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deuxhero's page

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So is there anything relating to varying prices/tarifs so you can actually turn a profit while smuggling?

Something like Eternal Wands: X uses a day for any low level spell you want.

You can save someone who is drowning.

Harmless Form seems like it was designed for smugglers (load guy with all your illegal stuff, have his gear meld with him) instead of allowing you to walk around cities with your tiger

A feat that gives cantrips to "half" casters (or just bloodragers given this is Arcane focused).

David knott 242 wrote:

I'll be even more ambitious with my fantasizing: I am hoping to see something that lets characters of any class cast spells.

Yeah, actual casting, not SLAs.

3.5's Magical Training feat which gave actual level 0 casting (and could be combed into Precurious Apprentice, giving you one level 2 slot) was interesting.

Hidden Talent in psionics gave you a 1st level power and enough PP to use it a few times a day. Was pretty nice and fairly balanced.

Keep in mind a Paladin (or any caster who used one of the many options to poach it from the Paladin list) can donate Lesser Restoration castings when making wands to make a level 1 wand of lesser restoration (and unlike 3.5, it doesn't have a minimum caster level of 2).

It doesn't actually say you need to make the attack WHILE adjacent, indeed the order of operations is pretty whack. Strictly speaking I think the attacks come after the movement, not during, and if you can't complete the moving 30 feet part (like an invisible wall in your way), you don't get any attacks even if you pass by an enemy before you ran into a wall.

Charnel Soldiers is really cool, but does it require the undead in question meet the requirements?

Slashing/piercing is the same as Slashing unless you fight a rakshasa.

I thought it was a feat?

There's variant multiclassing, but I doubt VMCing with your own class is legal.

You could be granted powers by a deity other than one you worship.

Not entirely true. Possessed Oracle explicitly says your power doesn't come from a deity with that archetype. Oracles with powers that don't come from a deity are possible, even on Golarion

The Void Blessing for Warpriests has a "no save you can't cast spells" rider

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Even just a simple note for GMs like "trade goods may be up to x% price (for both buying and selling) in a location where supply is abudent and not controled by a monopoly. Trade goods may also increase in price during scarcity (y%), famine (z%). In areas where any item is illegal its price may increase by any amount depending on how enforced the law is. Trade goods may also sell for up to x% less in locations they would not be particularly useful: While a desert town may not have a ready supply for furs, few have reason to purchase them." and basic tariff rules (so you have reason to smuggle to avoid paying them) would go a long way to making smuggling make sense.

Just VMC Magus and pick up Flamboyant Arcana+Arcane Deed if you want Swashbuckler deeds.

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But will there be details on sale price by region so there's actually a point to smuggling?

Weapons with a wood haft (which a dictionary tells me is a super board term and can be pretty much any weapon's handle) get the effects of wyroot if that haft is made of wyroot.

Do an image search for wood handle whip. Whips having a wooden handle is common, and in-fact may be the standard for pre-plastic society.

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Nanomachines son.

It's a decently known 3.5 trick and the main building block, casting Animate Objects for a swarm of Aid Another users (around half of which will succeed), still works in PF. Martials may get a nice things, but casters still beat them

Just make a whip of wyroot and whack someone with basic armor to critical hit for no damage every minuteish (2+ attacks on a 20 crit range every 6 seconds).

For builds, I suggest one that focuses on gaining as much reach as possible, then throwing penalties on anyone hit by an AoO, as Bloodrager is awesome at this.

Combine Aberrant Bloodline with Longarm (through Greater Bloodrage when your level is high enough) and Enlarge Person (through an Aberrant Tumor familiar, as it is not a legal spell for Greater Bloodrage) already win the reach Olympics for you with no in combat time spent on your part while using just CRB+ACG. From there you can stack on Dazing Assault (APG) and stop anyone you hit in their tracks.

If you wanted Enlarge Person, you could just be a Goliath Druid.

As for your question, the standard gish spell are what you want: Mage Armor, Shield, True Strike, Grease (less needed because your AC will be HUGE). Thunderstomp is great if you are wild shaping with natural spell, as you CAN use your charisma but nothing stops you from using your (very high) strength with it. Unseen Servent is nice if you are wildshaping too.

The Prestidigitation, Ghost Sound, Mage Hand and Dancing Lights Cantrips are pretty nice too.

I think Artifice's minor blessing could be put up a notch. It's OK to be able to use offensively, but the real prize is being able to slice through anything and everything standing in your way at level 1. It's the ultimate lockpick. A sacred fist can even use it to rip open a metal door with his bare hands.

Unlike Adamantine weapons, this works on hardness over 20, so NOTHING the GM pulls can shut down your lightsabering.

I'd absolutely take it over the plus 1d4 damage options.

Yes. The player already sacrificed any loot the foe carried, why hurt them twice?

David knott 242 wrote:

Will the aasimar and tiefling ages be corrected?

And what about the too short height of the supposedly tall and thin changelings?

I'd put a note that said due to Planetouched's nature as mutants instead of a true race, their lifespans vary wildly. It would avoid invalidating any characters built with the old chart and fix the AP plotholes pretty nicely.

Oasis has a clause "If there is already a natural spring within 1 mile" that it reduces output of that spring. The spell says earlier its effect is "similar to a natural spring". Does this mean you can have multiple Oasis spells running right next to eachother?

Can Create Water's water be used for the material component?

A half-elf can Share Spells Paragon Surge.

A few magic items give feats. When in a wayfinder, some deep red spheres give Improved Unarmed Strike and incandescent blue spheres give Blind-Fight.

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UnArcaneElection wrote:
Claxon wrote:

{. . .}

And Demons and Devils do really hate one another, almost as much as Archons hate Demons.

I remember this being a thing in the default cosmology of D&D starting with Planescape in 2nd Edition and continuing beyond, but is it a major thing in the Pathfinder Campaign Setting? Or do Demons and Devils just view each other as dangerous but potentially useful allies (or preferably minions, and preferably disposable) in the war against Good?

There's one or two mentions of a group of Asmodeus sponsered Demon Hunters in PF.

I think one of the Paizo people said that Cheliax doesn't want the worldwound closed, as it means all the goody goodies send their champions there and not Cheliax.

I mistook "Primal Companion" for refering to the Lunar revelation (which only allowed a few medicore ACs+big cat). Sorry.

Air Crystals are actually pretty bad unless you are constantly being dispelled or crafting them yourself.

A potion of air bubble costs the same, allows you to open your mouth and doesn't kill you if you are prevented from using a free action each turn,

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Big Cat without question. Even now that any animal companion with 4 legs can get pounce via a feat, the other options for primal companion are all pretty eh and Big Cat is still one of the best.

The right rage powers are pretty powerful. Everyone having pounce is huge if the party is melee heavy and doesn't otherwise get it. Giving everyone scents and using pheremone arrows is nice, though there aren't really rage powers that support archery skald beyond that.

"Studded" Leather is a misnomer, the actual improvement is from (fairly sizable) metal plates in between the leather that the studs keep in place. It's one of those D&Disms that never quite got killed when it should have been.

The sage bonus skill points is just 2 a level.

The high intelligence is still based on HD which means you get 1 skill point at 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15, 17 and 19. With the way Pathfinder handles class skills, these are actually semi-relevent.

Do however remember that a Sage gaining 2 skill ranks at each level does not replace the familiar's native skill point gains and in PF skill ranks are retroactive with intelligence increases. At level 5 and every odd level after that your familiar will gain an extra skill point per HD.

This can be as many as 32 skill points with a Tidepool Dragon or Pooka (who have the record of HD for familiar options with 4 each. Both also have types that give a good array of class skills)

edit: The dinosaur seems to have 1 rank in perception with the +3 class skill bonus applied and 0 ranks in swim, with a +2 dex bonus (as it is small enough to use it for swim instead of strength) and the +8 bonus to "perform a special action or avoid a hazard." from having a swim speed given as a general modifer (admittedly the bonus covers 99% of swim uses but...).

The effects of walking a foot off the ground through Air Step on tracking (-10 penalty on trying to track them) are less than the Lure of the Heavens hex/revelation do (You can't be tracked, period) for walking 6 inches off the ground and Horseshoes of a Zephyr do (also can't be tracked) with 4.

I didn't realize Ioun Wyrd wasn't an actual Improved Familiar, just a familiar with an extra cost. Seems a lot more useful now.

Control Winds is my go to for mass destruction. Wildshape into a bird and fly above the enemy camp, then use it to destroy all attackers.

Improved Familiars don't get speak with animals of its kind and can't be a figment.

What are the stamina effects for Armor Proficiency Light/Medium/Heavy, Martial Weapon Proficiency, Exotic Weapon Proficiency and Shield Proficiency?

The Dumbshow of Gorroc is a very poor masterpiece that does fire/piercing damage to oozes and plants (but would still be pretty poor even if it wasn't restricted in target) in an area full round action. Problem: Many oozes have the split ability, which triggers on piercing damage.

The fluff text however describes it as being based upon a deal with a devil gone horribly wrong. Backfiring like that would fit that fluff. Was this intentional?

If you kept up on your perform ranks, you don't actually NEED to limit yourself to a second level masterpiece if you are spending a feat as a multiclass bard instead of a spell slot (though PFS work that way).

(I actually just realized that myself while looking over descriptions. I finally have an anwser to "why would you ever spend a feat on a masterpiece")

My favorites overall (not all 2nd level) are Pageant of the Peacock (you have EVERY int skill at your bluff mod. While poor for monster IDs, it's fantastic out of combat.) Winds of the Five Heavens (Control Winds is one of the best options for killing armies and destroying settlements), Legato Piece on the Infernal Bargain (Planar Ally with no component cost) and The Dance of Kindled Desires (If you have 3 rounds, anyone who fails a will save is compelled to do what you want as long as it isn't suicidal and their greatest desire isn't something you can't fufil: You can deny them after they complete it).

Unfortunately I think all those are prohibited in PFS (Planar Ally doesn't sound like the kind of thing they allow and I think PotP was specifficly disallowed) and I doubt Winds of the Five Heavens would be useful even if it's allowed (I don't think you fight "armies" with more than 2 digit numbers and I doubt you destroy that much either).

Rondeau of Heavenly Order isn't bad if you play with cluttered battlefields instead of square rooms. As mentioned above Battle Song of the People's Revolt is good, though PFS means your party changes a lot (Broken Wing Gambit is poor if you don't have any melee fighters for example)

Broken Wing Gambit is pretty neat, though the other two are pretty meh (one of the strongest parts of those feats is they work on an AoO).

What's the Stamina ability of Shadow Strike (the feat tax to be able to shank someone in a dark ally)?

What are Dazing Assault and Stunning Assault's stamina? Does Broken Wing Gambit have one?

Two reasons

1: It's not that hard to get the spell on another class's list, even if it is only officially added to the bard's list
2: Back in 3.5 the spell was also on the Assassin's list, and Assassin didn't (or at least wasn't supposed to have) that restriction

alexd1976 wrote:
Rycaut wrote:

people must play Fabricate differently than I would rule it - I would say that without a high Craft skill you can only make relatively crude things. And remember that it doesn't actually make things worth more (in terms of raw materials - as the value of the materials has to be the same as the value of the objects created.

That said it is certainly faster than crafting by hand - but it is actually most costly - as I would use the VALUE of the goods as the basis for what you need to use with the fabricate spell not the CRAFTING cost of those objects (which is always lower). And I would still as the spell notes require a high enough level of Craft skill to make a higher quality object.

(using Blood Money to power Fabricate does create value out nothing - but that's why I would generally make Blood Money a rare spell not commonly known and only available as a reward for lots of research and quests - i.e. only available at a fairly high level and given as part of party loot - I might further restrict it for the case of Fabricate to creating a more limited range of materials (at least in terms of volume). Or for most home games I would probably just outright ban the spell.

Fabricate seems less abusive (w/o Blood Money) In that it requires you to have the materials needed to make the good ahead of time and the craft skill to know how to make the object (I would also say you need that craft skill to know ALL of the materials you need to make a given object - i.e. wood, metal for nails, rope or reeds for rope etc if you want to craft a wagon. I think in the right campaign it is a really nifty spell and very in keeping with higher level magic.

You would be correct about Fabricate requiring Craft skill, it says so right in the spell:

"You must make an appropriate Craft check to fabricate articles requiring a high degree of craftsmanship."

Wanna make a wooden fence that looks like crap? No problem.
Wanna make a nice wooden statue? Roll the die...

The problem is that craft is int based and the DCs are all fairly low for non-alchemy stuff (with the purpose being that higher skill mods mean you can craft faster), so Wizards.

Even in the hands of a Sorcerers or Clerics with the right domain, it's still capable of doing what Passwall, a spell of equal level, does with a longer duration (instantaneous instead of 1 hour/level) at the bare minimum.

Ian Bell wrote:
I think you're wrong, for basically the same reason that the classic article in PF#8 has for remove disease not ending plagues. There just aren't going to be enough level 9+ casters to have a significant effect on the volume of stuff in the world.

Didn't know about that. I always thought it couldn't stop them because

Since the spell's duration is instantaneous, it does not prevent reinfection after a new exposure to the same disease at a later date.

meaning that unless everyone was cured in one go, they'd just catch it again. It's also a good reason why even rich people would stay sick if it wasn't life threatening: Antbodies are worth the week in bed.

PFUC is PF UA: It's just published suggestions for house rules*, so it's, more than normal, what the GM wants.

*technically every printed tRPG product EVER is just published house rules for a bunch of people around a table, but hardly the point

The default alchemist (and investigator)'s alchemy crafting kit is assumed to be filled by plants he scavenges. Interested to see how the archetype differs.

Deliquescent Gloves only work on natural weapons or unarmed strikes, but Demonic Smith's Gloves (8000 GP, also has a +4 craft checks with a drawback that never actually come up if you just take 10) however work on all weapons.

Removing the +4 checks would make the item cost 5600 GP.

Why is a spell that draws from the wisdom of spirits not on the Ranger list?

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