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Rynjin wrote:
Saldiven wrote:


Go into your bedroom. Start a stopwatch. Then, open every drawer, making sure to riffle through the contents; check any closets including stuff hanging on the racks or in shelves; check under your bed and between the mattress/boxspring; go through the bookshelves; look through any other container that you have. Lastly, stop the watch.

There's your answer. Adjust upward or downward depending on how big/small and furnished/unfurnished the in-game room happens to be.

Go grab a stick. Start a timer to count down from 6 seconds. Swing the stick as many times as you can before the countdown stops.

See where I'm going with this?

Real life to deny EX characters cool things (which is always a bad idea) is different from "How long does this take?"/"Rules don't say, it would take X in real life, and the PCs do this for a living, so lets take off Y"/"OK"

Koshimo wrote:
i think the answer depends on what are you trying to accomplish? are you trying to loot the enemies and move on? or are you searching the room trying to find hidden compartments and such? the first option should take a minute or two tops if you don't stop to identify, the second will take a while because you are doing more

Actually, the rules are NOT silent there. The game does list times for removing armor, and everything bigger than a shield takes at least a minute (and I'm pretty sure undressing and dressing corpses is harder than yourself, so likely even longer), so a minute or two tops only works if the enemy didn't use armor.

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3 days and 30 GP each

Shattered Psyche from the Valley of the Brain Collectors AP is VERY fitting for someone touched by HPL stuff (I have no no knowledge of that AP so it might even be intended for it), and probobly your best first party option thematics wise. It's a painful penalty, but the bonus are usable for it.

Grabing the Planar Savant trait helps negate the penalty for your curse and fits thematically too!

Kitsune focused on summoning. Maybe a wildblood Imperial Dragon option.

You can easily take an archetype like daring champion, but I don't see you being particularly successful as a battlefield controller, at least not substantially more than an NPC class warrior.

(Qadiran) Horselord Cavlaier at level 6 gets the double damage on one handed slashing weapons. Ask the GM how this works with the Weapon Versatility feat and if the feat makes the weapon of your choice a "slashing weapon" when used to deal slashing damage, or a "piercing weapon" that is doing slashing damage.

Another cavalier archetype gets an additional multipler (2 for normal, 3 for lance, 4 for lance+spirited charge), but that's the capstone and better with a lance.

Even armor with ACP can also be worn by anyone of the right size, it just carries penalties (technically armor without ACP also has penalties, but those are based on the ACP).

It's a core magic item. There's a lesser version in a 3.5 module (
Expedition to Castle Ravenloft), but that's just a +1 bastard sword for 3000 that you can wield with shortsword profiency and the ability to upgrade it to normal.

Pallavi of Nirvana’s Blossoming is a Bardic Masterpiece that's equivlent to a 4th level bard spell and replicates real sunlight. It requires 3 rounds to start, but there's no way to scroll masterpieces.

One option would be to hand them a full power Sunblade, but have it exhaust its power during the battle and stick the party with the 3000 GP version afterwards.

He's counting the extra head evolution

I thought it kinda went without saying a level 10+ barbarian with only 2 rage powers listed and no other totem powers would grab greater beast totem.

13 is the first time you can take Extra Rage Power (Boar's Charge).

Wildblooded Fey Sorcerer can be a dungeon crasher with their animal companion: There's always worse options for breaking down doors than an angry armadillo tiger (plus you can always share spells reduce person if it's too big to fit through something).

Bard and Skald always have verbal components on their spells

False Focus feat can bypass Heart of The Metal's costly component.

I noticed the Boar's Charge ragepower

While raging, when you hit with a gore attack as part of a charge, you automatically score a critical threat. You must still confirm the critical hit as normal.

I figured it was neat, but couldn't be broken because it would be limited to one attack a round. I wanted to capitalize on it though and looked for ways to get gore attacks. Then I found the Beatstrike Club


When transformed, the club counts as a natural weapon and a manufactured weapon for the purpose of spells and effects that enhance or improve either manufactured or natural weapons.

The club also counts as the natural weapon of its current shape for the purpose of feats and spells that rely on specific natural weapons, such as Weapon Focus (bite) or the bloody claws spell.

It's a manufactured weapon (you can full attack with it) that triggers feats (so just pick up Boar's Charge with Extra Rage Power) that improve gore. Take Disemboweling Tusks and then every hit does 1d4 con damage if it confirms a critical hit.

TWF with these for up to 3 extra attacks. After haste and a real/Helm of the Mammoth Lord gore attack you have 9 attacks that deal 1d4 con damage (22.5 con damage average). While ~CR20 level foes will have a bit more con than that, every 2 points does effective damage equal to their HD).

Downside: This only comes online at level 13 and is of questionable power on anything immune to con damage.

What makes a god in Golarion? It isn't giving divine spells (Empyeral lords, infernal dukes, demon lords ect can all do that and aren't real gods). It isn't immortality (all the above are by nature of their outsider status). Is it being unkillable except by another god or something of Earthfall level?

Your necromancer is already hiding one skeleton inside him. Why can't he just do that with the other one?

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Do Warlord/Warder/Stalker/Mystic/Harbinger with Sleeping Goddess "in-class" count as a "Psionic class" for psicrystal progression and detect psionics?

Is there a definition of "attack" for boosts in Elemental Flux? Invisibility's description has the only one I could find, and it explicitly includes "blast" spells. Do these boosts work with them?

^Druid 20 was decently common if Eberron material wasn't usable.

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Bards also have sketchy feat support. All their feats are must haves (lingering performance, Discordant Voice) or total bleh (Fire Magic, Hymn Singer) with no real in betweens.

Evangelist cleric is also fairly potent. One neat thing about it is that it's the only full caster capable of casting without telling everyone it's casting via Spellsong (it also helps for a lot of gods that only have one good domain)

So ranged, divine/healing, good against multiple enemies.

For first party stuff there's Lunar (Spirit Guide) Oracle who focuses on her animal companion with feats like Spirit's Gift, Celestial Companion and Evolved Companion as well as the Elf/Aasimar FCB for a blurry, celestial tiger with a stinger for a tail (Fitting for the campaign's theme, such a monstrosity's mechanics fit the description of a Nue) that has loads of HD.

With third party has Vitalist (THE best healer and the right class options let it blast stuff very well) and Warlord archer with Silver Crane are solid, but I'd avoid third party subsystems for a new GM

Which also creates the question of power/events can impart that power upon your blood for Aberrant.

Elemental has all the lovely natural disasters and Fey love to mess with humans, but what can be the source of an Aberrant bloodline? Are there even Aberrations with enough intelligence and thumbs to experiment on humans with Mind Flayers gone?

Simple question: What Aberrations are even capable of interbreeding with human(oid)s to spawn this bloodline in the first place?

All I can find are Veiled Master, the various Nagas and Phasms.

Unlike most sorcerers whose innate magic is powered by force of personality, you use pure willpower to master and fuel your magic. You use your Wisdom, rather than your Charisma, to determine all class features and effects relating to your sorcerer class, such as bonus spells per day, maximum spell level you can cast, and the save DCs of your spells. You gain a +2 bonus on all Heal and Knowledge (religion) checks.
Celestial—Heavenly Touch (Su): A number of times per day equal to 3 + your Charisma modifier, your familiar can grant fast healing 1 to an allied creature it’s touching. This effect lasts a number of rounds equal to your Charisma modifier (minimum 1) or until the familiar stops touching the creature, whichever comes first. At 10th level, the familiar grants fast healing 2 instead. At 20th level, the familiar grants fast healing 3 instead.

Is the duration and uses per day changed, or does it remain charisma based?

So a Warcat gets 3 NA and 2 strength in exchange for 2 dex, 4 wisdom and 5 charisma when compared to a big cat?

It's too late to edit, but as the skill points are GAINED, Sage is also useful on Improved Familiars with higher HD (Excluding the nigh infinite HD a homunculus can have if improved, Tidepool Dragon and Pooka hold the record at 4 and many 3 HD ones exist) as you still get the skill points for having high intelligence (and in many cases, lose the penalty to skill points for having low int) which means you aren't exactly locked at only 2 skills.

You won't be able to do it in 99% of campaigns, but with Crusader's Fist unarmed Antipaladins are pretty nasty.

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Sage isn't for int based masters like Wizard, Magus (Arcana) or Witch, nor skill based masters like bard or rogue.

It's for 2+ int skill classes with no int synergy.

Frostbite shuts down charging too.

Sound Burst also makes non-locked gauntlet users drop whatever they are holding.

Sirocco is a fine 6th level spell sure, but it's an AMAZING 4th level one for a Wood elemental wizard.

Honestly I don't expect pre-modern wood flooring to not have gaps too big for it to be water tight.

Unarmed Antipaladins are surprisingly viable with Crusader's Fist (your "cruelty"s are VERY debilitating once you have removed the question of attacking OR using touch of corruption), though that won't work with Knight of the Sepulchter.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

It's a well known oversight in the rules (it also means that archers on a wall are worse off than ones in front of it aside from any cover the battlements grant). Was a bit bummed when the Giant Slayer player guide had some rules for combat on hills and didn't do anything about it.

Other than level 10+ with Druidic Decoder feat, Loremaster's bonus languages and Oracle with the Tongues curse at level 5, are there any ways to learn (not merely magically understand) Druidic as a non-Druid?

The bonus languages given at level 5 with Tongues never actually restrict you to the initial list you can have at level 1 (or to non-secret languages so Druidic is valid)

Reread the OP. You don't touch the wax at all, just the paper.

Someone asked recently what skill is used to reseal a letter. I realized that the "seal with max" thing simply can't work in Pathfinder.

What stops an Adept, let alone a PC class caster, from preparing mending, cutting the bottom or back of an envelope (not touching the seal), removing the letter then when he's done reinserting the letter (or a replacement) then mending the envelope back into one piece?

I'd say you could use either to accomplish the end goal of reading a sealed letter without people knowing: Disable Device will let you open the letter in a way it can be resealed, Linguistics can forge you a replacement.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

I'd say as the character is opening it with the intent of resealing it, Disable Device is pretty clearcut. Fixing a seal or creating a fake seal on a new envelope are certainly options to accomplish the same end effect and the skill use for them is up in the air, but simply bypassing it is a clear cut Disable Device.

Honestly though, wax seals are pretty useless in a world with Mending/Make Whole. Cut the back of the envelope then magically fix it once you've done what you want with the letter. No check needed

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Which buildings are considered downhill from 15?

That elf on 14 has REALLY long legs

Are Halgra's children (both in number and race aside from two with half-orc fathers) intentionally undefined for PC use or are they in the AP?

If your table uses Path of War Eldritch Guardian can do interesting things with Martial Training.

Interestingly a lot of latter Imp familiars use different wording which actually gives easier requirements.
1: You don't need to be Arcane
2: You just need to be level X, not have a caster level of such.

Ultimate Campaign has prices on homes and they're pretty cheep at higher levels. That should stop the hobo part.

@jester david
Shattered Star 2 added it to Torag's list.

A Mauler familiar can not speak, even if its kind normally could. Does this mean a spellcasting familiar (Farie or Tidepool Dragon) can't use spells with verbal components?

Does Share Training work like Paragon Surge or the War Domain power in terms of daily use when a familiar uses feats like Stunning Fist?

Familiar Folio I think.

Looks fairly good. Some minor points

Invisibility Alarm is something for GMs to tie magic traps set in the middle of the hallway to (if you don't employ invisible stalkers or pixies the invisible guy walking through your hallway is absolutely an intruder).

Detect Metal, unlike other detect spells, lacks the clause that "1 foot of stone, 1 inch of common metal, a thin sheet of lead, or 3 feet of wood or dirt blocks it.". Most walls are less than 60 feet thick and most enemies on the other side are carrying metal weapons/armor or gold coins. You can also find buried treasure with it.

Thunderstomp says you CAN use your caster level and spell casting modifer, not that you have to. This can be useful for a gish (though that may be outside the scope of the guide).

Touch of Mercy's real use is that the creature has to take a -4 penalty on all attack rolls (notice it's a compulsion effect, not transmutation) which is actually passable. Healing also heals double if something is doing lethal damage, but in combat healing...

Discern Value isn't instantaneous, so it has use in downtime if you have secured a hoard with lots of lot value items not worth dragging back to town (a library is the obvious one. Anyone who has shipped books internationally will tell you paper is pretty heavy).

Energy Assessor's damage barely tops fireball (an area spell half its level) on a single target and will do LESS if the target has any energy resistance 5s.

There's certainly gods with zero good domain options (Asmodeus gets one OK domain and a simple weapon. I seriously suspect you could put a list of his many spell granting underlings on a dartboard and wind up with a better option than their boss on average) how many people optimizing a character will make a character who gets domains and worships them? Wouldn't someone who cared more about optimization just pick a deity that wasn't terrible? It's not like there are a shortage of deities that aren't terrible even without digging through lists of obscure quasi powers.

Warpaths do do more for Inquisitors and (especially) Warpriests, but there's both intended to be more combat focused than clerics and weaker classes

While rage and feather are certainly a step above even normally high quality domains, good domains aren't exactly rare and occpy a good percent of domains if you only count the largely the same alignment (Chaos, Evil, Good, Law) and elemental (Air, Earth, Fire, Water) domains once each instead of 8.

You realize a single domain CAN get you 2 rage powers, level rounds in rage on top of the ability to add a lot of extra damage to an attack several times a day in addition to some nice spells you don't normally get right?

Domains are powerful, ESPECIALLY in PF.

Note the archetypes gets a higher rate and more disciplines than a Warpath could. Also for what it's worth, Paizo thinks Paladin casting with worth a blessing and a domain at -4 with Temple Guardian.

I think the advanced study option for Warpaths is a bit uneeded though. The others make it interact more with divine abilities like they should, but AS seems uneeded.

Nothing cheesy. Using an effortless lace bastard sword over say... a Kukri means an average of less than (lower crit range) 3 damage on average.

If you REALLY wanted to do something odd, take Erastil and the Hunter's Eye trait, take Crusader's Flurry, Guided Hand, (Improved) Snapshot and Wolf Style Chain (this will require Human with the extra feats FCB): When people aproch you, they provke AoOs which lower their movement and let you trip them... even though you are 15 feet away.

I think the best way to get them to keep it is to make them think is to make it look like a plot hook: Ensure they can't ID what deity it belongs to, and they'll keep it around AT LEAST long enough to take it to their Wizard friend.

The highest listed check for IDing a holy symbol is 20 which anyone in the party that's trained in Know:Religion could make it by rolling high, but you could easily pick an even more obscure deity (some random great old one) make up a secondary symbol (perhaps for the cult itself) that's more obscure than the main one and assign it a higher check. You could also just make up a symbol and have the player's auto fail because there isn't any deity associated with it to recognize.

Out of the box the Cleric is a better caster because he can change spells to meet the situation, however Spirit Guide oracle with a good Intelligence for Arcane Enlightenment is MUCH better.

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