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The Genie Binder

downrightamazed's page

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber. Pathfinder Society Member. 195 posts (8,336 including aliases). No reviews. 1 list. No wishlists. 1 Pathfinder Society character. 19 aliases.

Pathfinder Society Character

Dark Archive Karda Ludek

Male Half-Orc Rogue/1 (0 posts)


Young Thief
Cassandra of Goreme
(10 posts)
Activation Cube
The Cog - Darkest Timeline
(21 posts)
Uzbin Parault
DM Downrightamazed
(5,743 posts)
Erudima del Fana del Solarian
(40 posts)
Shoanti Tribeswoman
Gliressa Arajdniel Narathir

Female Half-Elf Chameleon3/TWF3/Enchanter1 (62 posts)
Brienna Soldado
Ilyana Stozs
(5 posts)
Kelsin Illstar

Male Wood Elf 1 (96 posts)
Bishop Ze Ravenka
(48 posts)
Shalelu Andosana
Marilwenn "Runyon" Galadruinnon

Female Elf Alchemist 2 (206 posts)
Shoanti Tribeswoman
Nasima Shearskye

F Sylph (650 posts)
Undead Monster
Percival Sweetwater III
(75 posts)
Rhon Tai
(26 posts)
Mithral Scarab
Sera Aki-Kirei
(5 posts)
Mistress Kayltanya
Sera Zhongyi
(28 posts)
Setrek Dalltur

Male Human Wizard 5/Rogue 2 (38 posts)
Sabina Merrin
Sifu Chen Daiyu

Female unknown unknown (52 posts)
Pathfinder Chronicler
Taisper Stozs

Male Human Heretic 5 Master of Many Styles 1 (901 posts)

Male Half-Elf Fighter6/Sorcerer1 (89 posts)
Eando Kline
Yu-Nyin Bahs
(46 posts)

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