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Jhoruk the Banaan

demontroll's page

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pdf works great in d20Pro


I moved to a different state, so I have been gaming long distance with my old gaming group. We use Google Plus for video/voice and d20Pro for gaming maps. This pdf can be easily converted and looks beautiful in d20Pro. With the GameMastery Subscription, you get the pdf and actual flip-map as a package deal, so win-win. This particular map should have multiple useful applications.

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Difficult to GM Organized Opponents as Disorganized

**( )( )( )

Spoilers Below:

First, I liked the first module in this series (that one would be 4-5 stars). There were a few encounters in the swamp that I skipped, because I didn't see their relevance to the story, but otherwise the adventure was good. The opposition in Brinewall Castle was disorganized and so it made sense how they responded in a disorganized fashion.

In Night of the Frozen Shadow, the opposition is supposed to be highly organized and highly motivated to kill the player's characters, yet they don't act that way. Logically they should marshal all their forces and wipe out the player characters. The module doesn't give a reason why they mostly sit back and let the player's characters whittle them down bit by bit, while otherwise ignoring them. Granted, I am not looking for a one sided slaughter of the PCs, but there is no reason given for why the opposition acts the way they do.

The investigation portion is linear. My group seriously goofed up one thing, so there were no clues on how they should proceed as there were no alternative leads for them to pursue.

I have found this volume of the AP to be frustrating to run as a GM who likes the opposition to behave according to their abilities and motivations.

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