philosophy, my init will be really poor. Was thinking about a con 12 and then the favored bonus to hp I'll check the fcb for the half elf.

fendel, that is pretty cool the quest i did gives me a free wayfinder and reduces the cost of enh for it by 1.

Even with 8 skill points I'm looking pretty thin on skills

One thing that has me worried as a investigator is the AC...going str route i end up with Str 18, dex 14, Con 12 Int 15, wis 10 and cha 7. So with a chain shirt I'm at 16 AC..debating between half elf and half orc. Level one feat would be a tough call between toughness and extra inspiration. What would you pick for a weapon?

With the occultist would battle host be better for my idea or just vanilla. (Transmutation and abjuration would be my choices but i lose out in heals)

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