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For the south pole, how viable would an "ice field" with lots of large , but way too small (and mobile?) to map, floating chunks of ice instead of a single large mass+some extra?

Dragonchess Player wrote:
Perhaps on Golarion, potatoes were developed by dwarves for similar reasons to those of the Incas on Earth: to grow on mountain-side farms, as a staple crop that could be readily processed for long-term storage (especially in a controlled-temperature environment such as underground), etc. Of course, dwarves on Golarion could then invent vodka...

I have frequently seen "potato" as an anwser to "What do underground dwarves eat?" that I have no issue making them the ones that domesticated it.

Good to know. Thanks.

I found Ultimate Equipment mentions farmers farming potatoes and lists them as trade goods. For the purpose of cuisine, diet, population and settlement placement (potatoes grow really well in places wheat never could) it would help to know where on Golarion they are native to and how widespread they are.

In the real world potatoes are a "new world" plant and their introduction to Europe was relatively recent (a time the printing press was widespread and firearms were the standard weapon). Are potato like cactus, which are found in Garund (despite real Cactus being only found in the "new world" with one exception)?

I saw that, but staves explicitly work differently from other items price-wise and was hoping there was a wondrous item that did such a thing to dissect.

How do magic item prices work for an item that can cast multiple spells, such as an item that could cast a cure spell or lesser restoration, that draw from the same pool of charges?

Artificial 20 wrote:
Plausible Pseudonym wrote:
Is there anything in here that can be used to kill my enemies? With kindness, perhaps?

There's a few offensive elements. The Angelfire Apostle for example has a handful of flame-themed riders, such as dazzling on its channel energy or producing bursts of flame when casting healing spells. It has style IMHO.

I can give more details. Just trying to stick to what people ask above the bar set earlier in the thread.

Any effects that heal based on damage done (the kind of thing generally called "leach life", "vampiric healing" or "HP drain")?

Ryan Freire wrote:
swoosh wrote:

IRL doesn't seem really important here. Regardless of personal feelings, we have a weapon printed in a book that basically has no reason to exist because it's completely utterly worse than any of its counterparts.

And that's terrible.

Actually I guess that's not true, it weighs less than a dagger (nothing at all, actually). Maybe there's something you can do with the fact that you can carry thousands of them on your person at once. Though there are other weightless weapons that might be better to mess around with.

Yeah we've had that since the light and heavy pick.

Picks have some benefits with attacking objects and CDG

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If still open: Primal Disciple should have the option for Chimera Soul swap. Rage Power (plus Extra Rage Power) gives plenty of natural attack focus, and comboing it with Mooncursed seems popular.

Urgathoa, the rare evil deity who can be worshiped by people who aren't rabid nihilist out to destroy/take over the world.


Path of War already works perfectly well, but 3.5 worked just fine with multiple distinct magic systems so no reason fighters can't get the same options.

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Trip and other manuvevers were actually possible in 3.5.

Do you want to restore the wizard or are you asking about fixing them for the interesting question?

I think it would be easier to make a pantheon based on beer worshiping chaotic and neutral gods than chaos.

"neighbors'" plural?

Interesting. Wonder if that's just "Lingshen and Shenmen" or if Amanadar and Kaoling (maybe Jinn) are included in that statement.


Casmaron must be really out of scale on that world map if Tian Xia is opposite the Inner Sea and the ocean between Casmaron/Tian Xia is the second smallest.

For PrCs, there could definitely be more dual advancement classes, especially for weirder class combos. Monk/Anything other than Paladin (which is done by Champion of Irori), Fighter (which is covered by Brawler) and maybe Druid (because it doesn't need a PrC to be awesome multiclass) could be pretty neat. Prcs have largely been replaced by archetypes, but dual advancement is the one thing archetypes can't do.

269: A noble's estate manager hires the party to find out what is causing rumors of his charge turning tricks in the red light district despite perfect allibies for all times the charge was supposedly spoted.

This could lead to loads of possible reasons. Shapeshifters, illusion, look-alike, deliberate lies for slander ect.

Stopping drowning
What being dead actually does.

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Use Dreamscarred Press material over Paizo stuff whenever possible.

Summoner seems like the best to cover your holes. It crushes in melee, boosts your action economy, can fill in your missing skills (Eidolons get good skill points beyond their HD deficiency, which is only going to be 1 at most for that trilogy's level range) and offers some arcane utility.

Clearly they need a weapon that does both slashing and bludgeoning damage.

While no PF weapon does this, a polearm with blade on one side and a hammer on the other seems entirely logical.

The other option is them actually using a longsword to deal bludgeoning damage with the pomel like they were used for in real life.

Does Pathfinder have any "Specific trumps general" equivalent? That would solve the template issue.

4 people marked this as a favorite.

No idea, but an Intelligent Item that manuvers its way into becoming a phylactery seems like an interesting plot.

Only a Tidepool Dragon (it casts based on its HD and this template gives extra HD) seems worth it.

"Devil's Advocate" wrote:

Instant Armor is so close to being cool on many levels, but too many stipulations make it garbage. 1 Min/Level. It's a Force Armor, but it replaces your existing armor, and if you are a Cleric that's likely to cast this, that's probably an overall downgrade most of the time. Needs to either be 10 Mins/1 Hr per level or just a straight up Force Armor Bonus to AC that increases by level (+5 from 1st-5th, +6 from 6th-8th, etc. . .)

Don't forget it disables magic items and will leave you barefoot. It might have been useful in a situation where armor is forbidden, but Disguise Self or Glamored armor is the better option there, especially with the terrible duration.

The spell Clone should work, but you need to get the samples while you're still young, make sure the clone is in something that keeps it fresh (A vat that effects whatever is in it via Gentle Repose should be cheap and isn't remotely chesey. Apparently Villain Codex has a crate that keeps everything in it fresh, but it was meant for food and not people) and die before old age gets you (as that will stop clone).

From the prospective of reality with hand loads purposefully rigging a load to be hazardous would be trivial (not that there is a use for this beyond booby traps), but impossible to do when firing.

Warlord/Wilder/Awakened Blade with Eldritch Heritage

Underwater nations? Wonder if Xidao will be mentioned (beyond one line of "x is also found far to the east in the Tian Xia nation of Xidao" type stuff).

I think he's refering to how the consolidated skills alt rules include a system where skill points aren't based on your int modifer, but total int.

This column gives the weight of a Medium version of the weapon. Halve this number for Small weapons and double it for Large weapons
This column gives the weight of the armor sized for a Medium wearer. Armor fitted for Small characters weighs half as much, and armor for Large characters weighs twice as much.

Should be the same.

I might add some extra weight for the mounting stuff ect, but 40 pounds seems like a good baseline and as close to rules as written as I know.

Gamewise, a balistia is explicitly a upsized crossbow. Apply weight increases for size increases as normal.

I'm surprisingly unable to historical weight information beyond projectiles (exceeding 25kg/55 pounds).

The helm has no effect if the wearer is not a barbarian (or another class with the rage class feature).
Bloodrage counts as the barbarian's rage class feature for the purpose of feat prerequisites, feat abilities, magic item abilities, and spell effects.

Worst case is he can use the item, but can't use the granted rage power. Being able to use rage powers with bloodrage was explicitly possible in the playtest, but I don't think it was carried over (at least not as an explicit rule) to the released version.

Expeditious Excavation is also worth mentioning. It creates a trench to put your tanks in instead of a platform to put your archers on which solves your problem just fine. It's also a lot more versatile as a spell.

Give them a base of operations. Real estate comes to quite a bit of money, especially in the middle of a large city, but it doesn't really help your combat performance.

This is especially true when you use Batman as your example. Wayne Manor and the Batcave rarely help him in adventures (Stuff inside the Batcave often does, but he would pay for that normally), but they establish quite well how rich he is.

Wanted to make sure I didn't miss any

Bard (Duh)
Skald (ability that counts as)

Maytr Paladin
Oath of the People's Council Paladin
Sensei Monk
Exemplar Brawler
Evangelist Cleric

Battle Herald
Steel Falcon

I was thinking of environment, but I was having trouble coming up with specifics beyond "water enemies attack in water" type stuff.

I was wondering if that template had a PF equivalent. Unfortunately I can't find any guidelines for actually converting encounters into a troop (and I'm terrible at making monsters from scratch). Do they exist? Also was thinking of sizes smaller than 16 (the minimum going by size).

That's a good one.

Does anyone have any suggestions for helping large groups of low level enemies do something other than fish for 20s against decently leveled PCs (say 5+ levels of difference) and aren't dependant on money (because this will obviously be looted) or high level allies?

I can think of Aid Another, Freebooter, Bardic Music (including the many archetypes that grant it) and Bless. Any other suggestions?

Got to agree with air elemental. Fits so well the immunities are correct.

If you were letting the player swap for real wings and wing buffet, add improved damage (wings) on there so the equivalent cost is the same.


Some Silver Crane maneuvers are also compatible with ranged attacks.

The new mercies could be things that let a character ignore things like Difficult Terrain that aren't effects on the character directly.

I was trying to build a Mooncursed barbarian and almost immediately stumbled upon the question "What does Animal Fury do if you already have a bite?"

Do you get an extra bite despite the head limitations? Does the power do nothing (and become a rage power tax)?

It's not that you can't combine them otherwise, it's that you get the discipline weapon bonus on both without spending a feat.

One thing to note is the Nodachi is both a heavy blade and a polearm. There are a (very) few tricks that opens up (It's a huge advantage with Path of War though).

(Also it has Brace, but the readied action rules are too much of a mess for that to be worthwhile)

Looking at the Tian Xia map it's clear the border of these two has some natural barrier, but I have no idea what it's supposed to be. I can't find any mentions of it in text either. Any ideas?

LoH one already exists. It's called Believer's Hands from the ACG.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Lots of people want a Tian Xia AP, but how would it be a "Tian Xia AP" instead of a "This country in Tian Xia AP"?

One possible solution I see is starting in Mukinami. As a major trade city in a country that is already has some very varied minorities it could host most anything a player could want to play. The plot would then take the PCs across the continent for whatever reason (Like seeking an ancient Lung Wa treasure).

Premade adventure paths and modules are generally made for less skilled GMs and players.

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