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Aberrant Sorcerer and Bloodrager have a unique feat to get familiars.

For that matter, isn't a plain old charge attack a collision?

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What about a Paladin that worships Aroden?

"Aroden? But he's dead?" "So were you!"

If you're counting Alchemist, Investigator also counts.

PRCs that add arcane casting
Prophet of Kalistrade
Red Mantis Assassin

(Spherewalker is a 3.5 class by Paizo for the PF setting that gives non-casters a handful of divine spells)

Archetypes that add casting whole cloth (instead of converting a caster to another type)
Eldrtich Scoundrel
Child of Acavna and Amaznen
Some Vigilante archetypes

If you want to be spellcaster that punches people, Sacred Fist warpriest is better. More casting, effectively full BAB from flurry+divine favor+bonus feats (use Human AFCB for more prerequisite free feats and take toughness to make up for the lost HP if you really need it)

The CRB says the default for multiple familiars is stacking. Indeed, this was the case for 3.5 too.

Rysky wrote:
All Deities have favored weapons, none of their followers are required to use them.

Actually there's a small number of Iomedae followers who are

I think there's also at least one obedience that requires a favored weapon, but I'm not sure.

It also works on creatures with the [Evil] subtype, regardless of actual alignment

Most creatures that have this subtype also have evil alignments; however, if their alignments change, they still retain the subtype. Any effect that depends on alignment affects a creature with this subtype as if the creature has an evil alignment, no matter what its alignment actually is.

Meeting a redeemed [Evil] creature is rare enough, but fighting it with a good aligned weapon is pretty much a non-occurrence (Mind control is the only time it's ever going to happen)

Mark Carlson 255 wrote:
I would say that you take more then the base weapon damage do to the fact that you are in an enclosed area where an explosion is designed to launch an object at a target.

Again, not how cannons work. The "explosion" doesn't launch the projectile, the created gases do. It's closer to a "burn" than an "explosion".

Firstly: Can he even fit? If we go by civil war cannon weight to barrel diameter (which will be better than anything older thanks to improved metallurgy ect.) a 25 pound cannon (the weight given for the PF weapon) will have less than 7 inches in diameter, while a heavy bombard will be ~8 inches. A small race might meet these, but a medium creature, especially with gear, will have to meet a DC30 escape artist check (average adult male's head is apparently 6 inches).

Secondly: Unless he has some form of sabot, I'd go with damage from the burning, fort save from any gasses he's exposed to and have to climb out. Cannons, like all firearms, work by the burning powder creating expanding gas which then pushes the weakest point of its seal which should be the projectile (If you have a badly made/maintained weapon and the body isn't rated for the pressure, you're going to be losing body parts.). It's not launching something by strength of explosion or anything like that.

If he fits and has some form of sabot or you think it's awesome and don't care, then what the above posters said.

I agree a 1-midlevel module series like Hollow's Last Hope/Crown of the Kobold King/Revenge of the Kobold King/Hungry Are the Dead or Price of Immortality trilogy would be good

Marco Massoudi wrote:
The excellent "Pathfinder Module: The Ruby Phoenix Tournament" (imo the best Tian Xia adventure so far)

Were there others?

Reincarnation, but I doubt it will serve as a mount after that.

Non-caster: Warden
Arcane: Psion
Divine: Vitalist
Nature: This is what, three classes?

MMCJawa wrote:
maybe some new classes (a full bab dedicated shapeshifter or Tarzanesque feral person would work well with this theme)

I'd love to see a dedicated shapeshifter, though I'm sure "feral guy" is already done by Barbarian and other class.

Core Fighter
Core Monk
Core Rogue

There, now nobody insists a good class isn't balanced because absolutely rubbish classes can't compete (purely through fault of their own)

Hayato Ken wrote:
Thurston Hillman wrote:
Hayato Ken wrote:
Thurston Hillman wrote:

Oh, how I would LOVE to do more things with Druma. There are Plans™ in the forefront of my brain pan for that lovely richest of rich places... assuming I can ever convince people to let me write them! :)



I would prefer you writing TianXia stuff^^
Prepare to be pleasantly surprised in the near-ish future? :)
This above here.

So something is confirmed?

Well it's still worth noting just in case that something is just a module or such and not a full AP.

Note I intended my post more as a joke than a serious argument (though PF's rules get WEIRD often enough it's not entirely farcical).

Hayato Ken wrote:

Seems most people missed or neglect on purpose the most important statement about something new Tian Xia....

That is?

Racism is clearly neutral or good.

See how all the deities of race are either neutral or good, even if their race has no "common" alignment, except for the ones where the entire race is always evil.

Matrix Dragon wrote:

I'm really looking forward to the favored class bonuses. One of the major issues with the uncommon races is that they barely have any favored class bonuses to choose from, while the core races basically have favored class bonuses for *everything*.

Here's hoping that there is something for Kitsune Mesmerists! ;)

Hope Kitsune gets a Summoner one, given the most famous Kitsune tale has Kitsune blood produce a summoner.

Many vampires are also decently powerful full casters. Even if they aren't native it's pretty reasonably to think some have hidden bases on the more hospitable (for them) ones filled with cattle.

If Shaitan "sun" globe things don't count as sunlight (possibly even if they do), which they shouldn't given there's only a handful of abilities that trigger that in the first place the Plane of Earth should be a favorite.

Devil Imposter summoner has the following weakness

A devil impostor must apply the fiendish template to any creatures summoned via her summon monster spell-like ability regardless of her alignment.

Summon Good Monster doesn't give a choice of templates, just predefined monsters with the celestial template. Can a Devil Imposter summoner summon Celestial monsters this way?

Congratulations, after mass optimization you have a slightly better than 50/50 chance to actually use a combat maneuver successfully against a level approriate challenge's ~55+ CMD... assuming they don't have other bonuses (4+ legs vs trip ect.) and aren't immune entirely.

I saw a thread noting General Susumu can't actually grant most of the spells or abilities of the Glory domain and the subdomains don't entirely help. Started writing out a way it could be justified to let him do it, as the deity articles in AP have long had special rules for each deity (and Susumu's flavor is largely blank).

It is widely known Shizuru and General Susumu are siblings, yet not particularly fond of each other. While those of the Inner Sea may initially believe this means the two are locked in a war which their mortal followers act out as proxy combatants, this simply is not true. While the two rarely speak and suffer serious disagreements, the two do not actively come to blows, though their clergy has no special rules for dealing with the other. It is believed if serious harm were to befall his sister, Susumu would be the first seeking to avenge her.

An incident involving a skinned horse, the details of which are not known to mortals, has earned General Susumu an effective banishment from the celestial bureaucracy. The remaining members begrudgingly admit his skill in combat, both personal and the command of men, has few equals and will run for his aid should his skills be required. General Susumu found little glory to be had in the has taken his banishment as an opportunity to seek glory and worship beyond the Dragon Empires, though this quest has largely been fruitless.

General Susumu's evil is firmly rooted in "everyday villainy", he cares primarily about his own power/glory and doesn't care about who he has to step on to get it (except maybe his sister). General Susumu views pain, suffering, death and the like as side effects of his pursuit of power and recognition, not something to seek for its own sake. He is unable to ignore affronts to his honor and quick to come to blows with those who insult it.

Proclaim the greatness of yourself and General Susumu before an audience of at least 5 creatures who share a language with you (the audience need not be non-hostile) and narrate to them true tales of your glory. While bragging demonstrate skill (such as lifting heavy objects, preforming acrobatics, shooting accurately or casting spells with visible effects) to show your words are not empty. If your prowess is contested, you must either slay the heckler or best them in a challenge measuring the contested ability (a refusal is considered a victory for you). You gain a +2 profane bonus to strength for the purposes of carrying capacity, strength checks and using a compound bow.

1: Master and Commander (Sp) Clarion Call 3/day, Tactical Acumen 2/day or Perfect Placement 1/day
2: Not-So-Well-Kept Ship (Su) You may cause a number of contiguous squares equal to your hit die within 30 feet to be filled with disrepair and area appropriate rubble/junk, turning it into difficult terrain. This difficult terrain lasts until you use this ability again or an adjacent creature works on the terrain (a move action).
3: Tactical Training (Su) You gain a teamwork feat you meet the requirements for as a bonus feat, chosen the first time you gain this boon. All allies within 30 feet that can see and hear you and meet the prerequisites are considered to have that feat.

(I'll do Sentinel and Exalted latter. Plan on Sentinel to be archery focused and Exalted to be glory focused)

Clerics of General Susumu may cast [good] spells if they are granted by domains. General Susumu recognizes the force multiplier of magical healing and his neutral Clerics may choose to channel positive or negative energy.

Clerics and Rangers may prepare Mount as a first level spell
Clerics and Rangers may prepare Flame Arrow as a third level spell
Clerics and Rangers may prepare Control Winds [to reduce wind speed and/or change its direction only] as a fourth level spell

What's the code for Shizuru? Curious given how little she's been detailed before.


A protection domain sacred servant Paladin gets to cast Spell Immunity at level 13. What 4th level (or lower) spells are worth gaining immunity to?

(for that matter, what does "4th level or lower" even mean? Which lists is the level based on?)

Did Aroden have any special code for paladins when he was alive like Abadar does?

In real life that is true, but PF has misuse of "sentient" to mean "sapient" already in the system.

Can you Assume Appearance a Clone?

"Some spells require sacrificing a sentient creature, a major evil act that makes the caster evil in almost every circumstance."

Does the "sentient creature" thing mean there are no (inherit) moral implications to sacrificing animals or things of animal intelligence (like a cow or a goat) in PF?

Living creatures have no listed value. Shouldn't they qualify for Eschew Materials and False Focus?

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Generic Villain wrote:
NenkotaMoon wrote:
I thought you can only make Living Garments if you are a Drow?
Nope. Only a few items from Advanced Race Guide (that book has a creepy name without any context) have a racial requirement for crafting them, and those are specifically noted for each particular item. For example, a few of the gnome goodies can only be made by either gnomes or wizards specialized in particular schools. Living garments have no such additional requirements. Anyone with the Craft Wondrous Item feat can churn one out.

Unless the book differs from the SRD, Living Garments do have be a drow as a requirement for creation.

However like most other "requirements" for crafting this just translates to a minor spellcraft check (that any wizard should auto pass way before level 20) if you can't make it.

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Hope there are some archetypes for spellcasting in non-spellcasting classes like Arcane Anthology had.

Are the feats and item Roil Dancer specific?

Accomplished Sneak Attacker works fine for an archetype that lowers sneak attack progression (Eldritch Scoundrel) or a multiclass character, which seems to be the intent (the second one is anyways). Should have been "this feat can not give you" or taken the wording from Magical Knack.

edit: Seems this thread was necroed by a previous poster, but these additions still stand for any who find this thread in the future

There's one sword that does this, but it's an artifact.

A Sword of Subtlety adds +4 to damage (and attack) when sneak attacking. 1d6 is 3.5 on average, so +4 is statistically better
Twice per day a Ring of Swarming Stabs may do this
Sniper Goggles give +2 on every roll of Sneak Attack if you are making a ranged sneak attack within 30 feet (strictly better than +1d6 if you have two die of SA). Greater version extends this to "any range".

If you're up for 3.5...

With Psionics you can use the Hidden Talent feat. It gives you one 1st level power, an effective manifester level of 1 (remember this means he can only spend 1 PP a round. It's a rule most people miss and whine psionics is broken because they didn't follow it.) and a small PP poll to use it with.

If he wants more versatility and/or explicit "magic" and he's willing to play a Human, one old combo is Magical Training (Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting Player's Handbook: Gives character 3 cantrips like a Wizard or Sorcerer.) and Precocious Apprentice (Complete Arcane: gives a 2nd level slot he needs a spellcraft roll to use). While it was often used for early entry cheese, it's perfectly workable for what the player wants. Note that these spells slots have ASF. Also note in PF the "cantrips" ability is just a reminder (it's on monsters with spellcasting and the design staff has mentioned it a few times) so you may want to specifically exclude him from infinite 0 levels (or not if you don't feel it a problem)

You mention Arcane Strike is limited to Magus, but Bloodrager can use it (and better too thanks to less swift action stuff)

Rysky wrote:
Plausible Pseudonym wrote:
Secret Wizard wrote:
Covetous Oracle Curse is basically the next big thing for casters.
What does it do?

You have to wear an increasing amount of wealth or get sickened

Is this "act like a PC and wear valuable stuff" or "blow your WBl really inefficiently" (like Ostentatious Display)

Any thoughts on this for if the PCs manage to capture a certain someone in book 6 (instead of kill)? It's hypothetical, but seemed like fun to think up.


Bellinda sits still in the cell you have prepared for her. The once proud princess no longer wears the most extravagant dresses of the City of Light, but instead the mightiest chains of Zhaansen-Kryr.

There will be no rescues for this damsel: All those loyal to her have perished at Camberlyn. Escape on her own will not happen, the curses torpor her actions while your wraiths and shadows have broken her body and the rings of corruption lay firmly upon her fingers. Even before you lifted the Feeblemind from her she realize the futility of trying to freeze these bar. The dethroned princess spends every waking moment in prayer to Mithra, but Mithra will not be coming in her lifetime*.

Your attempts to turn her with words are quietly ignored, however you swear that though it may take an eternity, she'll eventually learn to kneel before *PC name*.

*The "epilogue" would mention the current state of the Mithran church and it's eventually exile from Talingarde while the setting will have something preventing gods from acting directly. Mithra instead guides his priests to foreign lands, with the hope that his faith will spread and one day, long after the PCs' deaths if they have not obtained immortality, he may liberate his holy land.

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An "Asian" themed AP that actually takes place in the Eastern lands for more than 2 books (and doesn't have massive errors all over the place). Ruby Phoenix Tournament was well received from what I understand.

Rysky wrote:

This whole thread has been a poor discussion.

How can [Evil] =/= Evil???

The same way beings of [Evil] have become neutral and even good aligned?

Good slip allows for freed slaves.

Plus you can have the right dynamic with another PC like being the real brains behind a dimwitted Minor Noble character

Prior to Ultimate Intrigue there was nothing. Evil was merely a descriptor like any other.

UI shoved a mention in the weirdest place imaginable.

A gray paladin must be of lawful good, lawful neutral, or neutral good alignment and loses all class features except proficiencies if she ever willingly commits an evil act (for example, casting a spell with the evil descriptor)


Ninja Tricks are class features.

Ninja can get "weapon training" as a "class feature" at level 3.

Ravingdork wrote:


Bao Zheng, 8th-level human ronin - Bao Zheng is a mercenary from Tien who is most famous for his mastery of the simultaneous use of a tower shield with a nodachi. He often works alongside a little known man named Jobe the Lesser.

Why does the ronin have a Chinese name?

On Daoine Sidhe:

Gnome and Treant should be language options
Druid FCB alone is huge. Mystic Past Life is enough reason to eat otherwise poor racials, merely taking FCB is no question. Witch fills in the Druid list's holes very nicely. Also Druids don't know spells. At the least I'd say reduce it to 1/4th
I'd add an alternate racial ability that replaces Immortal Swordsmanship and isn't based on another book so Lords of Mists can be used standalone.

Spelltouched feats! I loved the concept in UA even though almost all of them were junk. These all seem usable. Affirmed Reality seems the least so, maybe let it see through magical darkness of less than X level?

Sanguine Sorcery line seems fine for adding some utility to a non-caster. Seems best for sticking on beatstick monsters that qualify to make the fight more interesting. Got to figure out if there's a way to make an animal companion fey or arbitration.

Crypt of the Everflame can easily be refluffed from a village coming of age ceremony to a graduation exam.

Crypt of the Everyflame is ''very'' beginner oriented though.

Godsmouth Heresay could also work with little modification: Instead of being random adventurers they're roped in as part of some Pharasman initiation (The lack of reason why the Pharasmaians would reach out to this group of low level adventurers was one of the weakest points of the module anyways. The problem is being kept secret so it's unlikely PCs would find it while looking for work and the city is big enough level 4 characters aren't that rare.)

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The premade magic items have some non-magical equipment made with special materials. These list their ACP

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