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Cayden Cailean

eakratz's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 877 posts (3,730 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. 1 wishlist. 3 Pathfinder Society characters. 17 aliases.


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Thanks, Treasures of the Broken Hoard sounds perfect. I had thought of PFS right before I read your post, but one hour modules sounds better, I'll check it out.

I'm a a teacher who is helps run a high school club called "The Nerd Herd." Every month we engage in a different "nerdy" theme. Next month, we will be introducing D&D and I will be running an adventure where the kids will rotate in and out so as many as we can get a chance to play.

For now, I just would like to know what a good adventure for this type a set up is. I am thinking dungeon crawling might be best because I want each group to get a chance to fight monsters, I just need a good adventure and am not sure what to play. I own Hoard of the Dragon Queen and the Lost Mines of Phandewhatever. I have almost every Paizo AP and don't mind converting.

So, friends, which adventure sounds best for a round-robin style group of novices? Thank you.

I can't imagine Paizo doing this at all, but it would be wonderful to find conversions online. So far I've looked and found nothing. I've converted some Kingmaker characters already myself, but am starting to wonder which would be more worth it: just run the PF stat blocks knowing that no matter how much I prepare, I am going to miss something. Or, spend the time now doing it, since I won't be running this AP until after I finish The current.

I have found this online converter. It does a decent job, but the CRs end up being way off.

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Large Marge

As a priest of Brigh, I changed the material components of her spells requiring diamond dust to an equal amount of scrap, machine components, etc. it still cost the party 1000gp for Restoration, but in a place like Scrapwall, in an adventure called Lords of Rust, in an AP called Iron Gods, I just felt the flavor so much better.

Is there a way to save and send the map? It is built in Roll20.

Shoot, just saw this. No prob. I'll try and get it done soon.

That's what I was thinking, but it looks like the only time you would need that swift action, you're not casting spells so you won't be needing to blow it on AAT.

Is taking arcane armor training and wearing 0 ACP armor worthwhile?

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A fantasy western involving a train heist.

Would Cleric of Calistra/Unmonk+Weaponwand+Crusader's Flurry work? I can't tell if weaponwand would allow more than one spell to be discharged from the wand per round.

I spent a ton of time on the arena in my Roll20 campaign, i plastered a ring around the arena floor with post apocalyptic scenes from movies and art, including the crazy crowd from the Star Trek TNG in the Q trial, a War Rig covered in War Boys, and the Coma-Doof Warrior. Helskarg's chariot as the land pirate ship from Ice Pirates.

My party killed both ogres and Helskarg in one round. :(

@Badbird: that is also something I thought of. Not to the extent you did. Another player suggested it may be a good idea to have the new character able to use the McGuffin katana. I'm waiting on other players to vote that up or down. I don't want to hog the artifact.

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They are for the tenth ring of the sword to swap out for DR. I decided to save some gold and get an adamantine one. Yes, with power atack on.

Inquisitor is a very close second. I have until Thursday to have it built so I'll still be looking at all my options.

Also, rolled almost max damage on the fall. He had -32 hps.

SmiloDan wrote:

So.... what's the next character?

Glad it was glorious!

Unchained monk. I thought about going with something completely different like bard, war priest, or inquisitor but it turns out we still need a good reliable damage dealer, and I'm not sure how to do that with bards and inquisitors and wanted more than 2 skills per level. Also, I don't have a lot of time to figure out anything complicated.

build so far:

8th level UnMonk

Str 15/17/18(20)
Dex 14
Con 14
Int 10
Wis 15/16(18)
Cha 7

AC 28 hps 84
F+9 R+9 W+9


11,000 Adamantine +2 nine ring broadsword +16/+13/+8 (1d8+19/x3), flying kick +13 (1d10+12)
2000 Ring of protection +1
5000 Jingasa of the Fortunate Soldier
4000 belt of giant strength
4000 headband wisdom
3000 Bodywrap of Mighty Strikes +1
1000 cloak of resistance +1
1000 bracers of armor
375 wand of Mage armor
300 adamantine ring
3 cold iron ring
10 silver ring

Dodge, mobility, imp grapple, IUS, stunning fist DC 18 8/day

5 fears Power attack, Furious focus, weapon focus, toughness, iron will

Ki pool 8/day
Quigong barkskin, restoration, abundant step

40 skills

Acrobatics (Dex) 8/+ 13
Climb (Str) 2/+ 10
Knowledge (history) (Int) 4/+ 7
Perception (Wis) 8/+ 15
Sense Motive (Wis) 8/+ 15
Stealth (Dex) 8/+ 13
Swim (Str) 2/+ 10

Monk Weapon Skill nine-ring broadsword

I was already damaged pretty badly. Didn't know she was a cleric until she channeled while grappled. She was some kind of demon-sylph creature. I did pin her, but didn't think of the holy symbol and know one else did either. I don't even know if there was one. I only guess cleric because of the channels. My will save was pretty good, I just rolled low. I thought I could hold out one more round based on the damage she did the first time, but she rolled almost all sixes for the last channel.

.....aaaannd it's all moot. He died gloriously last night, sacrificing himself to an evil clerics channels by grappling her and holding her in place until the rest of the party could get to her.

I've played a feinting build. 3rd party swashbuckler/rogue using any 3rd edition feats. It was fun. Took a lot to set up, but I was able to get off 4 attacks per round at level 7, all sneak attacks using feint.

His sword is able to give him CL20 air walk 3/day among other things, so I do take advantage of higher ground when that is on; and lately it usually is because flying enemies and terrain problems.

unMonk wasn't out yet when I made him, but I didn't ask to switch because I wanted the MoMS so I can have grabbing and snapping turtle on at the same time. This combination has been very effective when I was able to pull it off. Plus having the +3 bonus to Will saves is nice.

I think going TWF thru TW rend will be a good damage boost. Also we use crit decks which have been life savers at times.

BadBird wrote:
eakratz wrote:
@Badbird: cool, didn't know that. That would be perfect because I don't have the Dex for ITWF so I'll only be making one unaired strike at a time.
You don't need to meet the DEX requirement for ITWF if you use a Slayer Talent to pick it up at Slayer level 6. Same goes for picking up Two-Weapon Rend later. By the time you get ITWF, Bodywrap will grant 2 unarmed/round anyhow. It all works out real nice.

Oh jeez I knew that. Doh! Is it worth it even with the penalty and all?

Flanking is about as tactical as we get .

@Badbird: cool, didn't know that. That would be perfect because I don't have the Dex for ITWF so I'll only be making one unaired strike at a time.

@Smilodan: nope. I lost the ability to flurry with the Master of Many Styles archetype. We are pretty good at getting in flanks. He started out with a glaive, which is nice for AoOs, but right now the katana is a family heirloom and a plot device so I'm holding on to it until the AP takes it away, which it will just don't know,when.

Ok, I took TWF but am a little dismayed that my US attack is only +9. I'll definitely need to make sure I flank and have favored target active. I'm thinking next level accomplished sneak attacker. We are no where near a place I can sell or buy look but that's fine for now.

I'm leaning towards amulet over body wraps because I tend to describe my unarmed strikes as kicks, head butts and so forth. He is a former Scarzni thug after all. That why I went with the snapping turtle and grappling style. Grapple then slam the enmy against something, pin and choke or stab to get sneak attack damage.

Thanks for all the help. Any more is still appreciated.

@Tomos: Nice that, plus TWF and haste will be nice. Another feat forgot about. There are so many it's getting hard to sift through.

@Darksol: I am worried about AC. Good points on Dragon Ferocity. I may lose the katana by that point. The GM warned us that it's not going to stay in play the entire game. When I was DMing my last campaign, a player did the TWF unarmed strikes with dragon ferocity and was brutal.

Thanks, that's helpful. I never hard of those gloves and somehow missed the feat Combat Style Master. I Don't have any feats planned out at this point, so it may be a good idea to invest in Drafon Style. I'm not sure how much longer grappling will be a useful strategy.

We usually have haste up, but not always.

I do appreciate the advice, and thanks for it, but not so much the criticism of the build. I'm not sure what you mean about me not using my build. I am taking advantage of the extra damage of two-handing during my attack, but not on my attacks of opportunities. I am merely doing the opposite of what a two-hand fighting cleric does with his free actions and hand placement. I'm not complaining about the amount of damage I am doing, I am just trying to see if I can get a little extra damage out of the build I currently have. I know it's not the most optimal. I did plan out a tentative build, but the actual choices were made organically. If TWFing helps, awesome! If there is something I can do to increase the damage when I am two hand swinging, that would be great too.

I was originally going to go the TWF route up to the two weapon rend but I was worried about the penalties to hit when stacked with powermattack.mif I shouldn't worry about it that's cool.

The katana was a McGuffin and does much more than what I listed. We found it right before I leveled up, so I decided to get quick,proficiency in it because it's so good.

Jade Regent spoiler:
The katana is Suishen, an intelligent +2 defending flaming katana that also allows me to airwalk, see invisible, resist energy, and cast daylight.

The way I have been plying him is to attack two handed, then release my off hand as a free action to use with grabbing and snapping turtle style. When an enemy misses me I get a free grapple check which has been quite fun and sometimes powerful. Defenestrations and coup de gras shenanigans!

Hello, I am going to be leveling up my PC for next weeks game, and was wandering if there were a good way to up my damage output, or if I even need to. He is currently a slayer 5 monk 2 (master of many styles/of the sacred mountain) and I was planning on staying slayer and using his slayer talent to get weapon focus. What I am wondering is if there is a better way to use my slayer talent to increase my damage output? He's hasn't been focused on damage, just decent amounts and battle field control but at these higher levels I am starting to wonder if he isn't doing enough

Thank you community for your help :)

Build at 7th level:

Male Tian-Varisian slayer 5 monk (mms / msm) 2
LN Medium humanoid (human)
Init + 2; Senses Perception + 11 (13 traps)
AC 22, touch 14, flat-footed 20(+ 2 Dex, + 7 armor, + 1 shield, + 1 deflection, + 1 natural)
hp 70 (10s+ 24s+ 10m+ 14c+ 5fc+ 7t)
Fort + 11, Ref + 11, Will + 8
Speed 30 ft.
Melee +2 flaming katana + 12/+ 7(1d8+ 6/18-20+ 1d6 fire) or IUS + 10 (1d6+4)
Ranged longbow + 8 (1d8/x3) or throwing axe + 8 (1d6+ 4)
Space 5 ft.; Reach 5 ft.
Special Attacks 2nd studied target + 2 hit/dmg move action; stunning fist (3/day, Fort DC 14), sneak attack 1d6
Str 18, Dex 15, Con 14, Int 10, Wis 13, Cha 8
Base Atk + 6, CMB + 10(+ 16 grapple), CMD 24 (30 grapple)
Feats Combat Reflexes®, Power Attack1, Improved Unarmed Strike©, Stunning Fist ©, Snapping Turtle Style ©, Improved Grapple3, Grabbing Style ©, Toughness©, Snapping Turtle Clutch 5, EWP: katana©, Greater Grapple7
Skills acrobatics 7/+ 17, bluff 7/+ 9, climb 2/+ 10, disable device 7/+ 15, intimidate 5/+ 7, perception 7/+ 11 (13 traps), sense motive 3/+ 7, stealth 4/+ 11, survival 1/+ 5 (6 track), swim 1/+ 8
Traits Ameiko’s Younger Sibling (+ 1 Will), Armor Expert (armor check + 1)
Languages Common, Varisian
SQ Slayer Talent (trapfinding, combat trick: EWP katana); Favored Target (move)(+ 2 bluff, knowledge, perception, sense motive, survival), track + 2

I bought Starfall thinking maybe I'd use it, but after reading it decided not to if that helps. It's been a while since I've read it so don't remember much other than I didn't like how the PCs were brought into it; and it's a dungeon crawl in space.

I think you could just ask your GM. I don't think that would be an unreasonable request. Hell, staffs should already be finessable as well as many other weapons.

A Darwinesque "Voyage of the Beagle" campaign might be fun. I know they don't plan on a non Inner Sea AP, but the first could start off somewhere in Avistan. Eventually make your way around Garund by book two or three. Maybe a pirate cameo thrown in. Book 4 and 5 would be far off the beaten path in unexplored territory. Book 6 the party has to make their way back and confront the king/queen/whatever that hired and subsequently betrays them for some reason.

We just finished Lords of Rust. Every PC has died once. One was brought back by the scroll of resurrection earned in book one and one used hero points to not die, but he decided to retire the character. One character lost his animal companion the week before his actual PC was killed by Kulgara with an attack of opportunity, who then one-shotted Meyanda the same round.

Reading this thread, I might have to think about upping the XP.

I am so glade I stumbled on this thread. Blayne, thanks for the builds. I am in the middle of statting Akradenn as a magus and now you've saved me a bunch of work! :D

Under Fervor you mention slightly worse for evil because of self healing. I do believe that they could still self heal by memorizing cure spells. A swift action CMW ain't too shabby. Still slightly worse but an option.

Cyouni wrote:

So uh, what happens re: Hellion if they destroy the arachnid robot (and scrapyard robots), but completely forget that the central processor exists?

This may have just happened.

Did they install the inhibitor facet before they forgot? Because if they did, Hellion pulled himself out of the excavators systems. (iirc)

Ascalaphus wrote:
So I just noticed there aren't any minis for the Smilers. Does anyone have a nice picture of someone like that (so I can make my own)?

I used pics of War Boys from Fury Road in my Roll20 campaign.

How about Red Hand of Doom?

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Name: Tillik
Race: Gnome
Classes/levels: 6th level sylvan sorcerer
Adventure: Lords of Rust
Location: Hellion's Domain
Catalyst: Kulgara

The nasty details:
After cutting off all of her hair in madness after the death her her animal companion, Tillik became a little more reckless. After nearly all of the orcs were killed, she had moved within charging range of Kulgara, who decided to do just that. Somehow, she managed to stay on her feet and tried to get out of the way, provoking an attack of opportunity as she did so. This time, Kulgara's chainsaw tore completely through her body. Kulgara then turned to Meyanda, confirming a critical and tearing her in half too. Vrix, the ratfolk bolt ace then took down Kulgars with his next shot.

Name: Wemba
Race: Cheetah
Classes/levels: Animal Companion 5 for Tillik, the gnome sylvan sorcerer
Adventure: Lords of Rust
Location: Hellion's Domain
Catalyst: The chuul

The grim details:
the party was making their way along the platform in room S1 when the spot the chuul in the murky water. The ratfolk bolt ace took a pot shot, confirming a crit and causing 5 bleed damage and Wemba charged down the stairs to attack. 1st round Wemba was grabbed and constricted. The chuul continued to get pummeled at range, but it kept squeezing the cheetah to unconsciousness. It retreated into the water for its meal, drowning Wemba then succumbing to its wounds. Tillik dived into the water to no avail, giving off a wailing moan.

I can't disagree with any of that.

Silver Surfer wrote:

With the advent of Warpriests and Inquisitors, there really is no need for a cleric to remain a D8 holds the entire class back IMO

Agreed. I think spell casting could be tied to HIt dice and BAB. 9th level spells is d6 1/2 BAB; 6the level casting is 3/4 BAB and d8; 4th level casting or less is full BAB and d10.

I don't think fighter needs an unchained version so much as an errata. Weapon masters handbook definitely helped, but I think that all fighter really needs is 4 skill points per level, good will save, and for Weapon Training to begin at first level. Pretty much every full bab class has some kind of damage and/or hit boosting feature at 1st level. Fighters need this too.

Okay, maybe a new unchained write up may help. Alternate to good will save could be improving bravery similar as to how trapsense was improved to danger sense.

Oh I'm sure. Mentioning Valley of the Brain Collectors has gotten me thinking maybe that is a better place to bring in the mind flayer. I think the base mind flayer might be a little on the weak side. If I wait, I can advance it and give it dominate person. That is always fun. Maybe instead a voidmind template from Monster Manuel III might be a better foreshadowing brain collecting beasts. Hmmmm.

Glad to be of help. Mine will still be a long ways off, so I haven't done much with it. I am pretty sure I'll be using it as part Nyressa's plan to bring the Stoelen lands to her realm.

I'm going to replace the hill giants in part 3 with a mind flayer and 3 akatas. I haven't fleshed anything out yet, but I figured I'd put it out there in case anyone else thinks this as something they would like to do or has any ideas to add. Basically, I want them to foreshadow the Dominion of the Black somehow.

And I know, I know. Wizards and what not, but I think this AP needs some mind flayers.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Just hand wave it. It's a unique situation and could be a fun encounter. Not everything has to be 100% by the book ;)

Not a short addition, but what I plan on doing when I get around to running KM is to put Second Darkness #2 on Candlemere.

Second Darkness spoilers:
I'll also run the last section of part 1 in order to drop the meteor on Candlemere. I'll be putting another cypher gate in the area. I am reflavoring all the drow as fey and the non drow factions as coming from Pitax in order to foreshadow KM #4.

It seems to me that allowing the flight without an action would be like a free quicken metamagic feat, that stacks with the actual metamagic feat.

My assumption is exactly as Obbu puts it.

Thread necro:

For my witch, I had been playing under the assumption that it took a standard action to activate the flight hex. But in the game I am running, last night my player had brought in a new character with the flight hex and he tried to immediately fly and cast a spell in the same round. He was under the assumption that the fly spell function of the hex was always on.

I ruled my way but left it open to look into. He searched today and found only two threads that gave conflicting opinions on Reddit and GitP forums. This is the only other thread I can find. He cited the alchemist discover wings as an example of it working as always on, but the way I read that it looks like it would be a standard action as well.

So, could you fine folk help us determine which is the correct interpretation? I do this knowing his interpretation boosts my own witch :)

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