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edduardco's page

RPG Superstar 6 Season Dedicated Voter, 8 Season Star Voter. 293 posts (400 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. 1 wishlist. 1 alias.

What are the chances of a hardcover book in the Campaign Setting line with stats and history of these guys:

All the Runelords including Xin
Baba Yaga
(actually all the NPCs in Inner Sea Magic)
Empyreal Lords
Demon Lords
Elemental Lords
Asura Ranas
Kyton Demagogues
Primal Inevitables
Protean Lords
Psychopomp Ushers
Rakshasa Immortals
(Probably all the demigods)
Great Old Ones
Outer Gods
etc. etc. etc.

These and many more are mentioned in many sources but only a few have been fully covered, some in Bestiary 4 and others Mythic Realms. I really loved the Characters section in Mythic Realms, so can we get a book with all these characters? I know the Mythic rules are not the most popular but I think is a great resources for GMs as inspiration and BBEGs.

One concept that have always compel me has been the Erudite, a psion who can learn/access powers from all disciplines. So when psionics come to Pathfinder I got very excited to see the Generalist, an Erudite since launch day, but then I read and for my disappointment the Generalist only draw/learns powers form the psion class and the only class feature that allows him to access others powers is Expanded Mind a 20 lv ability and for just one power.

Then come the Erudite as an archetype to the generalist, I got excited again, when I first read Daily Powers I though, this is it, but then I read again and realizes to my greater disappointment that it doesn't allow discipline powers, such a let down.

So then my question what is the point of the Generalist and Erudite archetype in Pathfinder?

And second, is too broken to have access to all powers? Even in mythic psionics the psionic version of Wild Arcana is nerfed in comparison.

Hi everyone. I'm looking if there is a product somewhere that allows to convert Adventure Paths in a Board Game.

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This is my vision for convert Epic rules to Pathfinder, and I'm looking for feedback, so please let me know your advices, suggestion, and criticism.

This is an ongoing project, there are things that are not finished yet, like monsters. I like to have some external opinions before continuing.

I know the existence of Legendary Levels and Mythic Adventures but I don't have the same feeling with them that I have with Epic, also I don't think they are mutually exclusive.

Epic Pathfinder

One of the things I'm hoping for Mythic Adventures is solo playing, no need for a party, not sure if this is coming or not is just a rumor a read on other threads, but then I start thinking that it will be cool to have modules for soloing like Choose Your Own Adventure stories, is only you and the book no GM or other players.

Anyone else is interesting in something like this?
Do you like that Paizo or 3PP publish solo adventures?

Hello all

I was looking for an alternative to the paradigm of GM-Player and I found this and I want to share it with the community

I start looking for something like this because of problems with the GM, I don't feel comfortable with that one person has all the power and responsibility of the game, bad things can happen. On the other side be the GM consume a lot of time and can be stressful.

So I like to know what other people think about this system, I think is not to difficult to implement and can be very fun.

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After seeing the race builder from the play test for Advanced Race, I think it would be cool have a class builder system to create new strange classes or archetypes

somebody else want something like this?

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