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derosierr's page

7 posts (518 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 10 aliases.


do I need to have a full character ready? I thought this thread was for interest only if so I will generate a character today. Magus

I'll through my name in as interested. Im thinking of a magus type maybe a black blade archetype.

posting a samurai build and backstory within the next few hours.

human inquisitor of Sarenrae NG

Having been an inquisitor for many years, I had seen my share of evil that needed to be cleansed. However the taint that had arisen in the forests around the town of bellis was a far deeper evil. I had been chosen to root out the source of this not because I was the lead inquisitor of our father Sarenrae's house, but becuase I had been born in this town and knew of its ancient past. Grim stories told to scare children i had always believed. I had left this town at the age of 17 after the deaths of my parents in the forests surrounding bellis and was taken in immediately by the the holy church. strange after 15 years it is here that i should return. I never knew what killed them, they didn't recover much. It matters not, that life is no more and I am here to discover the evil and cleanse and redeem it. I have heard of a wedding that is to take place soon. I believe I will make my start there and hope to find some clues.

So sayeth the Holy Redeemer Sarenrae

sounds interesting count me in I'll start researching a character.

going to be running a human wizard. stats and backstory to come.cya soon

looking to get in on the action. mark me as a stand by candidate.

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