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doubleplusgood's page

28 posts. No reviews. No lists. No wishlists.


For the second time I am unable to purchase a PDF. It keeps asking me for my shipping address but won't let me add the shipping address.

I have called and emailed about this twice but haven't heard back from anyone from this.

You are losing money over this paizo.

I have had a similar problem since July. It won't let me complete a purchase until I give a shipping address. But it won't let me add a shipping address.

Paizo has missed out on two sales so far because their shopping cart doesn't work anymore.

I am not able to purchase anything. It keeps asking for a shipping address but won't let me add one during the purchase or on my account page. I emailed paizo about this twice, called customer service and left a message but have gotten no reply.

What is a boon companion?

I don't see the point in having a breath weapon you can only use once a day. Seems like a waste of evolutions points to me.

Couldn't you play an urban ranger with a animal companion? They get trapfinding.

Sodapop wrote:

I've been reading a lot about Eldritch Heritage and the Sylvan bloodline and every other way to get an animal companion I could find; I want to make a rogue with an animal companion >.>

Anyway, from what I'm reading the general consensus seems to be that you can't use Eldritch Heritage for Sylvan since it's level 1 power also counts as it's arcana, and you don't get the arcana from the feat. (Note, I haven't found any dev responses; it says it "replaces" the power but "counts" as the arcana, the difference and how this would interact with Eldritch Heritage isn't entirely clear). Furthermore, there is nothing that indicates you can take Wildblooded archetype bloodlines with Eldritch Heritage.

I'm thinking I might try to convince my DM to let me take Eldritch Heritage with the Sylvan bloodline if I take a 1 level dip into sorcerer to get that bloodline anyway (and it's arcana), simply using Eldritch Heritage to allow the bloodline power (animal companion) to continue to gain strength as I level up as a rogue. This might bypass the issue of gaining an arcana from a feat, since I'll already have the arcana.

So, is this a legitimate way to work using Eldritch Heritage to gain an animal companion that grows with my total level (-5) rather than any particular class level? Or, more generally: How does Eldritch Heritage interact on a character who already has the same bloodline chosen from normal sorcerer levels?

Edit: People have answered the final question above, it is answered very clearly in the Eldritch Heritage feat. However, the exact rules on how Wildblooded bloodlines, Eldritch Heritage, and Sylvan Bloodline in particular interact are still unclear. Just thought I'd update the original post to reflect what has and hasn't been answered.

I was looking at the eidolon models in Ultimate Magic and noticed that they didn't have any type of bird. Thought I would try and design a few of my own. I wasn't sure what base form to choose so I decided to use the serpentine base form. These birds have tails and long necks (which gives them bite with a reach).

Phoenix: limbs 2, claws 1, flight 2, magic attacks 1, improved natural armor 1, tail slap 1, wing buffet 1, improved damage 3 (bite, claws, wing buffet), energy attacks 4 (fire wing and tail), ultimate magic 4 (fireball), major magic 3 (lesser restoration, scorching ray, or cure mod three times a day), immunity (fire) 2, fast healing 4 total points 29

Peacock: limbs 2, claws 1, flight 2, magic attacks 1, improved natural armor 1, tail slap 1, improved damage 2 (bite, claw), frightful appearance 3, major magic 5 (daze monster three times a day) total points 19

Archaeopteryx: limbs 4, claws 2, flight 2, improved natural armor 2, improved damage 2 (bite, claws), rake 2 total points 14

Would be interested in seeing other bird or bird type builds especially with other base forms than serpentine. I guess I could have used the quadruped base for for the archaeopteryx since it has claws in its wings.

Will this book have material for Distant Worlds? Like pc races perhaps?

Set wrote:

I'm sure that this has been asked and answered already, but I'm not seeing it...

Are there any Favored Class Options for Tieflings in this book?

Found it. Not in the faith section as I would expect but as a sidebar in the blood of fiends section.

I couldn't find any of the subdomains in my PDF that were mentioned in the description of the product. Am I missing something or did it not make it into the finished product?

What book does this orc bloodline come from? I noticed it mentioned in other threads but I haven't seen in in the core, um or ap.

You can only use the healing hex on a person once per day. A wand isn't restricted like that.

At first I was surprised you didn't pick a damage dealing spell at first level (are any of your cantrips damage dealing?) but then I noticed that this was the theme of your spell list.

I think at higher levels your party would benefit from a terrain altering type spell like ice storm or even web. Wall spells are also helpful. Anything to break up the battlefield and make it harder to get surrounded and overwhelmed.

I've been playing a witch for a while and went with the elemental patron since our party didn't have a wizard or sorcerer. I was very tempted to take the wisdom patron because it has several defensive spells, something the witch's regular spell list is very short on, and most of the other spells I would use often.

I wouldn't pick a patron just for one or two spells you like (that's what use magic device and scrolls are for) instead I would go with the list that gives you the most spells you think you would use often.

Atarlost wrote:

Maybe suggest that a game system where the default assumption is that every party will have an arcane caster isn't really the place to play someone who hates all arcane casters. Some archetypes, hexes, feats, rage powers, etc. are meant for NPCs, not PCs and superstitious is arguably among them.

If two thirds of the party are arcanists and the third player hates arcanists he's the odd man out.

Better yet, what's a PM barbarian?

Helaman wrote:

Why optimised?

Wizards can do something other than blowing things up.

= Here is a favourite of mine. Change as you will.

Human Level 1 Wizard - Fav. Class bonus to HP

HP 6 + 1 con + 1 Fav Class + 1 toughness = 9

Str 12
Int 18* Human bonus
Wis 12
Dex 12
Con 12
Cha 12

Martial Weapon Prof: Longsword

Knowledge Arcane
Knowledge Dungeoneering
Knowledge Religon OR History OR Nobility (you pick)

+1 skill for race

Well Travelled - Dip as class skill
Eyes and ears of the City - Percept as class skill

You get a sort of Elminster-esc vibe from the guy.

This character is NOT optimised, by ANY means but he has decent save rolls, some backup use as party face (use aid another if you dont trust his +5 to Dip) and can be fun in general as he isn't a weak pale faced absent minded professor nerd.

If you want to change him up some and still have him ok? Change to Elf. Gives you 14 dex and 10 con with the same 18 Int but gives him bow (and decent dex to use it) and sword... you can change toughness to Point Blank shot - is good for both your bow AND ray attacks. STILL leaves you good for something OTHER than blowing stuff up.

I like it. What starting spells and cantrips did you pick out for him?

Mynameisjake wrote:
doubleplusgood wrote:
They owe us all a refund. Many of the missing spells and feats were referred to in materials they released before the actual book came out. If they are going to say that certain things will be in the book and then they are not that's false advertising. They either need to send out a free errata pdf or offer a full refund.
I hope that was sarcasm....

No. It wasn't.

This stuff isn't cheap and I have already bought several books. If they want to keep putting out new material that's great but I expect a higher lever of accountability and quality. Otherwise we're just going to get hard bound books with pretty pictures and lots of filler.

AbsolutGrndZer0 wrote:
doubleplusgood wrote:
They owe us all a refund. Many of the missing spells and feats were referred to in materials they released before the actual book came out. If they are going to say that certain things will be in the book and then they are not that's false advertising. They either need to send out a free errata pdf or offer a full refund.

Well, any errata will be free more than likely, however what exactly was referred to in a previous book that is missing? I don't doubt you, but if you can give examples, maybe they can know for sure what needs to be in an errata or else at least an explanation why it was changed/removed.

The mistakes/omissions annoy me very much too, however I do understand nobody is perfect and so mistakes will happen. Overall, I like Ultimate Magic very much. It just needs errata.

I wasn't referring to any previous books. Paizo made available several sneak peeks of material that was supposed to be in UM. For example they made witch patron spell lists available with spells that are still on the lists but not in the book. I think you can find the same thing in other character classes. New feats referred to in new sorcerer bloodlines do not appear in the book.

I have seen at least one comprehensive list of missing spells and feats in this thread already.

They owe us all a refund. Many of the missing spells and feats were referred to in materials they released before the actual book came out. If they are going to say that certain things will be in the book and then they are not that's false advertising. They either need to send out a free errata pdf or offer a full refund.

So what do they plan to do about this? For the amount of money I paid for the book I expect them to have a free PDF with the missing spells and feats.

William Ronald wrote:
baron arem heshvaun wrote:

Hawt news ! Thanks Sean.

That cover deserves to be made a poster. And those poses the Iconics have would work great as minis. Just sayin ...

Yes, these would be great poses. Maybe a line of iconics in action would be a great idea.

Why do you want a healing based patron? Don't witches get cure spells and well as some cure like hexes anyway?

Does anyone know if the APG has new cleric domains? I've heard of the subdomains but was wondering if they have some completely new ones.

Benchak the Nightstalker wrote:
doubleplusgood wrote:

i'm curious about burning gaze, hidden speech and perceive cues. could you please tell us what they do?

Burning Gaze lasts for a round per level, and each round as a standard action you can direct your burning gaze at someone or something to deal 1d6 damage and potentially catch them and their stuff aflame. Doesn't actually give you a Gaze attack though, so no risk of catching your friends on fire.

Hidden Speech gives you and a few of your friends a +10 bonus to Bluff to send secret messages.

Perceive Cues gives you a +5 bonus to Perception and Sense Motive.

EDIT: I also noticed I missed a spell list change - Witch lost Stoneskin at 4th level.

Thank you.

So witches just get one defensive spell? Why would they design the class like that? Can you play an arcane spellcaster with just mage armor? I feel like I have to take the owl/wisdom spell list just to get some defensive spells back.

Benchak the Nightstalker wrote:

Just went through and checked the changes to the Witch spell list, here's what I found (New Spells marked with a *):

Gained-Putrefy Food and Drink*, Spark*

Lost-Faerie Fire, Feather Fall, Grease
Gained-Beguiling Gift*, Dancing Lantern*, Ill Omen*, Mask Dweomer*

Lost-Hideous Laughter, Restoration (lesser)
Gained-Burning Gaze*, Feast of Ashes*, Fester*, Hidden Speech*, Perceive Cues*, Pox Pustules*, Vomit Swarm*

Gained-Cup of Dust*, Guiding Star*, Nature's Exile*, Pain Strike*, Screech*, Seek Thoughts*, Share Senses*, Twilight Knife*

Lost-Baleful Polymorph (moved to 5th), Good Hope, Restoration
Gained-Moonstruck*, Phantasmal Killer, Sleepwalk*, Spite*, Threefold Aspect*, Wandering Star Motes*

Lost-Commune with Nature, Insect Plague, Wall of Thorns
Gained-Baleful Polymorph, Banish Seeming*, Pain Strike (mass)*, Rest Eternal*, Suffocation*

Gained-Cloak of Dreams*, Fester (mass)*, Swarm Skin*, Unwilling Shield*

Lost-Restoration (greater)


Gained-Suffocation (mass)*

i'm curious about burning gaze, hidden speech and perceive cues. could you please tell us what they do?

Benchak the Nightstalker wrote:
Devilkiller wrote:
Most of this stuff sounds pretty cool. I'm really eager to get the APG and check out all the new stuff characters can do. On the other hand, I wonder if any of the existing Witch hexes got nerfed. My Witch is only 2nd level but has been fun so far. Are there any painful surprises? Also, can somebody shed some light on how the Witch's bonus spells work now?

Here are the Witch Hex Changes from the finale playtest doc, as far as I can tell.

APG wrote:

Cackle no longer affects the Ward Hex (probably because it didn't need to)

Coven explicitly states that you need a real hag to have a coven.

Evil Eye now has the mind-affecting descriptor :(

Major Hexes seem to be the same.

Forced Reincarnate dropped the line "This process takes 1 full round, during which time the creature is in complete agony."

Life Giver now says "touch a dead creature" instead of "touch one part of a dead creature"

Natural Disaster now has this line, "A witch must concentrate for the duration of this effect. If disrupted, the effect immediately ends."

As to how bonus spells work, they're basically the same, they just aren't tied to your familiar.

So you pick a familiar, and get it's bonus (like +2 Reflex save for fox), and then you pick a Patron Theme, which gives you the bonus spell list (so the fox bonus spell list is now the Trickery Patron Theme).

And of course you can mix and match, picking any familiar and any bonus spell list you want.

Also, the Familiar List changed. The Goat and Pig are gone, and now you get all the sorcerer/wizard choices plus Centipede, Crab, Fox, Octopus, Scorpion, and Spider.

Stats for them are as follows:

APG wrote:

These familiars make use of statistics presented in the
Pathfinder RPG Bestiary (on the noted pages), specifically
the house centipede (43), king crab (50), greensting
scorpion (242), fox (dog with the young template, 87),
octopus (octopus with the young template, 219), and
scarlet spider (258).

What sort of bonuses do the new familiars give?

Epic Meepo wrote:
doubleplusgood wrote:
Patrons with names like agility, strength or endurance don't sound very witchy. I think this change messes with the flavor of the class.
Maybe those patrons are for the witch-doctors that bargain with spirits to bolster their tribe's warriors, as opposed to European-style witches.

Maybe this is a last minute change and they just used the spell lists for the familiars instead of coming up with new ones? I bet if they had decided to do it this way from the get go the patron spell lists would look very different and be much more in the witch theme. IMHO the patron spells don't really make as much sense without being attached to their familiars. The whole thing looks tacked on.

Ellington wrote:
Jason Bulmahn wrote:

As for the cauldron bit, that is actually a mistake. I thought that was not in the final playtest, so I thought I would throw it in. It is easy for me to get these bits mixed up. Instead, I will give you a list of the patron names (mind you, these are just their concepts, you and your GM must decided who or what your patron actually is).

Agility, Animals, Deception, Elements, Endurance, Plague, Shadow, Strength, Transformation, Trickery, Water, and Wisdom.


Jason Bulmahn
Lead Designer
Paizo Publishing

The witch is looking very good, look forward to see the final product. Funny to see 'Water' and 'Elements as separate though.

Patrons with names like agility, strength or endurance don't sound very witchy. I think this change messes with the flavor of the class.

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