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deuxhero's page

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Cyrad wrote:

I don't understand why folks find CMB/CMD complicated. A combat maneuver is always 1d20+CMB vs CMD. The math is simple. CMB = melee attack bonus; CMD = melee attack bonus + touch AC.

Now, the combat maneuvers themselves? The bloated grapple rules? The fact that combat maneuver builds become impossible at higher levels when fighting big creatures is common? I totally see that.

I've never seen anyone say it is. The problem people have with it is just that the scaling is completely wrong and it's impossible to get a good chance of success against CR appropriate monsters without crazy investment.

Heavily templated 8 headed hydras.

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1. Drop Fighter and monk, replace with Path of War
2. Fix CMD/CMB being broken
3: Make weapons gain in effectiveness with more proficiencies (For example: Simple quarterstaff is only useful as a bludgeon, martial quarterstaff is reach, exotic makes it a double weapon. Simple sling is a basic ranged weapon, martial sling reloads for free, exotic sling can fire alchemical items) and cut down on how weapons are strictly better or worse because they are "simple" or "exotic" weapons.
4: Tied into 3, condense weapon types. No need for 20 types of sword. Polearms, instead of listing every weird variant known to man, are one weapon that the creator can pick from a set of bonuses (make it a trip/disarm/whatever weapon, do an extra damage type ect.) and list some common
5: Replace alignment with something that actually works like the color wheel.

I'd like to see a way for ancestral weapons to actually work in PF.

3.5 had a pretty good option in Ancestral Relic (take a feat. Now you can sacrifice treasure and add its full value, instead of selling it for half, to the value of a single magic item adding new abilities as appropriate.) that was simple and effective, but the new item crafting rules make it odd to port directly.

Perhaps some magic items that can grow in power as an innate part, like gaining new abilities when more precious gem are inserted into it.

Ghoul Sorcerer seems interesting. The third level ability for +1 and cold resist 5 isn't bad either. That will only come online at 12th level though.

Fate's Favored will require the Additional Traits feat, but there are plenty of options for the second (like Magical Knack or one of the many initiative/save/whatever boosters or the handful of traits that grant proficiency)

Not sure why people are so sure combat styles don't have (seemingly) casual walks in their routine.

Just doesn't make sense someone can enter combat yet not enter a stance as part of it either. Forcing characters to blow a swift action when entering a stance is just a nerf to martial characters for no particular reason.

What level are you?

If they've taken the Large evolution Small passages enemies flee through will either stop them or force them to take an action to break the barrier if its thin enough (Encourage this. While "wasting" an action in combat hurts, destroying big obstacles is cool enough most players won't care)

Archives of Nethys lists them and their source under each deity's page.

The alternative to sorcerer is growing stupidly strong (being +6 ahead of other Eidolon) with fighter, but there's really no question on optimizing that.

An alternative to biped is racial and/or bloodline given natural attacks, but I have no idea how to optimize that.

You don't have to reactivate "not flat-footed" every combat, it happens automatically as part of becoming aware of combat. No reason you can't pop into a stance when you start combat like literally every martial artist in the world does.

How does Half-Elf (also Half-Orc) work with Ancestor Eidolon? Does their Eidolon get the abilities of a Elf, Half-Elf and Human all at once? Can they only be Half-Elf? Pick one of the three? My view on what makes sense is the third, but...

Also does Ancestor get ability score adjustments?

Relevant abilities (From Blood of the Beast)
At 1st level an Ancestor subtype Eidolon gains the racial traits (no alternate traits) from the Summoner's race (not sure if this includes ability adjustments).

A 4th level it gains the sorcerer, fighter or rogue simple class template as though it had 1 HD (but can't have abilities a level 1 member of that class wouldn't)

At 12th level those advance to be as if they had 5 HD.

Biped only naturally makes the ancestor favor weapon wielding builds. For this I think the best race is one with proficiencies or Human (who can blow the bonus feat). If Half-Elf (and their ability to pick human stuff, elf stuff and half-elf stuff) lets you pick one of the three, they are likely the best.

Spells will only be level 1/2 and an Eidolon is (sorta) full BAB so it would seem like typical Gish pick, but the obvious ones can be cast on the Eidolon either directly (Mage Armor) or via Share Spells (Shield) so the longer duration ones seem like they should be skipped. Thunderstomp seems an option, as you can still use Strength and BAB if you want to, as does Longarm (Being huge means huge reach. Being huge and having Long Arm means huger reach). Prehaps Extra Traits (Magical Knack/???) and Pearls of Power would be worth it for them?

Bloodline though I have no idea what to pick. Most Sorcerer Bloodlines don't have good 1st or 3rd level abilities for a gish.

An Antipaladin IS a Paladin. Alternate classes are big archetypes (hence why you can't multiclass between them and why Ninja can take a few Rogue archetypes)

A series of modules like Kobold King and Crypt of the Everflame is the strongest option for experimenting with a setting.

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Trade it for a subdomain?

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I think a series of modules would be a good way to use some more settings than just APs. There's already at least 2 sets (Crown of the Kobold King and Crypt of the Everflame) and both are well regarded.

Captain Yesterday Smurf wrote:
deuxhero wrote:
captain yesterday wrote:
Yes they all have campaign traits, but WotR's are far more restrictive. Others are "you know a major NPC for one of many possible reasons" (Carrion Crown, Jade Regent), "you're interested starting the adventure because..." (Kingmaker, Mummy's Mask), "you're in the area because..." (Carrion Crown, Skulls and Shackles). Others are also relatively easy to come up with an additional trait with the GM and needs minimal story adjustment (Curse of the Crimson Throne just requires some other reason you want to whack Gaedren). WotR is an entire backstory, and an awful one at that.

No idea what I said, or why you quoted me. I know I couldn't have said enough to warrant snipping.

Next time I recommend just leaving the quote so I know what I was talking about. :-)

I would have, but the the forums don't seem to like that many layers of quotes and never quoted it in the first place.

captain yesterday wrote:

Yes they all have campaign traits, but WotR's are far more restrictive. Others are "you know a major NPC for one of many possible reasons" (Carrion Crown, Jade Regent), "you're interested starting the adventure because..." (Kingmaker, Mummy's Mask), "you're in the area because..." (Carrion Crown, Skulls and Shackles). Others are also relatively easy to come up with an additional trait with the GM and needs minimal story adjustment (Curse of the Crimson Throne just requires some other reason you want to whack Gaedren). WotR is an entire backstory, and an awful one at that.

What are his thoughts on them? All I can find is that his faith comes into conflict with Urgathoa's sometimes and they train for that possibility.

Trying to figure out if the undead part of undead sokushinbutsu should be an intended result or not.

I note nothing in the spell or reincarnate says you stay male/female, just that you look similar as if next of kin (and next of kin being the opposite sex tends to happen ~50% of the time).

cloakable wrote:

Or at least until the friendly druid/hunter dies of old age.

But yes, you could be essentially immortal with Cyclic Reincarnation. I do agree that a few rounds would likely weigh down even a Half-Orc, let alone an Elf that's seen 1050+12d100 years.

Clearly this is best for a pair of druids (and any additional participants who care to supply the money they need) that can afford the cost.

David knott 242 wrote:
Pharasma is not a good aligned deity

Hence why Qi Zhong (NG) will resurrect slain gods but she won't.

Asmodean Demon Hunters have been mentioned a handful of times. Any chance of them?

Control Winds is one of the best anti-army/settlement/ship spells out there, especially at its level.

You don't actually need eyes to see in PF (undead and elementals are the most prominent, but not the only example).

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Solid Shadows and the level 20 abilities of Shadow Bloodline/Shadow Mystery both add 20% to the realness of Shadow spells and neither caps the realness. Magical Lineage lets you apply Solid Shadows to Shades (80% real). This totals up to 120% real.

I know how super-real spells worked in 3.5 (where they were a lot easier to get), but how do they work (if they even do) in PF?

I think Kingmaker details the country fairly extensively, but that's a campaign itself.

Milo v3 wrote:
Improvised weapons are described in the rules as objects that are not weapons, so they aren't weapons. Thus you cannot make a masterwork weapon out of an improvised weapon as it is not a weapon (just as you cannot make masterwork armour using the masterwork weapon rules rather than the masterwork armour rules).

Shields are armor that can be masterwork, and even magic, weapons.

Pathfinder changed zombies to work on any creature with a corporal body.

Animate object every bone independantly, kill them without smashing them to pieces , then animate them all as zombies.

For something more exotic, how about Animated Object mining tools (picks, hammers, wheel barrows ect.) that have gone rogue?

I think there are also some grafts that cover it.

Just search "Divine Bond" on d20pfsrd and limit it to feats/magic items

Crusader's Longsword (Weapon Master's Handbook) gives you an extra +1 worth of Divine Bond abilities.

Blade of Bright Victory spell adds some bonuses to divine bond weapons (but it's a third level spell)

There are a few feats, but they are mount specific or TWF based.

Fuzzy-Wuzzy wrote:
First of all, PF has no rules to deal with missing body parts.


I assumed Xexyz's BBEG was most likely not level 20.

You could use a monster with innate casting as a basis.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Hopefully there is finally something to replace 3.5's Twilight property

Why not Arcane Archer?

Zen Archer Monk/Empyreal Sorcerer/Arcane Archer X

Secret Wizard wrote:

Expecting two main things:

For 1 I think the best way to word it is the way 3.5 did Necklace of Natural Attacks (which is actually better for fists while Amulet of Mighty Fists is better for natural attack) except not blowing the amulet slot. It applies to a single natural attack or you unarmed strike, which can be your unarmed strike. It's short, effective, and usable for builds that will use a single natural attack that otherwise have the same problems.

As for strength, more damage is kinda bland. Dex is popular because it does something other than make you hit harder, which the bonus for 2 handing and power attack already does. Most dex builds have other sources of damage (shocking grasp, sneak attack, double strength inspire courage)

1 person marked this as a favorite.

3.5 had a few alternatives to books for spellbooks, though I don't remember much of them.

On the optimized players bit I'd note modules assume fairly badly built (not merely unoptimized) player characters when balancing.

Replace Golbin Gunslinger with Artillery Team if you go musket.

An armed character threatens themselves and their allies, making it a pretty useless trait by RAW.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Correct. CR assumes a character has level appropriate stuff.

If you don't want that, you have entirely the wrong system.

The bonuses are different types (and dodge stacks anyways), so the AC bonuses stack.

The unarmed strike thing is much more in question.

Scaled Fist (Legacy of Dragons) is an option for your monk dip to make things charisma based over wisdom based.

Wisdom tends to be the better stats (will saves>social skills) but charisma does open some other tricks.

Planetouched can fit in anything that allows humans, given they are just mutant humans and come from normal humans. That's like... 8 races right there.

Way of the Wicked

For new players though try some modules before you do a full AP. The Falcon's Hollow 4 parter (Hollow's Last Hope, Crown of the Kobold King, Revenge of the Kobold King, Hungry are the Dead) is a good option, with the first and third modules being free.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Kingmaker could use some tiny updates here and there

Cayden Cailean and Sun Wukong are both chaotic former mortals who love alcohol. Are they divine drinking buddies?

zimmerwald1915 wrote:
deuxhero wrote:
Wrath of the Righteous already did that. It was one of the many, many reasons it was terrible.

1. No it didn't.

2. Overstatement much?

The campaign traits had very specific backstories attached to them. These were not only required, but required for your mythic path and thus character class. The AP proper further pushes these mandatory backstories with heavy plot involvement.

Here is what any character that intendeds to be primarily an arcane caster has to have in their backstory.

You bear a strange birthmark on your body—something you’ve learned is the Sign of the Seeker’s Spiral, a rune associated with the secret society known as the Riftwardens. You have researched this rune, and have learned that the mark sometimes appears on the children of Riftwardens who have been exposed to particularly strange planar energies. Unfortunately, you never knew your parents, for you were raised by a foster family in Kenabres. Your foster family has conf irmed that both of your parents were Riftwardens, and has further conf irmed that your parents went missing on a secret mission into the Worldwound less than a month after you were born. You’re not sure what happened to them, but you’re certain they’re dead—and your gut tells you that the one who murdered them yet lives! In any event, you’ve long felt magic in your blood, and casting spells comes easily to you. You gain a +2 trait bonus on all concentration checks. Associated Mythic Path: Archmage. Multiple Characters: You should be siblings with any other character that takes this trait, so that you share the same missing parents. Your parents could even be foster parents.

It's sadly not even the worst with the actual contents of the AP taken into account. Divine caster in particular gets really bizarre with certain deities (Something as simple as a human cleric of Torag, supposed to be relatively common, causes issues.). The parts that make this a huge problem come multiple books in so the GM can't discourage them in character creation.

Really, I'm not exaggerating. WotR has way too many problems inherit in its design.

Inner Sea World Guide wrote:
Azlanti are a regal, beautiful folk with handsome features and an aloof demeanor. Their skin tone ranges from olive to pale white, and their dark hair ranges from deep brown or dark red to black. The Azlanti often have expressive brows, and men often have slightly receded hairlines resulting in a sort of widow’s peak. One physical characteristic—a deep purple eye color—is seen today as absolute proof of strong Azlanti heritage.
Dragon Empires Gazetteer wrote:
The people of Minkai display the widest range in eye color among the people of the Dragon Empires, from the typical black or brown to blue, green, violet, amber, orange, redorange, and even gold. Some believe a person’s eye color determines or reflects her personality and aptitudes, and therefore her place in life. Pale skin is considered the most attractive[...] Straight black hair is the most common.

Any connection?

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