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e-terah earthenchild's page

392 posts (1,936 including aliases). 1 review. 1 list. No wishlists. 11 aliases.


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Hm. Dotting.

Cool. Dotting. I gotta idea for a character who'd i love to put thru the wringer

Wow this is lemony snickety level stuff. How about an ugly as sin half orc girl who terrified away thugs and wild animals once they see her face like meg from family Guy?

I cannot wait after that awesome nail biter of ep 11 season 2. i just wanna know what this 'big thing' that's bearing down on gravity falls is that various villians keep bringing up,like that shapeshifter they froze in that bunker,that mindspace triangle demon saying he has big plans coming and didn't want dipper ruining them,that laptop...heck,even lil Gideon's return as a full-fledged gang leader of hardened criminal adult men through sheer charisma and manipulation.

good lord,my condlences.I hope he recovers and thank you for telling us.

Guess what? Its my birthday! im 27 years old!

that's life. glas u doin better.

The dwarven physique, for both genders, tends toward stockiness and generous measurements - barrel chests, broad shoulders, thick arms, and sturdy
legs for the males; and ample bosoms, thick waists, wide hips, and round rumps for the females. While, with a particular diet and exercise regimen, it would be theoretically and technically possible for a "thin" dwarf woman to exist, in much the
same way that it would be technically possible for a "fat" elf to exist, none of either have ever been seen, and the requirements to produce them
would leave the subject dangerously unhealthy with regard to the norm for their race on both cases.

Hence why Gatty is a fatty and Tol is a stumpy boulder on legs.

Happy holidays yall. In north Carolina for who knows how long. No phone,tv, or convenient wifi so my communication is limited. Still interested in gaming with yall.
Ooh--anybody wanna collaborative fan fiction about our adventure?

Sorry been busy with holiday hijinks and reconnecting with estranged relatives.also, I just discovered I am an Auntie!

How yall doing? Happy holidays!

1d8 ⇒ 8


Back again!

Sorry yall, Been sicker than a old hound with a sinus infection. what's up?

My 400 pound sister fell into a hole because she was texting,I grabbed her and my fractured all the fingers of my dominate hand grabbing hold of her and supporting her ass so I could haul her to safety.

Sorry i ain't been active.Kinda broke some fingers.

Yay wanton destruction of property!!


That would be awesome bad

In hindsight I just realized I wasted a perfectly good potion of gaseous form

I gotta potion of gaseous form!!!!!

And no one notices the dwarven lass diving into the oversized backpack?

Gatherine wants a chupacabra trophy


That roll gm Bloodgargler made

You gonna be okay? My condolences.

Damn. Tough. I had a goat punch a dent through my rear's ugly but not really anything to worry about. I thought they had a gel pen thing that fixed cracks in car windshields.

Dwarven firebreathing technique.

Yay! Tol has no choice but to tag along!


No kidding i'm so sick of snow
this is the 25th time i got snowed in!

Buzzin means bugs or machines or mechanical bugs!

Ugh. I got the flu....and worrk is slow. Its 9 degrees over here in the uS! coldest weather in two decades !

hi yall happy new year!

Merry Xmas and happy new years


So.sorry. I haven't been online for almost three days! What' d I miss ?!

Hope everything works out

Sorry. Internet still.down so my posts are gonna be sporadic.

Yep. All are go.


Hi y'all




Goodness,there still room?!


Investigator or bloodrager...

Uh oh

So do we continue?

Me too

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