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deuxhero's page

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Crypt of the Everflame is a classic starting point, and full of notes for the GM and player on mechanics.

There are two sequels, but the 2nd part isn't great (it outright says any path other than one one most players will, rightfully, dismiss as a stupid idea is up for the GM to make.) and the third has a central trap that's deadly and has no mechanical way to avoid it, only RP against personality the rest of the series assumes characters have (easy enough to weld a knowledge/spellcraft check to it) though is otherwise fine).

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Do PF werewolfs even age at the normal rate? Fictional werewolves tend not to.

That makes sense because "Studded leather" is what D&D's designers called a brigandine, metal plates inside leather. In general D&D's had little to no understanding of what the weapons and armor they were looking at were.

So it's a Kickstarter, Unity AND RtWP?

Everything they actually announce about this takes my expectations tumbling down.

I meant between multiple TPP publishers. Multiclassing between Paizo stuff and a new mechanic from a TPP has some support.

@GM Rednal
Overlooked that one. Nice to know.

That is a bit beyond my scope.

I was thinking of how viable a game that banned Paizo classes while allowing a selection of TPP ones would be. I thought about it and the only obvious problem I could think of was that there were no dual advancement prestige classes (E.g., Eldritch Knight, Arcane Trickster, Mystic Theurge) for combining systems made by different companies (E.g, Pact Magic+Path of War).

Wanted to know if there was already homebrew for some of this. A quick search found me digiman619's Sphere Dancer (Spheres+PoW), but otherwise nothing.

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Michael Kenway wrote:
Armenius wrote:
Kingmaker? Ehhh, If it's not real time with pause or has co-op I'll get it otherwise I'll pass (which really means I'll only guy one copy because my girlfriend will get it either way)
It will be real-time with pause. No finalized decision on co-op.

This really kills my interest. I've never seen that system work period since it was created for Darklands. It always made in-combat movement effectively non-existent. It doesn't have any actual benefit to merit losing movement working either.

Whenever people praise Darklands, BG, PST or NWN it's never the combat that is praised (encounter design yes, combat no).

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Hopefully it's turn based. The Baldur's Gate system never really worked too well for anything concerning movement or AoE, plus Silent Storm is listed as one of the things devs previously worked on and Silent Storm was a great example of how good turn based could be.

"4. A fat man who never seems to lose weight despite the hard life he's lived and is rarely seen without food in his greasy hands"

Got to agree with bloat mage. It's a class I'd never try on a PC, but excellent for an NPC you want to stand out.

2 seems like he could be a were-boar or other stereotypically "dirty" animal

Thanks. That should help me think of some ideas.

I noticed pyramids and mummies seem to center features of all the "desert" adventures I've seen. The exception is Legacy of Fire, but it seems very little in that AP actually happens in the desert except overworld travel: most of it is in buildings where the "desert" part doesn't really matter.

Are there any other desert adventures that aren't Egyptian themed? I'm even interested in hearing TPP adventures or ones from older D&D editions.

Another thing to add to ring: gloves will actually block the line of sight and make it an invalid target, so it's even harder to destroy.

Spirit Binder Wizard should have (Dip: +1) next to power and something like this in the description:

As a dip Spirit Binder gives a lot at just the cost of Scribe Scroll. Thanks to the way familiar stacking works you only need one level for a familiar to have full BAB and 2 good saves, handy for any other class with a familiar that doesn't already have full BAB.

What are the ability adjustments (+2/+2/-2) of naiads?

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All PCs who ate the unicorn gain a bonus on saving throws against poison.

Yes. Certain newer things (Blood of Dragons oracle curse, and an awful sub-skill focus feat) explicitly require non-magical jewels, but the core outfits do not.

Even from a RAI view, a lot of magic items have descriptions noting they would be pretty valuable purely from their non-magical properties (going by a quick SRD search, it's generally between 1/12 and 1/16). 100 GP is such a low bar any magical jewelery should meet it. Worst case you just need to add the non-magical item's value to the magical one.


Oath of Vengeance
Power +1 / Versatility -0
You can trade Lay on Hand uses for Smite uses in exchange for just a bad Channel Energy. This gives you a LOT more uses of a limited ability and you don't even have to give up LoH uses when you don't want to. With the right (wrong?) party setup (charisma heavy weapon users) the 11th level "trade" might hurt a bit, but it won't matter for most.

Sacred Servant
Power +1/+2 / Versatility +1/+2 (deity dependent)
In exchanges for less smite uses (more on that in a bit), a fixed but solid choice of Sacred Bond and Aura of Resolve on the class with the highest saves in the game, you get more spells, more spell options, a domain. Oh and you get component free castings of three of the best spells in the game that alone can get you a huge effective spell list. What Planar Ally your patron grants can vastly up the power of this archetype, but even the worst is still a solid boost to the base Paladin.

Combined Sacred Servant+Oath of Vengeance is more than the sum of its parts. Sacred Servant gives additional uses of Lay on Hands, which can fuel Oath of Vengeance's ability to trade LoH for smites and more than makes up for Sacred Servant's reduced Smite progression.)

Combat Healer Squire
Power -3 / Versatility -1
Gives up some of the best abilities for awful ones. Explicitly intended as an NPC archetype.

Divine Defender
Power -2 / Versatility -2
A defensive archetype that gets rid of one of the best defensive abilities the class has! Spontaneously adding abilities to armor isn't as nifty as doing it to weapons as 1: Armor abilities aren't situational 2:Doesn't actually help you beat an effective cap 3: Are replicated by spells

Divine Hunter
Power ? / Versatility ?
It's an archetype based on a particular combat style. Seems good if you're going for that, bad if you're not. Can't comment

Empyreal Knight
Power -1 / Versatility -1
Some of the trades here might be OK on their own (Divine Grace for Celestial is awful though), but there's absolutely no focus. You can summon a bunch of monsters, but have traded away your abilities that could support them

Iroran Paladin (Enlightened Paladin)
Again, special purpose I can't judge.

Can Breath of Life bring back targets who don't wish to come back? I don't see any restrictions on it or references to other spells, but wanted to make sure I wasn't missing anything.

I was thinking Separatist, but that archetype makes no mention of subdomains.

The art for Pathfinder depicts Earth Elementals as having thumbs. Indeed, going back and looking at all the D&D art and their appearances in licensed computer games, I can't find any art of Earth Elementals that don't have at least claws capable of grasping.

Air Elemental should be in the same boat. They aren't intangible and have a strength score, so there is no reason they can't use items.

Xethik wrote:
Dragon78 wrote:
So what classes does everyone else want to see get some love in this product?
Ninja and Samurai. Because why not?

Is Unchained Ninja officially legal yet?

"Elemental Ninja" is a pretty old concept and could work though.

Monk. Useless but thematically awesome

Legacy of Dragons adds Form of the Exotic Dragon and Form of the Alien Dragon. Neither has that much exciting about it, just mostly the same as Form of the Dragon. Also has a Dragon oracle mystery with a shapeshifting revelation, but it's not worth using till level 15 and the rest of the mystery mediocre.

How new is your group? Some really great modules for low level players are also poor choices for experienced players as they are very beginner focused.

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Set wrote:
Qaianna wrote:
As a (part-time) piercing weapon, it should qualify. So, would that expanded range apply only when she's swinging to pierce, and not when she wants to mash skeletons?

That sounds right to me.

[tangent] When I first played AD&D, decades ago, there were no pictures of the various polearms and my Cleric used a Lucerne hammer, which, being named 'hammer', I assumed was a blunt weapon... [/tangent]

To be fair, I've seen plenty of people theorize the AD&D writers didn't see pictures for the weapons they included either.

Mestama's second boon is weird. Remember: Boons are temporary and only last as long as you can keep preforming the ritual. Do you return to your original age (and life?) at the end?

edit: Zura's obedience is easily accomplished with a class feature minion (like a familiar).

Going by Archives of Nethys, Flauros says nothing about the creature being intelligent ("Burn a valuable nonmagical object (something worth at least 100 gp) or any living creature as an offering and eat the ashes"). Burning an insect every day then eating the ashes isn't hard.

Depending on how the "or" works burning a valuable object could be easy. If it's "burn a expensive object" or "burn a creature and eat the ashes" and not "burn a creature or expensive object" "then eat the ashes of what you burned" just get an object that is supposed to burn and suffers no real damage from it (a fancy pan or incense burner can be reused daily and nobody will think it odd)

edit: Mending/Make Whole also works to generate ashes of expensive stuff without losing WBL

edit 2: Lamashtu is also easier than you make it out to be, though still obnoxious. While you need something with bones, young rats aren't hard to find in a city.

You have to wonder how many Arodenites have petitioned Qi Zhong, who has already resurrected at least one deity, for aid.

Forgot about those.

Enlarge Person, applied by a Goliath Druid, can be made permanent for 2500 GP, though it suffers the normal limitations of permanency (doesn't restore itself if dispelled). Getting this on a Ranger's animal companion is a bit of a pain though.

I'd like to see a variant of Hydraulic Push that comes from under the target instead of from you

Assuming a roc is "megafauna", Goliath Druid lets you cast Enlarge Person on it.

edit: Rocs are still animals (your animal companion especially so as Animal Companion needs to be explicitly changed from animal to stop being one). Animal Growth works on them.

I'd have said Aether Kineticist to have telekinesis for steal, but that's banned.

With your limited classes, I'd go with Lore Warden Fighter for the chaise (full BAB, d10, extra skill points) and bonus to CMB and free Combat Expertise. Magic items appear to be standard, so you'll want Gauntlets of the Skilled Maneuver and latter upgrade to Gloves of Dueling. A wizard should have no issue buffing his CMB to obscene levels with spells.

Dirty Trick is the better option if you are specializing in a manever though. Most enemies don't have items.

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zainale wrote:
its a shame there is no albinism curse with light sensitivity and all that since i want the solar mystery. and that's all about light. and i think my DM has never looked at the oracle's mysteries because he says the mysteries i want are over powered and that the curse should match or be stronger then the mystery. the mysteries two out of the three are not even in combat relative.

Shadowbound from Horror Realms is exactly what you want.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Iammars wrote:
Rysky wrote:
Well it has mental in the title so I'm guessing it has to do with Psychics.
It also has "mast" in the title, so I'm going to assume that it's a book entirely about ships.

It also has "Master' Hand", so clearly it's a martial arts focused book.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Note the 5th level ability for Tongues doesn't actually force you to pick a second one of the initial languages. You could pick any language, including secret ones, (possibly excluding languages you already know) and just select something common like Dwarf. Still hurts a bit for language dependent though.

Give it to something that doesn't have a feat progression like a familiar.

CBDunkerson wrote:

The +1 from Training costs less than an Opalescent White Pyramid ioun stone until you get up to an effective +4 total bonus. Ergo, I expect 'Training: Weapon Proficiency (this weapon)' will become a fairly standard means of getting proficiency with a particular weapon type at lower levels.

This enchantment is also great when combined with abilities like Warrior Spirit or Legacy Weapon that allow you to temporarily add any magic weapon special ability to a weapon... so you can add the Training ability and choose an appropriate feat for each combat (note, Training: Barroom Brawler only works once per day).

I could see some characters having a 'utility belt' of +1 Training weapons with various highly situational feats that they'd never actually take, but which can be useful in specific circumstances.

Only for characters without martial weapon prof. Otherwise you can get a cracked one for dirt cheap.

For a more exotic example (which will also be helpful if you're assuming mostly 1 or 2 story houses), here's Kyoto in 1696, which had a population of about 400,000. While no scale is given, using the still standing Nijou Castle (the largest building on that map) and waterways as a base it works out to about about 12 kilometers by 6 kilometers for the city proper works out to about 15,000 per square mile.

Where is the Sea of Eels?

Doesn't need to. Spirit Binder bases the familiar's saves and BAB off the master's level (changing the standard rule that a familiar's save and BAB are equal to the owner) while Carnivalist only cares about your sneak attack. Level for familiar just gives some natural armor, intelligence (pointless for improved familiar) and worthless abilities.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Remember for familiar based commune it's asking your familiar's deity, not yours. While your alignment will match, it's unlikely to expect much from a voidworm.

relativemass wrote:

This reminds me of the optimal Guess Who strategy.

For getting a name you could ask, is the first letter of the target's first/last name is from the fist half of the alphabet, and so on. You could determine a letter with 4-5 questions, perhaps fewer if someone in your group has a good Linguistics skill and can determine likely names from possible letter combinations. Another option would be to get a comprehensive list of likely/common names and ask if the target's name is on the list, then if it is on the first half of the list, and so on.

You could also try geography questions to determine the person. For example, Does the target living in this county? Do the target live in a more northern than southern region? Once you have the region identified you can start asking about the city they live in and at least narrow the area down to improve your search. If you know that the bad guy lives in the Baron's mansion then you have made some good progress in your search.

I'd advise adding "when written in Common" to questions regarding "the alphabet" and use "family name" or "given name". Ancient deities aren't exactly going to share those assumptions.

Oh, sorry about that. Seems like another interesting thing that doesn't get much much use otherwise.

Wonder if any Evolved Familiar options are worth the 13 Charisma cost.

Avoron suggested a really interesting build here that's a full-caster -2 levels with a full BAB high fort high will familiar with high sneak attack that's always invisible and flying (and uses two otherwise nifty but not all that great archetypes). I wanted to ask if anyone had any ideas for expanding it (rather than derail the thread Avoron posted it in.

Quoted for convenience.

Avoron wrote:

How about spirit binder wizard 3/carnivalist unchained rogue 2/arcane trickster X?

Pick the diviner (foresight) school, take the Magical Knack trait to make up for your lost caster levels, grab Accomplished Sneak Attacker to boost your sneak attack and qualify for arcane trickster, and then take Improved Familiar for a small aether elemental familiar with the school familiar archetype and the spirit of your beloved paladin family member.

Aether elementals have flight, blindsense, darkvision, a host of immunities, and most importantly, natural invisibility. With the carnivalist archetype, your familiar shares your sneak attack damage. With the spirit binder archetype, it has a full base attack bonus and good Fort and Will saves. It also gets a free feat, let's just say Additional Traits for Heirloom Weapon and The Vessel Between. It can wield its masterwork composite longbow and wear armor with no ACP (masterwork studded leather, darkleaf cloth leather lamellar, or mithral kikko). The school familiar archetype gives it an initiative boost, access to your foresight power, automatic surprise rounds, and at-will detect magic, while retaining share spells for crucial buffs like sense vitals and true strike.

By level 7, it will be making longbow attacks with something like +15/+10 against Dex-less AC for 4d6+2 damage, raised to 6d6+2 with sense vitals. If it doesn't feel like attacking, it can perform ranged telekinetic combat maneuvers with the occasional boost from true strike, or it can just fling creatures and objects wherever it wants to with telekinetic throw. This can be further boosted with buff spells, magic weapons and armor, bonuses to dexterity, and eventually (heaven forbid) sniper's goggles.

An Aether elemental is already proficient with longbows (it has Outsider HD) so it has a feat free. Rapid Shot seems like the best option, as Aether Elementals already have 13 dex and Point Blank Shot.

My guess would be 6's content is more or less finalized now. All that remains is editing.

If you're trying to keep a prisoner disabled long term, hit them with a geas first. Make the command something that's fully possible for them to do instantly, but they'll never do ("Truthfully pledge your eternally loyal to me"). This will tank their wisdom and drop their will save by -6

A blog post detailing where in the default campaign setting you'd expect to find the covered monsters would be nice.

Pact Wizard or the guide?

I made a guide on this subject at one point. Hasn't updated in years though.

It sounds like you are making a gish. Consider Pact Wizard (the HHH one) if all you want out of Witch is strength patron's spells on an arcane full-caster.

That, as written, you do not need to expend a spell for lower levels is right.

As for balance:
The cost being nothing, even with expensive components, is also an issue (free stoneskin is the obvious one, though Communal Stoneskin+False Focus does it at the same spell level for one pretty good feat)

I'd go with a 1 week limit, (justified by rotting ect. that normally happens to stuff stuff made of "berries, [...], and other natural ingredients" does. Remember you have to be able to chug a pint of in less than 6 seconds, which rules out I can think of as "preserved".) without refrigeration) and selling them works as selling spellcasting as a service does (limited by imminent demand because they can't be stored) and barring expensive components.

Luthorne wrote:
Saint Bernard wrote:
More love for elemental wizards. At the very least, an updated elemental wizard spell list.
Did you want more than the updated elemental wizard spell list from Planes of Power? Or did you not know about that one?

Are Wood, Void and Metal included there?

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