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I didn't realize Ioun Wyrd wasn't an actual Improved Familiar, just a familiar with an extra cost. Seems a lot more useful now.

Control Winds is my go to for mass destruction. Wildshape into a bird and fly above the enemy camp, then use it to destroy all attackers.

Improved Familiars don't get speak with animals of its kind and can't be a figment.

What are the stamina effects for Armor Proficiency Light/Medium/Heavy, Martial Weapon Proficiency, Exotic Weapon Proficiency and Shield Proficiency?

The Dumbshow of Gorroc is a very poor masterpiece that does fire/piercing damage to oozes and plants (but would still be pretty poor even if it wasn't restricted in target) in an area full round action. Problem: Many oozes have the split ability, which triggers on piercing damage.

The fluff text however describes it as being based upon a deal with a devil gone horribly wrong. Backfiring like that would fit that fluff. Was this intentional?

If you kept up on your perform ranks, you don't actually NEED to limit yourself to a second level masterpiece if you are spending a feat as a multiclass bard instead of a spell slot (though PFS work that way).

(I actually just realized that myself while looking over descriptions. I finally have an anwser to "why would you ever spend a feat on a masterpiece")

My favorites overall (not all 2nd level) are Pageant of the Peacock (you have EVERY int skill at your bluff mod. While poor for monster IDs, it's fantastic out of combat.) Winds of the Five Heavens (Control Winds is one of the best options for killing armies and destroying settlements), Legato Piece on the Infernal Bargain (Planar Ally with no component cost) and The Dance of Kindled Desires (If you have 3 rounds, anyone who fails a will save is compelled to do what you want as long as it isn't suicidal and their greatest desire isn't something you can't fufil: You can deny them after they complete it).

Unfortunately I think all those are prohibited in PFS (Planar Ally doesn't sound like the kind of thing they allow and I think PotP was specifficly disallowed) and I doubt Winds of the Five Heavens would be useful even if it's allowed (I don't think you fight "armies" with more than 2 digit numbers and I doubt you destroy that much either).

Rondeau of Heavenly Order isn't bad if you play with cluttered battlefields instead of square rooms. As mentioned above Battle Song of the People's Revolt is good, though PFS means your party changes a lot (Broken Wing Gambit is poor if you don't have any melee fighters for example)

Broken Wing Gambit is pretty neat, though the other two are pretty meh (one of the strongest parts of those feats is they work on an AoO).

What's the Stamina ability of Shadow Strike (the feat tax to be able to shank someone in a dark ally)?

What are Dazing Assault and Stunning Assault's stamina? Does Broken Wing Gambit have one?

Two reasons

1: It's not that hard to get the spell on another class's list, even if it is only officially added to the bard's list
2: Back in 3.5 the spell was also on the Assassin's list, and Assassin didn't (or at least wasn't supposed to have) that restriction

alexd1976 wrote:
Rycaut wrote:

people must play Fabricate differently than I would rule it - I would say that without a high Craft skill you can only make relatively crude things. And remember that it doesn't actually make things worth more (in terms of raw materials - as the value of the materials has to be the same as the value of the objects created.

That said it is certainly faster than crafting by hand - but it is actually most costly - as I would use the VALUE of the goods as the basis for what you need to use with the fabricate spell not the CRAFTING cost of those objects (which is always lower). And I would still as the spell notes require a high enough level of Craft skill to make a higher quality object.

(using Blood Money to power Fabricate does create value out nothing - but that's why I would generally make Blood Money a rare spell not commonly known and only available as a reward for lots of research and quests - i.e. only available at a fairly high level and given as part of party loot - I might further restrict it for the case of Fabricate to creating a more limited range of materials (at least in terms of volume). Or for most home games I would probably just outright ban the spell.

Fabricate seems less abusive (w/o Blood Money) In that it requires you to have the materials needed to make the good ahead of time and the craft skill to know how to make the object (I would also say you need that craft skill to know ALL of the materials you need to make a given object - i.e. wood, metal for nails, rope or reeds for rope etc if you want to craft a wagon. I think in the right campaign it is a really nifty spell and very in keeping with higher level magic.

You would be correct about Fabricate requiring Craft skill, it says so right in the spell:

"You must make an appropriate Craft check to fabricate articles requiring a high degree of craftsmanship."

Wanna make a wooden fence that looks like crap? No problem.
Wanna make a nice wooden statue? Roll the die...

The problem is that craft is int based and the DCs are all fairly low for non-alchemy stuff (with the purpose being that higher skill mods mean you can craft faster), so Wizards.

Even in the hands of a Sorcerers or Clerics with the right domain, it's still capable of doing what Passwall, a spell of equal level, does with a longer duration (instantaneous instead of 1 hour/level) at the bare minimum.

Ian Bell wrote:
I think you're wrong, for basically the same reason that the classic article in PF#8 has for remove disease not ending plagues. There just aren't going to be enough level 9+ casters to have a significant effect on the volume of stuff in the world.

Didn't know about that. I always thought it couldn't stop them because

Since the spell's duration is instantaneous, it does not prevent reinfection after a new exposure to the same disease at a later date.

meaning that unless everyone was cured in one go, they'd just catch it again. It's also a good reason why even rich people would stay sick if it wasn't life threatening: Antbodies are worth the week in bed.

PFUC is PF UA: It's just published suggestions for house rules*, so it's, more than normal, what the GM wants.

*technically every printed tRPG product EVER is just published house rules for a bunch of people around a table, but hardly the point

The default alchemist (and investigator)'s alchemy crafting kit is assumed to be filled by plants he scavenges. Interested to see how the archetype differs.

Deliquescent Gloves only work on natural weapons or unarmed strikes, but Demonic Smith's Gloves (8000 GP, also has a +4 craft checks with a drawback that never actually come up if you just take 10) however work on all weapons.

Removing the +4 checks would make the item cost 5600 GP.

Why is a spell that draws from the wisdom of spirits not on the Ranger list?

A +1 Bladed Belt (can turn into any piercing or slashing weapon) would be 4000 GP so that's a good baseline.

I'd probably cost that at an even 5000 GP and explicitly note the bonus will apply to throwing weapons and weapons created by spell effects such as Flame Blade or Thorn Javelin (which would make it worth the cost for throwers, who normally throw away items worth more than their weight in gold, or a character who liked those spells, which currently have little to support someone specializing in them, and the rest is just gravy).

How did the Army of Exploration reach Amanandar by ship if Amanandar is inland and the entire western coast, bar a few port cities, is blocked by the wall of heaven?

Giantslayer has a magic grenade (with little cost increase) that ignores ALL miss chance and concealment, so it can attack foes in murderholes/arrow slits with ease.

But yes, they seem largely useless thanks to the variable fuse (which makes no sense when it varies by up to 12 seconds).

There isn't really much a Sorcerer NEEDS to function if spells are picked semi intelligently (buff animal companion), so focusing on the AC is good.

I'd take (assuming Human)
Boon Companion
Evolve Companion (pounce)
Spirits Gift (miss chance, fast healing, DR 5/adamantite, immunity to fire, +2 strength or a slow fly speed chosen at the start of each day)

For the companion itself, Rhino's Rush is a good feat when it has pounce from evolve companioon. It allows it to ready a pounce charge for something that triggers immediately as a standard action.

Even just keeping to core books the tumor+improved familiar comes up thanks to the new Aberrant Tumor feat in ACG (which Sorcerers, Bloodragers and Eldritch Heritage people can get)

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Cap. Darling wrote:
super pet or the SLA cheese are no longer in the game.

They killed boosting an animal companion giving revealation with FCB? When was that?

If you will hit a town soonish, get the armor but sell it the first chance you get. You absolutely don't want it on at level 7 (there's enough all day and no somatic component spells for level 1, but you lose some amazing 2nd level ones).

I would normally not recommend this because the GM would just even out your WBL, but you are playing a published AP, so there's a finite amount of money

edit: As mentioned under me, you traded out your spell casting (which was a poor move, but whatever), so absolutely get it. While other armor will eventually surpass it, an extra 6000 GP will be a decent amount then.

I've seen what happens to familiars of dead wizards discussed here before.

One thing I remember is someone mentioned that there were multiple Paizo written adventures that featured familiars of dead wizard who kept their intelligence long after the master's death, but I have no idea which these are.

Eldritch Heritage doesn't work anymore because of FAQ.

As you have high int, you could potentially get arcane spells from the Spirit Guide archetype and the Lore spirit. It even mirrors a wizard's ability to change the spells daily.

I'm assuming the power level is supposed to be in-line with the (likely not particularly high) SG itself, so I'll avoid focusing TOO much on poor choices unless there's stuff heads and sholders in core or the alchemist's home book (APG).

Spellcraft (mandatory if you want more formula than the 2 you get for leveling up) is more important than Craft:Alchemy (you make it better with class features and that's it). Charisma is your dump stats, and DCs are fairly high with no take 10 so a single rank in UMD is questionable.

Splash Weapon Mastery is WAY better as a choice at level 5 than Weapon Focus.

As melee alchemists seem to be assumed to use feral mutagen instead of longspear, cleave is pretty lame, though I'm not sure what to replace it with at the level. While you are mid BAB, all 3 (maybe more) attacks work off your full BAB, so Dazing Assault is an option for your level 15 feat. If you ARE using a longspear, lunge is pretty nice when its takable

Spells are the most powerful thing in the game. Kensai gets fewer spells.

Standard for 3.5 was text trumps table, but that was stated in errata documents and I can't recall if it was ever stated for PF.

It's a basic example of the magic schools being extremely poorly defined.

Quick! Is mage armor, a basic defense spell that creates armor out of force in abjuration, which is focused on defense and stuff that interacts with magic, or evocation, which is focused on manipulating elements (including "Force")?

No, I don't know why its conjuration, the school of transporting stuff to a different location instantaneously and creating something from nothing, either

There's actually at least 4 ways to negate Arcane Scent:

Negate Aroma spell (simplest and easiest), first level spell that negates it for 1 target/level for 1 hour/level. Its even in a main line book), a Liar's Robe, Incense of Dulled Senses and a Pull-Ring of Scent.

Weapon Versatility is actually only taken once and it applies to anything you have weapon focus with.

Using it with splash weapons was discovered pretty quickly

I think it's no because a staff still isn't casting.

I'd definitely ditch the rogue levels for Empiricist Investigator then add another level next level up (Find some potions that last a long time and use alchemical allocation. Remember you only have to pay for the potion once) and your first level extracts are pretty good on their own.

I'm not sure if that's possible in PFS though

I think 3.5 had a feat Dragons could take that gave it and you could port it/homebrew it (you are the GM and it's not like the players can be true dragons to meet the requirements). The changes in polymorph would mean they keep their strength/dex score in that form, but all the dragons that actually have it get that.

Feros wrote:
Tonlim wrote:
Well, with three archetypes covered, may we also get a few spoilers about the drill sergeant?
** spoiler omitted **

Is Drill Sergeant's ability still called "weapon training" (so it works with the gloves of dueling)?

I think looking at monster descriptions for monsters with the right mental scores helps. Orcs is easily the most iconic 7 int, but it's other mentals aren't great.

Barachiel Shina wrote:
Wait, Artful Dodge lets you take ANY feat that asks for Dex but you can use Int instead, or is it only feats that have Dodge as a prerequisite?

Note there are only 5 feats with a dex requirement and dodge prerequisite, and several of those have follow up feats.

Dex with Int is probably the least useful (After all 5 replacing con anyways) prerequisite replacement possible. There isn't a single non-caster class in first party PF with an int focus, and the only other characters who really like a high int are dex focused. Most feats with a dex requirement are ranged combat (still uses dex to hit), using you dex modifier for stuff, TWF (Requires the user be in combat. Alchemist is better off using mutagen for natural attacks. Maybe there are some investigators out there who could use it. Shame its yet another feat on a feat heavy build option) and some monk feats.

Is there any intentional* catch on Steadfast Slayer beyond the only one threatening it?

*Creatures threaten themselves and their allies, but the same oversight is in one of the cavalier abilities and nobody cares about it

Oooh! Is Artful Dodge Pathfinder first "this feat counts as ___ for prerequisites" (I know 3.5 had a few latter in life and I think PF had some class abilities that do that, but no feats to my memory)?

Not many dex requiring feats that aren't ranged attack/TWF related though and many of the ones that do aren't great. I guess casters could get some mileage out of Wind Stance as it requires dodge anyways.

What's the AC bonus on it?

99% of the time in PF, Offense>>>Defense. The enemy can't hit you if they are dead, and because offense scales automatically while defense does not, it's much more expensive to invest enough to make it worthwhile..

nighttree wrote:

Taking the "Deft Dodger" and "Indomitable Faith" traits....

You said this was for Giantslayer, you need a campaign trait (unless your group allows drawbacks).

I recall there was a +1 reflex trait (same as def dodger) for Giantslayer, but dex isn't super important a save (most dex saves are to reduce damage or avoid becoming immobilized. While you wouldn't WANT to fail them, it's hardly as important as Will's "save or kill your friends".) I'd drop Deft Dodger for Artifact Hunter, as UMD is great on any charisma based class.

UMD also allows for familiar abuse, which is really handy on a melee character. Pick up a familiar for 2 feats (Skill Focus and Eldritch Heritage: Arcane), then it can UMD buff items for you. The party arcane caster likely doesn't want to eat his first round of combat casting Enlarge Person on you all the time, but it's a first level 1 min/level spell you can get on a wand for cheep and a raven familiar can use it on you.

If you are LN or LE you can also pick up Improved Familiar and take Arbiter/Augur, then have them use an item of Shield Other on you which means they will take half of ALL damage you take for you, but because they have regeneration, they can never actually die from it.

If you are CG/CN/CE, you can pick up a Tidepool Dragon with Improved Familiar, which is an ACTUAL caster. Give it some pages of spell knowledge or retraining and it can give you all sorts of low level buffs without eating your actions (Enlarge Person, Moment of Greatness, Protection From Evil, Glitterdust, invisibility, Silent/Minor Image, Spider Climb and Blur are all great options). Oh and it can make fire on demand; if you can't find a use for fire you aren't trying.

Paladin doesn't get Instant Weapon?!

Dimensional Dervish is uneeded as a Magus: Using it and full attacking is a single full round action that isn't finished, not a remaining action. You can still do it, you just lose your swift if it wasn't used before hand.

What list and at what levels is Instant Weapon on?

Does Dimensional Blade have anything stopping it from being used on a Monk's unarmed strike (which can get spell effects as a manufactured weapon)?

Favored Terrain is a useful rogue talent if you take it as every talent and feat as soon as you can and go into Horizon Walker, but otherwise useless.

Wasn't there something like 3.5's ring of arming added to PF?

LazarX wrote:

Also one more thing to keep in mind kids. The oracle tongues curse also impedes the oracle UNDERSTANDING any other language while in battle.

Until 10th level

On other overlooked thing about Tounge is it never says the 5th level bonus language has to be from the list you got at level 1. It lack the secret language clause too (so you can pick up Druidic this way)

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Precise Strike works either way

Dervish Dancer feat

You treat the scimitar as a one-handed piercing weapon for all feats and class abilities that require such a weapon (such as a duelist’s precise strike ability).

Slashing Grace

you can treat it as a one-handed piercing melee weapon for all feats and class abilities that require such a weapon (such as a swashbuckler's or a duelist's precise strike)

No Masterpiece section?

Your guide mentions struggling to find a reason for dipping bard: Dawnflower Dervish will save someone looking to pick up Dervish Dancer 2 feats and 2 skill points.

Light is object touched, not self. Casting it on a rock (or amunition)

Summon Instrument should be 4 stars, not 2. You just need to look past the name and realize it's an infinite use ability that creates relatively sturdy objects of many different sizes and materials (while Prestidigitation only creates small fragile objects that are obviously fake) while lasting 1 min/level, just using it to make noise is just the most obvious use. I'd say it easily rivals Prestidigitation in usefulness.


Combine the mythic ability with the Aasimar ACB to stack Animal Companion from lunar, then take feats like Evolved Companion to improve it.

Rynjin wrote:
Saldiven wrote:


Go into your bedroom. Start a stopwatch. Then, open every drawer, making sure to riffle through the contents; check any closets including stuff hanging on the racks or in shelves; check under your bed and between the mattress/boxspring; go through the bookshelves; look through any other container that you have. Lastly, stop the watch.

There's your answer. Adjust upward or downward depending on how big/small and furnished/unfurnished the in-game room happens to be.

Go grab a stick. Start a timer to count down from 6 seconds. Swing the stick as many times as you can before the countdown stops.

See where I'm going with this?

Real life to deny EX characters cool things (which is always a bad idea) is different from "How long does this take?"/"Rules don't say, it would take X in real life, and the PCs do this for a living, so lets take off Y"/"OK"

Koshimo wrote:
i think the answer depends on what are you trying to accomplish? are you trying to loot the enemies and move on? or are you searching the room trying to find hidden compartments and such? the first option should take a minute or two tops if you don't stop to identify, the second will take a while because you are doing more

Actually, the rules are NOT silent there. The game does list times for removing armor, and everything bigger than a shield takes at least a minute (and I'm pretty sure undressing and dressing corpses is harder than yourself, so likely even longer), so a minute or two tops only works if the enemy didn't use armor.

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3 days and 30 GP each

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