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Jhoruk the Banaan

demontroll's page

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Magus have high DPR and good defense with spells like Mirror Image. With a pocket full of Pearls of Power, they can Intensified Shocking Grasp all day long. Zen archers are also pretty good at DPR and have good saves and CMD. Paladins smiting evil are very potent too. All 3 of these have good will saves.

A rogue or fighter is just going to suck in comparison, especially when a monster casts dominate, confusion, or some other save or suck spell requiring a Will save.

Let the players who now realize their characters are grossly inferior have the option of rebuilding their characters, or possibly playing new characters with equal wealth and experience.

Maybe your players would rather RPG My Little Ponies and talk about how pretty their characters are, rather than face a very minor challenge. They sound like a bunch of whinny care bears. Feel free to quote me on that.

I don't think you are going to be able to make these players happy. Let someone else GM, and roll up your own elite character.

Make a character with a high strength, and then offer to help carry the other character's gold coins to lighten their load. Fail to mention your character's addiction to gambling, drugs, and courtesans.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Maybe the cohort falls in love and wants to take his money and settle down. Retire from the adventuring life. (The player should be allowed to retrain their leadership feat to something else.)

I wouldn't kill off his character or cohort, just because the other players are jealous.

If your group has a lot of players, you may want to restrict things like cohorts, animal companions, eidolons, and summoned monsters, as they take time from the other players.

The Nimble Moves feat lets you 5 foot step in difficult terrain.

Otherwise archery works well.

One roll on a roulette table. Just make sure they have the cash on hand to pay if you win.

Alternatively, roll up an 18th level accountant and invest your money wisely so you can get a good return off of it.

A doppelganger conspiracy where important people are being replaced one by one.

Alternatively, important people are tricked into wearing 'brain slugs', so they fall under the collective mind. The brain slugs are hidden by hats or helmets, of course.

Gelatinous cubes find their way out of the dungeon and are eating everything in the local forest. Soil, trees, shrubs, fuzzy bunnies, all fall victim to their hunger. Given their new nearly unlimited food source, the gelatinous cubes are exponentially multiplying and growing out of control. Soon they will consume all organic matter, ending life as we know it. Alternatively, have just one gelatinous cube, but have it large enough to swallow an entire village, and it is still growing.

I do standard point buy, but the lowest a stat can go (before racial modifiers) is 8.

I'm a fan of the treasure types tables in the AD&D Monster Manual.

Hmm, I've gamed with someone for 10+ years who occasionally cheats on his rolls. I guess I never felt the need to kick him from the group. I wouldn't kick someone to the curb, if their only flaw is an occasional episode of cheating. As a GM, it is fairly easy to compensate to negate a single person's cheating.

Specify strict procedures for rolling dice. Like, the dice must be clearly readable, and all rolls must be witnessed by another. Make a dice rolling pen for the center of the table, and rolls only count if they are done in the pen. Define procedures for 'cocked' dice, and so on.

Have someone with a high animal handling skill tie a badger to each of your feet and hands.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

The population density of New York City is 26000 people per square mile, but this is using high rise apartments. If you figure apartment buildings are about 30 stories tall in NYC and you want your fantasy city to be about two stories tall, then change your population by a factor of (2/30) to be about 1700 people per square mile.

So a city with a population of 17000 would encompass about 10 square miles, or have a diameter of about 3.5 miles.

A "wealthy" city would have a lower population density, while a "poor" city would pack the people in. Higher population densities mean more disease, crime, and unrest.

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If the caster is flying and has 6 mirror images, is Step Up going to be helpful?

If your goal is to defeat a caster as a martial character, I think you are better served by playing an archer. You can full attack the flying caster without needing to move, Step Up, or fly. The best way to stop a caster from casting a spell is to take away all of their hit points.

Well, if a particular fight is going really well for the players and the monsters don't stand a chance, you can just say that the players win, without tediously rolling it out.

Locations can add to the excitement, along with environmental factors. Say the bad guys ambush the group at a tavern, but before they rush in to attack, they light the building on fire. There would be panicking villagers and smoke and fire to contend with, in addition to the fight at hand.

A narrow bridge over a deep chasm is always fun. Have the big bad guy say 'None shall pass'.

Get a club (free), some rope(1 gp), and a Badger (15gp). Using Animal Handling, tie the badger to the end of the club. Now you have a truly vicious and intimidating weapon.

For Aasimar, Ifrit, Sylph, Gnolls, and Elves, the favored class option for Oracles is "Add +1/2 to the oracle's level for the purpose of determining the effects of one revelation."

Apply this to the Oracle's revelation that grants an animal companion, and the animal companion's level can be 50% higher than the oracle's level.

Thomas Long 175 wrote:
That is literally the worst idea in this thread.

Well, that may be. It is difficult to determine all the dynamics of the situation given the limited information, and to formulate the best solution that will work for these individuals. Ultimately, the original poster will decide what to do. This was just a suggestion, and sometimes I do make ludicrously bad suggestions, but then they can still be helpful because it causes one to think about what makes a good or bad solution.

And yes, Obscuring Mist for the win, but not everyone will think of that, be able to cast it, and win initiative.

Why do you need specific stats for this uber NPC? Just say the NPC has godlike power, and you are done.

To be fair, you did show them a big bag of candy, and then tell them they couldn't have any.

Let them create ludicrously optimized races with lots of points. Play it for a while and see how it goes. Set campaign on easy mode and let them stomp everything.

When you grow bored with this, design a powerful encounter that will kill all the characters, like 48 level 1 wizards all casting a single magic missile (that's 168 damage per round) as a CR 10 encounter. Have them all spread out in a large area, so melee guys can only kill one per round.

Then have a generous druid come by and cast reincarnate on each of them. Have them roll randomly for a mundane race that they come back as.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

They could be scrying one of your associates, rather than you. They could scrying your ship, rather than you. Possibly you have a magical 'tracking locator' in your possession.

One of your associates could actually be the mystery character, or they are feeding the mystery character information.

The mystery character could be a figment of your imagination or the result of a cursed magic item.

It could be the avatar of a god that is making sure you uphold your obligations.

Instead of confiscating weapons and such, the city guard ask the adventurers to leave a 'damage deposit' with the authorities. It will be refunded when the group leaves town and have not gotten into trouble.

If the city suspects the adventurers of possible wrongdoing, a city guard of the same gender will be assigned to each adventurer. They will watch their assigned suspect the entire time they are in the city. Of course, the adventurers will have to pay a 'nominal fee' for this 'service'. If the adventurers evade their watchers, they will be considered to be criminals.

In the short term, 'no', I don't think a new edition is needed. But, I would like for Paizo to be looking to the future and keeping notes on things that would make for a better and more balanced game. I'd say, when Pathfinder reaches the 10 year mark, would be a good time for a Pathfinder 2E. I think 'Unchained' is a good measure to bridge the gap.

I'd suspect that P2E would share enough similarities with P1E so adventure paths and such, would not be obsolete, similar to how 3.0 and 3.5 adventures can be used in Pathfinder now.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

I would like if this product would be applicable to Pulp adventures or Call of Cthulhu type adventures.

Having a 'face' in the group isn't really a requirement for RotRL as far as I have seen (your experience may vary). It wouldn't hurt to have a 'face', but the adventure won't grind to a halt if someone fails a diplomacy check.

Wands of Cure Light Wounds or Infernal Healing can be used by the Witch, who does have some divine casting ability.

I'd recommend playing whatever class you feel like playing, without feeling the need to fill a particular 'role'.

Buy a donkey to carry your gear, or get a henchman to carry your things.

The way I house rule continual flame in a darkness effect is to dim the light from the continual flame so the bearer can see 5' around them, similar to being in Obscuring Mist. This makes the continual flame useful, but still allows the darkness spell to have an effect.

Why do you need electrical energy, when you can just use magic for whatever it is that you want to do?

Vanish is useful, even at level 1.

True Strike for +20 to combat maneuvers.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Say a player makes a barbarian with rage and power attack and he carries a big two handed hammer. For that character his tool set consists of a big hammer. And to that character, every problem is going to look like a nail that needs to be pounded with his hammer.

I think you can use Pathfinder for what you want to do, but you are going to have to communicate your vision with your players so they can make versatile characters with more than one tool in their toolbox.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

The Pathfinder system really focuses characters on combat. You build your character to maximize damage output or to control the combat. There isn't much to designing characters in regards to non-combat actions other than assigning a few meager skill points. Pathfinder is made for combat, and it is a fun system for that.

I think if you are going to do what you are thinking about (having a game not based on combat so much), you are going to need a different game system. The Fate system might work for what you envision.

If you want your zen archer to have an animal companion, take the feats Nature Soul, Animal Ally, and Boon Companion.

The current d20pro is d20 based, so perfect for Pathfinder. With the Unlimited version they want to add functionality to support other game systems.

The Kickstarter looks to be a cheap way to get a d20pro license if you don't already have it, or to upgrade it if you do have it.

Zen Archer mostly builds itself. Keep in mind the Rapid Shot and Multishot feats won't stack with their Flurry of Arrows.

You will want wisdom as your highest stat, as Zen Archers may use that instead of DEX for their archery attacks, and WIS adds to your Will save, AC, CMD, and Ki pool. After WIS, you want STR, CON, DEX. Both INT and CHA can be low or dumped.

Bonus feats you want:
Point Blank Shot
Precise Shot
Improved Precise Shot (at 6th)

At 9th level take Clustered Shots for your feat.

As a zen archer, you get a lot of free feats like Perfect Strike, Weapon Specialization, Weapon Focus, and Point Blank Master. So you can spend your feats from level 1,3,5,7 on whatever suits your fancy, and they don't need to be archery related.

Spending Ki will use up your swift action, so it won't work with Arcane Strike. The extra attack from Ki does stack with Haste.

Get an Adaptive Bow for +1000gp, as it will allow you to use the bow at full STR if you get a STR buff, and without a penalty if your STR gets drained.

Carry a backup bow, as Sunder or Disarm would ruin your day, otherwise. Also lots of arrows and quivers. And spare bow strings.

Monks also have the best saving throws in the game.

Cast dominate on "Bob"'s character. Sit back, and enjoy the fun.

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OK, I didn't read any of this, to avoid spoilers, but I recommend you have a TPK and then make the group start at level 1 and re-do the entire campaign.

In a world with gods, they can twist fate in their favor making the improbable probable.

Groundhog Day

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Put the 4 in CON. For class, chose rogue. Dual wield daggers. Give him a name like 'Biff'. Then flank a monster so another monster can move up and flank you, making a 'flank sandwich' so to speak.

Have your next character ready to go (just plug in your newly rolled stats).

If your group lacks ranged attackers, than I'd say Stinking Cloud to shut down ranged opponents (although Obscuring Mist can do this too).

Don't take a second 'pit' spell. The level 2 Create Pit is sufficient.

Slow is great due to the selective targeting, and the Slow spell affects undead, while undead will be immune to the Fort save of the Stinking Cloud. If you are ambushed by a bunch of ghouls, Slow is the better spell.

Flaming Sphere, Ball Lightning, Spiritual Weapon, Spiritual Ally

3 people marked this as a favorite.

Well, if you want to go the passive aggressive route, make the worst possible ineffectual character you can (say: rogue 2, monk 2, sorcerer 1, who uses a whip and has feats that give skill bonuses), and then complain about how overpowered their character is.

Three evil people performed a vile ritual to be more powerful. They got their power, but they became fused together into a single being. Only one of the three is in control at a time, line a Dr Jeckle and Mr. Hyde, along with another facet. The abilities of the 3-fold person changes, depending on who is in charge.

When the rules don't fit the story you want to tell, break the rules.

Late in the story, the player characters may witness the bad guy transform before their eyes, and they get the big reveal that it has been this one menace all along. *cue evil laughter*

Renegadeshepherd wrote:
I propose a human sylvan sorcerer. The animal companion adds even more melee, while you have one of the best faces in the whole game AND the fey part of the arcana adding +2 to DC

Great choice, but I think you lose the +2 to enchantment DC to get the Animal Companion.

By the way, Kitsune have the Favored Class option of: Sorcerer: Add +1/4 to the DC of enchantment spells. Which is nice if you go with the regular Fey bloodline.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Well, if you are the GM, just make things up to be how you want them to be. You don't need to follow the rules. The rules are for the players.

This is the feat you are looking for: Animal Ally.

I like the prehensile tail tieflings can have. It lets you quickdraw scrolls and such.

Tieflings have a feat they can take for +2 Natural Armor bonus: Armor of the Pit, which is decent.

Darkvision is nice, when the lights go out.

And you have a cool tiefling miniature.

Instead of nerfing the archer, find ways to boost up the other characters. For example, allow melee characters to take an equivalent feat as Point Blank Shot (+1 attack, +1 damage), but with melee weapons. Give melee characters the Rapid Strike feat (+1 extra attack, for -2 to all attacks). Find a way for melee characters to be able to pounce--home-brew magic item: Boots of Pouncing.

Then, boost up the hp of the monsters, and let the characters DPS away at them.

Tactically, force the archer to take a move action to be able to see the target. The main advantage of the archer is being able to full attack every round without having to move. Melee characters have to move into position, so they don't get a full attack as often.

4 people marked this as a favorite.

If the players want to play stupidly, let them. Don't dumb things down or pull punches, though. Tell the players to have a backup character ready (or two), so they can jump back into the action. Who needs healing when you can play a new character at full hp. With the new character's starting money, this can become profitable for the surviving characters, looting the soon to be dead characters.

Buy a few arrows of gunslinger slaying.

Cast Still/Silenced Fog Cloud on the Gunslinger, and then use Bluff to claim the gunslinger is cheating by obscuring the fight with the smoke from their guns, with the intention of getting them disqualified.

Tell your GM that you will all roll up gunslingers for your next character, if the GM doesn't let your current characters win the fight.

Taku Ooka Nin wrote:
demontroll wrote:
I don't want to play the Twilight version of Vampire the Masquerade.
What about
A Terrible Author wrote:
Edward's perfect body[?]"

What is 'Edward's Perfect Body'?

Oh, and if there was a gaming group of cute girls who wanted me to play the 'Twilight version of Vampire the Masquerade' with them, I would be making a character. But it is far from my first choice of what to play.

There may come a time and place to play your tweaked out home brew campaign world, and your friends should at least humor you enough to play a few sessions of it, if there is no other game going on. I've played in such a game and it wasn't that bad. The GM ran out of material after 2 sessions, because they spent their time on the setting rather than the story. I'd tell you all about it, but the GM made me sign a NDA so no one could steal his ideas.

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