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Leaf Leshy

donato's page

Contributor. Goblin Squad Member. RPG Superstar 6 Season Star Voter. Pathfinder Legends Subscriber; Pathfinder Adventure Path, Campaign Setting, Companion, Modules, Roleplaying Game Subscriber. Pathfinder Society Member. 1,076 posts (1,889 including aliases). No reviews. 2 lists. No wishlists. 4 Pathfinder Society characters. 24 aliases.

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donato wrote:
Nah, it isn't a ferret. If you zoom in, it's the outline of a woman, seemingly with her hand up to her mouth as she gasps.

So, let's say that is a ferret in the image...

Behold! The Furred Avenger:

XP 200
Awakened male ferret vigilante 1
N Tiny magical beast (augmented animal)
Init +3; Senses darkvision 60 ft., low-light vision, scent; Perception +6
AC 18, touch 15, flat-footed 15 (+2 armor, +3 Dex, +1 natural, +2 size)
hp 23 (4 HD; 2d8+2d10)
Fort +6, Ref +11, Will +4
Speed 20 ft., climb 20 ft.
Melee mwk rapier +6 (1d2–4), bite +1 (1d3–4 plus attach)
Space 2-1/2 ft.; Reach 0 ft.
Special Attacks hidden strike
Str 3, Dex 16, Con 10, Int 15, Wis 12, Cha 8
Base Atk +3; CMB +4; CMD 14 (18 vs. trip)
Feats Weapon Finesse, Skill Focus (Disguise)
Skills Acrobatics +18, Bluff +4, Climb +9, Diplomacy +4, Disguise +7, Escape Artist +8, Knowledge (nobility) +7, Perception +6, Stealth +15; Racial Modifiers +4 Stealth, +8 Acrobatics
SQ dual identity (Furred Avenger; NG), seamless guise, social talent (social grace [Disguise]), vigilante specialization (stalker)
Gear +1 leather armor, mwk rapier, cloak of resistance +1
Attach (Ex) When Far’rett hits with a bite attack, he automatically grapples his foe, inflicting automatic bite damage each round.

Korvosan nobles have a habit of overstepping their boundaries. When a noble family began encroaching on the woods outside of the city, the druid Miraneth chose to confront them. With his ferret companion in tow, he took on the noble family. What began as simple sabotage and guerrilla tactics, soon spiraled out of control. The nobles learned of the druid's work and hired a pair of mercenaries to capture him and burn down the woods, finally clearing the land for a new mansion. As he was taken in the night, Miraneth's cries to Shelyn echoed through the trees, overwhelming the ferret's senses as it ran away. Moments later, the Eternal Rose's blessing came down on the ferret, filling him with the spark of intelligence and creativity. The animal awoke to understand why he was blessed: it was up to him to rescue Miraneth and stop the noble plot. With his new skills, he took on the role of Lord Far'rett Entriigo, curious noble from a distant land. When not engaged in the noble courts, Far'rett dons the guise of the Furred Avenger defender of the weak and champion of nature.


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Nah, it isn't a ferret. If you zoom in, it's the outline of a woman, seemingly with her hand up to her mouth as she gasps.


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The artwork is based on the mage spy from the NPC Codex. The illustration has the mismatched boot colors, so that's why the mini does as well. I can totally see why it would be annoying though, especially as it doesn't look on good on the mini as it does in the art.


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Is this an annual podcast now? :P

In all seriousness, I'm glad to see this is still being worked on. I always love your content and will gladly wait for some more! Looking forward to listening to this.


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"Go home and be a family man," is my favorite, especially if it's a geas.


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Hard Mode?! Count me in!

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137ben wrote:
entire player classes
Mind listing them? :)

Just a tease!

Edit: Missed two! The complete list is below.

Veranthea Archetypes and Prestige Classes:

Academy Trainee (Fighter)
Adversarial Armorist (Fighter)
Bird Rider (Cavalier)
Beztekorps (Prestige Class)
Conxecron Instigator (Inquisitor)
Entri Entrapper (Prestige Class)
Gobchopper Skirmisher (Cavalier)
Goblin Pistolero (Gunslinger)
Green Avenger (Prestige Class)
Iron Fury (Barbarian)
Lycanthropic Icon (Prestige Class)
Merchanteer (Paladin)
Monstrous Minstrel (Bard)
Nightmare Prognosticator (Oracle)
Oni Sworn (Samurai)
Scientific Innovator (Alchemist)
Swarm Minder (Summoner)
Wild Mage Bloodline (Sorcerer)
Wild Scholar (Wizard)


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Calth wrote:
So yeah, advanced weapon training is crazy awesome.

If ever there was a new edition of PF, I would want to see this as standard for the fighter.


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You can share vague details about the contents, but posting the actual text is a no-no until the book is released.


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There's no official (PF, PFS) update to any of the current archetypes. New archetypes, like the Monk of the Mantis, have extra rules that make them compatible with the Unchained Monk.

If you're okay with third-party work, the Everyman Unchained line converts the current archtypes over. They are featured here and here.


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A fight to the finish? That's a good place to end.

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Ha, HA! Yes, finally I will be hearing of the mighty Kurgess!


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What are the odds of ever seeing you as an Adventure Path author again?

Howl of the Carrion King and The Whispering Cairn especially are among my favorite adventures and I'd love to see what else you have in store.

Also, what is the likelihood that we'll see a mega Absalom adventure or product?


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Andrew Hoskins wrote:

Ok, I created one: IBdoEAXU/edit?usp=sharing

You should be able to create your own copy and then edit that. If you'd like, you can leave a comment in the sheet if you notice any errors or have any recommendations.




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James Jacobs wrote:
The other is in better shape. Every other Thursday evening I run Horror on the Orient Express for Erik, Jessica, Jason, Wes, Tim, and Rob. We're only 2 sessions in, and I foolishly started it near the start of the convention season so I've not been able to run it for a while now... it was SUPPOSED to happen again tonight, but PAX kicked it to the side. Thankfully, I think PAX is the last disruptive convention of the year, and we should be able to get back on the train in 2 weeks.

Sorry to hear that your Orient Express campaign was derailed.


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Were there ever any plans for an AP after Savage Tide?


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Fourshadow wrote:
Fourshadow wrote:
Fourshadow wrote:
I LOVE shrikes! Now we have rules for them being animal companions?! Paizo is so wonderful!
Any chance we could get more info on the impaler shrike?! Please?!
P-P-P-P-P-Puh-leaze?! September 2nd is sooooooo far away!

Well, it's a CR 3 large animal. It can move creatures that are grappled in its beak and impale them on nearby spikes or broken tree limbs. As a companion, it begins as a small creature. At level 7, it advances to medium and gains the impale ability.


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I don't know the fine details about when to place it in. However, it looks like the best bet would be at some point during Dance of the Damned. The description implies that the PCs leave Kintargo for a bit, which is the perfect time to make a side-trek to Deepmar. Also, it appears the PCs will be just around 8th level, which is what the module is designed for.


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Xethik wrote:

Serious shout-outs to those who made Arcane Trickster buffs possible!

Another great thing about this feat is how well it works with VMC for a 0 caster levels lost Arcane Trickster build. Assuming this can be taken before level 4, you can do VMC Rogue Wizard 3/Snakebite Striker Brawler 1 with Accomplished Sneak Attack. Enter Arcane Trickster next level. Then, when you hit level 7 and gain 1d6 Sneak Attack from VMC Rogue, retrain Snakebite Striker into Wizard. You have a Wizard 4/Arcane Trickster 3 with 3d6 Sneak Attack.

I think there may be a level when the VMC Rogue + Arcane Trickster + Accomplished Sneak Attack cause Accomplished Sneak Attack to no longer function, but it will regain usefulness once you put some more levels into Wizard.

EDIT: Anyone mind sharing the prereqs for Accomplished Sneak Attacker? That way I can shatter my hopes and dreams when I see they are too high for this combo.

I wrote the section, but the true shout-out should go to Alex Augunas. It was his suggestion that some Arcane Trickster love would be appreciated.

As for Accomplished Sneak Attacker, its only prerequisite is the sneak attack class feature.


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Axial wrote:

I was looking at the faction list in the player's guide and one of the factions described just screams "low level mooks".

Hell's Rebels Player's Guide wrote:
Chelish Citizens’ Group: Not all of Kintargo’s citizens seethe under martial law. A small subset have formed this group to support Barzillai Thrune, and have been empowered as a militia to augment the city’s guards.
So, do you get to stomp on any of these guys?

Yes! Very early on, in fact.


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Avians CR Varies
This entry details three new birds: giant raven (CR 1), impaler shrike (CR 1), and Yolubilis heron (CR 6). Each bird has animal companion stats.

Gambling Devil CR 4
A devil that is very keen on games of chance. It is able to create coins from its seemingly gold body and has an aura that makes other creatures take more risks.

Scrivenite CR 4
An outsider made of what appears to be living paper. It generally seeks knowledge and can retract its body into the shape of a book. Creatures it deals Int damage to have part of their memories formed into a soul tome.

Slithering Pit CR 2
An ooze created when it consumes residual planar energy from a bag of holding or portable hole. Able to form itself into a hole and consume creatures.


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Gnome synthesist summoner. He had gone through the bleaching and as a last ditch attempt to save his life, his imagination created the eidolon that would become his life support.


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Samy wrote:

Dragons and Undead Unleashed skewed towards the high-level monsters.

Does Hell Unleashed do the same?

Can I get a breakdown for the CRs of the monsters?

Sure thing!


Dinya Ervind, CR — Male possessed young human commoner 1
Benebak, CR 2 imp
Miranksha, CR 8 adhukait asura
Sharroa DiViri, CR 9 Female human Hellknight signifer 4/wizard 5
Terindelle, CR 10 erinyes
Darukarex, CR 11 contract devil
Zoudra, CR 12 Female venerable human conjurer 13
Isitalba, CR 16 handmaiden devil
Vipostix, CR 17 apostate devil
Mardehzuk, CR 21 pit fiend
Voice of the Damned, CR 25 unique outsider
Furcas, CR 27 Infernal Duke

Most of the entries also feature additional creatures for the encounter areas, but these are the main creatures that are focused on in each section.


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Alexander Augunas wrote:
Owen K. C. Stephens wrote:
Matrix Dragon wrote:

Is it bad that I am much more excited about this book now that I've seen that the advertisement for it on the back of the Monster Summoner's Handbook has a two-tailed kitsune? It does make sense that kitsune would get mentioned (or at least get a picture) in a Dirty Tactics book, I'm just surprised that Paizo is actually bothering to acknowledge a Dragon Empires race.

I have a feeling that this is Alexander Augunas' doing ;)

That depends on what you mean by "Alexander Augunas' doing." It was my idea to include some Kitsune stuff, along with a few other "trickster races." But it was absolutely Alex Augunas I contacted as a freelancer to get it written...

We really do pay attention. :)

Yes, you do. Especially since I did NOT write what is strongly appearing to be a kitsune combat style for this book.

I'm just as excited as everyone else to see what that looks like!

I named it such in your honor, Alex!


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David knott 242 wrote:

Okay -- for anyone who has that PDF -- did the section describing the Hellknight test have any surprises?

Nothing unexpected, I feel. It did offer a list of higher CR creatures to challenge higher level characters.

Axial wrote:
Also, could someone share the details of the Furcas article? What's his challenge rating and appearance?

It details his stats, his artifact weapon named Avernus Claw, his fortress with a detailed map, and his cult.

Furcas is a CR 27 Infernal Duke. He appears as a centaur with a body made of hardened vines and a laurel crown.

Barachiel Shina wrote:
Any new game material like feats or spells or any new monsters?

No new feats or spells that I'm aware of. There are rules for manifestations, which are like divine haunts. However, they are not necessarily evil, as manifestations can be that of good or neutral gods.

In terms of monsters, most of them are unique stats of existing creatures, such as a unique imp or an advanced pit fiend. Along with Furcas mentioned above, there is the Voice of the Damned, protector of what lies within the Book of the Damned. There is also a new giant worm with planar portals in its gullet called the hellmouth. It lacks stats, but is listed as being at least CR 24. I tried to stat one up myself. If you're interested, it's located here.


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Axial wrote:
Alright, so what are the new archetypes, mysteries, bloodlines et cetera for the existing classes?

Ah, ninja'd, but I have some extra info, such as sorcerer bloodlines, so I'm posting this anyway.

Other Class Archetypes:

Promethean Disciple (Alchemist Discovery)
Ectochymist (Alchmeist Archetype)
Promethean Alchemist (Alchemist Archetype)
Flesheater (Barbarian Archetype)
Phrenologist (Bard Archetype)
Silver Balladeer (Bard Archetype)
Order of the Eastern Star (Cavalier Order)
Order of the Shroud (Cavalier Order)
Ghost Rider (Cavalier Archetype)
Sensate (Fighter Archetype)
Relic Hunter (Inquisitor Archetype)
Psychic Detective (Investigator Archetype)
Esoteric (Magus Archetype)
Mindblade (Magus Archetype)
Karmic Monk (Monk Archetype)
Ghost Hunter (Paladin Archetype)
Escapologist (Rogue Archetype)
False Medium (Rogue Archetype)
Ectoplasm (Sorcerer Bloodline)
Psychic (Sorcerer Bloodline)
Witch Patrons (Ethereal, Mind)
Ley Line Guardian (Witch Archetype)


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How about this?

Table of Contents:


Kineticist 10
Elements 14
Wild Talents 15
Medium 30
Spirits 33
Medium Spells 37
Mesmerist 38
Mesmerist Spells 44
Occultist 46
Implement Schools 50
Occultist Spells 58
Psychic 60
Psychic Disciplines 64
Psychic Spells 69
Spiritualist 72
Spiritualist Spells 76
Phantoms 78
Racial Favored Class Options 84

Kineticist 88
Medium 92
Mesmerist 96
Occultist 100
Psychic 104
Spiritualist 108
Other Class Archetypes 112

Types of Feats 128
Feat Descriptions 128
Feat Table 130

Psychic Magic 144
Spell Lists 145
Spells 156

Occult Skill Unlocks 194
Auras 198
Chakras 200
Psychic Duels 202
Possession 206
Occult Rituals 208
Sample Occult Rituals 209
Creating Occult Rituals 214

Running an Occult Game 218
Occult Locations 226
Loci Spirits 226
New Haunt Rules 228
New Haunts 230
Ley Lines 232
Mindscapes 234
Esoteric Planes 238

Adventuring Gear 248
Alchemical Items251
Magic Items 252
Cursed Items 265
Artifacts 267

Open Game License 271


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Nefreet wrote:
Any other sources specific for this AP that you'd recommend? I simply don't own a lot of splatbooks, and I don't know what's out there. I do own Blood of Fiends, and I like the idea of Tieflings but no Aasimars.

Well, your first big excursion should probably be the Council of Thieves Adventure Path. Looking through the whole AP can grant you some insight into what a Chelish city can be like and help you set a proper atmosphere and them for Hell's Rebels. Specifically, AP #27 and AP #28 have articles on Hellknights and their orders. Other volumes have interesting articles as well, such as one about tieflings and another about Asmodeus, but most of that info should be already collected and updated in other, newer books.

In the Campaign Setting line, there are a number of good books. Of course, you will always want to start with the Inner Sea World Guide as a basis for understanding the Inner Sea as a whole, and the general history of Cheliax. From there, you can hop over to Inner Sea Gods to learn more about important deities such as Asmodeus, Iomedae, and Aroden. This is also a good book for players who wish to worship a god, especially the more chaotic gods like Cayden Cailean or Desna. Next, you can delve into Hell in Princes of Darkness, which is a book all about the workings of Hell and the devils that live there. Speaking of Hell, the upcoming Hell Unleashed has specific encounters for you to throw into any game that you see fit. It even includes a Hellknight initiation for an player that is interested. Finally, if you can wait for them, Inner Sea Races is due in September and should give you and your players plenty of info not only about the races, but also how to integrate yourself into life in the Inner Sea and know what it means to be a true Chelaxian. Additionally, Cheliax, the Infernal Empire is out in December, which should cover Cheliax as a whole rather in depth.

In the Player Companion line, there a few books to look at. First off is Cheliax, Empire of Devils which is player's look at Cheliax, but also good for GMs. The above mentioned Cheliax campaign book will probably obsolete most of this book, but this should be a good starting point. Your players will most likely want to be part of a city, which is where the upcoming Heroes of the Streets will help with that. From here, it's really up to what your players are interested in. Any religious types will find good options in books like Faiths of Purity or Champions of Purity. Regardless of fighting style, players should find something they like in either Ranged Tactics Toolbox, Melee Tactics Toolbox, or Dirty Tactics Toolbox. Really, there's something for everyone in the Companion books, you just have to know where to look.

As a final reference, anyone looking to become a Hellknight will find the Hellknight prestige class in the Inner Sea World Guide and the Hellknight Signifier prestige class in Paths of Prestige

Anyway, the big thing is informing yourself on what you or your players want to learn more about and going from there. Pathfinder Wiki is a good source, especially as it lists which books it uses as sources, which helps track down information. I would always recommend starting the AP once all six volumes are out, but if you wish to start right away, have your players read the Player's Guide once it's out and use the above resources to get yourself ready for the first adventure.

Good luck!


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Matthew Morris wrote:
James Jacobs wrote:
W. Kristoph Nolen wrote:

Vic ... that's a pretty cool way to do it. I hadn't ever thought of that. So, obviously, Wayne doesn't know the name when he's doing the art.

So, has the name of the new Vudrani Psychic gal been released yet? I was trying to look it up today, and couldn't find it.

We haven't yet done any of the meet the iconics for the Occult Iconics yet. For this week and the next, we're in pretty hard-core Inner Sea Races mode 24/7, so I don't suspect we'll really be able to turn our attention to the iconics for at least a few weeks.

The goal is to get their names and stories out there before Gen Con. But like all goals... sometimes you miss. We'll see; stay tuned!

But the tags are the names right? Asking since the vigilante had a name tag. It caught my eye because my new bard is also named Miroslav.

Miroslav Petrov is the name of the artist that illustrated the piece used in the blog post.


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How do you feel about the current mounted combat rules? I find them a bit lacking, but it has let our table mold their vagueness into something workable.


3 people marked this as a favorite.

I think an entire party of Vigilantes (perhaps in Hell's Rebels?) would be a very enjoyable group.


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Ravingdork wrote:
lostpike wrote:
I am pretty sure this has been errataed in the new printing/download of the book.
Can anyone confirm this? If so, I'd have a lot of characters in my gallery in need of adjustment.

Eclectic training still reads as you increase your effective caster level in that class (including the number of spells you know and can cast per day) by +1.

Esoteric training states the bonus to caster level you gain from Eclectic Training increases to +3 (but is still limited by your total Hit Dice). You may select a second spellcasting class to gain a +1 bonus to effective caster level.

Looks to be the same.


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Oh, actually. I'm strongly considering an occult class, particularly the occultist or mesmerist.

Man, deciding on a character will be more agonizing than the wait for the Con.


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captain yesterday wrote:
How's about a spanking then... for charity :-)

It's not that type of roleplaying game!


2 people marked this as a favorite.


Who will get punched this year?


1 person marked this as a favorite.

I sent of some pitches. Hope you like them!


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All I know is regardless of how a Mexico equivalent is handled, it needs all the spanish monsters to go with it!


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Protoman wrote:
Do samurais, ninjas, and antipaladins alternative classes have varient multiclassing options?


No. None of the alternate classes have options in the system. Following the groundwork should be easy enough for a GM to put one together, though.

Axial wrote:

1) What are all of the "outsider" types that the new eidolons are? Angel, demon, and protean have been mentioned.

2) What does the VMC paladin, antipaladin, and cavalier do?

3) Is the VMC witch's hexes keyed to intelligence?


1. Agathion, angel, archon, azata, daemon, demon, devil, div, elemental, inevitable, protean, and psychopomp.

2a. Paladin grants detect evil, lay on hands, smite evil, mercy, and divine bond.

2b. No, see above spoiler.

2c. Cavalier grants an order, challenge, tactician, and order & tactician abilities.

3. All class abilities granted work as the original class feature. Thus, yes, hexes are keyed to Intelligence.


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Dragon78 wrote:

1)What are the 12 skills that are condensed list of the old skill list?

2)What is the new combat/iterative attack system like?

3)What is the stamina system like? examples of feat abilities?


1. The skills are named as such: Acrobatics, Athletics, Finesse, Influence, Nature, Perception, Performance, Religion, Society, Spellcraft, Stealth, and Survival.

2a. There are a few combat systems. There is the Revised Action Economy System. I honestly haven't read it closely. The gist is that you are granted a number of acts. Each action takes up a number of acts. Attacking is one act, casting a standard spell is two acts.

2b. My preferred inclusion is the removal of iterative attacks. Rather than roll four times for four attacks, you roll once. You hit as normal, but for every +5 you exceed the AC, you get another hit (up to your total possible attacks). It also includes a glancing blow system. If you miss within 5 of the AC, you deal a small amount of damage. It's great!

3. Stamina is based on Con+BAB. It can be implemented a number of ways, including requiring a feat to opt-in or being free for any martial character. Some feats use more fatigue than others. Two examples: Combat Reflexes allows you to spend stamina to use the same trigger again on another AOO. Power Attack lets you turn off the feat at the end of your turn, rather than keep it on until next turn. It looks great, but its quite a bit more book work to add in.


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Matrix Dragon wrote:

Does the varient multiclass sorcerer grant you the bloodline arcana? If it doesn't I'm going to be hard pressed to figure out a reason why you would go this route rather than just going with the eldritch heritage feat chain. Hmmm.

Edit: Just curious, what do VMC Oracles and Rogues get?


Sorcerers do grant their bloodline and bloodline powers.

Oracles are noted in my post above.

Rogues grant trapfinding, sneak attack, evasion, and uncanny dodge


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Dragon78 wrote:

1)What do you get for multi-classing with Bard, Monk, Oracle, and Swashbuckler?

2)How is the new Monk, Rouge, and Summoner? Any changes you really like?

3)What is the "Bigsixless" rules like?

I won't go into extreme details with my answers, but I hope they wet your whistle.


Initial note: No classes grant useful spellcasting via variant multiclassing. At best, you get cantrips/orisons.

1a.Bard grants bardic knowledge, some performances (including inspire courage and competence), versatile performance, and lore master.

1b. Monk grants unarmed strike, evasion, a ki pool, and the AC bonus.

1c. Oracle grants a mystery, a curse, revelations, and orisons.

1d. Hybrid classes are not available for variant multi-classing. Core, APG, UC, and UM only.

2a. Monk has an array of ki abilities tied to his ki pool. Think of them as ninja tricks. Spend some ki and get a new thing to do. I rather like Cobra Breath which is tied to Diamond Body. You can neutralize a poison that hits you and then spit it back at someone. He also has built in styles which allow for extra options in combat such as the aforementioned flying kick and one that allows double damage on unarmed strikes. I really love the monk so I'm excited to see this!

2b. The rogue is a sight for sore eyes. They get free Weapon Finesse at level 1 and at level 3 choose one weapon to gain Dex to damage with. Their sneak attacks become more crippling by granting penalties to AC or to hit. They also tap into a new skill system featured in the book, allowing more options with their skills. Overall, the rogue is more appealing, but I never had a problem with her in the first place.

2c. The summoner has been toned down quite a bit. Of course, there are the archetype outsider forms. Angels eventually grow wings, demons eventually gain poison resists, and so on. You gain free evolutions based on your form. Evolution points are reduced overall and the eidolon now has a built in limiter on how many attacks it can do in one turn (max of 7 at 20th). Summoner's spell list has been significantly toned down. Looks great to me!

3. Removing the big six is totally possible! A system is included to provide inherent bonuses to characters. For example, you gain a +1 resistance bonus to saves at level 3 and a +1 deflection bonus to AC at level 5. You gain bonus to something every level starting at 3. This includes bonuses to weapons and armor.


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zergtitan wrote:
donato wrote:
I've rehosted it here.
I posted an edited version of the picture in its facebook comments section. could you repost it as well. It's an edited and improve color version of the original cropped to the Iconics image alone.

Here you go!


1 person marked this as a favorite.

Night March of Kalkamedes is located here.

Also, if searching for Varisia specific adventures, the Adventure Finder now sorts adverntures by region.


2 people marked this as a favorite.

What were your contributions to Pathfinder Unchained?


1 person marked this as a favorite.

Time travel!

1. What are your thoughts on it as a literary device?

2. What are some of your favorite stories involving time travel?

3. Have you used time travel in an adventure or have you been part of an adventure that used it?

4. Would you ever consider using time travel in any Pathfinder products?

5. Who is Paizo's resident time travel champion/fiend?

Keep up the good work James! Thanks for all the work in answering all of these questions. :)


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Guess this is what happens when the ink is made from a pugwampi blood base.


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I'm quite liking it. So far though, nothing really stands out as particularly amazing. Without that big spectacle (a super cool goblin raid, a city in anarchy, a Black Rider, etc.) it feels kind of 'safe' so far. I've yet to find the big moment where players will find themselves hooked and wanting to dig in for the campaign. Mind you, everything is paced very well, the encounters seem enjoyable and memorable, and the story is looking to shape up to be great. Every portion of the adventures so far feel like a 6, 7, or 8/10, which is great, but I'm still waiting for the 'WOW!' moment. These are the impressions I got solely from reading the adventures. It seems this campaign has a 'slow burn' in regards to its spectacle. Come book 4, I bet things will kick into overdrive and just go nuts, which I look forward to.

However, reading the adventures and playing them are two completely different things. I've run three sessions so far and my group of 5 is just one encounter away from clearing Part 3. They seem to be enjoying themselves quite a bit and the fact that all the hooks and clues are seeded very well is wonderful. I let them know that this time around, they are in complete control and they are eating it up. Players are arguing about pushing further ahead or going to town and generally, they are completely self motivated. Player agency seems to be the most difficult thing to establish in the groups that I run and this time, my group has it in spades. While it has yet to have it's big 10/10 moment, the fact that it fires on the 'good to great' cylinders at all times makes me feel that this will be one of my top 5 APs, if not top 3 once it's all said an done.


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Would perhaps granting the ability to trance at will be too much? I know there may be some balance concerns, especially without knowing the remaining spirits and their abilities. However, I feel that the spirit influence is already a good limiting factor for overuse of any one spirit.

If I were to want the Bear's claws, I can only safely trance them twice a day. Anything beyond that will push me towards using a different spirit lest I lose control to the spirit. This would encourage varied play styles throughout an adventuring day. If trancing was at will, an option to reduce a spirit's influence on a character might even be introduced to allow for additional uses of the same spirit.


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If you're on the fence, check out Mike's interview with Paco Jaen! Learn about the birth of Veranthea, what's in store for the product itself, and possibly some hints about Battle Savvy Penguins?


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Actually, the Veranthea Codex was announced in a separate thread located here.

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