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deuxhero's page

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If they errata it, I'd prefer to see it restricted to weapons you can flurry with, not just unarmed strikes.

Don't put continual flame on your valuable magic items, put it on something cheep but sturdy (a coin with a hole) and just tie it your stuff. That way you can remove it as needed.

Martial versatility is an option worth a mention. Taking it as (one of) your 6th level bonus feats grants greatly expands what your weapon focus applies to (and thus you can use your sacred weapon with). If you start at higher levels, picking Tiger Fork (Polearms, Spears, Monk) and/or Chakram (Light Blade, Heavy Blade, Throwing) gives you use of loads of weapons.

Some feats like Weapon Versatility or Penetrating Strike work for anything you have weapon focus in instead of requiring a separate feat for each and pair nicely with this.

Rhino's Charge is worth a look if you are using pummeling style. Charge as a standard action is OK, pounce as a standard action is FANTASTIC.

Some oracles are possessed by spirits, demons, or similar beings. Instead of the possessed oracle drawing her powers from deities, these otherworldly forces work their magic through her.

So what exactly is so unworkable about about playing a child who is host for a powerful magical entity?

Kits in the ACG don't line up with the UE kits for weight and cost.

Barbarian vs Bloodrager is the most obvious, as the only difference is the Barbarian kit weighs LESS despite containing "Rope" (Which I assume is 50 feet of hemp rope worth 1 GP and weighing 10 pounds) while the Bloodrager kit does not. Despite this the Bloodrager kit costs the same while weighing 3 pounds more.

Additionally, only the Warpriest has a holy symbol or spell component pouch in his kit (while all UE kits contained these if needed).

Plume of Panache makes no sense.

dragonhunterq wrote:

Warpriest only needs weapon focus to be able to use his sacred weapon bonus, doesn't even need to be their deities favoured weapon. As long as you have weapon focus in both QS and bite you are good to go.

As an example, if you have weapon focus in bite, longsword and kukri, you can dual wield the blades and attack with your bite and all 3 would use your sacred weapon damage.

You could also take weapon focus in Tiger Fork and Chakram and take Martial Versatility and be able to have any light blade, heavy blade, throwing, spear, polearm or monk weapon, but he'd need to be human for that.

The use both hands on the material thing isn't exactly a fault exclusive to the gloves. The window never states it "sticks" to anything, requiring you either hold it in place or use it near the floor (not a problem if you are using it on a roof or the top of a chest though).

The gloves allow you to hear while the window has no such clause (but you can apparently read lips at the cost of a language in the PFS rules).

The gloves lack the clause about locks and gloves are pretty easy to swap outside of combat (and you aren't going to be using them in combat).

Honestly it depends on what kind of spy you have. If he's going to be evesdroping on secret meets, most meetings last longer than 60 seconds, but if he is trying to steal/plant stuff and just needs to know if there's a guard on the otherside, 60 seconds is usable.

I've always seen them run so that the "The fire does not harm the wielder" means you can keep it active when sheathed and thus the only time you need to activate it is when it has been purposefully been shut off.

My take:
The IUS requirement means nothing: Many other feats, including style feats, have it and work with manufactured weapons, such as Kirin Style or Snapping Turtle Style, or explicitly say "unarmed strike".

Punch is flavor text and several feats have flavor text and even names that go against their actual effects (See: Punishing Kick which can be used with reach weapons, by creatures without feet, and by creatures who have bound legs). Punch is not a mechanical term in any Pathfinder product (as far as I can tell from an SRD search), presumably for exactly this reason. Paizo has used it once for a mechanical effect in 3.5 under the effects of the Admonishing Ray spell (which is PFS legal). Many monster descriptions say their natural attacks (can) punch through something or pack a punch

As the feat is now RAW it definitely applies to any attack, even ranged ones.

However, I've seen MANY people mention the ACG had poor editing in many places and I'm sure nobody is going to argue that Paizo will change nothing in errata/faq/reprint to fix this, so the REAL question is
1: Is this the intent of the feat?
2: Is it "balanced"?

Deadkitten wrote:

Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga 1&2

Mostly because they are my great whit buffalo's of PS2 gaming that I just recently managed to get hold of. :)

It's been getting reprints for years.

But yes, the characters are good models of Synthesist Summoners. It's a shame that Blood God Disciple while legal, doesn't actually combo with Synthesist.

1 person marked this as FAQ candidate.

That's actually a property of Monk levels, not Improved Unarmed Strike, but a very good question either way.

Can a Warpriest with a levels in Monk cast spells that target weapons (such as Magic Weapon) using Fervor if they target his Unarmed Strike?

Navarion wrote:

A Gladius can't be used with Slashing Grace because it's a light weapon, not a one-handed one.

OK, this is going to need an FAQ, because it's the same wording as a Bladebound Magus's Blackblade and I've never seen anyone argue that excludes light weapons. n-as

1 person marked this as FAQ candidate.

Slashing Grace has the same wording where "one-handed slashing weapon" without mention of light weapons.

Choose one kind of one-handed slashing weapon (such as the longsword).

So this is going to need an FAQ

2 people marked this as FAQ candidate.
As a swift action, a warpriest can expend one use of this ability to cast any one warpriest spell he has prepared. When cast in this way, the spell can target only the warpriest, even if it could normally affect other or multiple targets.

Magic Weapon's target line is

weapon touched

Does this mean a Warpriest can't use this spell as a swift action, even on his own weapon? This doesn't seem to be intended.

Question also applies to Reinforce Armaments, Sun Metal, Weapons Against Evil, Align Weapon, Instrument of Agony, Returning Weapon and Weapon of Awe just for level 1/2 spells native to the Warpriest list

Also of note is Shillelagh (while note on the Warpriest list, can be added to it a few ways) which has the clause

These effects only occur when the weapon is wielded by you. If you do not wield it, the weapon behaves as if unaffected by this spell.

Use a gladius. It's literally a short sword that can do slashing damage. It even counts as one for weapon focus ect.

If you logically take it further, it also gives an exception to the size rules preventing you from wielding oversized bows (penalties still apply though)

3 people marked this as FAQ candidate.

How does Spirit Guide Oracle work with hexes (such as Arcane Enlightenment) that haves options that must be picked when a hex is first taken (as they change their hex daily)?

3 people marked this as FAQ candidate.

(Multiple posts because FAQing doesn't like multiple questions in one post)

Can a Spirit Guide Oracle take Extra Hex?

5 people marked this as FAQ candidate.
The shaman's native intelligence grants her the ability to tap into arcane lore. The shaman can add a number of spells from the sorcerer/wizard spell list equal to her Charisma modifier (minimum 1) to the list of shaman spells she can prepare. To cast these spells she must have an Intelligence score equal to at least 10 + the spell's level, but the saving throw DCs of these spells are based on her Wisdom rather than Intelligence. When she casts these spells, they are treated as divine rather than arcane. Each time the shaman gains a level after taking this hex, she can choose to replace one of these spells for a new spell on the wizard/sorcerer spell list.
Arcane Enlightenment (Su): A spirit guide gains one hex of her choice from the list of hexes available from that spirit. She uses her oracle level as her shaman level and her Charisma score instead of Wisdom for the purpose of determining its effects.

Can an oracle cast the spells gained through this hex without multiclassing Shaman?

Squiggit wrote:

But back to the topic of ACG: Sacred Huntsman inquisitor with animal domain for two animal companions at a way higher total level than the packmaster.

Unless there is text explicitly saying so, you don't get two...

...Instead it stacks, giving you one super powerful AC.

What's the bloodrager spell list now? At first it had the magi list (which was passable, but meant it couldn't cast some spells every caster in the game could) second it got a unique list that was strictly worse than the magi's.

LoneKnave wrote:

Combine Skald with a Master Summoner (or just, you know, grab the summon spells if you can). Use Summon Monster 2 to summon as many low level, low hp monsters as possible.

Now, Skald shares the rage power, send in the mooks, let the curses flow like the tears from the DMs face.

I like.

The core deities also have bonus spells for clerics, which range for "bad but free" (Whispering Wind from Gozreh) to really good (Shelyn gives Charm Person as a first level spell) as well as bonus summon options which can be really good.

Don't know what companions the Hunter has acess to or what's PFS legal, but assuming the full Druid list, Big Cat (pounce) and Roc (Fly) are your best options by far.

Pharasma gives her clerics False Life regardless of domains, which helps offset your squishyness a bit (Sadly no way to get Mage Armor on time I can think of, though there may be some way around it in the ACG itself)

That would be true if it was the only thing you were disguising, but it's very easy for it not to be (like a specific person, or a different age category as well)

Interesting to see they future proofed for 3+ sex species.

"elixir grants no benefit on Disguise skill checks"

That's just means no extra bonuses right. It DOES negate the -2 for "Disguised as different gender" right?

Also: Poisoner’s Gloves.

From what I've heard I'm guessing there's a lot of ways to get off list spells in the ACG?

Not really. More of a flat "what?"

Hope the cRPG is turn based. RTWP is the worst thing ever, especially when a turn based game's round mechanics are smashed into the square hole.

alair223 wrote:

There is one feat I can see that will get some use for animal companion classes:

Huh, combined with Evolve Companion I'm interested in trying a mount focused build, even without the animal ally+delayed companion on an oracle+aasimar favored class bonus cheese.

Abuse? That was the case by default in 3.5 and while intimidate was viable, it wasn't "abusive" in the slightest. You can literally do it to multiple targets with a single spell even now with no feats.

Half the bestiary is outright immune to fear, either because its mindless or explicitly immune and only 1 ability in the entire system can bypass it (Antipaladin's aura of cowardice, and Antipaladin can frighten anything with touch of corruption at 9th level already) and even then can't touch mindless creatures.

I think it's a horrible feat. Why would someone ever take that when I they get a demoralize attempt a FREE action from Enforcer or Cornugon Smash?

If I wanted to write an "Improved Demoralize" it would

1: Allow demoralize to stack with other demoralizeings. Making people so afraid they run is very possible in real life, so why is COMPLETELY IMPOSSIBLE for a guy better at scaring people than Mike Powell is at long jumps (You can have a +100 mod and natural 20 and they'll STILL won't flee) but not a level 1 wizard with Cause Fear?
2: Remove penalties for size

at the MINIMUM.

Ravingdork wrote:

EDIT 3: The Spell Sage wizard archetype can cast bard, cleric, AND druid spells in addition to his normal allotment!

OK, what's the catch? This seems like it would be overpowered even if it traded every class feature the Wizard got AND got Stunted Spellcasting.

Cheapy wrote:

Is there a mistake in Improved/Greater Dirge of Doom?

I can't imagine that it's meant to automatically make enemies within 60' frightened once you hit level 9 or 11, but that's what it reads like.

Fear immunity is pretty common by then, and using it means you can't inspire courage/greatness.

How's the book on bard feats? Existing feats specifically for the class are so so niche as to be useless (you count as presenting a holy symbol to a vampire when performing) or so good as to be mandatory (Lingering Performance, Discordant Voice) in my view

How does she have a level 1 stats block? The two bears alone puts her at level 2.

You can combine your bardic performance and your spellcasting in two ways. First, you can conceal the activity of casting a bard spell by masking it in a performance. As a swift action, you may combine your casting time of a spell with a Perform check. Observers must make a Perception or Sense Motive check opposed by your Perform check to realize you are also casting a spell. This uses 1 round of your bardic performance ability, regardless of the spell's casting time.
Every bard spell has a verbal component (singing, reciting, or music).
A verbal component is a spoken incantation. To provide a verbal component, you must be able to speak in a strong voice
A somatic component is a measured and precise movement of the hand. You must have at least one hand free to provide a somatic component.

Just how does dancing (or miming, which is a possible use for act going by The House of the Imaginary Walls, for that matter?) mask verbal components? Same with singing for somatic stuff.

Swordsage/Crusader/Warblade and Dread Necromancer/Beguiler. Hit the perfect line of balance vs. versatility.

Ciaran Barnes wrote:
A spontaneous casting version of the Druid, as flavorful as the sorcerer or inquisitor. I was working on one two years ago but abandoned the project.

You could do it as an archetype for the Oracle. Just swap the spell list and add some more nature/fey curses.

Oh right...

Wonder if there is any prestige class or archetype out there that lets you get Improved Eldritch Heritage as a bonus feat on a casting class.

Actually, here's are a new question:

The FAQ says that things that add to your spells known can only be cast if they are on your spell list or "added by a class feature of that same class". As "spells" are a class feature (typically the first one listed), does this mean that an Oracle who gains use of Improved Eldritch Heritage through casting Paragon Surge (part of her "Spells" class feature) may cast her new spells known as oracle spells?

1 person marked this as FAQ candidate.

At 2nd level and every four levels thereafter, a magician can add one spell to his spells known from the spell list of any arcane spellcasting class. The spell must be of a level he can cast.

What's the point of being able to add them to your spells known without adding them to your class list?

Wonder how the einherjar song works with Harmonic Spell

Best part of an arbiter/auger familiar's regeneration is comboing it with a Shield Other wand. Why yes, I WOULD love for the party to take half damage.

Tidepool dragon is a nice improved familiar option too. It's like Farie Dragon but with better scaling spells. Silvanshee's LoH has been nerfed and it is now useless.

As of Inner Sea Gods (check Archives of Nethys), a few gods actually give Wizards some extra spell options, which is a free boost for some conduct rules. Netys gives Imbue with Spell Ability (but you can't use it on someone without casting or a SLA), while Pharasma gives Augury, Death Kneel and Speak with Dead (but no undead making/controlling), Urgathoa gives Remove Disease and Contagion if you are a necromancer. Clerics get WAY more out these rules, both worth noting.

Student of Philosophy turns you into an uber face and Pragmater Activator puts the second best skill the game under int and gives you even less reason to be charismatic (It's not like Ego Whip exists in PF).

Kthulhu wrote:
Some of the Great Old Ones are neutral.

Bokrug and Mhar of the Great Old Ones and Azathoth of the Outer Gods are all Chaotic Neutral.

James Jacobs wrote:
Bigdaddyjug wrote:
lemeres wrote:
Imbicatus wrote:
There are also Elemental Lords, although for some inexplicable reason, they are NE instead of TN.
In setting, there is a reason for that. If I remember the story right, there used to be a set of good elemental lords, but (un)fortunately, the current lords learned the power of team work and killed those squabbling fools. Yeah, inspirational story, huh?
Evil will always triumph because good is dumb?

In this particular case? That is indeed pretty much how it went down.

Sometimes evil wins.

Especially in a case where it might, just MIGHT, be laying the groundwork for a proto-idea I MIGHT have for an Adventure Path that might or might not ever come to be in the distant future...

Does it involve a temple?

Dannorn wrote:
deuxhero wrote:

Hmm, I can't say his backstory interests me much.

As a story, it's too "one note": storms make him crazy. Can't really feel a personality on him.

I thought the whole point of the story was that there never were any storms. That's what the final exchange with his cousin was, storms don't make him crazy he is crazy and in essence becomes the storm.]

That just makes it worse. Now it's just "he gets crazy".

Hmm, I can't say his backstory interests me much.

As a story, it's too "one note": storms make him crazy. Can't really feel a personality on him.

As an example character, it feels lacking because as great a plot device as blacking out without memory of what happened is, it's not too great for a player character because well player characters exist to be played by players. Either the GM has to take control of a player character at key movements, or the PC juggles 2 personalities and in character/out of character knowledge which is hard to recommend for a newcomer. It also doesn't really work when the other player characters aren't going to be experiencing them. I know its the Advanced Class Guide but...

PF has some nice backstorys for the iconics, but I got to say this one is lacking.

FAQ says SLAs ARE spells for requirements.


Spell-Like Abilities, Casting, and Prerequisites: Does a creature with a spell-like ability count as being able to cast that spell for the purpose of prerequisites or requirements?

For example, the Dimensional Agility feat (Ultimate Combat) has "ability to use the abundant step class feature or cast dimension door" as a prerequisite; a barghest has dimension door as a spell-like ability, so the barghest meets the "able to cast dimension door prerequisite for that feat.

Edit 7/12/13: The design team is aware that the above answer means that certain races can gain access to some spellcaster prestige classes earlier than the default minimum (character level 6). Given that prestige classes are usually a sub-optimal character choice (especially for spellcasters), the design team is allowing this FAQ ruling for prestige classes. If there is in-play evidence that this ruling is creating characters that are too powerful, the design team may revisit whether or not to allow spell-like abilities to count for prestige class requirements.

Plus it's a question that isn't necessarily exclusive to the class.

2 people marked this as FAQ candidate.

So Pure Legion Enforcer (Inner Sea Combat), manages to disqualify itself AT LEVEL ONE (Requires not being able to cast divine spells, but it gains Detect Evil/Good/Law/Chaos as an SLA at level 1. Also the pure legion is apparently racist because Gnomes and a few other races can't enter).

What happens if you cease to meet the requirements of a prestige class?

Genie Binder gets a discount on items "related to genies" which is very abusable.

Or they included the clause on a Ring of Spell Storing.

edit: Actually, that reminds me Spell Storing (both the weapon and armor variant) don't have that clause either. Very useful.

Spellsight Bracer was recently reprinted (uncharged, which raises questions on how one ability works with PF's cantrip system). Functions as a 1/day Silent metamagic rod. Only 900 GP less than a rod, but uses a more common crafting skill and you don't need to hold it (and if Paizo ever bothers to fix it, effectively gives you an extra cantrip slot, resistance bonus and 1/day detect magic are lame though).

If the GM is up for it, see about getting variants with other +1 metamagic (Still Spell being prefered, because it's hard to grab a rod when it would be useful)

Also from Inner Sea Gods is the spell Channel the Gift, which ALSO wasn't updated. Channel the Gift combos very well with the fact that non-heighten metamagic does not raise spell level, allowing someone to throw out stupidly metamagic spells using just a third level spell slot for an extra action.

Metamagic Gems from the rival guide are 1 use metamagic things. Useful for being wonderous items (instead of rods) and for an odd metamagic you might not use every day (Silent) and don't need to be drawn (you retrieve them like a material component). A mythic caster with Component Freedom can possibly abuse the "material component" part.

Magician’s Hat from UE needs someone better with metamagic than I to look at it.

Arcane Concordance is a third level bard spell from APG gives free metamagic to any caster in a 10-ft.-radius emanation free enlarge/extend/silent/still on any spells they cast. Even though it is Bard only, Pathfinder is fairly friendly to getting foreign spells (A quick check of my guide on the subject says the always excellent Mystic Past Life, 24,000 gp for a Page of Spell Knowledge 4 as a Sorcerer/Summoner, levels Pathfinder Savant or the Forbidden Knowledge feat as a Paladin are your options. PoSK and Pathfinder Savant raise it to a 4th level spell).

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