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Sarlottia Sardavic

doppelganger's page

745 posts. 1 review. No lists. No wishlists.


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I'm not into Carrion Crown. Please pause my subscription until Jade Regent begins. If that can't be done, please cancel it and I will manually restart it when needed.

Thank you

I didn't realize they were available outside the Gorilla King Gamemastery set. I'll get those instead!

I found this photo on the Reaper website while looking for figures to use with Serpent's Skull. There aren't many monkey or ape choices, but this one looks like it might make a serviceable charau-ka. Has anyone seen it in person?

Vic Wertz wrote:

We never know for sure until it's here, but the last week of December is probably more likely.

Any new info on the shipping date?

I have my notice. It was mailed today - so while it slipped into November, it was only by a single day.

James Jacobs wrote:

What's given in the Serpent's Skull Player's Guide pretty much sums up everything there is in print about the Jenivere. The GameMastery Guide talks a bit more in general terms about ships and crew, though.

Okay, cool. That is what I thought but I wanted to be sure. Thank you James. This AP looks really solid so far. So solid that I have reactivated my AP subscription.

Do we have any information on the number of crew present on the Jenivere at the start of it's run? I mean the total, not just the named NPCs. How about the overall size/capacity?

Jazz hands!

Ice Titan wrote:
Ezren is the height of sexy style.

That's because he looks like Sean Connery!

What do you guys think of list the adventure path forums in reverse release order? That is, Instead of going from oldest to newest, list them in order of most recent hotness to Rise of the Runelords?

As the APs continue to pile up, one must search further and further down the list for the flashy new stuff!

Would it be possible to get an early race/armor/weapon breakdown for these five? I will be using Serpent's Skull for my next campaign and I would like to get an early start gathering appropriate minis.

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I'm confused about the controversy over race books. Paizo has the Elves of Golarion, Dwarves of Golarion, and Gnomes of Golarion. Why shouldn't WotC also have race books? There are clearly uses and market for them.

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In my game, I would say no. The magical forces are what actually form the doors. That magical force would prevent the worms from being affected by repel vermin and it would also hold dead worms killed by silver in place.

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TerraNova wrote:
I personally would recommend the Pathfinder paths over age of worms. Age of worms is very good, don't get me wrong, but it is a lot harder to pull off. It is very focussed on undead, which leads to problems with class balance. It is a 12 issue path as opposed to a 6 issue one. That makes it harder to maintain interest levels through the entire campaign. Finally, AoW has some rather weak links (Spire of Long Shadows, Encounter at Blackwall Keep), while even the weakest Pathfinder (Second Darkness, in my book) can be run almost as-written.

I disagree with with TerraNova. The 12 issues versus 6 issues statement is silly, as size of the individual adventures in the Pathfinder APs is MUCH larger than the size of the individual AoW adventures. The AoW covers more levels (from 1 to 20+) in the same or slightly less space than the Pathfinder APS (which cover 1-15 or so). There are a number of weak adventures or adventure points throughout all the APs. There are surprise TPK encounters, loose threads, vanishing NPCs and more in both the AoW and the Pathfinder APS.

Age of Worms has a definite focus, a very well done starting point, and lots of interesting threads. It is definitely worth the OPs time, money, and energy.

I couldn't get any Age of Worms or Savage Tide files.

I wish the sculpt for Harsk was like the artwork showing him with his crossbow rather than his axe. I always pictured Harsk as a 'shoot first' kind of guy, rather than a 'run at them with the axe' kind of guy. The detail on his face and gear is outstanding. =) Lem looks awesome, exactly as I picture him.

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