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Our group has just taken on the second AP and i was just wondering (without anyone giving spoilers)what are the best ways to get the three listed objectives in the title?

we have a ship boarded and there is some discussion on what to do with it! the ship is worth 10k but we have no infamy yet... and 2 plunder.

What should we do? what is easier to come by plunder, infamy or gold. What considerations should we take when making these decisions?

my wizard has CWI anyway so if the cohort takes that too and cooperative casting then thats 50% less time crafting. not bothered about brew potion wand i was thinking is an ace feat isnt it? cure light wounds is one that would be good, know any others? but yes CMAA would be preferable there.

i suppose with the bard i could take coop craft at 1 then CWI at 3 then CMAA at 5, that might work, i get 2 feats also to choose.

one question would arcane builder stack with cooperative crafting....75% faster production?

i do agree though the extra dimension from a bard would also be invaluable.

as a human bard when getting another spell each level can that come from any arcane spell list?

yeah sorry i mean a wizard at level 5 with arcanarium crafting can select 5 feats, i looked at the bard and he only gets the standard 3. am i correct?

how does BAB effect the amount of feats you can take?

any feats though crafting ones will come first

That is all really helpfull guys thank you. i was toying with a bard, but the only thing that puts me off is the limited amount of feats he can choose, if you can talk me around this problem i would be greatfull.

I had started building a char, a gnome universalist wizard.i also took the arcanium crafter part too which i was very impressed with. basically another free feat at level 3. which brings the tally up to scribe scroll plus 4 more feats for a level 5 char.

As i am new to the game though i really did want to experiment, please show me a light on the bard else i get a wizard apprentice.

Thanks guys/girls

i could do with some advice as to how i can speed up the time taken to craft stuff or reduce the amount of GP it costs to make stuff, anyone got any ideas?

yeah universalist sounds very good, i think i will take that, not read much on a bard so ill check that out first. what about race, would a gnome be my best option? i was thinking about getting him a ring of invisibility and pretty much just leave him invisible all the time, and buff whilst in combat.

Az yes he does need to be a caster really as he will be the crafter out of the party

I have agreed with my dm that i can make a crafter specifically. we also agreed that he will not be direct combat based, hence the buffing. as for creating him, i have been given complete reign to do so following the npc creation. Please be assured i dont want to slow combat down nor do i want to take anything away from the party in and around combat and roleplaying.

we are playing skull and shackles and none of our group are taking exotic or seige commander or any such thing, so i was thinking about combining these into the char....

make him the ships siege commander>crafter>buffer>some sort of alchemy to discover cannons???? though that part isnt agreed yet.

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Hi all this is a remake of a post yesterday, with more specifics. I am a level 7 wizard and will be taking leadership. I have craft wondrous items, so my cohort will not need that, though i may consider it.

I would like help to build my cohort as i am still very new, i would like him or her to be the party crafter, in all things great and wonderfull.

This doesnt have to be exhausting, just some advice as to how i could best utilize building another charachter. all help no matter how diminutuve is greatly appreciated.

You dont need to know the fabric of time and space to be able to give me some advice, im sure that gnome is a good place for me to start,

As for what i would like my cohort to do in battle, is protect me mainly as i have awful hit points, and mybe cast some buffs on the party, im pretty sure with co-operative crafting and crafters fortune i will be able to get over any spellcraft check so not having the pre-req spells may not be so much of an issue.

Thanks again

I have agreed with my GM that i can take leadership in our campaign. I will give you a brief overview of what i would like him/her to be able to do. Basically i want them to be the parties crafter, of all things magical and wonderful. along with any followers, i would like them all to be a combined crafting force for our party. i have ideas for a cult or guild so it is just the charachter sheet i really need help with, ie race and things.

Thanks for your help.

what is WBL and RAW please?

please could someone spell out the abreviations for me please?

the shrine thing was just something i was toying with for a backstory for taking leadership, the golum just because it is the most extravagant thing to make, and what bette sort of thing to protect magic users than the ultimate anti-magic for thought.

Anyway making gold, any other ideas i checked for get rich in the search function and didnt come up with anything to great!

Yes it does thanks to all of you. Just to iterate, we are going to be around level 20 i guess when the golum is constructed, so is going to be that ground breaking? Besides its going to take like a year to make or something rediculous.

We are level 5 now and already i can see a pattern where i am consuming more and more gold from the party loot, and i dont think it is going to stop, just being wizard compared to our other players is soooo expensive. what am i going to do?

I am sure i need more gold than the others?

May i also add, i had a quick look at the kingmaker AP, and could find the specifics for making a shop then running it, can anyone point me in the right direction please, and or give me brief outline on what needs to be done?

Im sure from my other posts you realise i dont want to break the game, but set up an empire i do want to do. Stopping adventuring is out of the question. I just fear that our group does not have access to the gold we need to start making buying the things we desire. My ultimate goal is to make an adamanite golum, which i cannot see us having the gold between us let alone my self to make, so i am trying to make foundatioons now to get that near endless amount of gold needed to do such a thing.

I am very inexperienced in Pathfinder so excuse me if this statement seems poor but seeling treasure for half its market value seems extremely harsh, we dont get enough anyway let alone making us loose half its value.

Please can we get back to appropriate ways to generate gold. The shop thing is a good idea but how can my GM police it and fairly calculate an income from it? as well as generating our gear.

also may i add, that i intend my cohort to have such i high score in spellcraft through, gnome, co-operative construction, natural skill points, crafters fortune and take 10, that not being able to cast the spell is not going to be an issue hence level isnt going to be such an issue.

we are playing skull and shackles and have taken the mount. therefore we have land keep rooms everything at our disposal for creating a little prairy. I intend on using this area for my base and generating money from there. So lets say all the followers and cohort do thier craft check of dedicated work, should i be paying the hire costs for these people although they have technically chosen to be my underlings, i am creating a nethys shrine and community, and they choose to be thiere closer to thier faith, therefore i dont think they need to be paid they are really free labour, for the greater good of thier god. of course they get anything they really need as i am generous, so what do you think calcualtions would be... also as i am a wizard what do you think the best way for me to gain more points on my leadership score would be. i have a Charisma modifier of +3 at the min something like 14 Charisma now?

Once again let me take time for all your feedback, even the negative as i dont want to spoil our game, tie us down with more charachters and roles. Just to create our empire.

i found the noble scion though i dont understand how that can help me make gold?

Hi everyone and thanks for the advice in order of post ill reply,

The rod thing i dont think i will get away with. And probably rightly so i think, though i do like the cunning of it.

I do plan on my cohort taking all the crafting feats, and leaving him behind to do all our crafting, hence saving alot of time and money. i will take him on some adventures to get xp for him. If we do set up a shop how would i go about calculating what items may have been sold over x amount of time? i think this line of thinking may be bought by my DM tho so please keep it coming.

I cannot find Noble Scion in the general books, where can i find this, and can you give me a brief desciption.

Many thanks all.

I have heard that using the Feat Leadership is a good way to become stinking rich, please can i get some advice on how to use this feat to become "Stinking Rich"

do you know any other good combinations?

Hi was wondering... if i cast a spell such as grease and a number of monsters fail and fall, then i cast a spell like fireball that targets reflex, do they instantly fail?

sorry you miss my meaning. you can add effects to your bonded object as if you have any relevent crafting feats.... c ould i then addfor instance the abilities of a rod of reach for instance?

is it possible to add rod metamagic effects to the bonded object?

That is amazing thanks, one last question too then, of I use my bonded object to cast the fireball can that also have selective spell on it?

Hi guys thanks for the reply, firstly i gues im going to be playing a while so level isnt really an issue, though i do like fireball the combinations for it sound amazing. i took improved initiative at 1 and wondrous item at 3 and have made a couple things. i dont understand how you can create rods without the feat please explain that to me?gold is a massive issue.. i thijnk, were playing skull and shackles and always seem so short... me in particular.

one more thing, once i take a feat can i apply it to multiple spells so long as i follow the increase in level thing? ie apply it to a level 1 spell to make it level 2 and also to another level 2 spell to make it level 3? so from one metamagic feat i have upgraded 2 spells?

I am new to PF and would like some advice. I am playing a wizard and have taken the magical lineage trait, though i have not chosen a spell yet. I have also just hit level 5 and have 2 feats to choose. I am asuming this would be a good time to choose metamagic feats and combine them.

Please could people give me some advice as to what to choose for feats and spell combinations. I dont mind conserving anything till later if it was worth waiting.

Many thanks

Hi there, im still new to this game and was wondering, where can i find information about how to craft these tatoo's, i looked on d20 but the information is very limited.i would like to know what the limitations and everything to do with them, and a list of pre-constructed tattoos,

another thing too, i took counter class as it gives me improved counter at level 6, i was gonner take parry spell too, but as for the initial counter i can use dispell magic.... what do i do if the spell is a higher level than dispell magic, would it still work?

Thanks though it is a good eye opener.... shame im level 4 and have changed once already else id be going to that diviner spec. i chose counter class as i wanted to pawn magic users....

ah i found fleet footed never mind about that

also i cant find Fleet-footed anywhere please can you explain what and where it is

its one of your builds.... elf "universalist" Diviner

i noticed one possible mistake, how can you be a univeralist school when taking forsight its divination school?

ITem 3? Hag i dont get the significance please could you elaborate a little for me please? i am new to Pathfinder so i have very limited knowledge.

ok thats good news.... a Familiar??? i didnt read anything about that. is that even posible, how the hell would i do that with my bonded object. i rejected the option for a familiar as a wizard?

Good day all, i was thinking about setting up a jewellery shop and was wondering how you go about acquiring a shop or suitable lodgings to create this. How would i gain employee's and what would the incomes and outgoings be? ie rent taxes bribes to the "mockers" guild , wages etc then visa versa hpow much income would a business like that generate is there any rules ragarding this?

I read on this forum a little while ago that someone considered leadership feat nas the best in game. Please can somebody give me reasons why this is?

May i just add, from memory here so i may be wrong, i play a forsight diviner and as i recall it says "may roll a D20 at the start of youyr turn" which can be SUBSTITUTED for any other D20 roll during. key words "ANY" and "SUBSTITUTED" it does not refer to combat nor diplomacy. i use it alot for crafting.

IE you can roll your dice if that roll is crap then substitute it for the divine roll. on anything.

But i agree with the masses speak to him... if he still wants to be a pric* then see what the other players would like to do, im sure they would be on your side.

Please somebody explain a little bit to me about this?

thanks for the reply, we are to and throwing about that, and everywhere in the book it is pedantic and says specifically what can and cannot be done. Here it simply says Choose an arcane school power, it doesnt say it has to be the one in the school that i have taken.

This is a simple question that i really need explaining to me.

When creating an item, that falls into the catagory of rolling a D% on a 1 it is intelligent, then something like 2 - 31 it has an inscription or special design.

Can someone please explain this to me a little more clearer, im pretty much fine with if you role a 1 its intelligent thats fine you have to pay loads but get a really interesting item, i hope i role a 1 sometime.

But no where can i find what happens if you role a 2 - 31 what sort of designs or inscriptions happen please some one explain???

Thank you for any help here.

Hi guys, i have just started playing this game and me and our GM cannot agree on what the rules for favoured class Elf Wizard mean.

This is taken from the advanced players guide.

It says that Wizards can substitue thier hit point/skill point when selecting another level in thier favoured class for an Arcane School power chosen at level one. This must be usable at level one and must be able to use it 3+Int modifier divided by 2.

Now, a little background to my char, i am a level 4 wizard with for levels of wizard taken and Wizard as my favoured class. I have specialised in Counter Class (abjuration).

Now the rules doesnt state that i have to choose the ability within my magic school, it says simply each time i select my favoured class i can choose to take the hit point/skill point or add another 3+int mod/2 to my chosen favoured class school power. Firstly is have i interpreted this correctly?

Secondly i wanted to make the choice of Prescience of the forsight school (divination). This satisfies the requirements to be selected as my favoured class school power, so long as i can choose something outside my school. Is this allowed? (divination is not one of my negative schools)

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