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Sarlottia Sardavic

doppelganger's page

745 posts. 1 review. No lists. No wishlists.

I'm not into Carrion Crown. Please pause my subscription until Jade Regent begins. If that can't be done, please cancel it and I will manually restart it when needed.

Thank you

I found this photo on the Reaper website while looking for figures to use with Serpent's Skull. There aren't many monkey or ape choices, but this one looks like it might make a serviceable charau-ka. Has anyone seen it in person?

What do you guys think of list the adventure path forums in reverse release order? That is, Instead of going from oldest to newest, list them in order of most recent hotness to Rise of the Runelords?

As the APs continue to pile up, one must search further and further down the list for the flashy new stuff!

I'm getting ready to run the Legacy of Fire path. For those of you who have already done so and used Reaper or DDM minis for your games, which did you use? I would like to match figures to characters as closely as possible using Reaper and DDM figures wherever possible and would like some advice, if possible.

I got the notice that my debit card did not have sufficient funds when it was run as a pretest. It does have enough funds now.

Will there be more terrain available for the other adventures in Legacy of Fire in the style of Ruined Undercrypt of Kelmarane?

Please cancel my Pathfinder subscription. I'll pick it up again with Council of Thieves.

Of all the common underground races, drow have the most high level clerics. We have tales of certain drow embracing and killing leaders and assuming their places. What keeps the assassinated leaders dead?

Wizards pulled the plug on DDM with little or no warning to its players, canceling future product releases and, frankly, causing some financial hardship for a friend of mine who resells DDM singles.

4E is not protected by something like the OGL. If WotC has already shown that it can and will cancel games without warning, what does that say for the future of the D&D brand (and 4E)?

The levels for the individual adventures in the Legacy of Fire seem to be much lower (especially in the last few adventures) than the recommended levels for the other APS. Why is that?

Interest in Second Darkness seems a little low by looking at the posts in this forum versus posts in the Rise of the Runelords and the Curse of the Crimson Throne forums.

I know that the customs delay on the second adventure could be making some of the interest fade, but the forum seems almost dead.

In another forum, Lisa Stevens says that Paizo does not have enough money to make second printings of sold out Pathfinder AP editions. Is the end of the Pathfinder AP looming towards us?

The weather in Baton Rouge is dark and gloomy and the rain and wind are coming. New Orleans has already lost power. It is going to be an interesting two days.

They can go from birth to fully trained individual in four and a half years. How do the other races compete with that?

Do Golarion drow have purple skin?

I'm gonna need something to use as a nalfeshnee and can't seem to find any minis that look like one. Anyone have any suggestions for a metal or plastic mini that (at least sorta) resembles a nalfeshnee?

I have entered new billing information. Please use it to process my order. In the future, Paizo may wish to send notice to subscribers before they bill for two issues at the same time.

Where would you place the major locales from the Savage Tide in Golarion?
I'm getting ready for another attempt at the Savage Tide (my fourth!) and I would like to use Golarion as the setting.
Where would you place Sasserine?

Scuttlecove, the Isle of Dread, the Fort, Tamoachan, etc?

I see a lot of references to the Far Realm and tentacled critters all through 4E and even in the 4E adventures posted online at the WotC website. Now, I know that there has always been a background of Mythos-like stuff in D&D with mind flayers, aboleth, and similar beings, but it was always low key and not at all prominent.

Pathfinder comes along and James throws both Mythos-like and actual Mythos creatures into the Pathfinder adventures mix. We get stuff like shaggoths, gugs, the Plateau of Leng, and more, months prior to any 4E stuff hitting the market. Did WotC have his fingers on the pulse of what gamers want, or were they simply 'inspired' by Paizo's Mythos vision?

I subscribe to the Adventure Paths for the linked adventure path. Shortening each adventure by 10 pages and making it up by adding a Set Piece Adventures section is a losing proposition for me. We have all seen posted by authors and editors about how such and such was cut from the adventure for space reasons and that if they had had just a little more space it would have been much better. Now we are losing 10 additional pages from each adventure. Please do not do this. Paizo is gutting the Pathfinder APs of what makes them APs. Putting up another adventure site instead of THE adventure is just not the same. Please don't do it!

I currently play Exalted second edition as well as D&D. I played through a sizeable chunk of the Savage Tide with a group of five Dragon-blooded characters and had a great time. Now that Korvosa (and the Curse of the Crimson Throne) have my attention, I've been daydreaming (wasting time at school, mostly) about converting the city and the AP to Exalted terms and having a go at it. My Exalted group is separate from my D&D group and I've already noticed things from play with the D&D group that I could tweak a bit and have a good game of Exalted going on. Are there any people also interested in a conversion?

was ask her


how she got her deck of card back from Lemm

I was at a bit of a loss on what to say :)

what items would be included in the first shipment?

I have the pdf version of Guide to Korvosa. As it says in the Guide, much of it can be used as a sort of large player handout.
Is it okay to print five copies of chapters 1-4 for player use?

I will be changing the names of some of the Houses to match my game.
Is it okay to modify the pdf to change the names and then print five copies?

I had started a topic about humans and half-orcs being a little left behind in the racial bonuses. I remember reading it this morning, but it is completely gone now. It is not even in my post history. Any idea as to what happened?

for being humans or half-orcs. I suggest (by shooting wildly from the hip and probably missing the target) that humans get a +2 to a second stat and half-orcs get the scent ability.

Everyone else gets quite a bit with their race packages. Elves and halflings in particular compare very favorably to humans.

I'm thinking about getting a Harrow deck. Does anyone else have plans to stack their deck when a player gets a reading? It seems like an easy (if rather cliched) way to foreshadow all kinds of things.

I would snap it up in a heartbeat.

Just sayin'...

I can't find an entry for the pdf version of the Guide. Is it only available to subscribers?


Bueller?... Bueller?... Bueller?

Seelah's background is wonderful! No 'killed an entire giant patrol alone', no wandered the world for twenty years but still only first level type stuff. Just a moving, great way for a character to be inspired and venture out into the world.

Great job!

Does anyone with Pathfinder 4 think that Mokmurian's CR seems a little too low


when one takes his class levels into account?

This bit of text is from Pathfinder #4

Pathfinder 4 page 89 wrote:

It might be that male and female shining children are sexually dimorphic, or there might be other poorly understood differences, perhaps between juvenile and adult forms, molting forms, or larval and pupated forms. The answers to such questions are unlikely to ever be discovered, as shining children are notoriously unwilling—sometimes murderously so—to discuss themselves.

I'm a DM. I like knowing everything about my world. Reading a monster description that says that no one knows something about the monster just irks me. I'm paying for a monster write up and I get stuff like 'the answers to such questions are unlikely to ever be discovered'. I don't care if shining ones are unwilling to discuss themselves. I want hard information in my write up. It's okay to say that no one in the game world has that information as background flavor, but give it to me, damn it! Otherwise I tend to think that the creator was too lazy to think it up.

I know I can make up my own reason for it. Having to not make up reasons for things is why I buy game material. I can't help feeling shortchanged.

In my pdf, all of the pregens are listed as being seventh level. The stats look about right for tenth, but the actual number is 7.

At what point in his backstory was Harsk first level?
Did he do all that giant killing before he was a first level character?

I know that regular goblins have a -2 to charisma, but Pathfinder goblins seem to be seriously lacking in common sense. In D&D, wisdom is generally the common sense attribute. Are the reimagined goblin getting the right penalty?

In Pathfinder 3, the players are asked to check in on Fort Rannick because reports haven't been received on time. The fort is 450 miles from Magnimar. It takes 9 days to get there by horse and 19 days for unarmored medium-size humanoids travelling by foot (and 28+days for medium armored medium sized humanoids and unarmored halflings or gnomes on foot).

The fort was attacked and captured by ogres 30 days before the start of the adventure.
How often do reports arrive in Magnimar from the fort? The adventure goes out of its way to say that the rangers are isolationists and don't report often. With such long transit times for messages and such a short time since the fort was captured, why is the Lord Mayor willing to pay 1200gp
and potentially 2400gp (assuming 4 pcs)
to check out the fort? Is Magnimar just that rich?

Why are the ogres being used to

make weapons for the stone giants?

They seem to be far too stupid and unskilled to produce useful results.

Pathfinder 2 page 63 wrote:

More maps of Magnimar showing exact district borders, avenue and plaza names, and the prcise location of numerous locales can be found in the downloadable content for this volume, available at

I can't find these maps anywhere on the site. Are they just not up yet? Am I too dumb to find them?

Pathfinder 2 says that Paizo will be doubling the space assigned for the iconic characters.

I respectfully ask that Paizo change this policy. My group does not use pregen characters and I feel that this is a complete waste of space at best and a bad way to pad out the page count at worst. Adding more info on the iconics lowers the value of the book for me.

If Paizo feels the need to devote a lot of page space to the iconics, I would prefer they just release the iconics in their own product (sort of like the old Rogue's Gallery). Please do no have the iconics clogging up scarce page real estate in Pathfinder 3+.

and I can't seem to get it. The shopping cart shows me a choice of issues to start but when I click on the radio button for issue 2, nothing happens. I'm using a mac. I get the same behavior with both Safari and Firefox. Am I just missing something?

We played the opened scene from part 1 last night. I used the song sung by the gemlins from the movie Gremlins as the unnamed catchy goblin tune. My players loved it and started singing along until the horror stuff kicked in. It was a great way to start a new campaign.

I recommend using the Gremlins song if any of your players have seen the movie. It helped make the game both funny and scary at the same time.

Does anyone have any suggestions for minis to use as sinspawn? I've been looking for something reasonable but have found much.

I'm trying to locate the map that came with the third installment of Age of Worms.
Is it available anywhere? The online supplement doesn't include it and I'm afraid to buy the pdf (the print version is sold out) if the map is not included as I already have the print version.

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