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deuxhero's page

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Yeah, the weapon group is clear but it's always annoying when they forget it.

As a martial weapon I'd definitely give it more attention than an exotic, and it's definitely something a group of NPCs could use to good effect.

Unless it has a loud sound effect or only says attacks, it might be usable for stealth against see invisible/true seeing opponents.

Found no feats that interacted with cover YOU had though, so no dice on that route.

Price is good. I was expecting some hideous 5 digit cost that made it unusable. That's low enough to make builds focused on it.

Is the Sarissa martial or exotic? Does the Sarissa have weapon groups listed? A lot of non-core weapons forget to (though this one is pretty obvious)

What's the price (range) on the Effortless Lace?

While they are best paired with an Eversmoking Bottle a Goz Mask wearer or Firesight Ifrit can see through a smokestick's smoke

As you mentioned some GM leway on vomit pills already, a handful could be useful for things with swallow whole

Depends on your party setup and levels. If you start at 10 with a melee focused party, pounce no question. If you have a Master Summoner, death curse is fun.

If you get a real caster Moment of Clarity might be useful

Or Scalykind.

You could also take Animal Ally on anything with Bardic Performance, but "badger, bird, camel, cat (small), dire rat, dog, horse, pony, snake (viper), or wolf" is fairly bad for a combat companion, even with lots of Evolve Companion added.

The iconic hunter seems like a self-taught.

Envy: Thassilonian Specialist (Envy) Wizard
Gluttony: Thassilonian Specialist (Gluttony) Wizard
Greed: Thassilonian Specialist (Greed) Wizard
Lust: Thassilonian Specialist (Lust) Wizard
Pride: Thassilonian Specialist(Pride) Wizard
Sloth: Thassilonian Specialist (Sloth) Wizard
Wrath Thassilonian Specialist (Wrath) Wizard

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I'd say that any familiar is smart enough to try, though some may have issues actually waking a character up. A toad for instance is going to have a very hard time while others may be forced to attack the character they are trying to wake up because they can't make loud noises and lack the mass to "shove" the character awake.

One other thing to note is Holy Water as a splash weapon is a touch attack, arrows aren't (unless they are brilliant energy).

Note that Samurai has a total of one usable Cavalier archetype while Antipaladin doesn't actually have any of the class features of a Paladin (just very similar ones) and will NEVER be compatible with a Paladin archetype (unless it only touches weapons and armor prof or explicitly allows Antipaladins)

It could alternate lethal and non-lethal

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Divine Hunter archetype says you don't get a second animal companion if you take the animal domain. As Scalykind is a thing, this should be changed to a general "domain that grants an animal companion" or such (both shorter than calling out both domains and future proofs it against any new (sub)domains)

This is actually relevant for Sacred Huntsmaster and Clerics who take both Animal/Scalykind (currently only possible through separatist) and could be made into a general rule.

2 people marked this as FAQ candidate. 1 person marked this as a favorite.

I'm in favor of upping skill points to at least 4, if not 6.

First thing I notice is you are worst than a monk at bypassing DR/energy resistance. Only Earth has any way to bypass DR other than magic.

Does Telekentic Blast use the objects material for overcoming damage reduction (if I throw a ball a cold iron ingot will I bypass dr/cold iron)? (edit: Resolved in thread, makes above worse)

Temporary HP doesn't stack, Force Ward seems to think it does. edit: Apparently does in PF. Nevermind.

I feel Wind Blast should be slashing, makes it mechanically different from its polar opposite and wind has no reason to be doing buldgeoning damage

What's an "Associated Blast"? Any explanation is after the list and not showing up under a ctrl f.

Class is REALLY lacking it stuff to do out of combat.

I really feel I can't judge the class fully without knowing its feat support. If there is a feat that lets you get a Wild Talent from another list for instance.

Nobility is definitely a common PC origin (and is better suited for a book than "Orphanages of the Inner Sea") and common source of antagonists.

Of course, there's a distinct possibility a lot of the area is blank intentionally to give players and GMs room to note whatever weird family they want/need.

Gravedigger's Spade functions as a "masterwork shovel". Masterwork shovels are not detailed in any material I know of.

Lantern of Auras says "The lantern functions as a bullseye lantern but needs no oil to shed its light.". There is no clause like Continual Flame's "but it creates no heat and doesn't use oxygen" which seems to be an oversight.

Skald lacks a clause like "Changing a bardic performance from one effect to another requires the bard to stop the previous performance and start a new one as a standard action" allowing a skald to possibly have every performance active at once as long as he keeps spending actions to start and rounds to maintain. Also allows multiclassed Skald/Bard or Poet's Cloak users to have both a bardic performance and raging song up (this may or may not be intentional)

Strife2002 wrote:

Pg. 208 - Vomit capsule

Not an error, just an observation. This item says its purpose is primarily for criminals wanting to create a distraction. I'm not a designer, but I feel like the perfect use for an item like this is as an alchemical remedy to help stave off the effects of ingested poisons. Something along the lines of "biting down on this capsule 1 round after swallowing an ingested poison allows you to roll twice on your next saving throw against its effects and take the higher result."

Additionally the lack of any interaction with Swallow Whole is very obvious

And just what does "worship" mean for it? "Patron" is clear (You can only have one, if you are a cleric, warpriest or inquisitor they give you your divine casting, you can lose abilities granted by a patron), but "worship" isn't. Faiths and Philosophies even has a feat for worshiping a pantheon.

The Bloodrager does not have Read Magic or Dispel Magic on his spell list. Every other caster has Read Magic on their list and every other arcane caster (and all divine casters except Ranger) have Dispel Magic so this seems like an oversight. Detect Magic may also be missing.

It's explained in the OP.

Penalties don't actually lower your stats. The most obvious difference is prerequisites.

Different freelancers would explain wildly different wordings, but everything using the same wording? Unless one freelancer who didn't know the aging rules wrote every single aging related effect besides Youthful Appearance, I'm going to guess an editor was responsible because the wording is so consistent.

Yeah, I know angelskin, which is useless for a LN character and can't be made into hellknight plate, but never heard of demonhide.

Found something that references the aging rules without penalties: Youthful Appearance

This spell does not affect any age-based modifications to ability scores or other age-related effects.

Why they don't use "age-based modifications" or "decreases" in everything else if they didn't want them to be actual "penalties" is beyond me.

All of the above stuff that mentions the increases actually DOES call them "bonuses".

(accidentally posted this in another thread before)

You should note that Guided is a 3.5 property that was never updated to PF. Guided Hand feat is worth a mention if you aren't trading out Channel Energy, even if it not being a combat feat for some stupid reason delays it till level 7.

Cracked Opalescent White Pyramid is normally worth a mention for classes proficient with all martial weapons as a cheep exotic weapon prof, but for Warpriest the 1/4th chance of getting Weapon Focus (and thus Sacred Weapon) if one is placed in a Wayfinder makes it more notable.

Sorry, had both threads open in seperate tabs when I posted that, must have gotten the wrong one. The ioun stone is still worth a mention for any Oracle somehow proficient with all martial weapons.

1 person marked this as FAQ candidate.

Every reference to the aging rules I could find says the negatives are "penalties". These references are the Age Resistance spell line (Ultimate Magic), the Mantle of Immortality item (Ultimate Equipment), the Sands of Time spell(Ultimate Magic), the Nacreous Gray Sphere Ioun Stone (Seeker of Secrets), the Threefold Aspect spell (Advanced Player's Guide), a Cairn Linnorm's curse (Bestiary 3), the Immortality arcane discovery (Ultimate Magic), one of the possible results of drinking Strange Fluids from a spaceship (Land of Fallen Stars), The Foreign Trader card from a Harrow Deck of Many Things (Artifacts and Legends) and the Monk and Druid's Timeless Body (Core).

Why am I asking then? Every reference to these rules calls them penalties, the actual aging rules themselves however, do not. The rules themselves say only that "a character's physical ability scores decrease and his mental ability scores increase" and that "However, none of a character's ability scores can be reduced below 1 in this way." (one of the main traits of penalties).

Why does it matter?
If aging negatives are penalties, temporary removal of the con penalty will increase a character's max HP, but if they are decreases it will not (unless it lasts more than 24 hours)
If aging negatives are penalties, they don't interfere with ability score requirements such as Power Attack's 13 strength. If they are decreases every feat a character has could be rendered invalid due to no longer qualifying.
If aging negatives are not penalties, an aged character is more susceptible to ability damage/drain reducing an ability score to 0. For example: A middle aged character who started with 14 con needs 14 points of ability damage/drain to kill him if they are penalties, but only 13 if they are decreases.

You should note that Guided is a 3.5 property that was never updated to PF. Guided Hand feat is worth a mention if you aren't trading out Channel Energy, even if it not being a combat feat for some stupid reason delays it till level 7.

Cracked Opalescent White Pyramid is normally worth a mention for classes proficient with all martial weapons as a cheep exotic weapon prof, but for Warpriest the 1/4th chance of getting Weapon Focus (and thus Sacred Weapon) if one is placed in a Wayfinder makes it more notable.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

No. Balance was a skill that was 100% useless after everyone started flying and has been merged into acrobatics (not that acrobatics doesn't have problems)

I've got to go with translator as well, largely because a wizard is great at it without spending a single skill point or casting any spells thanks to getting a language for every point of his sky high intelligence modifier.

ACG added a pair of new feats that boosted animal companions: Spirit's Gift and Evolved Companion. They're worth a mention for Lunar oracles who can pair it with the Aasimar favored class bonus and get a really crazy animal companion.

The Arcane Englightenment hex may or may not work for a Spirit Guide ("to the list of shaman spells she can prepare." while Spirit guide only says "She uses her oracle level as her shaman level and her Charisma score instead of Wisdom for the purpose of determining its effects.") but if it does it's fantastic, even if you have to keep the spells the same every day.

Interesting point on Tounges curse: The curse NEVER says the 5th level bonus language has to be from the list above. You could pick something common like Dwarven or, yes, Common to mitigate the penalty a lot or pick up a secret language like Druidic.

Student of Philosophy can also make any intelligence based class into a face for a trait.

Athaleon wrote:

Oracle can be built to fulfill the frontline role, either conventionally with Battle Mystery, or by using the Lunar or Heavens mysteries instead:

You can also do it with Nature or Lunar by focusing on your animal companion. Aasimar Oracle alternate favored class bonus (get a very high effective druid level by boosting the AC giving revelation), Evolve Companion, Spirit's Gift and Celestial Companion can make a tiger into a beast even before you start using Share Spells to buff it.

Do the attributes of a Lashunta under such effects change?

If they errata it, I'd prefer to see it restricted to weapons you can flurry with, not just unarmed strikes.

Don't put continual flame on your valuable magic items, put it on something cheep but sturdy (a coin with a hole) and just tie it your stuff. That way you can remove it as needed.

Martial versatility is an option worth a mention. Taking it as (one of) your 6th level bonus feats grants greatly expands what your weapon focus applies to (and thus you can use your sacred weapon with). If you start at higher levels, picking Tiger Fork (Polearms, Spears, Monk) and/or Chakram (Light Blade, Heavy Blade, Throwing) gives you use of loads of weapons.

Some feats like Weapon Versatility or Penetrating Strike work for anything you have weapon focus in instead of requiring a separate feat for each and pair nicely with this.

Rhino's Charge is worth a look if you are using pummeling style. Charge as a standard action is OK, pounce as a standard action is FANTASTIC.

Some oracles are possessed by spirits, demons, or similar beings. Instead of the possessed oracle drawing her powers from deities, these otherworldly forces work their magic through her.

So what exactly is so unworkable about about playing a child who is host for a powerful magical entity?

Kits in the ACG don't line up with the UE kits for weight and cost.

Barbarian vs Bloodrager is the most obvious, as the only difference is the Barbarian kit weighs LESS despite containing "Rope" (Which I assume is 50 feet of hemp rope worth 1 GP and weighing 10 pounds) while the Bloodrager kit does not. Despite this the Bloodrager kit costs the same while weighing 3 pounds more.

Additionally, only the Warpriest has a holy symbol or spell component pouch in his kit (while all UE kits contained these if needed).

Plume of Panache makes no sense.

dragonhunterq wrote:

Warpriest only needs weapon focus to be able to use his sacred weapon bonus, doesn't even need to be their deities favoured weapon. As long as you have weapon focus in both QS and bite you are good to go.

As an example, if you have weapon focus in bite, longsword and kukri, you can dual wield the blades and attack with your bite and all 3 would use your sacred weapon damage.

You could also take weapon focus in Tiger Fork and Chakram and take Martial Versatility and be able to have any light blade, heavy blade, throwing, spear, polearm or monk weapon, but he'd need to be human for that.

The use both hands on the material thing isn't exactly a fault exclusive to the gloves. The window never states it "sticks" to anything, requiring you either hold it in place or use it near the floor (not a problem if you are using it on a roof or the top of a chest though).

The gloves allow you to hear while the window has no such clause (but you can apparently read lips at the cost of a language in the PFS rules).

The gloves lack the clause about locks and gloves are pretty easy to swap outside of combat (and you aren't going to be using them in combat).

Honestly it depends on what kind of spy you have. If he's going to be evesdroping on secret meets, most meetings last longer than 60 seconds, but if he is trying to steal/plant stuff and just needs to know if there's a guard on the otherside, 60 seconds is usable.

I've always seen them run so that the "The fire does not harm the wielder" means you can keep it active when sheathed and thus the only time you need to activate it is when it has been purposefully been shut off.

My take:
The IUS requirement means nothing: Many other feats, including style feats, have it and work with manufactured weapons, such as Kirin Style or Snapping Turtle Style, or explicitly say "unarmed strike".

Punch is flavor text and several feats have flavor text and even names that go against their actual effects (See: Punishing Kick which can be used with reach weapons, by creatures without feet, and by creatures who have bound legs). Punch is not a mechanical term in any Pathfinder product (as far as I can tell from an SRD search), presumably for exactly this reason. Paizo has used it once for a mechanical effect in 3.5 under the effects of the Admonishing Ray spell (which is PFS legal). Many monster descriptions say their natural attacks (can) punch through something or pack a punch

As the feat is now RAW it definitely applies to any attack, even ranged ones.

However, I've seen MANY people mention the ACG had poor editing in many places and I'm sure nobody is going to argue that Paizo will change nothing in errata/faq/reprint to fix this, so the REAL question is
1: Is this the intent of the feat?
2: Is it "balanced"?

Deadkitten wrote:

Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga 1&2

Mostly because they are my great whit buffalo's of PS2 gaming that I just recently managed to get hold of. :)

It's been getting reprints for years.

But yes, the characters are good models of Synthesist Summoners. It's a shame that Blood God Disciple while legal, doesn't actually combo with Synthesist.

1 person marked this as FAQ candidate.

That's actually a property of Monk levels, not Improved Unarmed Strike, but a very good question either way.

Can a Warpriest with a levels in Monk cast spells that target weapons (such as Magic Weapon) using Fervor if they target his Unarmed Strike?

Navarion wrote:

A Gladius can't be used with Slashing Grace because it's a light weapon, not a one-handed one.

OK, this is going to need an FAQ, because it's the same wording as a Bladebound Magus's Blackblade and I've never seen anyone argue that excludes light weapons. n-as

1 person marked this as FAQ candidate.

Slashing Grace has the same wording where "one-handed slashing weapon" without mention of light weapons.

Choose one kind of one-handed slashing weapon (such as the longsword).

So this is going to need an FAQ

2 people marked this as FAQ candidate.
As a swift action, a warpriest can expend one use of this ability to cast any one warpriest spell he has prepared. When cast in this way, the spell can target only the warpriest, even if it could normally affect other or multiple targets.

Magic Weapon's target line is

weapon touched

Does this mean a Warpriest can't use this spell as a swift action, even on his own weapon? This doesn't seem to be intended.

Question also applies to Reinforce Armaments, Sun Metal, Weapons Against Evil, Align Weapon, Instrument of Agony, Returning Weapon and Weapon of Awe just for level 1/2 spells native to the Warpriest list

Also of note is Shillelagh (while note on the Warpriest list, can be added to it a few ways) which has the clause

These effects only occur when the weapon is wielded by you. If you do not wield it, the weapon behaves as if unaffected by this spell.

Use a gladius. It's literally a short sword that can do slashing damage. It even counts as one for weapon focus ect.

If you logically take it further, it also gives an exception to the size rules preventing you from wielding oversized bows (penalties still apply though)

4 people marked this as FAQ candidate. 1 person marked this as a favorite.

How does Spirit Guide Oracle work with hexes (such as Arcane Enlightenment) that haves options that must be picked when a hex is first taken (as they change their hex daily)?

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