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Kaiju, Mogaru

doc the grey's page

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So I'm working on a reverse demon cult for my home game that is meant to fill a lot of the same roles as a demon cult (secretive fringe group of social deviants that worship a powerful supernatural entity) but within a race that already has a propensity for worshiping evil deities. So think of like an angel cult in a drow clan or a group or a wild azata hobgoblins.

For this one I'm trying to work on a mystery cult for Orc society that is focused on everything Orcs aren't. Think peace, community, and femininity with a slant towards law. The problem is I don't know of any printed Empyreal Lords that really fit all 4 of those marks off hand but I've come here to ask if anyone here knows of any Empyreal Lords that fit the bill.

Shadow Lodge

To elaborate, say a guard is tagged by the tanglefoot bags of 4 thieves trying to immobilize him and unfortunately for him he's fails all his reflex saves. Now what happens? Does he have to individually break out of each of these bags, do they each have their own hp or does it stack, do each of them have their own timer until they break down or have some form of stacking?

If anyone has any official answers to this either in the books or from the devs would be greatly appreciated.

Shadow Lodge

Can ranger traps marked with an asterisk be used separately or only when combined with other traps?

This debate has been raging with one of my players for a while now and I'm looking for any solid answer. Links or page references that help back this up would be greatly appreciated.

Shadow Lodge

To elaborate on this a little I'm building 4 gods into my home game meant to be the rulers and representatives of the 4 elemental forces of Air, Earth, Fire, and Water and I'm hitting a bit of a snag with with a few things. First is domains, I've got a few for each but I'm having trouble really sinking some of the final options that feel right and really make them shine. Second is weapons for a few of them as I'm trying to find something that feels right with both their aesthetic and that of the culture of the region.

So I'm going to throw some of my notes up here to give everyone the idea of what I'm aiming for with each and see what happens from their.

Final note: The setting is very plains indians, american great plains themed and should show up in these gods who they would worship.

The Inferno:
: The living fire of all creation, The Inferno appears on earth after Water runs off with Air and gets lost in the sky giving him room to scream across the plains without water to stop him. Inferno is known as a God of rebirth, seduction, curiosity, and flame for though she comes and lights the plains ablaze in her wake she seeds the lands soil and brings bounty with her. It is believed that with her fire comes rebirth.

Current Domains: Charm, Fire, Healing,
Potentials: Strength and Glory (but looking for more interesting ones)
Favored Weapon: Shortbow

Rumbling Mountain:
: One of the oldest thing in all the Plains he and Water existed in the time when man and beast were just dreams and gods and monsters roamed the plains alone. With Water's help and his knowledge they created the greatest sights one could ever see (oceans, mountains, rivers, etc.). During this time he also makes flowers and plants for her as his gift, something pretty and powerful but stable like himself. This continued until she leaves and gets lost in the sky with Air, leaving the Inferno to come in and cause havoc while she is away. He's basically the patron of Stone, Memory, and Solitude right now but I can't think of much else.

Current Domains: Earth, Knowledge
Potentials: Plant, Strength
Favored weapon: not sure but I like something simplistic, blunt, and powerful like a greatclub or Gunstock warclub

Lady of the Rains:
: The other original elemental of the world The Lady Rain is the great creator and shaper of pretty much all the great landmarks of the world along with her partner Rumbling Mountain. In the time before time she and he sculpted oceans, rivers, lakes, waterfalls, and even the snow capped peaks together with he having this great strength and material while she had the true gift of creation. Their greatest success was when they come together and create life as Rumble tries to create these greater beings than the plants he'd grown and comes up short with her she grants his creations life and motion, giving their iron hearts water to pump and turning it to red blood. She eventually begins to travel with the Elemental lord known as The Great Gale but together they get lost in the sky, unable to come down for half a year but so marvelous is this experience that she goes back every year to look upon everything the world has and the creations it carries.

Current Domains: Artifice, Water, Weather
Potentials: Travel
Favored Weapon: Taiha

The Great Gale:
: The wind on the breeze, The Great Gale is all of the great ambitions of the sky. The Great Gale traveled through space and saw all that was made and being made and wept with both joy and sorrow for he saw so much but could not be seen in turn. So while he travels he learns the magics of all that is and the words to use them in hopes that he could impress upon magic the same great works the gods and beings of the time before man create. When he gets to the frontier he begins to start writing his stories into everything he sees, his story are wind etched canyons and the slithering ripples in the desert dunes. He is the force that teaches language to man as they travel and start to learn how to read his cuts in the earth. For him Tornadoes are his quills which he uses to cut his words into the earth itself. Eventually though The Great Gale meets The Lady of Rains and he convinces her to come away with him into the clouds where she can see all the things he would write into the earth. Unfortunately once she gets there again they both find out that she becomes like a ghost like he is and they both get lost in the sky.

Current Domains: Air, Magic, Rune, Travel, Trickery
Potential domains: I actually am pretty cool with his but I'll take suggestions
Favored Weapon: No clue but I kind of like something like a Boomerang, with some of the holy weapons of his producing these great tornadoes that cut runes into the earth

So remember a lot of this is a first pass but I'm down to hear any thoughts people might have. Remember these are supposed to be First Nation style religious choices so I'm also trying to avoid a lot of favored weapons that fall under that spread if I can. Hope to hear people's ideas soon.

Shadow Lodge

To further elaborate has paizo mentioned whether or not the chainsaw from the technology guide does anything as a weapon should it run out of power or is it now effectively a just a very heavy paper weight?

Shadow Lodge

So I'm working on some prestige awards for a faction based around the plains indians of the western united states.

Currently I'm working on a title award called Brave. It's a title with the prerequisites of 10 Fame and 3 Prestige and will start to segway into some of the larger titles including Warchief, Grand chief, and a few other options I'm still working on.

The problem is that I cannot think of a good boon for the actual boon. I want something that feels like it goes with the brave theme but is a bit more interesting than just gaining a new class skill. So does anyone have any good ideas?

Shadow Lodge

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Okay does the bonus Int damage that alchemists get for bombs come from the Bomb class ability or the Throw Anything ability? If the latter does that mean that they lose this bonus if they trade that ability away with an archetype?

Any references, dev quotes, or references would be greatly appreciated.

Shadow Lodge

Has anyone put together any expansions to the caravan system like new wagons, caravan feats, equipment, or general rules expansions beyond what is presented in the players guide or the trade routes book produced by LPJ? I have started producing my own stuff expanding on the system but I was wondering if anyone else was in the process of expanding the system as well.

Shadow Lodge

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So I was wanting to start this thread earlier but with apparent site maintenance I've had to wait till now.

Anyways I was wondering if anyone has ever thought about how common diseases are in a pathfinder world like golarion or their own? Which ones do you think are the most common, which ones do you think are the most feared/have the most historical impact?

As it stands we all know that diseases and infection are one of the biggest factors in much of human history and as it stands we have a metaphoric ton of them statted out and ready to use in any pf game but we barely know anything about them including symptoms. So if anyone is interested in chatting about some of the diseases and sort of figuring parts of this out I welcome you here, I'd love to see what you have.

Shadow Lodge

To elaborate on the title I was working on the pantheon for my home game and realized that I didn't have a religion for the nomads (1st nation peoples of the land) that had the Glory domain which felt an egregious oversight. As it stands though I'm having trouble actually putting the rest of the deity and his religion beyond a few key points. So with that in mind I'm turning to you paizo forum for a little aid putting this together. I'm including my current notes below and I'm interested to see what people come up with to help bring this guy together.

Alignment: Nonevil
Domains: Glory, Travel
Favored Weapon: gunstock warclub or tomahawk
Sacred Animal: Horse
Sacred Colors: Brown, White

I know I'm picturing this as a god that really appeals to these nomad plains peoples in general and to warrior braves in particular who exalt his glory aspect as a way to prove their skill. I'm also sure he's not evil and I'm thinking good but I'm not sure where he will fall on the Law-Chaos scale. Also remember that as a demigod he only gets 4 domains total.

With that I'm open and I'm ready to hear any suggestions you guys might have.

Shadow Lodge **

Okay so I'm doing my prep for Temple tonight and I'm reviewing the Heresy points system and this question arouse. If a player collects a lot of heresy points (like say all of them) do they have to reroll for each point they have collected or just once and the amount doesn't matter? Anyone know of an answer to this one way or another?

Shadow Lodge **

Can a GM roll for the weather in the scenario they are running and use those results during the game? I know it's not something we usually think about but is that something that is considered within my purview as a GM at a PFS table?

Shadow Lodge

If the lorekeeper cleric ability is used on a robot and its user doesn't have the Technologist feat do they get the pertinent information or does the lack of the Technologist feat block him from getting his information?

Shadow Lodge

So I'm in the midst of building a slew of prep casters with spell books and a few spontaneous arcane casters and it is killing me. Knocking out a prep casting NPC even in low to mid levels (think 3-10) is such a pain in the ass to do well and quickly. So I'm wondering if anyone has any tips or tricks for building casters quickly in particular wizards, witches, alchemists, and sorcerers. What are good quick feats to help out, solid gear choices, and how you figure out how you allot spell selection as they level?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I really need to get a way to knock these guys out quickly.

Shadow Lodge

The title's pretty self explanatory but to elaborate does anyone know of a template for undead creatures that are say, conceived of in tar or tar pits? Basically rotting undead infused with necromantic tar that makes them sticky and cling to their victims?

Any help would be greatly appreciated and I don't mind 3rd party sources.

Shadow Lodge

The title is pretty self explanatory but to elaborate what is the hardest thing you've seen your party have to do at the table, what are the toughest decisions they've had to make, and how did it all turn out in the end?

Shadow Lodge

So I'm working on a Derro savant for a random encounter and I'm trying to figure out good sorcerer bloodlines for it that are thematically appropriate.

Right now I'm thinking aberrant, destined, and the 3rd party bloodlines Vril or ooze. Can anyone think of any others that seem like a good fit? If at all possible sticking to stuff from paizo would be greatly appreciated.

Shadow Lodge

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I was just looking over the shaman spell list presented in the ACG and it appears that somehow after 2 beta iterations the shaman still doesn't have access to spiritual ally even though it has feats that seem to reference it having that ability. Is this a typo that got overlooked and has since been errata'd in or is the shaman not supposed to have that ability?

Shadow Lodge

Has anyone here seen The Quest yet on ABC yet? It's basically a live action pathfinder game with really high production values and I was wondering if anyone else has been enjoying it as well. I'm not usually a fan of reality competition but this one had really held my attention.

So anyone else been enjoying the show?

Shadow Lodge

I'm working on a swashbuckling Mwangi prince from deep within the expanse and I'm trying to figure out a good trait to fit that thematically. Right now he has reactionary to match his years of rigorous training in morningstar stick fighting and his furious assault but I can't think of/find a good one to match the rest of the build. Anyone have any good ideas?

Shadow Lodge

Are natural slam attacks considered to be an attack that can only be carried out with a particular limb like a claw attack or is it more like improved unarmed strike and assumed to be a hit from any particular limb that is available?

Shadow Lodge **

If I am playing a race like human or tengu which gets all languages can I get them through my bonus languages or do I have to spend linguistics points?

A link or pg reference to back up whatever people know would also be greatly appreciated.

Shadow Lodge

The investigator is listed as getting an inspiration pool equal to 1/2 lvl + Int (min 1). Is that min 1 in reference to the level mod or total number?

For example if I have a 1st level Investigator with a 15 Int do I have a poll of 3 or 2?

Shadow Lodge **

If I apply GM credit to a tiefling character I have who is at 0 xp but he is too high of level to benefit from it yet will he still be protected from becoming illegal come August 13th?

Shadow Lodge **

I know that humans get the ethnic language of the region they are from but does that mean other races do as well? Like if I am a Half orc from the land of the Linnorm kingdoms do I get Ulfen for free or if I'm a Tengu from their home country in Tian Xia to I get Tian for free?

Shadow Lodge **

Basically the question above, I've been playing or con GM'ing pfs now for about 4 years now but I've never thought to ask. I assume the answer is yes but if their is an official ruling one way or the other it would be greatly appreciated to know now.

Shadow Lodge

So I've had this idea for a swashbuckler build floating around my head for a while and I want to see if I can get some help bringing it to completion.

The character is a Mwangi stick fighter from deep in the expanse, a chieftain's son destined for the throne one day and hoping to learn the strength he needs in order to protect and lead his people to prominence in his hostile lands full of dinosaurs, monsters, and man hunting apes. In order to accomplish this he has learned of the pathfinder organization and more importantly the new taldan faction and hopes to use the training and cache of supplies he gains their as a way to make him the man he wants to be and give him the connection to the outside world he will need once he returns home.

Now the idea is to have him play as something akin to a classic stick fighter with a morningstar in one hand (which looks like a long hafted stick with a bunch of skulls and teeth mounted to the tip) and a madu in the other for protection.

Now the things I need to figure out are what is a good build to pull this off, what feats work well for that kind of build.

Also would he be better/more interesting as a human or a half-orc? I like either but the latter kind of builds off some of the stuff presented in bastards of golarion with him being a son of diplomacy, bred to fend off incursions of Charu-ka and having tribal tattoos that give him resistances to demonic attacks.

Shadow Lodge

So I'm working on a Paladin of Dammerich for pfs and after realizing that I don't have much time left decided to start to throw one together quick to match my needs.

Right now I just see him as a devout practitioner Dammerich's cause, working with either the Silver Crusade, the new andoran faction, or the new Taldan faction in order to execute criminals, protect mankind, and stabilize regimes that seek to wield that power.

Right now the plan has been archon blooded rather than angel to match Dammerich, pick up celestial obedience, and eventually grab up angelic wings.

My biggest issue right now is getting my stat array where I want it and trying to think of other good feats for him besides power attack and the aforementioned tree.

So here is my current stat array. Any help or advice on a good stat array for an Archon blooded paladin would be greatly appreciated.

Str 14
Dex 12
Con 16
Int 10
Wis 13
Cha 15

Shadow Lodge **

So for Gencon I know I am running Vengeance at Sundered Crag at least 3 times and I'm a bit apprehensive about running it. I'm not usually one to run the high level tables and I know that time management and organization are not always one of my strongest skills at the gaming table. On top of this it seems that I might not be getting the module until right before the con which doesn't make for much prep time.

So with that in mind I'm looking for advice from those who have the module already. What should I look out for, what should I spend the most time prepping, what spots eat up the most time, and what kinds of parties and players should I be on the most lookout for and be ready for in terms of skills and abilities?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Shadow Lodge **

Do replays form GM stars reset and if so when do they exactly? I've got a potentially large number of friends I'm bringing to my pfs game this week and unfortunately the only game that we could all play in is one I've already played. I have a GM star to use but I'd rather not burn it through if it is the only one I have.

Anyone know the answer to this?

Shadow Lodge

As the title says I'm working on an NPC group made up of rogues with the Bekyar kidnapper archetype. They work together to take down targets, tie them up, and then haul them back to towns and other civilized areas to sell for cash.

Currently though I'm having a problem figuring out what feats and rogue talents I'm going to stick on them. Right now they are 4th level Orcs and I have improved grapple as one of their rogue talent bonus feats and sap adept but beyond that I'm kind of at a loss.

Anyone have any good ideas on rogue talents and feats that will help these guys grapple, knock out, and tie up people?

Shadow Lodge

You all awake and groggy and tired in your small work tenements, the events of yesterday still fresh in your mind. Yesterday, Sunday February 16th the sky's shook and cracked as it seemed to rock itself apart forcing everyone either into their homes or to the stables as they tried to keep the animals from panicking. Luckily no one seems to be hurt and the sky seems to have returned to normal but after all of the thrill of yesterday many of you dread the extra work you will have to do to repair and catch up on after this trying ordeal and many worry of it happening again.

Now the sun has started to creep up on this cold and foggy morning and you know that soon everyone will start to gather in front of the modest estate of the Aurelians, the family that owns and runs Golden Fields Farm to await their jobs for the day as is procedure after events like yesterday. No doubt there will be many awaiting answers for yesterday's events and work orders for the day which likely won't be anything fun.

What do you guys do?

Shadow Lodge

If a character is unconscious are they allowed to choose whether or not they are going to make a save, is it something that is set as always either on or off, and can they select it from round to round?

If they can select it from round to round how is that explained in game? Ostensibly the character is unconscious and unable to distinguish who or what is going on around them so how can they tell if that 6 seconds of pressure is your medic putting your entrails back inside you or if it's the orc coming to finish his grizzly work?

I'm interested to see if Paizo has an answer for this.

Shadow Lodge

So I'm working on a spiked chain wielding NPC ranger and I was wondering what is the most compatible combat style to really wring out the power of a spiked chain for a ranger. Now I know about the Zon-Kuthon style in Inner Sea combat but I'm wondering is their one that is as good or better than that one though? Any answers would be greatly appreciated.

Shadow Lodge

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Now I know this is a stupid question but seriously what would a character with 20 levels in commoner be in a pathfinder world? Like I can figure out what an expert, warrior, or aristocrat could be theoretically be if they went 20 levels in their NPC class but for the life of me I cannot fathom what that looks like for a commoner. Is he like a peasant king, the penultimate farmer, what is he?

If anyone has any ideas let them fly I'm kind of interested to see what people come up with.

Shadow Lodge

If your party is out on a moonlit night without some source of artificial illumination and someone has low-light vision do they just treat it as if it is bright light for the purposes of concealment and other effects?

Shadow Lodge

Welcome to the discussion page for the Shadow over Golden Fields Farms one shot. Here you can feel free to ask me out of game questions, check some game resources, vocab and formatting stuff, etc. I'm going to start by listing some reference material and formatting below.

This is the farmstead that the Aurelian's live in. Might also be the same house other non family members live in further off the property.

The barn on the property.

This links to other images to help you get the idea of the size and space of the various buildings and sites you'll be romping around in.

If you are writing in a language that isn't common make sure to put it behind a spoiler tag with a spoiler that indicates what one might need to read it.


In halfling:
I really want some coffee

Orc gibberish:

The environment of the surrounding area is akin to the American great plains in terms of environment and the american southwest. So think rolling open plains alongside rough badlands. Any more info would be obtainable through the use of Knowledge (geography) in game if you are interested.

Make sure to check out the world wiki starting Here. After that punch in the frontier tag in the search bar on obsidian portal and it should help fill in a lot of gaps.

The Imperium: the massive nation that the frontiersmen owe fealty to. They have a base south of here where one of their legions operates. They maintain the roads and defend the farming villages around the town of Lowerborough. Think NCR from Fallout New Vegas

Frontiersmen: The rough and tumble farmsteaders of the region, Frontiersmen are the descendants of Imperials (often of the Octavian, Calvan, and Anastasian lands) who migrated here once the land was opened to settling by the Imperium. Though descended from Imperial citizens they have developed into their own unique culture and both see each other as separate people now.

Nomads: The native people of this land the Nomads have lived here since time immemorial. They roam the lands on foot and horseback surviving off the lands as few others can. Their relationship with the Imperials and Frontiersmen is often tense as these new groups move into their traditional lands and set up shop forcing them to relocate. That being said they do have a level of respect for each other as many Nomad clans fought side by side with Imperial Legions during the Orc wars over 2 centuries ago. Though nomads include humans it also encompasses other races like feralfolk, orcs, nomad born half-orcs, halflings, hobgoblins, goblins, and Ironborn.

New languages:

Slivic: the language of the nomads. Sounds like Navajo or Apache.

Saradaga: Known as The Sun Language Saradaga is the language of the people of the city of Jaddah Yafif. It has roots in Draconic, Igan, and their own primitive proto-language. It sounds arabic.

Shadow Lodge

The tag line basically says it all but does anyone have or know of stats for barbed wire? As it stands I think that it would function like a trap akin to beartraps, trip wires, and the little pit trap item you can find in Ultimate Equipment but I'm not sure how it would be done and priced.

I'm guessing it causes entanglement like a tanglefoot bag where you are entangled and then save or not able to move from that spot. I guess after that it would make grapple checks against you to cause damage.

But how much damage? d4, d6, d8?

If you guys have any answers or ideas feel free to chime in I would love to know if anyone has any answers or would like to help out.

Shadow Lodge

If a large creature with reach attacks through a normal sized window does it count as squeezing, does the target get cover, or how does it treat?

Shadow Lodge

Does standing up from prone count as a non move move action like a 5 foot step or like a normal move action?

When you stand up from prone and provoke an Attack of Opportunity do you take the penalties from being prone for those attacks or not?

Shadow Lodge

The thread line is pretty self explanatory but to elaborate does anyone know if paizo has put out any stats for cows? Considering you can buy and sell them it seems like something we might have stats for.

Shadow Lodge

The Golden Fields Farms are a placid and beautiful place, rolling fields of wheat, corn, and other crops for as far as the eyes can see. Your life has been this for as long as you can remember and though the rest of the frontier might be a harsh and unforgiving land this small patch of it has always been kind to you and yours. Now, deep into the colder months of February you are weathering the chill with the hard work of the fields and the exotic crops your family/employer is testing to increase his yield this year even during the February chill. All in all it's an ordinary day, just like all the rest...

That is the start of this little experiment, a one shot meant to prologue some of the events about to transpire in my home game on Sunday and instead of just blocking out the events myself I've decided it would be fun to see how it would look if I let other players decide how everything would play out? As players you are going to get to play as members of the Golden Fields surviving through what is probably the single worst week they will probably experience. Now before I get into requirements here I want to warn that this is meant to be a very tough game with a play style far closer to that of Call of Cthulhu than the standard Pathfinder game. You are not playing the heroes here, you are farmers suffering through incredible hardships and trying to figure out how to survive. Life is cheap and easy to lose if you aren't careful but if you succeed will be all the more rewarding. Now with that out of the way time to throw up the requirements

1. Everyone plays an NPC class: You are all farmers or members of the farms work force and it is your primary source of income. Your people are not adventurers and are more likely to run from those encounters than actually engage in them. If trouble ensues that you can't handle with a simple pitchfork, crossbow, or good old outsmarting you can always send a runner to town to get aid. It's better to get the Imperial guard and have them help handle it rather than risking your friends and family on some of the more dangerous creatures and threats that live out here in the wild frontier. Now all that being said I think most characters should be commoners. This is a large but rather normal farm that grows corn, wheat, and other staple crops to take to market in the large town of Lowerborough about half a days walk south of here. Their need for aristocrats is probably low.

2. 3 point buy: Normal NPCs are built on a 3 point buy and I'm looking to repeat that. You are normal people not adventurers, hell you might literally be commoners working the fields. The other upside of this that it lends itself to...

3. Make a few characters: If you couldn't tell from above, you might want to make a few characters. All of them will be active workers on The Golden Fields farm and somewhere around the grounds while events are going on.

4. Playable races: The common races for this region are a bit different than what core assumes. All playable races are listed here under the common races. Feralfolk use the skinwalker stats presented in blood of the moon.

5. Crits & Fumbles: I use the critical hit and fumble decks paizo puts out and considering it can be a make or break for some people I think I should mention it here. If you fumble you have to roll to confirm the miss, you hit on the second roll and you just miss, fail again and the card gets drawn. On a crit after rolling to confirm you roll d%, if you roll 5% or less you not only get a crit but get a critical effect from the crit deck. High crit range increases the chance of crit card by 5% per point in the range, high multiplier gets you an extra card per multiplier point over 2. So for example a crossbow has a 10% chance of getting a crit card while a spear gets 2 crit cards thanks to it's high crit.

Resources: The players guide referenced above is a good place to start if you are looking for insight into the world you will be playing and I'll repost it below along with other pertinent links.

here under the common races. Feralfolk use the skinwalker stats presented in blood of the moon.

5. Crits & Fumbles: I use the critical hit and fumble decks paizo puts out and considering it can be a make or break for some people I think I should mention it here. If you fumble you have to roll to confirm the miss, you hit on the second roll and you just miss, fail again and the card gets drawn. On a crit after rolling to confirm you roll d%, if you roll 5% or less you not only get a crit but get a critical effect from the crit deck. High crit range increases the chance of crit card by 5% per point in the range, high multiplier gets you an extra card per multiplier point over 2. So for example a crossbow has a 10% chance of getting a crit card while a spear gets 2 crit cards thanks to it's high crit.

here under the common races. Feralfolk use the skinwalker stats presented in blood of the moon.

5. RP heavy: If it hasn't become clear yet this is not going to be an encounter in which combat will be as viable as the normal game. It can and probably will happen but the odds of it going well for any player involved are not good. Your greatest tool is your brain, your allies, and your ability to outsmart the situation rather than trying to pummel it apart.

6. Crits & Fumbles: I use the critical hit and fumble decks paizo puts out and considering it can be a make or break for some people I think I should mention it here. If you fumble you have to roll to confirm the miss, you hit on the second roll and you just miss, fail again and the card gets drawn. On a crit after rolling to confirm you roll d%, if you roll 5% or less you not only get a crit but get a critical effect from the crit deck. High crit range increases the chance of crit card by 5% per point in the range, high multiplier gets you an extra card per multiplier point over 2. So for example a crossbow has a 10% chance of getting a crit card while a spear gets 2 crit cards thanks to it's high crit.

Players guide: This is the aforementioned player's guide to my sunday game. This should give you a good working idea of the world you will be playing in.

Religions of the Frontier: This is a solid working list of the major religions populating the area nearby. Some are good, some are bad, and some are boogeymen that haunt campfire stories. Help you get into character and maybe get some ideas. Adepts of a particular faith get 1 domain offered by their chosen faith.

Now I'm hoping to hear from all of you soon, I would like to get this started as soon as possible and finished quickly in order to have the results ready for my regular party. Hope to be hearing from all of you soon ^-^.

Shadow Lodge

The titles pretty self explanatory but as it stands their isn't a written cost for non weapon or armor items made of adamantine. The closest I can find is the adamantine wire saw which is about 130-145 gp over the cost of the original.

Shadow Lodge

So I was messing around with the NPC stat array and realized that by point buy rules you would literally have a 3 point buy! So I was wondering if anyone can dream up any interesting or at least slightly challenging builds on a 3 point buy?

Shadow Lodge **

So did anyone else just not give a s+*$ about the little princeling and him living out his delusion dreams and potentially getting himself killed, how did you you guys handle dealing with him, and was any of it particularly cool and creative?

Seriously, for those checking in I'm expecting spoilers so if you want to know nothing heading forward don't you should stop now.

Shadow Lodge

So I'm working on a npc zombie lord fighter lvl 5 in full plate and wielding a halberd. Stat array is 17, 14, -, 10 or 12, 12, 16. What are some good feats for a tanky halberd wielding fighter who is basically meant to represent a group of unstoppable juggernaut guards in an arabian style merchant city?

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The Incutilus is a nautilus like aberration monster from bestiary 4 with an unique and interesting ability referred to as puppetmaster. I'm seeking to use some of these in my home game but the ability raises some questions I would love to see answered.

1.) Does the puppet gain the zombie template? The writeup implies this but a solid ruling would help.

2.) If it does but does not gain the undead type does that mean that the puppet is still considered it's original type and subtype for the purposes of spells and abilities?

3.) The puppet is not harmed by positive energy and is not undead but is also not alive? Is it healed like the living humanoid it used to be, is it like a construct and requires special healing options, or can it not be healed at all?

4.) Can the puppet make checks independently of the incutilus? Say having the puppet make perception checks alongside the incutilus?

Any answers would be greatly appreciated.

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The aforementioned Goalith Mutant

So I'm working on a creature for my homegame that is a hulking mutant rat humanoid that is deployed by ratfolk crews scavenging the surface world. The thing is meant to be the custom bred and designed killing machine designed for shredding targets in melee and drawing attention while ratfolk either engage at range, stealthily assault, or escape. Unfortunately they do have flaws in their design and are prone to mental instability if their fractured minds are addled too much.

Currently my biggest hurdle is trying to figure out what mutations I should give them from the new mutant template and trying to figure out if this fits into a CR 3-4.

Any help people can give is greatly appreciated. As stated above I'm really trying to figure out which mutations from the new mutant template fit the best for this hulking monster and its gear and skill points still haven't been placed yet. With that in mind though ready to receive comment and critique.

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You are gm'ing a player character for months and just don't know what to do with them and then just suddenly it clicks? I just hand one of those and I'm so happy I figured out something as I had had no clue what I could do with the character narratively that would be interesting. Have any other gm's had this happen before, what's your story, and what gave you that eureka moment?

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